Doodly Review: The Ultimate Whiteboard Video Creation Tool for Doodle Video Creators

Welcome to Doodly Review.

Video (mostly doodle video) continues to play a significant role in the marketing strategy for any business.

It is perhaps, one of the biggest and valuable forms that have started to take its place with the rise in social media platforms.

92% of the marketers believe that video marketing strategies can attract more consumers to their business.

In such a time when video marketing is the key to crack the competition, Doodly is one of the best doodle software that can be used for doodle video creation.

If you keep searching to find the best whiteboard software, then Doodly will certainly ace the race.

Doodly software is generally described as an “easy to use,” “powerful,” and “robust” software that can be more than just marketing hype.

In this not sponsored Doodly review, we will check-in details about Doodly.

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Overview of Doodly Review


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Doodly is a new doodle video creation software that allows anyone to create doodle videos easily regardless of tech or design skills.
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Doodly Review Summary

Doodly is an easy-to-use and simple desktop doodle software that every online marketer needs. Besides ongoing monthly charges, Doodle has no other drawback.

Your investment is 100% risk-free as Doodly offering 30 days money-back guarantee. You’ve got nothing to lose with Doodly. Try It Now.

Remember! If you purchase Doodly today by clicking any link from this Doodly review page; I will support you 24/7, That means you can contact me anytime to get help when you’re stuck in a flash. I will help you Righ Away!


About Doodly

Doodly is the whiteboard animation software that comes with a drag-and-drop interface to create easy sketches. This doodle maker software is known among marketers as it can be used by anyone even when you are not a pro.

You don’t need to have experience and skill in video creation as Doodly is built for everyone. You can use these videos to create a marketing campaign on social media, classroom, or other types of videos.

Doodly supports a huge range of images in the library which gives you the freedom to choose an image just by a drag-and-drop.

Apart from custom images, now you can also upload the images on your laptop. Once you have done the sketch, the software will let you do the rest like add sound.

This software is compatible with both Windows and Mac and therefore now everyone has the ability to create their own explainer videos with Doodly.

Doodly Review: What are the benefits of Doodly?

Doodly offers range of benefits to its users and there are some of them:

It is easy to use: Doodly is one of the best doodle creation software that permits you to create high-end videos without the need for taking courses or learning processes.

All you need is a computer and you can create videos in the comfort of your home. The pretty easy drag-and-drop features included in this software make it usable for anyone even without the least technical knowledge.

It is affordable: When you choose to buy animated videos, it is about a lot of money. If you want to avoid such an expensive process, you have Doodly to save your bucks.

The cheap monthly subscription can help you create animated doodle videos just the way you want. Once you bought the subscription, you can create as many animated doodle videos as you want.

It is versatile software: Doodly is known for its versatility. It can be used for a range of things, You can use the software for creating ads, book reviews, instructional videos, and other types of presentations.

Moreover, if you are a YouTuber, this can be a great help to create videos that get more views.

It has a huge image library: With the wide range of photos that this software has to offer, it can become beneficial for the enterprise and doodle creator.

Therefore choosing the “Enterprise plan” can offer you a huge library of pros, photos, soundtracks, and characters.

Moreover, since it keeps updating, the library also keeps updating thereby new images get included in the library.

Doodly Review: What are the features of Doodly?

With a wide range of features, this video animation software becomes helpful for any purpose. Some of its most effective ad known features include:

✅ Royalty-free music

adding sound to any video becomes easy and seamless with this software. This is because this software offers you 2 slots for soundtracks. One of the slots is provided for the background music and another can be used to give voiceover.

You have the freedom to play with these slots until you get that perfect blend that satisfies you. This also enables adding different clips into each video until you trim and get the desired length.

You will get free tacks but the number of music that can be used in the background depends on the package that you choose. For Enterprise, you get 80 tracks, for Platinum 40, and for Gold, you get only 20 tracks.

The voiceover that you can add to the video makes the video even more authentic.

✅ Huge Numbers of custom images

This is one of the prime reasons why most people opt for this software. The thousands of customized images available in the image library have been developed by the professional team of graphic artists. It has 200 variable characters that have 20 different poses.

You can also get access to 20 different backgrounds along with several other props. To be more specific, you can get something for every topic.

Every niche has an image in Doodle’s library. besides, the artists are always there to develop anything upon your request.

✅ Easy Video Editing

When it comes to creating videos, editing is perhaps the most complicated part. Therefore whiteboard animation can be the only way to edit seamlessly. Doodly can be the best partner for easy editing.

You also will be able to edit the timeline by reordering, deleting, or duplicating scenes present on the bottom of the screen. Every scene duration can be edited as per your desire.

✅ Easy export and share

Doodly has made sharing videos much easier than ever. You have the freedom to choose the resolution, the frame size, the quality along with the destination where you want to share.

Once you have made the choice, all you need is to click on “Share” and your video gets to your audience.

You can export the videos to Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram besides, if you want to embed it on your own website, you have the permission too.

✅ It works in offline

One of the biggest advantages of using Doodly is once you have downloaded and installed it, you can work with it even when you don’t have an internet connection.

You can seamlessly edit your videos as fast as it works online.

✅ Easy to use

One of the best things about Doodly is that you do not require professional assistance. The easy interface is enough to understand the necessities to create a video.

Without any technical guidance and expertise, you will be able to create a desirable video.

✅ Hand styles

You can get different styles of hand for your video. It has 15 real hand styles along with 13 cartoon styles of hand.

You also have the option to customize and make either right-handed or left-handed.

Doodly allows you to choose and create a video just the way you want.

✅ Different Board styles

Even when it is designed as the whiteboard animation software, users will always be able to enjoy the benefit of the other styles making use of the various styles of boards.

Some of the most common styles include:

  • Greenboard
  • Whiteboard
  • Glassboard
  • Chalkboard
  • Custom board

The custom board offers you to choose the background color of the board along with determining the color of chalk for animation.

✅ Custom Voiceover

Unlike the older days, Doodle has now upgraded and made video editing even easier for videographers. You can now add voice to your videos making them even more authentic.

Besides, you will need to depend on other software like Speechelo as Doodly will let you add your voice to the videos.

✅ Doodly Support

The last and most prominent feature of Doodly is that you can enjoy the support. You will find tutorials on the website or can even visit their help desk.

You can ask questions, talk to creatives, and ask for a solution.

Last but never least, it also has the “request” function where you can personally ask the team for some updates which you would like to see in the future.

How to Use Doodly?

As we have already known by now, Doodly is one of those software that does not require you to hold video editing specialization. This is very easy to use and anyone can use the software without the need for technical expertise. Following are the things that you require taking:

  • You initially need to choose a canvas as per your requirements
  • Add text, audio, and images that you would like to include by choosing from the wide option from its library
  • you can then give a voiceover and embed it into the video (optional)
  • lastly, just save the creation and choose the way you would prefer sharing, and then click on send.

Doodly Review: Who Is Doodly For?

There is no limit to it. Anyone, even you can create a video by using this software. This does not require professional training or knowledge to master the software. You can implement the software for a range of purposes:

  • Create advertisements and marketing for the existing and new products
  • Create an explainer video for the products
  • For students to introduce studies
  • Create self-explanatory videos for social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube
  • Create educational and public awareness videos

Type of videos you can create with Doodly

Doodly is one of the best video creating software for people like you, who are in search of a good doodle video creation software.

There are over 200 props, 200 custom poses, and 20 scenes along with an option to upload images. You can create any type of doodle video for marketing without any limitations.

You have the freedom to pick from greenboard, blackboard, whiteboard, or glassboard to create as many videos with an easy drag-and-drop process.

Create any type of videos for your business and let the traffic follow you.

Doodly Review: Pros and Cons of Doodly

Now let look closely about its pros and cons.

Doodly Pros (Advantages)

  • This software is very easy to use
  • You can get access to the huge image library
  • You can import images from the sources if you don’t find the desired image
  • It is a highly effective software for the marketers
  • The regular updates ensure improving the experience

Doodly Cons (Disadvantages)

  • The standard plan does not have color images
  • It has very limited features on the frontend software
  • It takes longer to export videos
  • It might feel expensive to some

Doodly Price

You have two option to access Doodly membership as follow…

Doodly Standard Plan vs Enterprise Plan

Do the math and you will find that you can save $228 on Doodly Standard Plan by paying one single payment for a year.

On other hand, you can save $349 on Doodly Enterprise Plan by paying one single payment for a year.

Here worth mentioning that, if you come across Doodly social media ads you might think that you can get access to Doodly for the lifetime at $67.

But that is not the case, here is the truth… if you want to create colorful doodle videos with unique prop images, characters & other assets. Then you have to upgrade to the Doodly enterprise plan at $97 as well as the Doodly rainbow add-on at another $67.

Make Money Online with Doodly Video Creator

In the era when the video has the ultimate importance, making Doodly videos can always be rewarding for the creators. Are you thinking about how?

Well, since Doodly videos are highly professional and pay attention to the details if you can showcase it to professional platforms like UpWork, Freelancer, and other platforms you can get several clients.

If you are able to create some mesmerizing videos and showcase it on these platforms, you can stay at home while clients will come for you to get their job done.

sell your videos

Other than this, you can use your social media platforms including YouTube, and add proper hashtags to it to get noticed for your work.

You can create videos “on the use of Doodly” and “how to create different videos” like Doodly Demo and add relevant hashtags to it. This way, your clients can find you and you can make money online.

If you are into video content marketing, this is the best animation software for you.

Doodly Rainbow Add-On

Doodly Rainbow is a new add-on to Doodly that helps you to add color to the Doodly props, scenes, and characters that come with the software.

All of these can be done in just a click. This new add-on will bring colors to the characters you are using.

Doodly Elite Masterclass

Now you can take the Doodly videos to the next level making use of advanced video methodologies. It does not require you to have any professional knowledge.

In this masterclass, you will get 25 videos that have been divided into 7 different modules. Upon completion of modules, as you move forward it gets advanced.

This course will really become a lot valuable for use. Not only it helps in the easy creation of Doodly videos, but also you learn to save a lot of time yet create a masterpiece.

So to gain insights, get access to Doodly Elite Masterclass.

Doodly Copywriting eBook

This is another e-book that is a comprehensive copywriting guide. This has been designed to help users get an eye above others.

This ebook consists of 255 chapters including copywriting strategies, tips, and tricks. You can stay assured that it is going to become highly effective to voice your brand message.

Important FAQs about Doodly

Can this be used on a PC & Mac?

Unlike the other software that restricts users after a few installations. When it comes to Doodly, you can install in several computers as it has both MAC and PC compatibility.

Is there a monthly fee to use Doodly?

Yes. Doodly membership can be available as per your choice on the ongoing monthly subscription. This can be annual payment which needs to be done once in a year.

Does Doodly create HD quality files?

Yes. With Doodly you have the option to choose the video quality as power the needs.

What about Updates? How does that work?

Doodly keeps updating their features. Irrespective of the membership plan you have chosen, everyone can enjoy the features that get updated.

All it requires is an internet connection and rest the software will get updated in case of any modifications.

Is Doodly worth it?

Yes, once you signup to Doodly and login to inside, you will notice huge video assets available and drag-and-drop features will allow you to create stunning doodle video easily and quickly.

Doodly Alternatives & Competitors in June 2021

Thinking for Doodly alternatives? Yes, there are some Doodly competitors that can meet your requirements. Look into the following 3 competitors and best alternatives to Doodly.

1. Explaindio

If you are in search of an animation video editing software that offers a large number of presents along with a plethora of additional features like 3D animation, you can choose Explaindio.

For a personal license, you will require to pay $59 and for creating commercial videos, you will have to invest $69.

Get instant access to Explaindio now.

2. CreateStudio

CreateStudio is another amazing software that can help you create incredible videos in a few minutes. The easy drag-and-drop features, animated elements, presets, animated characters, green screen editing, shape library, make this software a great alternative to Doodly. You can buy the commercial license for only $67.

Read detailed CreateStudio review or Get instant access to CreateStudio now.

3. Renderforest

Renderforest is yet another amazing animation software that ensures creating videos in just a few minutes. The large catalog that they have can help you to choose as per your needs.

Dozens of categories to choose from ensures creating a video that becomes valuable for your business.

You also get access to the animation templates and video production, upload videos and images, play with text and color palettes, and much more. pay $9.99 for one (Obe-user) and enjoy the tons of features.

To know more read detailed Renderforest review for better clarity or Signup Now.

Doodly Review Verdict

Doodly is certainly a great inclusion for video creators or marketers.

Since I have been using the software for quite a long time now, I can say that this video animation maker has continuously impressed with the updates.

These days, whiteboard videos are in high demand, whether you are an employee or an individual, sooner or later you need to use the software for video creation. The innumerable choices of photos can become an assistant.

In short, you can definitely try this doodle animation video maker. Even when they do not have a free trial policy, they assure refunding your money if you don’t find the software helpful within 14 days from the DOP.

With the increasing demand for videos, whiteboard animation videos are now popular. It has got its popularity in recent years.

The reason for this is the increased conversion rate because of the eye-catchy videos that it can create, very simple to use and anyone can master this software.

The interesting and easy-to-use software can give life to your ideas and concepts and perhaps can bring more conversions from your marketing strategy.

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