What is Voomly Cloud? Guide to Voomly Cloud Subscription

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What is Voomly Cloud? Voomly Cloud is a software suite subscription offered by Voomly. Voomly is a video hosting platform with a customizable ad-free video player and has many more attractive features for video marketing. Voomly has three different subscriptions, including Voomly Plus, Voomly Cloud, and Voomly Pro. But you can try Voomly for 14 days without paying a penny.

Voomly Cloud is one of the most popular subscription models chosen by video marketers, course creators, agencies, and businesses.

Because it provides multiple app access at a reasonable price, the Cloud subscription is helpful for anyone who is mostly into video creation and video marketing in 2024. So you don’t need to use different software for video creation and its marketing requirements. I will discuss everything in this guide. Stay tuned…

Access 6 Software in One Voomly Cloud Subscription

what is voomly cloud subscription

How about finding everything under one roof? You will no longer need to jump from one software to another to create a great video. With the Voomly Cloud subscription, you will be able to access 6 different high-end software programs at a fixed price.

Are you pinching yourself? Well, you read it right. Now you can get the most popular tools like Toonly, Doodly, People Builder, Talkia, and Pyks in one subscription model. Whether it is about creating an explainer video or a doodle video or you want to give voice-over and anything else, with a Voomly Cloud subscription, you get everything under one roof – that too at such a low price.

Let us talk about each of these tools individually.

Voomly: video hosting platform

Voomly is a video hosting platform that provides high-quality tools to professionals and companies for video marketing. After creating high-quality, interactive, and professional videos you need this Voomly to host your video as well as create an extremely effective video funnel.

With Voomly you get a lightning-fast, ad-free video player and interactive sales tools built directly into the video. So you can gather leads and sell all within the video!

Doodly: doodle video creation software

Doodly is a popular doodle video creation software. It helps everyone to create doodle videos without the need for designing or technical skills. With this high-quality tool, it becomes easy to create realistic and professional doodle videos in a matter of a few minutes.

doodly in voomly cloud

Therefore, you will no longer be required to hire experts and pay them huge fees to create doodle videos.

With its easy user interface, you can create your professional doodle videos, even when you have zero technical knowledge. And the best part about this software is that it takes a few minutes, not months or weeks, to create professional quality doodle videos without any expertise.

It is now a part of Voomly Cloud, which allows you to seamlessly create doodle videos in a simple drag-and-drop feature and improve sales.

Toonly: explainer video maker

Toonly is the next amazing tool included in this subscription model. When it comes to creating explainer videos, you need to realize the need to create high-quality videos. The reality is building an online presence is tough and next to impossible if you don’t create great content.

toonly in voomly cloud

Therefore, choosing to create an animated explainer video where people can get knowledge regarding their requirements can dramatically improve your visibility.

If you want to create authority in certain aspects of the industry, nothing can be better than choosing animated explainer videos. It is known to provide great results. Explainer videos grow crazily as they inform and educate viewers.

It can simplify complex subjects and make marketing a lot easier. Therefore, Toonly can be your ideal partner if you are mostly into creating animated explainer videos. It is super easy and super powerful with this tool.

People Builder: customized character builder

Apart from Doodly and Toonly, People Builder is another tool that you can get access to on this software. Unlike the other two software, where you might get multiple amazing features and functionalities, People Builder becomes a good choice as you get the ability to create customized characters.

people builder in voomly cloud

Other software provides the ability to choose from the inbuilt characters, but this is one of those software that will help you to create your character according to your requirements.

It has more than 5200 0000 combinations available, which gives you the ultimate ability to have creative control. You can choose to develop characters according to your business and tell stories to improve sales and conversion.

It includes different kinds of facial features, skin tones, ages, and body sizes. Additionally, it has different facial expressions, 130 character poses, infinite clothing, styles, black and white characters, and a lot more.

Talkia: text-to-speech software

Talkia is another amazing software included in its package. You can get access to this software when you subscribe to the Voomly Cloud package. Talkia is text-to-speech software with multiple features that can help you to give Voiceover on your videos. If you’re not comfortable giving your voice, this is much-needed software with life-like accents and voices from different parts of the world.

talkia in voomly cloud

It is a perfect choice for creating explainer videos, training, education, and any other sort of videos where you want to inform your viewers. Rather than choosing to hire another Voiceover artist, you can simply subscribe to the cloud package and get professional Voiceovers at a very affordable price.

It has some amazing features that make this advanced text-to-speech software. It includes customizing voice speed, pitch, and type, which includes tons of female and male voices. You also get the opportunity to add background music if you wish. It supports multiple languages to improve your viewer base.

Pyks: e-covers maker

Pyks is also included in the Voomly Cloud package, which will help you create stunning e-covers. It can be beneficial to represent your service or product to the viewers. When you create professional quality e-covers, it can become easier to get a relevant audience for the services or products you are into.

pyks in voomly cloud

This software can be incredibly beneficial for course creators, marketers, supplement sellers, software sellers, publishers, authors, and other entrepreneurs, who are mostly into selling their products or services.

It helps to attract prospects easily by creating perfect images for the brand. It has stunning templates that you can choose from and features to edit photos and images. You can also create banners, ads, and logos with this software.

If you do a mathematical calculation of the charges you are required to pay to use the standard features of these tools, you will get to know why Voomly Cloud, which is available at only $49 per month, is the best choice.

How Will Voomly Cloud Be Beneficial for You?

Now that you have checked the many software programs available in one Cloud package of Voomly, we will check out in detail the benefits that you can leverage from it. Remember that it can be used by professionals in different manners.

Especially if you are into creating videos, this high-quality software program can help you create professional-quality videos with customizable features in a matter of a few minutes.

Create animated videos and boost sales: Doodly will let you create high-end doodle videos. This is a software animation program known for creating professional doodle videos without the need for technical skills. You will be able to create realistic videos in a few minutes. This can help you to skyrocket the sales part of your business.

Create professional explainer videos: Toonly is a popular animated video software that has become imperative for most marketers. This software tool will let you create animated cartoons for explainer videos or create educational videos. If you want your viewers to be educated regarding certain things, this software program is everything you need with simple functionality.

You can build authority in your industry: When you continuously keep creating and posting high-quality videos, it helps you to build authority in your industry. With this software, you can improve video marketing and grow your followers and visitors.

Get new leads: One of the most typical aspects of the entire marketing team is to get new leads. However, when you know how to create professional quality videos and add compelling aspects to them, it becomes impossible to ignore. Voomly is the best tool in your hand, you get multiple elements to use and create a video funnel to capture new leads.

Improve conversion: Creating videos in a manner that will compel the audience to take immediate action is one of the best ways to improve your business ROI. However, it requires creating high-quality videos as well. Thankfully, with this package, you can get access to multiple high-end professional quality software that would let you create and customize videos according to your requirements.

Voomly provides you with a suite of packages where you can create, host, and sell your products or services online using videos. It is an overall suite where you find a software suite to create different types of videos.

Who should choose Voomly Cloud?

Voomly Cloud can be a great choice for any professional. However, if you are specifically into creating professional quality videos of any kind, this is the right subscription for you, where you get access to multiple software.

Online Course Creators: If you are into educating people and providing online courses to students, you can choose this subscription model and leverage the multiple benefits. Not only will you be able to create animated videos, but also you can add voiceover, create professional characters, make e-covers, and do a lot more with this subscription model.

Digital Marketers: There is no denying the fact that marketers work hard to promote and get visibility. When it comes to marketing their services or products, nothing can be better than choosing a great software program that can help to create a complete video. Choose Voomly Cloud if you want different software to customize a video according to your needs.

Video Marketing Agencies: If you own an agency where you require creating a professional quality video every day, Voomly Cloud is a must-have subscription. If you want to create a doodle video or animated cartoon videos for different purposes, this is the right subscription model that gives you access to multiple software programs.

Video Freelancer: If you are a video freelancer where you have a tight budget, you certainly have to try to provide everything with one software, no matter how challenging it is. However, with the Voomly cloud, it becomes easier. At only $49 per month, you get access to some of the most fantastic software programs and create great quality videos for your client according to their requirements.

YouTube Video Creators: If You Are a YouTube creator, you certainly need to make sure of the quality. As it is a competitive space, being a YouTube video creator, you are required to edit and creating videos that will compel viewers to check the entire video.

Voomly Cloud Features

Of the different other packages available on Voomly, you must be thinking about why to chose Voomly Cloud. Well, if you want to know the many benefits that you can leverage from this subscription package, take a look at the following details.

  • You can create unlimited videos – If you want to create professional videos regularly and need access to some of the best software programs, Voomly Cloud is the right choice for you.
  • You can enjoy unlimited bandwidth – The best part of this software program is that it has no limit to bandwidth. You can get access to unlimited bandwidth and keep creating high-quality videos.
  • You can customize videos – One of the most notable benefits is that it provides an opportunity to custom brand your business. By providing customization features at different levels, it helps to create a video according to your requirements.
  • You can create 4K video quality – In today’s date, when people are constantly looking for quality, Voomly Cloud allows you to create HDR and 4K quality players.
  • You can easily share videos – The integration of sharing options within the software program will let you create and simply share the videos on your desired platform.
  • You will get huge storage – When it is about creating videos, you require storage to keep all your assets in one place. Thankfully, in this package, you will receive 10 TB of cloud storage.
  • You will get access to the standard version of six software programs – Last, one of the basic reasons why Voomly differentiates from any other programs is because it provides you access to 6 different software under one roof. In this package, you will get standard version access to Toonly, Doodly, People Builder, Talkia, Voomly, and Pyks.

Voomly Cloud vs Voomly Pro

You might wonder whether to choose Voomly Pro or Voomly Cloud. Even when you can receive some of the most amazing features in one place, it all rolls down to your requirements.

The Cloud package is the most popular as it is available for only $49 per month, where you get access to everything in the Standard version.

Voomly Pro plan gives you the Enterprise version of all softwares as well as you get 10 TB Cloud Storage and the Pro package costs $79 per month.

If you run an agency and you require creating a large number of videos daily, the pro model can be a valuable choice. But apart from that, Voomly Cloud can be an appropriate choice for universal users.

How to Claim Voomly Cloud Free Trial for 14 Days

If you want to claim the free trial for 14 days, click here and you need to choose the Voomly Cloud package and fill up the required information one by one.

Step 1.

voomly pricing plans

Step 2.

voomly cloud checkout

Make sure to correctly fill in all the details and then click on submit. If you keep using the software for 14 days, you can then choose to use it by paying the charges as mentioned.

14-Day Free plus 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Apart from the 14 days of free trial provided by this software program, it also has a great advantage for its users.

voomly 30 day money back guarantee

It is a risk-free choice as after 14 days of free trial when you choose to invest your money but you’re not satisfied with the features and functionalities, you can still have your money back if you choose to ask for a refund within the first 30 days.

You can email them at support@voomly.com and get your money back.

voomly cloud subscription

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