11 Reasons and Benefits of Having a YouTube Channel as Individual and Business in 2022

I am going to discuss 11 reasons and benefits of having a YouTube channel in 2022.


In 2022, if you were stuck anywhere in your work or looking for entertainment, where would you first visit?

There is no doubt that your smartphone already has a dedicated space for YouTube where you can view any video that you want, irrespective of the place where you are living.

YouTube was launched in the year 2005, and since its commencement, YouTube has started taking a good amount of storage in smartphones and in people’s lives.

With more than 122 million active users that this platform gets daily, you can stay assured that when you are using YouTube, you are definitely going to leverage the user number of users.

reasons and benefits of having a youtube channel

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In Tight Budget? Still, You Can Create 5 Types of Marketing Videos and Get Online Success in 2022

You have seen many businesses already adopted and working on marketing videos.

But you didn’t because you feel creating marketing videos is so expensive and required lots of investment, equipment, expertise, and so on.

If you think this then you are wrong and you are holding yourself back to be successful in online marketing.

In this post, I am going to show you 5 types of marketing videos that you can start creating right away on a tight budget without expensive equipment and video-making knowledge.

Through video, an emotional connection to stories makes marketing more effective. Their ability to influence our trust and play on our nostalgia, as well as their ability to provide us with complex information, is very strong.

How better to strike that nerve than with video marketing?

Read on to know why, what, and how to strategize a video marketing campaign!

create marketing videos in tight budget

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Top 10 Explainer Video Production Company in January 2022

Building a new business or growing online requires extensive effort. But there is a shortcut.

Willing to know the secret? Start using explainer videos to market your products and services.

Because explainer videos grab the attention of potential customers faster and help your brand grow its market.

To create a visually engaging explainer video, you need to give the work to India’s best explainer video production company.

The explainer video companies help you create and promote your business by using explainer videos to the right audience.

To make the work easier for you, I have searched and developed the best 10 explainer video production companies list in India.

So, check them out.

explainer video production company

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Still Not Doing Video Marketing, You Are Missing these Opportunities

In today’s world, when the world is strongly addicted to videos, nothing but proper video marketing can be a powerful way to engage your audience.

With more companies realizing the power of video marketing, they are making use of a powerful marketing strategy to reach the potential market.

Besides, we are living in a world where smartphones are more accessible than our mouths.

People spend most of their time on their smartphones, and since they lack time, video marketing has become increasingly popular in the market.

start video marketing

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What is Doodle Video? 2 Examples, Best Doodle Softwares, and 6 Doodle Video Making Tips

Doodle videos, commonly known as whiteboard animation videos, are the present obsession among trainers, marketers, coaches, and YouTubers.

Wondering Why and How?

Doodle videos are extremely fun to look at; they are informative and can be prepared with absolutely no design skills.

You can use the doodle video creation software to create informative, explainer doodle videos despite being a beginner.

So, now that you came to know little about the doodle videos (more on it later).

Now, let’s dive into various facts about the whiteboard animation videos and how to create video content for your training, marketing, or for any requirements.

what is doodle video

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7 Best Scroll Stopper Video Creation Services to Buy Online

It is no more secret that social media content can help market your business and increase the number of customers.

Valuable content on social media serves as an avenue to let your audience get in touch.

We all know all of these.

However, getting someone’s attention on social media is hard.

Because these days all people are busy, as well as their attention spans, is very low.

But thank God, scroll stoppers content can grab attention and let the social media users pause for a second to consume your message and next visit your landing page.

best scroll stopper video-creation services

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What is Kinetic Typography, Example, Software Suggestion, and 6 Typography Video Making Tips

I am sure you probably have seen videos consisting of moving texts on YouTube or Facebook.

These are known as kinetic texts and such video creations are majorly known as Kinetic typography.

These Kinetic typography are the actual constitutes of animated techniques and motions that allow creators to express emotions and ideas.

These days, a range of tools has facilitated the process of creating Kinetic typography. You will be able to find a range of Kinetic typography video makers online.

Today we will learn everything about kinetic typography video and will have a look at the best kinetic typography software.

Before that let us have a look at what exactly is kinetic typography?

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What is Scroll Stopper Video and Best Tools for Making Scroll Stopper Video in January 2022?

74% of the marketers say that videos have a better return or investment than static imagery.

This is why videos have become part of the content marketing strategy of most businesses.

But STOP!!!

You should know what research says before investing dollars in Facebook ads or any social media video ads.

Research says that you will get just 10 seconds to capture the attention of your customers or viewers.

Do you know why?

Because now people have shorter attention spans than… GOLDFISH.

Then what is the solution to grab people’s attention and make the social media video ads successful?

The solution is, among so many video types you can try scroll stopper video.

The scroll stoppers are great for getting attention on social media posts or video ads.

Once you start using scroll stopper video ads, you can attract more people’s attention, drive more traffic, and can generate more sales.

Let’s look into the scroll stopper video closely.

scroll stopper video

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