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Welcome to my CreateStudio Review.

It is no more secret that video can simplify to understand your product or service. At the same time, video content gets more visibility, can encourage and motivate buyers in taking buying decisions faster.

Check out the below statistic.

Studies show that 74% of users who watched an explainer video about a product subsequently bought itDreamGrow

So it is clear that, You have to create quality video content to succeed online.

Now you can quickly create quality video content like never before without any complex setting with CreateStudio.

createstudio review 2020

Yes, CreateStudio is a new and advanced video making software that simplifies complex video creation and animations.

It will help you to create good explainer videos for your audiences.

I will show you everything in details. So let’s start the Create Studio review

Overview of CreateStudio Review


Sudesh Roul

CreateStudio is a revolutionary and most advanced animation video editing software for Windows and Mac, launched in May 2020. It is created for all video creators.
createstudio logo
Training Videos
Easy to use
Affordable price ($47 – $67)

CreateStudio Review Summary

Create Studio is one of the most advanced video animations software ever made. This is a great option for all marketers who want to create high-quality video content without any technical skills.


Watch the Teaser Video Completely Made with CreateStudio

video animation software

CreateStudio Review – What is Create Studio?

CreateStudio is an amazing video animation software that is created for all video creators. This is a revolutionary animation video editing software for Windows and Mac, launched in May 2020.

Before starting Create Studio Review let me share with you my experience with using CreateStudio.

I am using this animation video making for my client’s project and getting good engagement in social media. Honestly, also it’s saving my lot of time.

So, this CreateStudio Review can help you to think and include video content creation in your digital and content marketing strategy.

Check out the importance of using videos on your e-commerce website, blog, and affiliate marketing websites.

  • High-quality video content can help to grow online faster.
  • Through video marketing, you can generate more traffic & sale

CreateStudio can help you for the same purpose, as you can see you can create any type of videos with this tool. You can create…

  • Video Ads
  • Tutorial videos
  • Technical videos
  • Digital Marketing
  • Round Up Videos (tips & tricks)
  • eCommerce videos
  • Social media videos
  • Tips and how to videos
  • Website explainer videos
  • Featured Products videos
you can create any type of videos with CreateStudio
Studies have proved that consumers are 64-85% more likely to purchase a product or service that has video representation.

Who can use CreateStudio Video making Software?

It is for the freelancer to eCom business owners and anyone who is in online business. It is for you as well if you working on your personal brand or working on client projects. Let check-in details who can be benefited from this video making software.

  • Digital marketers
  • Affiliate marketer
  • Content marketers
  • Newbie video editor
  • Website Design Companies
  • Local and small business owners
  • Freelancer
  • Product creator
  • Website owners
  • eCom business owner
  • Social media marketer

I have already mentioned earlier in this Create Studio Review that marketers who are using videos have the best chances to turn visitors into customers. In short, it means driving better ROI (Return On Investment).

“97% of marketers claim that videos help customers understand products.” – Hubspot

CreateStudio Review – Its Benefits of Using

  • You can use Pexels to import media to your project.
  • Create videos with any size you require – Square, Vertical, 16 x 9 and others
  • Motion presets panel lets you preview the setting to check how your video looks like.
  • No hard backend to strive rather you get an easy click, drag & drop functionality!
  • Remove the background to get your preferred video Background, known as green screen editing.
  • Add stunning gradients to any shape or text layer to create incredible designs using the eyedropper tool.
  • Very Important – You can animate SVG Images (Simply drag and drop your SVG images adjust the colors and animate using our motion presets.
create video with drag and drop
complete your video project with one click

Summary of the benefits of Create Studio Software: If you want a one-word answer on the benefits then CreateStudio is time-saving, and has endless opportunities for the digital markets, content marketers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs. Most of the tasks can be completed with just a simple click.

CreateStudio Review – It’s top 15 Features

  • Easily Downloadable & installation: Create Studio can be easily downloaded on Mac & Windows.
  • Timeline Editor: Videos can be easily editable with the drag & drop timeline editor.
  • Unlimited Exports: Create & export unlimited videos with your preferred resolution even 4k!
  • Text Typography: Create kinetic text typography videos and more.
  • Animation Presets: One-click animation presets to easily animate any story to want to tell.
  • The Motion Builder: Drag and drop scenes using pixels to quickly build videos.
  • Animated Elements: Facility to create & export unlimited videos in any resolution even 4k!
  • Explainer videos: Use the animated characters to explain the videos with your 20 text characters.
  • Unlimited Emojis: Great social media videos always carry great messages. Use the emojis to reciprocate your message.
  • Green Screen: The green screen feature of Create Studio helps in removing the background colors and edit green screen footage in just a click.
  • SVG Compatible: Import and animate SVG images also adjust colors.
  • Create Masks: The inside and outside mask layers can help you to add masks and animate your elements.
  • Over 50 Templates done for your convenience: You can easily boo your video creation process with 50 pre-made video templates.
  • Over 40 Training Videos: Take the help of the training videos to boost your video making experience with CraeteStudio.
  • Special Effects: Use the gradient and other special effects for quick video customization.

The green screen editing is one an asset for marketers like you as you can remove the background and edit it with your preferred one with just a click.

green screen editing

The other functionalities are editing scenes, characters, transitions, background, and Video FX and combining it with your video clips, images, and audio files.

Create Studio provides huge freedom is in the process of video creation. You can animate every element easily and even import .svg files.

createstudio features

CreateStudio Review – Pros and Cons

Next, I am going to share its Pros and Cons of this CreateStudio Review. You will get to know its all features of this new software.

CreateStudio Pros

  • The platform is very flexible and easy to use
  • In-built animated templates that you will love
  • You can also upload templates from other platforms
  • Instantly create beautiful videos for your posts and business requirements
  • Take the help of the tutorials to create the videos
  • Animated characters will be fun to watch
  • Stocked with easy-to-use and powerful tools
  • Can be accessed by a full team

CreateStudio Cons

There are no cons, just enjoy the full benefits of this Video making platform.

Think about it – at 30 frames per second, you get the equivalent of 30,000 words worth every second of video.

CreateStudio Review – It is a One-time Investment

There are two licenses for CreateStudio. I am going to show you the price details and features in this Create Studio Review. So, you can easily decide which package is best for you.

Here is the packages details…

  • Personal  Use License cost $47
  • Commercial use license costs $67 which is a one-time payment
  • Commercial use license with Pro media costs $247 also a one-time investment
get createstudio only at 67 dollar

Moreover, if you see the elements included in this license then compared to CreateStudio alternatives video editing software in the market it is surely a luring deal. I am adding the screenshot so that you can check out what inside the license.

Create Studio guarantees a 30 days money-back guarantee to the customers who are not satisfied with the purchase. I believe all there cannot be anything fair detail than this!

buy create studio and get 30 day money back guarantee

A little more about the Pro Media Upgrade

So, this is based on the second license and if you get your hands on this, the additional benefits can surely help you create more attractive videos for your social media, blogs, eCommerce ads, local business videos, and others.

So, with this license you can upgrade includes millions of images, videos, and also hundreds of audio files with a direct integration using Unsplash, Pixabay & Giphy.

CreateStudio Review – Commercial License

CreateStudio – Commercial license can be purchased anytime by clicking on the link below. Of course, this is a ONE TIME PAYMENT and provides FULL ACCESS to the platform. The software payment options are really secured and smooth. You can also make payments through Paypal.

Not the end to the list – Get the Bonuses

Pexels Bonus #1: Commercial use license
Pexel’s Bonus #2: $180 OFF

Trusted by Entrepreneur and experts

I was really impressed with the impressive CreateStudio reviews received from market experts and entrepreneurs.

create studio review by jeremy gislason


Can I install CreateStudio on Mac & Windows both?

Yes, Create Studio is a desktop application and it can work on both operating systems – Windows and Mac.

How to update Create Studio Software?

Once you buy CreateStudio, you are eligible to get one year updates and support from the company. You need internet connection to update this Create Studio video editing software.

Do I have to renew after purchase this software?

No. Once you buy it, you can install it on your two devices. CreateStudio will never ask you to renew it.

Is there any free plan in CreateStudio?

No, there is no free software plan they have. You can enjoy 30 days money-back guarantee.

Are any Create Studio alternatives available in the market?

No, I did not find any alternatives to CreateStudio. But you may find some similarities in these video editing software.

Why videos is Important for your Business?

Because Videos give us a real-life picture of the product services and what is actually going on. Videos boost the numerous senses as it is both visual and auditory.

Moreover, the story or the fact you want to say through videos becomes more evocative and memorable. In one word a video evokes the senses to the fullest.

Coming to my personal experience since I am a blogger and digital marketer, I have to keep myself updated.

Therefore, I keep searching YouTube most of the time, for information because I can relax after work and keep listening to the message if I do not feel like watching.

You see videos are effective both ways. But can you do the same with a blog or a piece of writing? I know you got my point.

Hope, I have covey the importance of videos through this CreateStudio Review to you.

What appealed to me about this excellent software is its endless video creation opportunities for the amateurs and also for the pro.

“CreateStudio enables everyone to easily create incredible videos for any kind of purpose in just minutes.”
… CreateStudio

The process is very easy and comfortable all you need to do is simply select a character, choose an action, and animate!

CreateStudio is easy to use animation video software has an easy to use interface. You have to choose the preset animations and templates and customize the videos for your brand requirements or goal.

The Create Studio software is absolutely great for everyone like you, who wants to create animated video ads, social media videos, marketing videos, etc. to add in your social media posts, blogs, websites, and advertisements, and so on.

CreateStudio Review Verdict

I am deeply motivated with all the features and editing facilities of CreateStudio and I believe this is one of the most advanced and revolutionary video animations software ever made. That is why I have written this detailed CreateStudio review.

It is just a one-time investment for a lifetime that video creators will really benefit from. Yes, I write this Create Studio review to recommend this software to everyone, who looking for taking their marketing to another level.

Rather than investing a lot of, money in creating a single video by hiring experts you can rely on your own expertise and create videos with your skills, and surely CreateStudio will make sure that you become successful.

If you like this Create Studio review please share it.

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