What Are the Best Software Review Sites for Genuine Reviews

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Your landing on this page means you are trying to know which are the best software review sites to find genuine customer reviews.

I understand the need to have knowledge of the software review sites, and so, here I have given some of the top names. Being someone who is mostly into helping readers get information through my review articles, I am constantly writing the top review articles.

I frequently use these software review websites to find the best software to run my online business. Later I review them here on my blog so you can get the right information about the software.

Well, there are many software review sites available in the market, but I have mentioned the top names. These are some of them from which you can acquire comprehensive knowledge from software review sites. The following are the top names:

best software review sites

There is no doubt that, just like me, you are also skeptical before buying any software. This is when we look for software review sites. I would love to help you by offering some more detail about these review sites.

So without any further ado, let us find out some more detail about these software review sites.

How to choose the right software or shortlist the best software?

There are a few things that you first need to know when you going to read b2b software reviews on software review sites. You should always go one step after another so that you can find the software that fits your needs.

Understand your problems first: Before you start buying software, you have to understand the problems first. This involves finding the problems and making sure that businesses would fit according to the business requirements.

Since there are many aspects of software, you would need to find one that can solve your issues. Thus, the selection process starts by understanding your problems first.

Create a list of requirements: When you understand your business needs, you should list the problems first. When you do this, it will help you to match if the software has the ability to meet your requirements.

If you have a partner in your business, you both can discuss the needs, write them down, and while you look for software, you must match them. This will help you to find the best software that can meet your needs.

Make a shortlist of options: There is no denying that you will find a plethora of options available in the market. When you look for software, you can find a variety of them. Depending on your needs, you have to create a shortlist. This will help you to assess properly and choose the right software.

Select software: After checking properly and cross-checking the features with your needs, it is time that you select from the shortlisted names of the software. You should find out if the features are good enough for your needs.

However, you can go ahead if you are confident about your decision.

Buy the software: Now that you are sure about it, you should go ahead and buy it.

Benefits of Using Software Review Sites

Now that I have answered the way you can find the most suited software if you are still not convinced, you need to take help from the sites offering tech product reviews.

As I have mentioned the names of the best software review platforms, you can find complete reviews.

So, let us find out some of the most common advantages of using the top business software review sites.

Explore thousands of software: The very first benefit of relying on the top review site is that they deal with thousands of software. It is not that they check only a few, but they keep exploring, and then depending on their research, they offer the right reviews to their customers.

Besides, since they are also the ones who keep exploring different software, they can offer genuine reviews.

Find unbiased reviews: Unlike any other reviews that are offered by the brands themselves, chances are there that they can be biased. Besides, if you find reviews, chances are there that they are an affiliate for their program, and hence they offer biased reviews.

But choosing the top review sites is an absolutely great choice as they offer unbiased reviews straight from the horse’s mouth.

Software Comparisons: When you choose the top review sites, you not only will be able to acquire in-depth knowledge, but also you can make the comparison. This can be very effective for people who are unable to make a decision on the best software. Since there are a plethora of names in the market, it can be a challenge.

Thankfully, the software comparison feature can be very effective in making an informed decision.

Find Alternative Software: When you choose to visit these sites, you will find comprehensive information about the software. This is all we know. But what happens if you find that the software you are betting on isn’t a great choice?

Even in that scenario, these top review sites can be a great choice as they can offer alternative solutions depending on your needs.

Make an informed decision: Just as I have mentioned before, when you can compare, and you can see all the alternatives around you, it can become for you to make a choice. Every decision that you take after understanding can be a valuable investment.

Software Buying Guide: Apart from the product, these software review sites have also offered a great buying guide. This can be a great choice for first-time buyers. They get the right guidance that they are looking for from these sites.

Personalized software suggestions: When you have an intention of buying software and where you can include your requirements, you can acquire amazing suggestions. These recommendations are generally offered by them based on your needs.

So now that you have known the prime benefits of using the top software review sites, you must be willing to jump on the mentioned names. But wait!

Here we will talk a lot more about these software review sites and everything that you need to know about them before you rely on them.

Best Software Review Sites List in 2024

Here are my recommended review sites and the information, you need to know…

Capterra – Software Reviews for Business

Capterra is a name that everyone in the internet world knows. They are one of the leading software review sites that have been offering genuine reviews to their customers since 1999.


They are a free resource that offers every developer, marketer, freelancer, and other professional access to their website and gets the details of the software.

When you choose Capterra before buying software, you are definitely taking the right step. They are more like the expert guidance that you need before taking the first novice step. Even professionals believe in Capterra for their expert suggestions.

  • They have more than 800 software categories
  • They have over 50,000 products
  • They have 1.5 million genuine reviews

They have great values, which makes them think above everyone else. They are the game players in the review industry. Their belief in thinking ethically is what makes them run for good and keep doing great work. They have always wanted to help, even when it is for free.

Their Unique Selling Point Are:

  • They are absolutely free
  • They recommend products that can be a good choice for your need
  • They have genuine and real reviews which are unbiased

Benefits of using Capterra

Capterra is no doubt the leading review site, but what else can you do on a review site?

  • You can read the genuine reviews of the customers
  • You can find a complete guide on Capterra offering solutions to a range of issues
  • You can choose your software category and then start moving to know more
  • You can compare the many software to find the best one for you

Note: I myself have faced situations where I decided to buy something, but after the brutal genuine reviews and straightforward comparison, I was compelled to change my decision. Trust me that has been a great decision by far.

What are their software categories?

Capterra has included every possible category that can exist in the current market. Some of the major ones from them include:

  • SEO Software
  • IT and Development
  • Content and Document
  • Communications and Media
  • Data Management
  • Education and eLearning
  • Whiteboard Animation Software

These are only to name a few, as their list would take a whole day to mention. However, since I am mostly into marketing and video has been my forte, I mostly stay around animation software, video software, video conferencing software, etc.

Capterra website popularity

Their fantastic data-driven approach has made them crawl to the top of the channel. This online review site receives a huge 5 million monthly users. The number itself decides its worth and the importance it holds among the professionals.

Trustpilot – Software Review Site

Trustpilot is a name that millions of customers have started trusting due to its amazing offering. Established in 2007 with the only agenda to become the platform that would bridge the gap between consumers and business, Trustpilot has soon become a trusted name for everyone. The rich insights offered by the businesses help businesses scale largely.


Trustpilot is a site where consumers can read the reviews before they choose a business and businesses can read the reviews of their customers to understand where they need improvements. In both ways, TrustPilot encourages people to make informed decisions. 

Some metrics to blow your mind away;

  • You can find more than 120 million reviews on this online review site
  • You will find over 529,000 websites have already been reviewed by them.
  • You will find over 47 nationalities

Their Unique Selling Points Are:

  • They are absolutely free of cost
  • They are open to everyone
  • They believe in maintaining transparency

Benefits of relying on Trustpilot

Watching the fantastic metrics of this online review site, you definitely have got a fair idea about their efficiency. But they have some major reasons that bring them, viewers, and readers, to their website.

  • They have 100% unbiased reviews from the people
  • They help consumers find the right and trusted business
  • They offer businesses to understand the loopholes and improve to scale in the current market
  • You have an impressive range of categories

What are their prime categories?

Whilst the categories are simply huge, here we will mention the top few that make Trustpilot a pilot of reviewing sites.

  • Electronics and Technology
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Clothing Store
  • Travel Agencies
  • Insurance Agency
  • Banks

You can simply select a category and find the listings that they already have. This will already help you to acquire better insight into the companies along with checking the genuine reviews. While there are many others, these are only to name a few major ones.

Trustpilot website popularity

There is no doubt that this online review site has become an eye-opener for both parties, which has resulted in increasing numbers. They have a good 6.9 billion monthly impressions on their TrustBox widgets.

G2 Crowd

Businesses need technology to scale, and only informed decisions can help in scalability. G2 is the top tech marketplace that has been used by several businesses to find, review, and then manage the technology that they require to reach their ultimate potential.

When you get a marketplace where you can find the details of the software and their services that come from the real users, it offers a better knowledge to customers. When customers find real-time reviews from other users, they get assurance. Moreover, this can also become helpful for businesses as they get reviews from the customers themselves.

Here are some impressive numbers:

  • They started in 2012 after a few entrepreneurs asked a few questions
  • They have more than 1,500, 000 reviews on their websites
  • They have 100% real and genuine reviews

Their Unique Selling Points Are:

  • They are performance-driven
  • They believe in improving every day
  • They believe in working from their heart
  • They are 100% real

What are the major categories?

They have a huge range of categories which includes both services and software. They have mentioned some of the popular services and software. It includes

  • Business Intelligence Software
  • ERP systems
  • Email marketing software
  • Marketing automation software
  • Social media management tools
  • Video software

There are many other categories that are listed in their top searches; however, these are only to name a few. I personally have been thoroughly in love with this online review site. You can totally find every detail and completely genuine reviews.

G2 Crowd website popularity

This online review site received more than a huge 60 million annual users that visit the site to write and read authentic reviews. There are over 100,000 professional services and software products that bring a massive number of users to their online site.


GetApp is a business software review site that has been known to create an ecosystem of the top business software and app platforms. They work with the only mission to offer professionals the advice that can help them to find the best apps and software to meet their diverse needs.

The wide range of categories included by them helps professionals to find an online. You can find the products of Software As A Service or SaaS. They also offer their clients to compare products to find out which will exactly be able to suit their specific needs. They feature trends, research, and insights and validate user reviews to help you make an informed decision.

Here are some impressive numbers:

  • They have more than 14,000 software profiles
  • They have over 1.2M user reviews on their website
  • They offer genuine reviews and comparisons with professionals

Their Unique Selling Points Are:

  • They have a huge range of software categories
  • You can explore a wide range of products
  • You can compare products and make an informed decision
  • They are extremely easy to use
  • They offer 100% genuine results

What are the major categories?

While GetApp has offered a wide range of categories on their website, they have the top software categories listed above, which are mostly being searched. Here are some of them.

  • Call Center
  • Business Management
  • Accounting
  • CRM
  • Customer Service
  • Human Resources

While there are a lot more categories included on their website, there are only to name a few. You will fall in love with the reviews and be able to make the best decisions.

GetApp website popularity

No wonder this review site is one of the most popular ones in the market thus, they review quite a huge number of users on their website. With a good 1.5M and even more monthly users than it receives, this is one of the best service review sites. Their impressive features invite professionals to their site.

Software Advice

Software advice is the name for people who are looking for the top tech product reviews. On this review site, you can get proper advice from people. The personalized recommendation for choosing the best software makes it a great choice.

You would not need to stress about finding the best software that would be a great choice. They can simplify your search with their button. With valuable insight and research, this software can make the best choice that can be valuable for your needs.

If you are unable to make a decision, you can get a recommendation from the top advisors on the best software that would fit your needs.

Here are some impressive numbers:

  • They have helped more than 800K companies
  • There are more than 600 software categories included on the site
  • They have more than 1M verified reviews from the users

Their Unique Selling Points Are:

  • They have started their journey from 2005
  • They are 100% free
  • They believe in getting better every single day
  • They maintain the transparency
  • They have a wide range of software categories

What are the major categories?

They clearly know that different people and professionals have different needs. Thus, they have kept a huge variety of categories that can help them to acquire the best. However, they have some of the most popular categories listed:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Construction
  • Accounting
  • Hotel Management
  • Dental
  • Customer relationship management
  • Manufacturing

While these are some of the most browsed categories on their site, I have mostly visited their site to find the best CRM software. They have simply offered me the best advice and helped me to acquire the best solution.

Software Advice website popularity

They have specialized in offering the best reviews to the people. Their product reviews so far have helped more than 870K people. They have successfully helped people to find software for their needs. With their amazing features and recommendation, they can help people acquire the best solution by making an informed decision.


If you are looking for one of the best tech software review sites, then TrustRadius can be a great choice for you. This is a trusted review site that is completely delved into offering reviews on business technology. They offer unbiased and genuine reviews to their users to help them acquire detailed insights and make valuable decisions.

TrustRadius has always kept customers first, and they wish to offer the details as per the customers’ needs. They can be a great choice in acquiring genuine product reviews. Being offered reviews for a long time, they have now become a trustworthy name in the market. Their details can be valuable.

Here are some impressive numbers:

  • They have been working since 2012 and have served many companies
  • More than 100 leading brands have associated with them
  • They offer 100% genuine and verified reviews

Their Unique Selling Points Are:

  • They offer no biased reviews and have no ads
  • They are a 100% trusted website
  • They believe in offering quality first
  • They offer an easy platform
  • They create a funnel to improve conversion

What are the major categories?

They have many categories included on their website, but some of the most popular ones are browsed on their website.

  • Content Management Systems
  • Customer Relationship Management Software
  • Talent Intelligence Tools
  • Social Media Management Tools
  • Web Analytics Tools
  • Marketing Automation Software
  • Workforce Analytics Software

While these are listed in some of the most popular categories, you can always find a range of other categories on their website. You will be fond of them watching the wide range of genuine product reviews that they have to offer.

TrustRadius website popularity

Being one of the most popular online review sites, it receives a huge number of monthly users. As they have to offer only genuine and unbiased reviews to the users, they receive more than 1M customers in a month. I have personally benefited from their amazing product reviews.


If you are looking for a site that is more than just the online product review site, then CNet is something that you are looking for. They are one of the very first sources for getting tech news and reviews. They offer expert advice to find the right product for your needs. They wish to make everything available in the palm of your hand.

Everything about this online review site is designed to help professionals stay updated about the attest things and reviews. Whether it is a product or software, CNet is the destination where you can actually get everything that you probably need. They have been working since 1994 and have been offering fantastic reviews to the readers.

Their Unique Selling Points Are:

  • They offer good product depth
  • You Can search for any product
  • They have immersive videos for a better understanding
  • They help you find the best

What are the major categories?

Even when they do not have categories mentioned for software and services, you can still find everything you wish. However, they have some major categories like: 

  • Mobile
  • Gaming
  • Computing
  • Home Entertainment
  • Services & Software

You can find some amazing news and information on this website. They properly have everything that you can need and think of. From software to products to the latest news, CNet is the hub for everyone looking for the top tech reviews.

CNet website popularity

No wonder CNet is one of the popular review sites that does not leave a stone unturned to help the readers. They have a huge 65.5M monthly users with the only agenda of helping users acquire a better understanding of the products.


There is no doubt that businesses seek expert advice when it comes to using the software. From the many product review sites, Software World is a name that has been offering great service to its users. They can offer the right software solution for different types of industries depending on their needs.

They believe in offering the best advice that would help businesses to scale and compete in the current market. Their strong advice would also help you to enjoy the myriad of advantages and ensure effective operations.

Their Unique Selling Points Are:

  • They offer productive software
  • They ensure offering benefits to businesses
  • Real-time reviews can offer innumerable benefits
  • They offer compatible software

What are the major categories?

While this product review site believes in offering complete reviews of products compatible with your business, they have included the major categories to help businesses find the right choice.

  • CRM Software
  • Accounting Software
  • Marketing Automation Software
  • Rand Management Software
  • Market Research Software
  • App Development Software

While there are infinite others, I have been mostly searching for business management software, CRM software, and SEO software, where I have acquired complete help from them. They have offered me great advice, and you will feel the same as well.

Software World website popularity

Their friendly advice has helped several companies to find the best software. You will be astounded to find that they receive 30M users every month. You can definitely rely on them for their advice to find the best software.


This is again a great choice for you if you are looking for a good product review site. This site has over 98K genuine reviews on multiple genres for the businesses. They have the best tools available for you to ease the research procedure.

You have the freedom to filter the criteria. When you find your match, you can actually find the reviews that will offer a comprehensive review of the site. Depending on your needs, you can choose and make sure that you are finding the best choice.

Here are some impressive numbers:

  • They have over 98K reviews
  • They have 100 Survey Reports
  • They have over 150,000

What are the major categories?

While there are a lot of subcategories in these, they have kept the main categories pretty simple to keep their audience understanding where they can find the software. Some of the best categories include:

  • Design and production
  • Development
  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • IT services
  • Business Services

While these are some of the major categories that they have listed, the marketing automation software, social media management tools, and others are simply amazing. You will be benefited from the reviews offered by their users.

Clutch website popularity

This is definitely a great tech software review site that you can rely on as they receive over 1 million customers each and every year. Their amazing reviews can be helpful for everyone looking for great review sites.

Saas Genius

SaaSGenius is again one of the top product review sites that have been working with the only agenda of helping people make the best move. The vendors make use of SaaSGenius as they wish to gain more visibility and improve their businesses.

They are definitely a trusted source that has been around since 2015. They help businesses to discover software, compare and help them to make the right choice for the businesses. The unbiased reviews offered by them would help YouTube find out what the software has and does not. They work with the mission to help businesses find the right kind of software.

Their Unique Selling Points Are:

  • They let you make software comparisons to help you make an informed decision
  • They were featured by many top names like Forbes, PC World, CIO, Bloomberg Business
  • They offer the fastest way to reach customers

What are the major categories?

While they have a pretty huge list of categories, here we will mention the top categories. You can find their help in every step of understanding if the software you wish to use is the right choice or not.

  • Customer Management
  • Design software
  • Photo Animation Software
  • Business Intelligence and analytics
  • Government software
  • ERP
  • Customer Service and Support

While these are the top listed in their categories, I have mostly used the website to find out the best video editing software, project management software, and business management software for me. Their unbiased reviews are probably one of the best things about them.

SaaSGenius website popularity

They feature more than 300 vendors, which also bring over 200,000 visitors to their website on a monthly basis. You will be able to find and compare every detail of the software from SaaS Genius.


Software Suggest is again another tech product reviews sites that can help a business get discovered among a large audience. With more than 816k happy customers, they can be a great choice for companies that want to get seen among a wider audience.

This is an India-based company that started in 2014 and has been offering constant support to businesses. So whether you want to make software comparisons or would want to know about the software before buying, they can be a great voice for you.

Their Unique Selling Points Are:

  • You can make a software comparison before buying
  • They got several prestigious awards
  • They offer great reviews that can help you to judge

What are the major categories?

They believe in offering suggestions and helping businesses from different industries. While they have almost every category that you can think of, here are some of the most popular ones.

  • HR Software
  • Accounting Software
  • ERP Software
  • Payroll Software
  • Project management Software
  • Lead Management

You can find anything that you wish. They offer free consultation and thus if you are unable to decide, you can choose them.

Bottom Line: So these are some of the most common software review websites that you can choose to make sure that you acquire complete details about the software.


Where can I find unbiased software reviews?

These are some of the top product review sites that you can choose to find the review of your product. Even when I have offered quite a few names, you can choose anyone as per your choice. All of the names written above offer the best product review and have a huge number of users. However, I generally use Trustpilot and G2 Crowd. Their unbiased reviews with the cons clearly written make it easy for me to decide.

Are review sites trustworthy?

Yes, all the names of the software review platform have been chosen because of the range of features that they have. Every review that they have is given by the users after the experience. You can have faith in the reviews offered on these sites.

Are the reviews written by real people?

Yes! The reviews are genuine, and you have trust in them. You will be able to acquire insight into the software through the reviews and make an informed decision.

What are the best and most trusted software review sites?

The written names are all the trusted websites. However, as mentioned earlier, I personally follow Trustpilot, G2 Crowd, and GetApp. They have comparison features that make these product review sites even better.

How do software review sites work?

The software reviews are being offered by genuine users. Thus, when you read them, you find the details of them. This way, you can try to understand the features and functionalities offered by them. You can check the pros and cons written by the users. This will help you to comprehend if you are making the right choice of online review platforms.

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