Top 6 Paid, Free Whiteboard Animation Software 2024

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Seems like you have come to know the importance of whiteboard animation videos. Now you are looking for the best whiteboard animation software to convey your messages in the simplest of ways. To reduce your workload, I have researched and written this guide for you by checking all software advantages, drawbacks, prices, and customer support. Check out the below table first and later we will review each software in detail to make an informed decision.

Overall the Best


CreateStudio is the best video animation software for all video creators.

Beginner Friendly


VideoScribe is a powerful and affordable animation video maker for all creators.

Ultra Budget Pick


DoodleMaker will make your doodle video creation process easy with A.I. technology.

For All Video Editors


Filmora video editor helps you easily make whiteboard videos with powerful features.

Easiest Software


Animaker is a powerful animation video maker that can be used by any video creator.

Here is the full list of paid and free whiteboard animation software that I am going to review today:

  • CreateStudio
  • VideoScribe
  • DoodleMaker
  • Vyond
  • Animaker
  • Renderforest

Are you still lacking information about the way whiteboard animation videos can influence your business? Then, you must have a look at this guide to understand the reasons for increasing the investment in whiteboard animation software in 2024.

2024 and the coming days are undeniably going to be extremely challenging for online businesses to grab user ATTENTION.

Therefore taking corrective steps by creating appealing videos can become a profitable move for every online business as well as for freelance video makers, marketers, marketing agencies, solopreneurs, and graphic designers.

By the way, this guide will help find a whiteboard animation software both paid and free tools that can be beneficial for your next video project. To make it easy for you, I have compiled the whiteboard doodle software depending on the advantages, price, customer support, and much more.

free and paid whiteboard animation software

But before proceeding forward and writing down the advantages, price, and customer support of the above whiteboard animation video software, I would first want to brief you on the things to consider while selecting a whiteboard software.

How to Choose a Whiteboard Animation Software?

With such a large number of marketers claiming the usability of video for marketing, you need to start thinking about your video. But, the problem lies in making the right choice. 

No doubt that when you Google search for “best whiteboard animation software”, you will receive an endless number of choices.

You can choose any of them as per your preferences but if you want to know the major things that need to be considered while choosing the whiteboard animation software or maybe the online tool, make sure you read the following. 

These are some of the major facets that ensure making the right choice. 

👉 System requirements: This is the very first thing to check because you don’t want to use software that is not compatible with your PC or its configuration. 

Only when your PC’s configuration matches perfectly with the tool or software, it will perform seamlessly.

So, make sure you have read the system requirements of the software and ensure its compatibility. 

👉 Easy to use: Not everyone is tech-savvy and therefore there is a need for the software or tool to understand and create something that can be used and operated easily by everyone. It does not demand training or experience. 

Hence only when you can use the software properly and seamlessly, you should go for it. Most of these online doodle video tools and animation video makers are designed keeping in mind the challenges faced by people and hence easy to use are a sure great choice.

👉 Free Trial or Money Back Guarantee: This is again a great feature that acts as a benefit for the users because when you have the option to go for a free trial, you can try it to understand the features and usability. 

The same goes with a money-back guarantee – in case you do not like the video creation software, you can claim to get your money back.

👉 Must have the voice-over option: In modern days, when you are making animated videos, you definitely would not like to leave it without adding any music.

Not only that, when the software has the voice-over feature, it can be highly beneficial for the people who are making explainer videos.

👉 Affordable Price: No wonder when the tool software comes at a cheap price, it can be a lot beneficial for the users.

Not every time it is possible for us to pay a hefty price for the software or tool, but when you get these tools at a lower price, it can be a great choice. 

Especially if you are a small business or an individual, software or tools available at an affordable price can become a lot beneficial.

👉 Customer Support: When you are choosing a brand, you can stay assured that you will receive the best customer support.

This is a very important aspect of a software feature because in case after purchasing or subscribing you don’t acquire a solution to your problem it can become a regret.

So make sure of it before you invest in it. 

Note that the names of the software listed here might not include all of these features but have the majority of them.

Besides, the endless benefits you can avail of from these software’s advantages and hopefully, this will help.

Coming back to where we were about the best free and paid Whiteboard animation software that can be beneficial for your next video project. 

68% of marketers claim that using video for marketing has offered improved ROI compared to the Google ads.

Without any further delay, let’s find out more about it. 

Top 6 Free, Paid Whiteboard Animation Software

Whiteboard animation software is in demand and therefore you need to have comprehensive knowledge about the one that would become beneficial for your use.

Here we will discuss the free as well as paid software just to help you to make the right decision. You can decide on the features you like and take action accordingly.

4 Paid Whiteboard Animation Software in 2024

So let us start with the paid software that you can buy to fulfill your purpose. The paid versions will undeniably have better and improved features that would enable getting the job done.

The features included in the paid versions become effective for the content creators to make versatile videos.

1. CreateStudio

CreateStudio is a great animation video maker and a social media video maker that can create some of the best 2D and 3D videos to help marketers and individuals. Even you can create scroll stopper videos, and doodle videos with this software from your Mac and Windows system.


With great options included in this software, you have unlimited ways of creating high-end and engaging videos. It simplifies video animations and creations.

It is a 2D and 3D animation software that can create animated videos within a few minutes.

Benefits of Choosing CreateStudio

This powerful yet user-friendly software has some amazing benefits which make it a great choice for everyone. These are: 

  • This software offers a very easy “drag and drop” way to create animation videos and more.
  • You don’t have to be a pro at using this video-making platform 
  • You can create the video in any size and shape

Most Important CreateStudio Features and Benefits

With some of the best features included in this software, it can become on the top-rated list among the creators. 

Easy installation & timeline editor: This is one of the best social media video tools that can be downloaded on Windows and Mac. It can also offer the freedom to create and export endless numbers of videos in 4K resolution. 

Text typography & Text to speech: You can easily create kinetic text photography videos and use the inbuilt text to speech software to give audio to your video. 

Green Screen editing with unlimited emojis: With green screen editing now you can change the background and create any video. Besides, the availability of emojis helps to create the best social video videos. 

Readymade template & special effects: With the 50 readymade templates and the special effects present ensure easy video creation.

Types of Videos You Can Create on CreateStudio

This easy-to-use software helps you to create: 

  • Social media videos
  • Doodle sketch videos
  • 2D and 3D animation videos 
  • Explainer videos
  • And much more

System requirement for CreateStudio

Create Studio can be used in macOS 10.10 and the later versions

In Windows, this software can be used in Windows 7 and the later version. 

Your system needs to have 4GB of RAM and more. Graphics of AMD Radeon R5 or later, Intel HD Graphics 5000 or later, and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 700 or later.

CreateStudio Pricing

CreateStudio has kept it pretty affordable and accessible to people by keeping 2 simple plans that agencies or individuals can choose as per their needs.

The standard plan comes at only $67 offering commercial use license, doodle creator, all features, free templates, 3D characters, 2D characters, and much more. 

Optional CreateStudio All-Access Plan comes at $27 per month or $147 per year and offers all features that are required to create a fantastic video including audio and a template library that keeps upgrading every month.

To know more read a detailed CreateStudio review.

2. VideoScribe

VideoSscrie was the flagship product of Sparkol which was founded back in the year 2012. This marketing video maker was developed by the experts using Adobe Flash which enables you to make Flash videos and then export them to another software.

videoscribe by sparkol

With different versions of this product available in the market, the latest one comes with endless features that come with a better UI and it is easy to navigate.

You can use it to make explainer and whiteboard animation videos which can be easily modified using images and voice-overs.

Benefits of choosing VideoScribe

VideoScribe has multiple benefits that make it count among the top few paid whiteboard animation software. Every benefit enables even the naive to create whiteboard animations with ease.

  • It is a versatile choice to create videos within the least time
  • It has a reasonable initial price that makes it available for use
  • It is undeniably a user-friendly option which makes it easy to use for everyone
  • It comes with different levels of support to make it helpful 

Most Important VideoScribe Features and Their Benefits

The features are included in this whiteboard animation software that enables the creation of any kind of video with ease. I would like to mention a few important features of this software that are rarely found on VideoScribe alternatives. Let’s check out…

Straight-forward program: This is one of the greatest benefits of this whiteboard animation software.

I have used this software and I was surprised and impressed by the way it can support any function.

Everything about the software is easy to learn and use. Powerful yet very easy to use. 

Rich stock images: When it is about creating a video, it involves using a lot of images that can work with the video.

The best part of this software is that it has a huge library that can easily fit your needs and requirements.

The stock images are divided into paid and free and therefore you can choose as per your budget. 

Easy Text insertion: No doubt that voice-overs are brimming, but including texts is also a great way to get engaged.

This particular feature enables you to insert the text irrespective of the size or font. 

Seamless Scene Animator: This is another effective feature of VideoScribe that features the drag and drop ability, to images, texts, and scenes.

You can easily arrange them just the way you want. I have found so many buttons on the timeline that enable easy functioning. 

Types of videos you can create on VideoScribe

When it comes to the types of video that one can create from this whiteboard animation software, then certainly it’s limitless.

It can be the best for Boardroom scribe, conference scribe, B2B scribe, Media scribe, product launch scribe, instructional scribe, brand scribe, sales scribe, marketing scribe, training scribe, and a lot more. 

System Requirement for VideoScribe

VideoScribe is compatible with both Windows OS and macOS. 

For Windows users, make sure that the version of Windows is higher than Windows 7 with a 64-bit system, 4GB RAM, Intel Atom, or X86 compatible processor. 

For macOS users, make sure that the OS is OS X 10.7 or more, 4GB RAM, and an Intel 1.83 GHz processor. 

VideoScribe Pricing

Considering the needs and requirements of the people, VideoScribe has offered three different pricing structures that would be helpful for the people. 

You can choose from the Single Users package or Team Licences. 

For single users, you can get three plans which include a monthly plan for $17.50, a yearly plan for $96, and a quarterly plan for $35.

For the team Licenses, it is $155/user for a team of 5 members and more, $150/user for a team of 10 members and more, and $145/user for a team of 20 users and more.

3. DoodleMaker

DoodleMaker is a cloud-based whiteboard video maker that allows the creators to create glass boards, blackboard, and whiteboard videos by including human voices in 70 different international and regional languages.


Making doodle whiteboards is a seamless way to engage and inspire and this latest new software enables easy creation with their years of testing and engineering.

This is one of the best social media video tools and hence is a great Instagram and Facebook Video Maker.

Benefits of Choosing Doodle Maker

This amazing product has offered individuals and agencies endless advantages that enable video creation at its best. What are the major benefits?

  • This is the fastest and best-animated doodle video that makes use of artificial intelligence 
  • This software has a huge image and sound library to create doodle and whiteboard animation
  • You don’t need to possess skills and experience to use this software
  • It can create some amazing videos in just a few minutes using the stunning features

Most Important Doodle Maker Features and their Benefits

Fastest Doodle Maker with easy video creation: Included with the power of AI, this software can create amazing glassboard, whiteboard, and blackboard videos in minutes. 

Easy video conversion with text-to-speech feature: This software can convert any existing videos into Doodle videos. Besides, text-to-speech features enable giving sound and creating studio-quality videos. 

Over 300+ video templates for video creation: The software lets you create stunning videos with the use of video templates available in dozens. It does not require complex knowledge to create professional videos. 

Access to high-quality images: This software comes with a huge library that has infinite images, and icons along with a soundtrack library to create exceptional videos in minutes. 

Types of videos you can create on Doodle Maker

You can use this software to create any type of video which includes explainer videos that can elaborate on complex processes.

Give humous in videos with cartoon power. Apart from this, you can create YouTube Videos, Facebook Ads, sales, and educational videos.

DoodleMaker Pricing

This amazing doodle maker software offers two pricing options for the users which you can use as per your need. 

The Doodle Maker Enterprise License is available at $49 only

To know more read a detailed DoodleMaker review.

4. Vyond

For beginners in the whiteboard animation software who are unable to make beautiful sketches or doodles, Vyond is one of the best animation software. You can easily create informative and interesting software in a few minutes.

Vyond online animation software for businesses

The huge variety of characters or assets available in the software and the easy-to-use features make this animation software a great choice for anyone.

Due to its amazing features, by the end of 2013, the software has grown its users to a huge 10 million.

Benefits of choosing Vyond

The growing number of users is due to the amazing benefits of this software. Let us have a look at the reasons to choose it. 

  • You will be able to create appealing videos for any kind of niche 
  • You can make unlimited videos using this software
  • You can use audio and images of your choice and create unique videos
  • You can create top-quality videos 
  • You can use the characters and make engaging videos

Most Important Vyond Features and Their Benefits

There are several features and benefits included in the software that make it a great addition for individuals and creators. 

Easy drag and drop: The easy drag and drop feature included in this software enables the creation of doodle sketches within minutes.

Library of characters: With thousands of backgrounds, text types, props, templates, music clips, and characters, you will be able to create videos for different niches. 

Video creation guide: With the short tour that you can create with the whiteboard animation software you can get proper guidance and make engaging videos. 

Range of video versions: You will be able to upload videos in a range of formats like GIF, JPG, WAV, MP3, and a lot more. 

Great lip-sync: With this software, you will not be facing the lip-syncing features and create great videos and animation for your videos.

Types of Videos You Can Create On Vyond

You can make different types of videos on this software including 2D videos, explainers, and other tutorials.

Any type of interactive video can be created with this software. It can be beneficial for anyone willing to create videos to grab the targeted market. 

Vyond Pricing

There are different types of packages included in this software that you can include to create software. You can have a look at the features and decide the best choice for your needs. 


US $159/month

Save 48% with annual pricing

This is a good plan for teams and relatively large organizations. It comes with advanced features and prioritized customer support.

Annual Plan – $999 per year


US $89/month

Save 40% with annual pricing

This plan is suitable for medium and small businesses. You will love high-quality videos plus a live chat support feature.

Annual Plan – $649 per year


US $49/month

Save 49% with annual pricing

It is the basic plan for those with a tight budget. The video is exported with the Vyond logo as watermarks. This plan is best for individuals.

Annual Plan – $299 per year

Vyond Enterprise plan

This plan combines the Vyond professionals with advanced security features. Choose this plan to enjoy free training and account management. Prices are customized according to various users. To know more read a detailed Vyond review.

2 Free Whiteboard Animation Software in 2024

Just as the name goes, here we will have a look at some of the best FREE whiteboard animation software that has shaken the market with an amazing range of features. 

Despite being free, the number of features adds to the effectiveness of the software which is the prime reason for such a huge number of customers. 

The names that I am going to write below are free of cost but you might be getting the watermarks. In case you are not willing to keep the watermark, you need to upgrade. 

5. Animaker

Animaker is one of the finest free software that has become a platform for professionals, non-designers, and beginners. You can use this software to create any type of video. This is the top YouTube intro and outro maker that can create short video ads in minutes.


Offering you the freedom to access the unique characters that you can use in your videos, you can create videos effortlessly and in a few minutes. Even you can upload 4K quality videos with ease. 

Benefits of Choosing Animaker

This whiteboard animation software is developed in a way that the software is capable of making great videos within minutes.

  • It allows users to create appealing infographics and animated videos
  • You can enjoy the benefits of the endless choices of prebuilt characters and templates
  • One can create visual PowerPoint presentations in just a few minutes
  • You get the freedom to use or mix the different styles in the same video

Most Important Animaker Features and Their Benefits

Animaker can become one of the most demanding animation software not only being free but also due to offering endless features and benefits.

Asset Library: This free software gives you the freedom to use the assets available in the library. You can get thousands of prebuilt templates and characters to create your video. 

Text animation: With the different text animation features included in this software one can create great videos and include text animation in just a few clicks. 

Export Media: Once you have created the video, you can export the media in just a few seconds and clicks. Create HD-quality videos and engage your viewers.

Video effect: The Range of video effects included in the software enables the creation of great-quality videos in just a few clicks.  

Types of videos you can create on Animaker

You can create 2D animation videos, infographic videos, whiteboard videos, GIFs, vertical videos, YouTube videos, presentations, and a lot more with Animaker.

Animaker Pricing

Animaker is made for everyone and the different packages have been created for different people. 

Animaker is available for free where you get several features, namely 2 minutes of videos, 5 exports every month, infographic icons, text prebuilt, a few music tracks, sound effects, and much more. 

Personal for $12/month includes all the features included in the free package along with premium templates, 20 voice downloads per month, unbranded videos, 5-minute video creation, props and characters, and a lot more. 

Startup for $19/month includes all the features in the Personal package along with many characters and props, animated charts and maps, many sound effects, infographic icons, music tracks, 40 voice downloads per month, and a lot more.

Business for $39/month includes all the Startup plans along with 30 minutes of video creations, 100 exports every month, upload and download in different video quality, custom fonts, plenty of sound and music, and a lot more.

To know more read a detailed Animaker review.

6. Renderforest

Renderforest is a known cloud-based video-making platform that enables you to create powerful, beautiful, and professional-quality videos within minutes.


This video creation platform enables creating videos that can be used for a range of purposes in just a few minutes, You can also create commercials, slideshows, infographics, and a lot more. You have no limit to your imagination with this platform. 

Benefits of Choosing Renderforest

The range of benefits offered by Renderforest has made this platform outshine others in the crowd. Some of the most common benefits include: 

  • You will be able to create professional-quality videos in a few minutes and clicks without the need for prior knowledge
  • You can create videos for your viewers by including great features and ensure outstanding quality videos for your audience engagement
  • You don’t have the install and use the hardware space because the entire process takes place in the cloud
  • You can create different types of engaging and interactive videos without spending much

Most Important Renderforest Features and Their Benefits

Over 300 video templates: This platform has more than 300 video templates that can create compelling videos in just a few clicks. 

No previous experience required: Working on this platform does not require you to have any kind of previous experience. 

Great Content Library:  You can get a huge content library that contains images and tracks for video creation. 

Create 3D videos: This 3D animation software helps you to create outstanding 3D quality videos for the best choice. 

Types of video you can create on Renderforest

This is the video creation software that helps you to create YouTube Videos, explainer animations, music visualization, moving infographics, presentations, and corporate slideshows. 

Renderforest Pricing

Free plans

You can choose a package that starts from $49 per month depending on the number of videos you want, API access, video length, support, and storage.

To know more read a detailed Renderforest review.


The names of the animation software have been written after use and comprehensive research.

I have used all of them and would not deny that every whiteboard animation software is great.

However, while choosing, you have to choose as per your requirements.

Here is my final recommendation…

If you looking for the best whiteboard video creation software then try CreateStudio (It is more than doodle software.)

If you looking for affordable whiteboard software then try DoodleMaker or VideoScribe.

createstudio 3 special deal

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