Top 6 Doodle Video Creation Software for Video Creators

Its looks like you are aware about whiteboard animation videos benefits. That’s good.

Yes, whiteboard animations are fun to watch and you can convey your message to your target audience easily.

But, to create such kind of engaging whiteboard animation videos you need to have the best doodle video creation software. Today I am here to discuss the same.

When it comes to Doodle video creation software, it is basically a tool that allows video creators to make engaging videos through different attributes.

Doodle Video Creation Software

With it, you will be able to create eye-catching, professional and quality approved animations for introducing your business, explaining service or product demo, and anything without any hassle whatsoever.

But, for that, you need the best doodle video creation software that can give life to your ideas and stories. This way you can create interesting and unique content for marketing. So, what are the best tools you can use? Check it out:

Top 6 Doodle Video Creation Software

Below mentioned are a few of the best doodle video software that will help you have an excellent experience all through the animation video-making process.

1) DoodleMaker

When it comes to Doodle Maker, it is one of the most popular doodle video creation software that will help you with the attributes of Artificial Intelligence to exclusively create eye-catching videos as per your specific needs and requirements. This cartoon video maker comes with a wide range of exciting attributes that will certainly make your experience more than worthwhile.

With DoodleMaker you will be able to convert any piece of content or any video into 3 different formats that include Whiteboard, Blackboard, Glassboard Switcher, and that too in a few clicks.

DoodleMaker key features

  • AI Video Translation,
  • 300+ Templates,
  • High-quality doodle images and icons,

DoodleMaker advantages

  • Built-in professional transitions
  • Image to sketch converter

DoodleMaker cost and pricing plans

  • DoodleMaker Commercial: $47 (One-Time)
  • DoodleMaker Enterprise $67 (One-Time)

2) Renderforest

With the assistance of Renderforest, you will be able to create videos in minutes. All you have to do is browse through the large video template catalog and select the preferred one as per your specific needs and get started with the editing process.

When it comes to editing, all of it will be done online with the assistance of our cloud storage and tools. You will be able to upload videos and images and have them modified as per your needs. There is a huge Gallery of Animation and Video Production Templates available to help you and your requirements.

Renderforest key features

  • Drag & Drop
  • Media Library
  • Templates

Renderforest advantages

  • Speed Adjustment
  • Supports HD Resolution

Renderforest cost and pricing plans

  • Amateur: 59/month or 15/month with annual plan
  • Pro: 89/month or 29/month with an annual plan
  • Business: 119/month or 49/month with an annual plan
  • Enterprise: 299/month or 149/month with annual plan
  • Pay per export pricing available

3) Doodly

Doodly is a whiteboard animation software that comes with a Drag and Drop interface and exclusively makes it easy to move ahead with sketches. Doodly stands out in the race of this software because of it being very easy to use and thus, it becomes easier for beginners to choose it over others. Taking the assistance of this software, you will be able to create different forms of videos quickly.

Doodly key features

  • Extensive library of custom images,
  • You can add sound,
  • Easy share capabilities,

Doodly advantages

  • Easy-to-use video editor
  • Make your custom draw paths

Doodly cost and pricing plans

Doodly Standard Plan

  • $20/month (annual billing),
  • $39/month (monthly billing).

Doodly Enterprise Plan

  • $40/month (annual billing),
  • $69/month (monthly billing).

4) VideoScribe

When it comes to VideoScribe, it is one of the most powerful explainer video software used for creating whiteboard-style explainer videos by businesses around the world. It is very easy to use as you will be able to create stunning pieces of videos that will make a huge impact for sure. There is no better way to create videos than using this software with royalty-free graphics, music, and a lot more.

VideoScribe key features

  • Launch and start making animations in a matter of seconds.
  • Add text, images, music, and voiceover as per your needs.
  • Editing canvas

VideoScribe advantages

  • Download the HD video master file in your local server,
  • Share the final version to YouTube, Facebook, and PowerPoint.

VideoScribe cost and pricing plans

  • Annual license: $144 a year,
  • Monthly license: $29 a month for the monthly plan,
  • The one-off plan: $655 paid just once

5) InVideo

With the help of InVideo, you will be able to transform your content into exceptional videos. It is a perfect software to be taken into consideration by small businesses, media companies, and brands to enhance their reach with the assistance of video content. So, if you are looking to use video content in your marketing strategy, this software will certainly help you big time.

InVideo key features

  • Social Sharing
  • Templates
  • Text to Video

InVideo advantages

  • Speed Adjustment
  • Supports HD Resolution

InVideo cost and pricing plans

  • $29.00 per month, per user

6) Doodleoze

When it comes to Doodleoze, it is surely one of the world’s easiest yet powerful tools to create doodle videos. You can always consider using this doodle video maker for sales, doodle marketing, explainer videos, and also as a youtube doodle video creator. It will always help you with the best of attributes that enhance the number of traffic and attention towards your content.

Doodleoze key features

  • Requires No Technical Skills
  • Create Unlimited Doodle Videos. No restrictions
  • Create For Yourself Or Charge Clients!

Doodleoze advantages

  • Downloadable Desktop Software
  • Special one time Costing!

Doodleoze cost and pricing plans

  • Front-End: $27
  • Doodleoze Agency: $67
  • Doodleoze Club: $19/m or $133/y


Which Doodle Video Creation Software is best for me?

All the above-mentioned ones are perfect to be used but will recommend going for DoodleMaker and VideoScribe as they take your experience a step ahead and also are cost-effective.

How long does it take to make a Doodly video?

It completely depends on the kind of video you are making. It can be done in a few hours or also it might take days.

Any Bonus Tip for me?

The only tip will be to choose the respective Whiteboard Animation Software with a large number of templates among the ones stated above.

Conclusion – Over to You

Hopefully, you are clear with the kind of doodle video creation software you can consider using for your respective needs and requirements. Every tool comes with different attributes but the intention is the same to help you with the best of the result.

You just need to research well and select the best video creation software that will help you have your objective completed to perfection!

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