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Even though animated videos are impressive, freelancers, solopreneurs, marketing agencies, and other video makers face several challenges in creating animated videos. In particular, animation videos require high-performing computers to generate and render. Secondly, the creation of animations needs proper software.

But no more… Use Animaker, this is an online video animation software. Animaker provides a solution to most of the problems faced by animation video makers. Animaker is the ideal creative and video-making platform for content creators looking to make excellent content for their business enterprises.

This Animaker review will give you an overview of Animaker and its components, plus the most common Animaker competitors. So, without further ado, let’s start the Animaker review to explore Animaker.

Overview of Animaker Review in 2024


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Animaker is an online animation video maker that empowers everyone to make studio-quality videos within budget. Almost zero learning curve, make animated videos on the first day!
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Animaker Review Summary

Animaker is pocket-friendly animation software and it has a very easy user interface.

I use Animaker and highly recommend it to businesses and freelancers.

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What is Animaker?

Animaker is the leading SaaS Product company in terms of growth. Animaker provides several video-making tools to create and animate videos online easily.


The platform uses HTML5 and Adobe Flash to create marketing videos, YouTube videos, advertisement videos, explainer videos, Facebook videos, and many other various types of videos.

Animaker uses the drag and drop technique as it provides several templates for non-skilled users. It is the most used free online video maker.

Animaker is the only whiteboard animation software, where you can create doodle videos in 5 different styles. Includes Glassboard, Greenboard, Stitchboard, Notepad, and Blackboard.

Top Benefits of Choosing Animaker

Since its launch in 2014, Animaker has gained over 7 million users. The following are the top benefits of why you should choose Animaker in creating your animation videos.

Animaker is a cloud software

Animaker is a cloud-based platform. You don’t need to install the software; all you need is to create an account with the platform, log in, and start your projects.

You can also access your project from anywhere. Multiple users can also work on a single project.

Can signup to Animaker for Free and upgrade anytime

Animaker provides several price plans for its users. The free program is available for all users. You can decide to use the free plan and upgrade anytime you want.

However, the free plan comes with several limitations like a watermark on your exported videos and low video quality.

Easy-to-use interface

Animaker uses the drag and drops technique in its user interface. The interface is quite intuitive and easy to use, making it newbie-friendly.

On the left panel, we have all the free online video-making tools that we can drag and drop; centrally, we see the project we are creating, and on the right side, we are editing the footage.

Can create various types of videos

Animaker provides thousands of stock files to create and animate several video types.  With Animaker, you make and export videos such as; YouTube videos, TikTok videos, Facebook Videos, Advertisement Videos, Intro, and Outro videos.

You can also create a personalized logo and text animations. Animaker can instantly upload your videos on Facebook and YouTube or download the master video file. It also lets you edit and export 4K video quality. 4K videos look clear and realistic.

Animaker software performance

Animaker uses HTML5 engine and Adobe Flash to create animated videos, implying that it performs seamlessly on optimized browsers. The smart memory updates have increased the performance of the platform.

Animaker lets you import, edit, and export videos within no minute. The latest updates on Animaker means making your video creation experience better, faster, and smoother.

Premium customer support

Animaker provides Excellent Customer Support to its users. It offers live support to its users for 24 hours a day. They respond quickly to client inquiries and questions. Its level of customer service exceeds most of its competitors.

Top Animaker Features and Their Benefits

Animaker is the world’s most extensive library for animations. Marketers, sales, HR use it, and everyone else creates animated videos for their online marketing purposes. The following are the top Animaker features and the benefits that we have discussed in this Animaker review.

Animaker as video-making software: Animaker provides several free online video-making tools to make personal and professional videos.

Animaker as GIF and short video-making software: Animaker’s modern online GIF creator provides templates for creating unique GIFs. Using the drag and drop technique, you can create professional-looking short videos with Animaker.

Live video editing on Animaker: Animaker’s online video editor provides tools to help you in your video editing task. It has got tools to cut, crop, and trim your videos. With Animaker, you can also create a custom watermark for your videos, and text overlays, add music to your images, and employ several effects to create a fantastic video.

You can also create a voiceover using Animaker Video Maker.  It also lets you edit and export 4K video quality.

Most extensive collection of video assets: Animaker is the world’s largest animation platform. It is the home of a vast collection of animated characters, icons, images, stock videos, and other video assets. Everything you need to create a fantastic video is already in Animaker.

Creative customizable templates: Animaker provides a ton of professionally made templates to help jump-start your video creation experience. The templates are easily customizable to fit your personal or business needs.

2D character builder: This feature helps you create a truly custom character. The platform provides over 15 facial customizable tools to let you build a unique symbol for amazing videos.

animaker cartoon character

20+ facial expressions: Animaker provides over 20 facial expressions that make your videos lively and amazing

Smart auto lip-sync: Animaker automatically synchronizes voiceovers to your characters. Users do not have to spend time animating the lips of the character.

Save time with the smart move: Animaker helps you move your objects from one place to another with a single button click. Animaker has reduced the time spent by animators to move items from one place to another.

Everything customizable: You can easily customize colors, background, character appearance, fonts, and properties to fit your needs.

Animation Studio: Animaker provides features such as effects to spice up your video appearance. It also offers several video transitions to make your video creation work look amazing.

Animaker’s text-to-speech software: Easily converts texts to the highest quality human voice. You can add tone to your text, and the tool will automatically update it during conversion.

Create videos for any social platform: Animaker lets you create various types of videos, including 2D animations, whiteboard videos, infographic videos, handcraft videos, typography videos, and GIFs.

It is an online video maker for social media videos such as YouTube videos, Facebook videos, Instagram videos, and TikTok videos.

Screen recording: Animaker is a screen recording software. Screen recording makes it easy to create tutorials.

Insane file upload size:  With Animaker you can upload files of up to 20GB. The storage space is essential when working with 4K videos.

Social channels to export videos:  Animaker lets you export your videos directly to social media sites for social media marketing, hence saving you time. It is a social media video tool.

One-click resizing: You can resize your videos to various frames using Animaker.

Two-factor authentications: This is to safeguard your data and all your details. Animaker enables access with more than just a single password.

SSL encryption: Animaker encrypts your data using SSL encryption. This keeps safe your data.

Why Animaker is Unique?

Animaker is a unique platform because it provides hundreds of tools to import, edit, and export videos. Animaker also provides hundreds of templates that are easily customizable to fit your requirements.

This Animaker review shows that the platform provides tools for creating amazing animations, including text and logo animations.

Using the drag and drop technique of the Animaker, you can create amazing 2D animations and GIFs.

Animaker is perfect for any Niche and Industry

Animaker platform can create any type of video. The videos range from simple personal videos to professional corporate advertisement videos, University project videos and you name it.

With Animaker you can create Home videos like Birthday Videos, Anniversary videos, professional videos like company product advertisements, and product slideshow videos. Animaker is perfect for any Niche and Industry.

Types of videos you can create on Animaker

With Animaker, you can create any video you want, including; 2D animations, whiteboard videos, infographic videos, handcraft videos, typography videos, and GIFs.

It is a video maker of social media videos such as Facebook videos, Instagram videos, TikTok Videos, and YouTube Intro and outro videos.

With Animaker you can create a thanksgiving video, lyric video, tutorial videos, black Friday video, and commercial video.

Animaker can be used by…

Including you, Animaker can be used by various video makers such as marketing video makers, social media video makers, animation video makers, whiteboard video makers, home video makers, freelancers, solopreneurs, marketing agencies, small businesses, bloggers, eCommerce store owners, graphic designers, sales agents, an educational institute like University and everyone else.

Animaker Pros and Cons

With Animaker, you get to create incredible videos and animations. Animaker, like any other platform, has its pros and cons.

In this Animaker review, we discuss the most common pros and cons of the Animaker.

Animaker Pros (Advantages)

  • Easy to use interface: The user interface is newbie-friendly and quite intuitive to use. The video creation tools are readily available for use on the interface.
  • An extensive collection of stock footage: Animaker is the world’s most comprehensive stock of free footage, including images videos, and icons.
  • Creative customizable templates: Animaker provides several templates that can be customized to jump-start your video-making experience.
  • A cloud-based platform: Animaker is a cloud-based software this implies that you can access your project from anywhere
  • Premium Customer Support: Animaker has 24/7 customer support for its users. They respond to customer questions within a few minutes.

Animaker Cons (Disadvantages)

  • Limited free plan: The free plan comes with several limitations. You cannot export Full HD and 4k resolution videos on the free plan.
  • Heavy graphics: Animaker has several heavy graphics. Slow computers may not survive the editing and animation work of this platform.

Animaker Review: Its Pricing Plans

Animaker plans and pricing are based on the number of features and video downloads. In this Animaker review, we have stated the Animaker price plans and their significant features.

  • Free Plan: Videos come with the Animaker logo watermark, and assets are Limited assets. You export videos in SD Quality.
  • The Basic plan: It Costs $10 monthly billed annually. You get five premium downloads, build five custom characters and ten premium asset credits per month. You export your videos in full HD.
  • The Starter plan: It costs $19 monthly billed annually. You get ten premium downloads, build 15 custom characters, and 20 premium assets monthly.
  • The Pro plan: It costs $39 monthly billed annually. You get 20 premium downloads, 30 custom characters, and 45 premium assets monthly. You also create and download 2K video quality.
  • The Enterprise: The pricing for this plan is custom. You get unlimited downloads, build complete characters, and total assets monthly. You also get to create and download 4K video quality and upload up to 20GB of files.

Important FAQ about Animaker

A lot of questions have been asked by various users concerning Animaker and its operations. In this Animaker review, we have discussed the critical frequently asked questions about the Animaker platform.

How much does Animaker cost

You can start using Animaker for free and upgrade your account as per your need. The starting Basic plan’s price is $10 per month when you upgrade to the yearly plan otherwise it will be $20 per month.

Is Animaker newbie-friendly?

Animaker has an easy-to-use interface. The user interface is newbie-friendly and quite intuitive to use. Animaker uses the drag and drops technique in its user interface with several templates and tools to help jump-start your video editing journey.

To newbies who are looking to begin their video editing and content creation journey, Animaker is the best to start on.

How to access Animaker?

Animaker is a cloud-based platform. This video-making platform works entirely online; no installation is required. Go to your browser and search On the top right you got an option to sign up and start your video creation journey.

One most important benefits of cloud-based video software are that you can access your projects from anywhere.

Does Animaker create HD quality Videos?

Animaker creates HD videos. Except for the Free plan that allows for SD quality videos, all other programs will enable you to export your HD videos.

Animaker also lets you edit and export 4K video quality. 4K videos look clear and realistic.

Summary of G2, Capterra, Trustpilot User Reviews

Now let me analyze other Animaker user reviews from G2, Capterra, and Trustpilot review websites.

  • Animaker is a straightforward platform to use for your content creation work.
  • The software has an amazingly vast collection of stock footage and templates that help you in your video creation journey.
  • You can make beautiful animations and videos using Animaker tools and the readily available effects.

However, the G2, Capterra, and Trustpilot users also give several negative reviews to Animaker.

  • First, the trial version of the software will give you low-quality video output.
  • Animaker also uses absolute flash technology which modern websites tend to block.

Animaker got a 4.6 rating out of 294 reviews on G2, a 4.4 rating on Trustpilot out of ‎134 reviews, and a 4.1 rating on Capterra out of ‎131 reviews.

I have counted all platform’s reviews and I am happy to recommend Animaker software to you as Animaker’s positive reviews exceed the negative reviews on the G2, Capterra, and Trustpilot platforms.

Animaker Alternatives Software in 2024

Without a doubt, Animaker is an excellent online video creation platform. However, you should try out other Animaker alternatives, and competitors, considering the fantastic features that these Animaker competitors pose.

In this Animaker review, we are going to discuss the best Animaker alternatives and competitors…


CreateStudio is another Animaker alternative. CreateStudio is a desktop video creation tool that is used to create animations quickly and flexibly.

CreateStudio is the most improved animation maker in the world today. The platform is for both newbie and professional video creators.

Like Animaker, CreateStudio provides several templates that are easily customizable to ease your editing and video creation work.  Even though both Animaker and CreateStudio are 2D animation software, CreateStudio goes beyond the 2D videos to create 3D characters.

This platform is the first in the industry. With CreateStudio, you can also access Supreme, Colorful, and 3D characters.

Check out my detailed CreateStudio review.

Avatar Builder

Avatar Builder is an Animaker with similar software. Avatar Builder is an AI-powered 3D animation creator software that allows you to create and customize your avatars.

Avatar Builder is efficient in creating 3D animations for marketing and professional use as well as persona use.

The software helps you improve your 3D animation techniques. The platform provides unique features that are not found in any other video creation software.

To date, no additional software has been developed and sold that can compare to Avatars Builders. Considering what it does, this software is relatively cheap compared to Animaker and what Animaker does.

Its AI engine converts your texts into amazing video scenes. With several effects and animations. You don’t need editing skills and experience to perform all these.

Check out my detailed AvatarBuilder review.

My Animaker Review Verdict

In conclusion, from this Animaker review, I can say that Animaker is a unique online video creation and animation platform.

The software produces good-quality results without too much pain for you as the creator.

If you are a newbie and looking for software to jump-start your video-making and animation video-creation journey, Animaker is a great choice.

The platform is easy to use with several templates and tools to create incredible videos and animations.

You can get started with a free version before purchasing the other plans with better tools for amazing videos.

This software is suitable for all users ranging from YouTubers, Home Video Makers, and Marketers to professional users like animation makers and freelancers.

I tried to cover everything in this Animaker review, if you still have any doubts then please let me know by commenting below.


Animaker Review: Benefits, Price, Cons, Join for Free

Animaker is an online animation video maker that empowers everyone to make studio-quality videos within budget. It has almost zero learning curve and you can make animated videos on the first day!

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