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Hello! Welcome to my VideoScribe review. In this VideoScribe review, I will share all the information you need to know about this modern whiteboard video animation software.

Nowadays, the color-animated whiteboard video is the perfect solution. If you want to do digital marketing in an effective way to reach more audiences. Because the doodle video is fun to watch and creates more WOW moments over static images and video.

This VideoScribe review will help you to decide if VideoScribe software has the power to create professional-looking doodle videos for your next video campaign. I will walk you through VideoScribe inside and tell you about all features, benefits, prices, pros, and cons.

Overview VideoScribe Review in 2024


Sudesh Roul

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VideoScribe is an easy, fast, and cost-effective whiteboard video maker. It was first launched in 2012 by Sparkol, a UK company, and now the platform has 2 million users worldwide. VideoScribe is used by Fortune companies like BOSCH, The World Bank, BBC, and many more.
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Features effectiveness
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VideoScribe Review Summary

VideoScibe is an intuitive whiteboard video software for teachers, professional marketers, YouTubers, and all online video content creators. I highly recommend the VideoScribe app.

You can consider this doodle video software if you do not have the time to learn video creation but want to create great doodle videos.

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videoscribe review

Why trust me?

Hi, my name is Sudesh, and just like you, I researched various video-making software before using them. I always try the best video makers available in the market and recommend them with pros and cons.

I have used VideoScribe for a long time now, and I have seen the platform upgrade with additional features. I have tested VideoScribe’s features, and therefore I decided to share my honest experience with you.

You may think that VideoScribe sponsors me to market the product through this review. No, I am writing to spread the love I have for this whiteboard video-making platform.

So, let’s explore the VideoScribe to know more.

What is VideoScribe?

VideoScribe is an animation video maker that helps in creating whiteboard and explainer videos. With VideoScribe, you can easily create fantastic whiteboard videos for training, your online marketing needs, and beyond.

videoscribe software

VideoScribe was first launched in 2012 by Sparkol, a UK company, and now the platform has 2 million users worldwide. Several reputed brands have used the VideoScribe, including BBC, Bosch, World Bank, Stanford University, and UNICEF.

VideoScribe Pricing: Claim Free Trial

Currently, VideoScribe has two pricing plans as follows…

VideoScribe Pricing PlanPrice
VideoScribe Monthly Plan$20.65 per month ($247.80 per year)
VideoScribe Annual Plan$113.28 per year SAVE 54% ($9.44 per month)

For team licenses, educational, and charitable uses you have to contact them for special plans.

Should You Sign Up for VideoScribe?

If you don’t want to lose your potential customers because of boring presentations and marketing videos, then you should.

Because VideoScribe makes refreshing and eye-catching videos from boring presentations. 

With the available stock video, scenery, and music you can scale your business to heights by creating amazing explainer videos for various purposes.

Let me now share with you the top feature benefits of using VideoScribe.

VideoScribe Review: Top Feature of VideoScribe

VideoScribe helps you create professional-looking explainer videos to deliver your messages. Here are the key features of VideoScribe and their benefits.

VideoScribe Has Huge Video Assets

To create a stunning whiteboard video you need a video assets library. So you can easily find relevant images and music for your video.

Video Templates: VideoScribe has a library of media stored. It has thousands of video templates grouped in terms of whiteboard Explainer College, scrapbook style, and stick-up themes.

Images: VideoScribe also has 1000+ images in various categories to make your whiteboard videos impressive. Also, it allows you to purchase premium images if needed.

Background Style: VideoScribe has 9 types of backgrounds that you can choose from.

videoscribe background

Charts: Charts are very helpful for educational videos and marketing presentations. VideoScribe has several charts including bar charts, pie charts, and line charts that you can add to your presentation to visually explain and represent your data and statistics.

Front: VideoScribe also provides you with a massive library of texts and font styles you can choose from.

Music: The platform has a library of music to add to your Video’s background.

Various Hand Styles – Important Feature

The hand is a must-have feature for the doodle video.

scribe hand

VideoScribe has several hand styles to draw your whiteboard animated videos. Choosing the best hand style changes the look and the feel of the animation.

You Can use your own Voiceover (support recording + uploading)

The voice-over feature allows you to record your voice directly into the software. However, you can also upload pre-recorded voices and music to use in the software.

Unique Camera Panning Effect

Typically, the element of VideoScribe gets drawn in the center of the screen. The camera pan effect allows the users to reposition and resize the elements on the screen.

Various Video Assets for Educational and Promo Videos

VideoScribe has several templates for educational videos and promo videos.

It has charts and images from kindergarten to 12th grade and higher education. It also has templates for special needs education.

These images and charts help to empower students to create their learning materials in style.

Own Media Uploading Option

Apart from using the available stock assets, VideoScribe allows you to upload and use your media.

VideoScribe allows you to upload various file types including; .png, .jpeg, .mp4, .mov, .mp3, and many others.

Video Exporting Options

VideoScribe allows you to export videos of various qualities. You can export your videos in 1080p full HD quality. HD videos are suitable for social media and YouTube posts.

Here is the VideoScribe Inside Look…

videoscribe introduction
VideoScribe Introduction
VideoScribe in Action
VideoScribe in Action
Scribe Voiceover
Scribe Voiceover
Scribe Music
Scribe Music
Scribe Images
Scribe Images

Is VideoScribe Suitable for You?

In one word, Yes, VideoScribe will be suitable for you if you looking for reliable, easy, and affordable whiteboard video software. Because…

  • VideoScribe is easy to use
  • It has tutorials to walk you through the tricks of animation making.
  • VideoScribe is rich in features.
  • The platform has a pocket-friendly pricing plan.
  • Plus, it has been used by top global organizations like BBC, Bosch, etc.

Therefore, don’t wait to have this fantastic tool. VideoScribe is good for you.

Or keep reading to know, why I am saying so.

VideoScribe is perfect for all Industries

Everyone can make a whiteboard animation on VideoScribe. Using the numerous templates, you can modify them to create videos for any niche.

I recommend VideoScribe for marketers, tutors, learners, and anyone who wants to create impressive explainer videos without struggles.

Now let’s explore the types of videos you can create on VideoScribe.

Types of Videos You Can Make on VideoScribe

VideoScribe will help you create several types of videos within the same platform.

Marketing Videos: Marketing videos are made more impressive and persuasive to attract audience attention and it is used for marketing and selling products.

Education Videos: These are videos that are used by tutors to educate. The videos include graphs and charts with in-depth explanations to explain concepts.

VideoScribe also helps you create explainer videos, whiteboard animations, promo videos, and many others.

Tips to Save or Make Money Online with VideoScribe

As a business owner, all you think of is to save more money or reduce expenses.

Well, VideoScribe lets you create an unlimited number of videos with a single subscription.

With as low as $35 per month, you can create an unlimited number of advertisement videos for your business product.

As a Freelancer, you can create fantastic explainer and whiteboard videos using VideoScribe to sell online to your clients and make money.

Next, in this VideoScribe review, I have highlighted the things I like and some that I don’t like about VideoScribe.

VideoScribe Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of using VideoScribe

Why I like Video Scribe (VideoScribe Pros)

VideoScribe allows you to create whiteboard videos that are engaging to attract audience attention. The following are the top benefits of choosing VideoScribe.

Intuitive user interface and easy to use

VideoScribe is extremely easy to use. It has a newbie-friendly user interface with simple drag and drop tools to create animation videos. Offer tips, tricks, and tutorials to make better videos.

Offer 7 day FREE Trial and has cost-effective plans

VideoScribe gives you a whole week to try the software before purchase.
The pricing plans of VideoScribe are pocket-friendly. From $35, you can get a monthly subscription to this platform.

As a newbie, you don’t have to worry about tutorials. VideoScribe gives you tutorials and guides to make better whiteboard videos.

Allow unlimited video creation

VideoScribe allows you to create an unlimited number of whiteboard videos. You can create videos of any length using VideoScribe. No limitations at all.

VideoScribe works smoothly in the regular system

VideoScribe works perfectly on any regular system. Once you download and install the software together with its license, it will work smoothly.

However, it would be best to have a high-performing machine to speed up your video creation tasks, such as rendering and previews.

Free product upgrades

You don’t need extra charges to get the product upgrade. VideoScribe provides all upgrades for free.

Premium customer support

VideoScribe provides premium customer support to all its users. The platform uses email, live support, tickets, and phone to respond to customer queries.

You can also join the community on social media or visit the support hub for technical support.

VideoScribe Cons: What Can Be Improved?

  • Weak audio control
  • It doesn’t export 4k video quality
  • No fine-tuning for custom images

Despite having a few weaknesses, VideoScribe is an excellent tool for people looking to market products using video content.

Summary of VideoScribe User Reviews from the Web

I quickly went ahead and checked out the VideoScribe other user reviews on G2, Capterra, and Trustpilot.

Here is the Summary… On G2 and Capterra, VideoScribe has rated 4.0 stars, and on Trustpilot, the software is rated 2.5 stars of the four reviews.

This implies that the average VideoScribe user is satisfied with the whiteboard video maker.

Why Should You Sign Up to VideoScribe Now?

Perhaps you are still wondering whether to try VideoScribe or not. Here is why you should sign up now.

  • 7 days free trial. Sign up now and enjoy complimentary use of VideoScribe.
  • You don’t need skills to create videos on VideoScribe. It is easy.
  • VideoScribe provides you with tutorials to create professional-looking videos.
  • Premium customer support.

You can join the Facebook community to see what kind of videos others have made using VideoScribe.

Sign Up now to make your first video and share it with the VideoScribe Facebook community.

VideoScribe FAQs: All Your Questions Answered

In this section of the VideoScribe software review, I am going to share the answers to the most frequently asked questions about VideoScribe. If additional concerns arise, contact me on WhatsApp.

Is VideoScribe safe to use?

Yes, it is 100% safe to use and a legit software created by Sparkol. It is a downloadable whiteboard animation tool for Mac and Windows PCs.

How Do I Get VideoScribe Support?

VideoScribe offers support through the help and support page. You can raise a support ticket for your queries. VideoScribe also offers support by phone at +44 (0)117 332 0999. Customers who use paid version get the live chat features for support.

Is there any VideoScribe Mobile App?

You cannot use VideoScribe on mobile phones currently. There is not a mobile application for VideoScribe.

What is the Cancellation & Refund Policy?

VideoScribe allows you to terminate your subscription any time you want. You can cancel the subscription after payment or three days before the next scheduled payment.

Once you cancel your subscription, you will still enjoy VideoScribe up to the subscription validity. There is no refund if you cancel your subscription.

Do I need any other software if I sign up for VideoScribe?

VideoScribe is not a video editing software. Therefore, the question depends on you.

You can decide whether to use another video editing software or not.

What makes VideoScribe different from the Competitors?

VideoScribe is very easy to use. With the simple user interface, you can quickly identify objects and organize them to create your animation videos.

The vast library of stock media, including the sound and images, makes VideoScribe very efficient to use.

VideoScribe can turn a complex and dull concept into an appealing and straightforward explanation, but other software can’t do the same.

Is VideoScribe free to use or paid?

VideoScribe software is paid tool but VideoScribe offers a 7-day free trial.

What is VideoScribe used for?

VideoScribe is used for making promotional whiteboard videos, Facebook Ads videos, doodle sales videos, Youtube Videos, and so on. To know more, I highly recommend reading VideoScribe Review Reddit.

If you are looking to create a professional-looking explainer video for marketing or training, I truly recommend VideoScribe.

Let’s now see the best VideoScribe similar software and competitors in 2024.

VideoScribe Alternatives Software in 2024

In this section, I will share with you the best VideoScribe alternatives and competitors

Let’s go…

CreateStudio 3

CreateStudio 3 is a good alternative to VideoScribe. It is the most improved animation maker. CreateStudio provides several video templates and stock media to help you create your animation videos.

This VideoScribe alternative software has fantastic 3D characters and is easy to use. The user interface of CreateStudio 3 is also newbie-friendly.

Read the detailed CreateStudio 3 review.


Just like its name suggests, Animaker is used to create animation videos. It is the leading online animation creation platform in the world today.

Animaker uses HTML5, which is very fast to create professional marketing videos. There is a free version of Animaker that you can use for as long as you want. It is a free online video maker.

Animaker is perfect for any niche. It is the most extensive library of animations in the world today. Animaker is the best VideoScribe free alternative.

Read the detailed Animaker review.


DoodleMaker is the world’s first doodle video maker that uses intuitive artificial intelligence.
The platform is simple and easy to use as it allows anyone, regardless of technical skills and age, to create professional-looking doodle videos.

DoodleMaker has a massive library of languages. The platform has over 60+ languages you can choose from. The platform uses a drag and drops technique to create informative doodle videos.

Read the detailed DoodleMaker review.

My Final Thoughts: VideoScribe Review

I personally like VideoScribe and now I am recommending it to you because it has some cool features and assets that you won’t get on any other doodle software.

VideoScribe is a tool that is built for marketing professionals. This whiteboard video maker gives you features to create attractive and eye-catching marketing videos.

The user interface is simple and easy to use; anyone wanting to create videos can use it.
The numerous hand styles make this platform unique from its similar software.

From my experience using this platform, I would recommend VideoScribe over its competitors.

Click Here to claim VideoScribe’s 7-day free trial now, and you will want to work with it forever.

I hope you found my VideoScribe review helpful. In case, still you have queries about VideoScribe. Please feel free to comment below or contact me on Messenger or WhatsApp.

I will be happy to help you.

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