17 YouTube Niches, Country with High CPM Rates by Category

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Are you about to open your own YouTube channel? Or maybe you already have a YouTube channel but are not getting the performance as expected. Whatever the scenario is, we all know how beneficial it is to choose profitable and trending YouTube niches with high CPM rates for creating videos on YouTube.

YouTube receives over 2.6 billion active viewers every month. So, it is easy to understand that when you make a strategic move, you can gather an enormous number of viewers for your videos. Now first understand what is CPM and RPM…

✅ CPM (Cost Per Mile) is the cost an advertiser pays for 1,000 impressions or video views.

✅ Content creator gets 55% of the money from YouTube ad revenue which is known as RPM or Revenue Per Mile.

Please Note: Mile is the Latin word that means thousand (1,000).

So, the very first step after becoming a part of the YouTube family is choosing the correct high-demand trending niche. But if you don’t have time and want to get straight to the point, here is a table with the top 10 niches and their CPM rates in 2024.

YouTube NichesYouTube CPM Rates 2024*
Make Money Online$13.52
Digital Marketing$12.52
Investments and finance$12
Educational content$9.89
Fashion on hauls$3.13
Video Games$1.40

YouTube CPM By Category, YouTube RPM By Category in 2024

Highest CPM or RPM Category RPM or CPM Rates By Category
TechnologyThe technology category video can earn up to $5.5 per 1,000 views (RPM) or $10 CPM.
FinanceThe finance category video can earn up to $6.6 per 1,000 views (RPM) or $12 CPM.
GamingThe gaming category video can earn up to $0.77 per 1,000 views (RPM) or $1.40 CPM.
BusinessThe business category video can earn up to $4.4 per 1,000 views (RPM) or $8 CPM.
EntertainmentThe entertainment category video can earn up to $1.72 per 1,000 views (RPM) or $3.13 CPM.
TravelThe travel category video can earn up to $3.85 per 1,000 views (RPM) or $7 CPM.
LifestyleThe lifestyle category video can earn up to $1.91 per 1,000 views (RPM) or $3.47 CPM.
EducationThe Education category video can earn up to $5.44 per 1,000 views (RPM) or $9.89 CPM.
Disclaimer: The CPM and RPM rates may vary from time to time because of the origin country of your viewers as well as your chosen niche.

Please read the YouTube video categories guide if you just starting a YouTube channel.

YouTube CPM Rates By Country in 2024

Countries with the Highest CPMYouTube CPM Rates 2024*
United Kingdom$16+
United State$26+

Disclaimer: * YouTube CPM rates may vary from time to time because of the origin country of your viewers as well as your chosen niche.

high cpm youtube niches

So, now that you have gathered some knowledge about the top 10 high CPM YouTube niches, it will probably become easy for you to choose the correct high-demand trending niche.

There is no denying that YouTube has become one of those platforms for everyone who wants to choose their passion and earn. However, it is not easy for everyone.

Even when these are the average CPM rates, you must know that the monetization strategy of YouTube will mostly depend on content quality and engagement of the audience.

Hence, YouTube pays different to different creators for millions of views.

Before we find out some of the high CPM YouTube niches to provide the ultimate profit, we will take a little bit more comprehensive look into CPM and what it means.

What is YouTube CPM?

CPM refers to Cost Per Mile.

In simple words, CPM refers to the cost that advertisers are required to pay to the YouTube creators for every 1000 views or impressions the ad will receive on the YouTube channel.

It is interchangeably also known as CPT or Cost Per Thousand views.

In a report, it was made clear that YouTube pays around 50% of the ad money to content creators. However, it requires the creators to abide by the rules and regulations and follow the parameters.

The content creators require paying attention to CPM as it strongly shows the topics that are mostly chosen by advertisers and the topics that are most valuable to them. So when the creators choose topics accordingly and create content, they get higher chances to get ads from the relevant advertisers.

When you research YouTube CPM, it can help you in several ways.

  • You will be able to understand the niche that has maximum potential.
  • You can start making new partnerships with brands for affiliate marketing.
  • You can easily find the most profitable topics that have been currently trending in the market.

When it is YouTube, ads are the best friend of the creators. So when you choose the YouTube niche correctly, you get more ads, which means you get more money.

As per HootSuite analysis, YouTube has the potential to reach a huge 2.56 billion users. This is 51% of the online population and 32% of the total population.

And now you know why advertisers look for online creators with more views!

top earning youtuber world map
Infographic by CashNetUSA – Click here to see the image in full-size

Factors that make a Niche get high CPM Rates

Looking at the different CPMs for different YouTube niches, you might be thinking, what are the significant factors that determine the CPM of a niche? So, you can find your answer in this section.

Industries that involve a lot of money

The very basic reason is when you choose a highly profitable market with huge businesses and a lot of advertisers, it increases the CPM. In a profitable market, you can get huge businesses that can afford large sums of money on the ads.

These are some of the niches that earn money by advertising. As markets are gigantic, it has multiple small to big businesses that are emerging or are already a leader in the market.

Some of these niches are…

  • Health: The healthcare industry has a market share of USD 178.5 billion which is projected to reach USD 483.4 billion by 2030. 
  • Finance: The finance industry has a total market share of a huge $25848.74 billion.
  • Makeup: The makeup industry is estimated to reach $463.5 billion by 2027.
  • Relationship: The market share of the dating industry was USD 7.55 billion in 2021, with a growth rate of 12.65%.
  • Technology: The estimated market of the global tech industry is $8179.48 billion in 2022 and can be estimated to reach $8852.41 billion in 2024.

So now you know how big these industries are and why the advertisers can pay more to the creators. These are some of the Golden niches that have some crazily high CPM rates.


When it comes to deciding the CPM of any niche, location is one of the primary factors. YouTube has different charges for advertisers in high-ranking countries.

So people who are getting viewers from those countries or advertisers who want to advertise in those high-ranking countries have a higher value to pay to YouTube.

Here are those if you want to know the top 10 countries and their CPM in USD.

  • Australia has a CPM of $36.21
  • United States offers $32.75
  • Canada provides $29.15
  • New Zealand provides $28.15
  • Switzerland has $23.13
  • The United Kingdom provides $21.59
  • Norway has $20.17
  • Germany offers $18.79
  • Ireland has $18.20
  • The Netherlands provides $17.77

These are only the names of the top 10 highest-paying countries and their CPM. However, there are several other countries as well that offer good CPM to the creators.

Video’s watch time

The next valuable thing that decides the CPM is the watch time of the ad. There are many ads that allow the viewers to skip the ad and directly move to the video. If the viewers skip the ads, they will not be counted by the advertisers, and hence the creators won’t be paid.

youtube video watch time

So, it is a complex scenario. Only when the viewers are watching the full ad and not skipping will the advertisers consider it and pay for it.

How many viewers are getting the advertisements?

Remember that not all the viewers who come to the channel or watch the video will get the ad.

In case there is no ad attached to the particular individual who is watching the video, there are chances that the creators will not get any payment for it. Advertisers only choose particular video types to which they want to attach their ads.

Understanding the average YouTube CPM country-wise

By now, I am pretty sure that you have got an idea that the advertiser pays the creators for 1000 views which dramatically varies from one country to another. It is specifically decided by the location of the viewers.

If you ask me, I can say that there is no specific amount mentioned by Google regarding the average CPM of a country.

However, from my experience and the gathered information from other creators, I have understood that the countries that were offering more CPM are able to provide more money as the advertisers are paying them more to reach the viewers.

The prime reason why advertisers pay more is that the competition is higher in that specific genre. But you again might think, why is it so? The reason is because of the GDP.

This is the reason why the Algerian audience will find it impossible to earn money like the US, and the reason is because of the higher GDP between the countries.

I have already provided a table of the top 10 high CPM countries. However, you must know that the numbers that I have mentioned keep changing.

Calculating your YouTube CPM

If you want to understand how much you can gain from the advertisement, you require knowledge about calculating YouTube CPM.

The calculation is simple. It is…

Cost of the advertisement

————————————- x 1000

Number of impressions

However, you can be sure that it would not provide the accurate figure that you can expect from videos. But you can get an average understanding of how much you can make from your YouTube video according to your views.

Remember to pay attention to the tiny factors from choosing engaging intro lines to optimizing your videos for SEO. Find some attractive intro lines for your YouTube videos here to keep your viewers engaged.

17 Most Profitable & Trending YouTube Niches with High CPM Rates

With some basic knowledge about CPM and how to calculate the amount, hopefully, you have some knowledge about how it works. So now, let us begin with the most popular and profitable YouTube niches with higher CPM.

1. Affiliate Marketing

It has been quite a while now that affiliate marketing has been making a buzz. It is around three decades old. It has not been overly explored, even when it is one of the top CPM niches. However, there are already some of the big names who have reaped a lot from it.

Surprisingly, most tech-based advertisers find these videos extremely effective. You have to make sure that you create engaging content for the huge traffic in order to make a fortune out of it.

The Affiliate Marketing CPM is $25.

2. Content Creation

As work from home is on the rise after the Covid situation, more people are looking forward to creating their online businesses. Whether it is a podcast, blog, or YouTube channel, there is a huge demand for content creation that educates people about these.

These are mostly the how-to videos that give answers to the most popular questions of the viewers. If you have expertise in any of the content creation genres, you can start creating your own YouTube channel and start getting more views.

The content creation CPM is $5 – $13.

3. Make Money Online

I am sure that everyone wants to make money online. Into this time when YouTube provides you with the opportunity to do so, you can definitely start creating your own channel and make money.

make money online youtube channel

Therefore, YouTube is one of the most commonly chosen platforms when people search for tips on how to make money online.

It is one of the high-traffic niches which companies use as a gold mine. So if you have knowledge in any specific genre, you can use it to provide information about how people can make money. Share it on YouTube and start getting more viewers and subscribers.

The make money online CPM is $13.52 – $22.

4. Trading or Investments

People who are already earning money are looking forward to managing their spending and savings. Even when there are many financial institutions to provide consultation, hardly people feel the need to go to the professionals.

So why don’t you use this as an opportunity and start sharing your knowledge about investment and trading online?

As I have already mentioned, the vast market share of the finance industry, I am sure that you know the tremendous opportunity to earn from this sector. It can also be an ideal choice for promoting financial services and products.

The trading or investments CPM is $12.52 – $50.

5. Digital Marketing

Next, we are talking about digital marketing, which again has a huge income potential for people. As there has been a continuous change in the search engine, along with social media channels, digital marketing strategy is something that people look forward to.

So if you have knowledge in this genre and you can talk about the most trending or upcoming trends in digital marketing, you have the potential to get a large number of views.

The digital marketing CPM is $12.52.

6. Fashion

Women have always followed Cosmopolitan and Vogue magazines that have always been trending and have shaped the population. Fashion is something that women would love to see.

Not only women but also these days men are looking forward to staying trendy as well. So now you can find more creators not only on YouTube but also on Instagram.

You can create videos with amazing content by trying the Amazon haul or other haul provided by top online sellers. You can get thousands of views if your content has a unique touch to it. The trial on Haul is one of the most highly-rated fashion videos on YouTube currently.

The fashion CPM is $3.13.

7. Lifestyle

No wonder YouTube is one of the biggest platforms for bloggers. Especially for people who are looking forward to making money from their content, YouTube is a desirable destination.

Blogging and lifestyle niche is also one of the most popular ones on YouTube, where people showcase their lifestyle and inspire others to get tips on living a better life. It also includes specific tasks like cleaning, storage, and others.

This lifestyle channel is mostly created with very general topics like fashion, tutorials, cooking, and daily lifestyle. It can be mostly a beneficial choice for travelers. The DIY enthusiast can also choose to create lifestyle blogs and inspire by providing knowledge on essential techniques.

The lifestyle CPM is $3.47.

8. Video Games

Whether it is an online company or YouTube, video games are one of the biggest online markets. It is The biggest niche on YouTube.

techno gamerz youtube channel

Whether it is about simple gameplay or advanced walk-through or review, creating channels on video games or their concepts by giving engaging commentary shows how passionate you are about others with similar interests.

If you know the game, you can show the gameplay by providing good commentary so that people with similar interests get more knowledge about the gameplay. As there is a large population that loves video games, it has a huge opportunity to grow.

The video game CPM is $1.40.

9. Fitness

The modern world is extremely conscious about their health and fitness. As it is one of the most trending topics over the years, you can leverage the potential to create a YouTube channel.

If you have an understanding of the various ways to stay healthy and fit, you can start a YouTube channel and share your ideas and thoughts.

If you are a fitness enthusiast and have a strict routine to follow, you can share some tips and tricks with others who are looking forward to having a similar journey.

Apart from that, you can also provide diet routines that you follow or other simple hacks about the food they can have in their busy life schedule.

The fitness CPM is $1.60. However, it can spike up to $5 according to the content you create.

10. Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a very new topic that has not been in the market for a long time. However, people are looking forward to getting more knowledge about it. Since Blockchain technology is a bit complicated, it can help to make a fortune if you have the knowledge and show the success of Bitcoin.

This particular niche on YouTube pays hundreds and thousands of dollars to content creators. Generally, it is a niche that will help you a lot by monetizing in different ways, like adding affiliate links to the video description.

You can also choose to answer the questions on specific topics and provide the right solution to the curious audience. If you are able to crack it, you will find several companies reaching you to trade advertising for the products.

The cryptocurrency CPM is $60.

11. Home Improvement

There are different types of viewers from diverse interests, and you have to choose according to your efficiency. Home improvement is another very effective niche you can select, as people are constantly looking for ideas.

mandaue foam home tv youtube channel

Millions of homeowners check YouTube on a daily basis to get easy tips and tricks to renovate and maintain their homes.

You can share your home improvement tips if you have a YouTube channel. Make sure you create subcategories and focus on specific sections like bathrooms, kitchens, plumbing, roofing, garage, and several other areas separately.

Show how easily and affordably homeowners can renovate their interiors without spending much. It is a vast and profitable Niche because of the big market size.

The home improvement CPM is $7 to $36.

12. Travel

Humans are born wanderers, and they naturally love adventures. If you have a job that requires travel through the world, you can choose to create a YouTube channel, especially with travel vlogs.

You can create different videos on YouTube channels and share your experiences. Make sure that you show everything and tips and tricks on how to enjoy an affordable tour.

Since most people are looking forward to traveling and essential information about the pricing, along with the best places to travel, if you are able to show everything in your video, more people who want to keep traveling and go for adventure will choose you to get information. It is a very profitable niche and has attractive CPM rates.

The travel CPM is $7.

13. Technology

The world is technology. In recent times, we are always using technology at some point in our lives. One of the biggest sectors that have been positively influenced by technology is the automotive sector.

So if you are a man who works with automated technology, you can also start sharing your knowledge on YouTube. It is one of the most under-explored areas with a huge number of fans worldwide.

As it is a huge market, if you can show how automotive technology has been changing the automotive world, it can help you get the car enthusiast from the world. It is a lucrative niche that can quickly help you monitor it through affiliate marketing.

Besides, if you’re able to hit the market, advertisers from different automotive brands might feel you are reliable for their brand advertisement.

The technology CPM is $7 to $10.

14. Makeup

As women across the world are obsessed with makeup, it is becoming one of the top-searched topics on YouTube. There are many YouTubers who are earning millions by creating makeup tutorials. If you have a basic knowledge of makeup, you can share different tips and tricks on YouTube to dazzle women.

shy styles youtube channel

Don’t forget to show the products as it becomes a way to get advertisers. If your channel gets bigger, more advertisers will contact you to use your product and market it in the form of makeup.

It is a great and profitable genre with immense popularity. Earnings will depend on the advertisers contacting You and your channel’s popularity.

The makeup CPM is $0.50 to $3.

15. Relationships

Problems with relationships have been through ages. However, hardly anyone wants to talk about it. So when you create any YouTube channel with a minimum experience or a certified expert, it helps you to gain credibility.

You can share some vital relationship advice to help viewers take their relationships to the next level.

The more you talk about how to combat problems and enjoy the relationship in the coming years, the more information can really attract viewers. Remember that people across the world share different relationships with different people. So it is an excellent topic and can impress high-valued companies.

The relationship CPM is $2.7 to $8.

16. Education

The next known category with a massive number of viewers is education content. As more parents want to give education to their kids, this educational content can be highly beneficial.

It is mostly in demand as it helps kids to get basic knowledge. Since kids quickly get knowledge through audiovisual approaches, these educational contents would be beneficial.

If you ever check online, you can find millions of views on this educational content. However, it requires a huge knowledge of animation. If you can, you definitely will find yourself in a profitable condition.

The education CPM is $9.89.

17. Cooking

Women who are into home management and love cooking would like to try different cuisines at home. However, not everyone is aware of the preparations and all the ingredients they require.

So this is when they would like to choose an online medium from where they can find Knowledge. This is why cooking channels can be beneficial if you have knowledge.

During the pandemic, cooking channels especially got an incredible boost. Since people were living in their homes with their loved ones, cooking was everything they used to do apart from working.

So if you have knowledge about different cuisines and how to prepare them, make sure that you share it online to raise the number of cooking enthusiasts.

The cooking CPM is $2.50.

Which niche is currently having the highest CPM on YouTube?

While these are some of the top names of YouTube niches that have high CPM volume, if you particularly want one name that is having an incredible rise in 2024, then the answer is affiliate marketing. The average CPM in this niche is $17 for 1000 views.

You might be thinking that several other niches provide even higher value, but the problem is nothing stands in front of the immense demand for affiliate marketing.

The reality is this particular niche is ten times higher than other niches. It can be highly lucrative due to the several online courses and tech start-ups that have started competing with each other.

If you can crack it, you might find the tech companies reaching out so that they can attract valuable customers.


How to check your YouTube CPM?

First, go to your YouTube Studio dashboard If you want to see your YouTube CPM. Then click Analytics > Revenue to view your estimated playback-based cost advertisers pay for every 1K views (CPM).

how much advertisers pay for every 1K views CPM

What is the reason for changing CPM?

The ad revenue on YouTube is associated with a range of factors. Some nations would get seasonal changes over the years, meaning advertisers will buy fewer ads when views are less, which will impact the CPM.

How is RPM different from CPM?

If you’re not able to understand the real difference, let’s find some basic things. CPM is the cost for 1000 impressions on the ad, whereas RPM is the total revenue on 1000 views.

RPM is based on the creator metric, while CPM is focused on advertisers.

What is RPM?

I am sure you have definitely heard RPM besides CPM. So what is it? RPM, or Revenue Per Mile, is a parameter representing the money you have earned on every thousand views.

This is based on a range of revenue sources which includes the premium revenue model of YouTube, membership, super stickers, super chat, and ad revenues.

What can be the possible reason for my RPM being lower than CPM?

RPM is a metric that shows the rate at which you can earn money on this platform. When it is going up, it means that you will make more money on 1000 views, but if it is going down, you’re earning less. The RPM is one of the valuable metrics that show if your strategy is working or not. It can improve the monetization strategy and help you to find better opportunities.

How to improve RPM?

If you want to improve RPM, you must enhance the total revenue. Following are the steps that you can follow to improve the RPM.

  • Turn on all the ad formats
  • Switch on monetization on all the videos.
  • Make sure to turn on ads in the eligible positions.
  • Turn on the AltMon feature (for example, memberships, Super Chat) which improves the revenue streams.

How to earn more money from affiliate marketing?

As discussed, affiliate marketing has a very high CPM. However, if you’re willing to increase your pay, you can choose to create unbiased reviews. It would be great if you already have a blogging website and embed the YouTube video link, as it will bring you even more relevant and eligible viewers.


And that is all about the top few high CPM YouTube niches available to start with. If you have already created a channel and are unable to decide, I will always recommend that you understand your competency and then choose.

If you can provide first-hand knowledge to your viewers, you will find them coming for you every time to get accurate information.

However, initially, it is suggested to keep the entire focus on content creation rather than thinking about monetization.

You might not find any money in the first few months, but if you are consistently hard-working and provide real-time knowledge, you will find it getting a significantly fair amount of views. This will increase the chances of getting advertisers, thereby increasing your pay.

Let me know which niche you have chosen and your experience.

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