Editorial Methodology

The internet has huge information to confuse all of us. I wrote this editorial methodology to let you know why you should consider this website as a trusted source of information.

Being someone who has been into this genre for quite a long time and using different sorts of software applications, I decided to start my review website. We are now a team of many professionals who help me review the products in a very particular and strategic manner before providing software reviews.

I understand the need for finding a reliable review as it is associated with the decision-making process. And so here we are very excited to tell you that the essence of the editorial process is ample analysis. Our path is committed to quality, integrity, and objectivity.

The journey started with an extreme passion for technology. As I have been very into using different software solutions, I try to evaluate everything. Our team offers insightful, qualitative, and quantitative assessments.

We understand that software is not just any tool, but it is something that can decide the success of any business. Therefore, irrespective of the type of software, we try to analyze every single aspect of it.

We also have a scoring system, but we most commonly score according to different aspects like customer service, user experience, and certain other parameters. This is done to provide comprehensive knowledge regarding our view on the different aspects of the tool.

We want to introduce ourselves as professionals with a creative spirit who want to have a comprehensive understanding of software solutions.

You can remain assured that we do not just take a look into the Software from the surface, but we use it before we start the review process. We make use of tools in our personal and professional projects to understand the pros and cons.

We want to give you a detailed insight and a great experience through our genuine understanding. It is not just about relieving products, but we experience these in real life before crafting our thoughts. The only endeavor is to help you choose the right digital product that can serve your business best.

How Do We Select Products?

Our selection procedure generally entails strategy and a meticulous approach that has been designed to provide detailed insight and relevant information. We want to stay relevant and help the audience according to the requirements. Our criteria include the following elements.

Popularity of a product: we understand the need for in-depth market analysis. As we dive deeper into the evolving world of software, we try to find out the most popular software products. We use popular products as they are great indicators of user satisfaction, market acceptance, and effectiveness. Once done, we then create our reviews for the audiences.

Customer support offered by the company: we understand that customer support is one of the most important aspects that decides the quality of a product. Therefore, while deciding on the product, we want to review and thoroughly analyze the customer service support provided by the software providers.

Price: There is no denying the fact that price is one of the most important aspects that plays a huge role among professionals. Therefore, we properly scrutinize the payment structure for different products. We consider if the product is valuable for the money you’re paying and whether it is affordable compared to its competitor. This gives us an idea to provide knowledge about whether the software solution will fit your budget and what is most suitable for

Availability of tutorials: We understand that not everyone will be a tech-savvy person, and proper learning is required before they start making good use of the product. So, we find out in detail about the product. We are choosing whether it has proper tutorials, learning resources, and guides. This helps us to choose a product and also provides detailed benefits.

Software updates: Any product that has been able to make a mark in society requires comprehensive updates. Software that you buy and is not being updated is not relevant today. So when we select software, we find out whether it is worth reviewing or not. A software that does not get regular updates. It’s something that will not be able to remain relevant in today’s competitive market.

We consider factors like popularity, customer support, price, frequency of software, updates, and tutorials available to make sure that the product we are selecting to review will be the most popular and relevant in the category, along with meeting the needs and requirements of users. Our primary goal is to offer reliable information to help you make the right decision.

Our Testing Process

At SudeshRoul, the product testing procedure is a meticulous and comprehensive process. We follow a certain strategy to make sure that each review we create is not only informational but also can help you make an informed decision. This is how we test our products.

Comprehensive in-house testing: The most significant approach in the entire testing process is the hands-on testing approach made by the team. We evaluate the features, functionality, performance, usability, user experience, and interface of each product before we write about it.

Extensive research work: To make sure that the hands-on testing we are doing is right, we also make proper research work. The official documentation provided by the company is something that we mostly feel is valuable in this research work.

Make use of free trials and demos: As most software solutions these days provide free trials, we make good use of them. To understand if users can properly understand the software from the free trials and demos, we use them to analyze. This helps us to give powerful insight regarding the limitations, set-up process, and user-friendly attributes.

Community feedback and forums: We also choose community platforms and forums as they provide comprehensive information regarding real-world experience. We take a look into each feedback, use a discussion, and the reviews provided by the customers. We also make sure to check how the company reacts to the reviews.

Competitor analysis: We never forget or undermine the competition. We make sure to check similar products and provide you with pricing advantages, unique features, and the areas that will be beneficial when you choose a certain product.

Our hands-on testing is something that provides invaluable information. We want to understand from the users’ perspective, which is why our in-house testing is a mandatory thing in our review procedure.

Our Scoring Process

Our scoring process is slightly different from others as we provide details for each section. If you take a look at our website, you will be able to find that apart from providing an overall score from 1 to 5 stars, we also prioritize some of the major attributes like customer support, value for money, features, effectiveness, and ease of use in our scoring process.

We try to score them in the meters of 1 to 5, where 5 means excellent, 4 is also a very good score, 3 is fair 2, and something lesser than 2 is something that we don’t consider to be the right choice.

Why Are Our Product Reviews Trustworthy?

At SudeshRoul.com, we are committed to offering in-depth information and impartial reviews. Here are the reasons why you can trust us.

We provide unbiased reviews: The most important thing to get or earn the trustworthiness of our readers is to stay committed to providing unbiased reviews.

We have a very strict editorial process where we evaluate every step, and we are not influenced by any incentives or external pressure. Our reviews include genuine user experience and data to provide honest Knowledge of the pros and cons.

We create comprehensive information about costs and payments: We comprehend that everyone has a strict budget, and hence, our product reviews include details and transparent information regarding the different payment information.

It includes payment options, payment structure, and if there is any hidden cost. We try to cover as much as possible so that our readers can make informed decisions from a financial perspective and do not end up spending unnecessarily in the future.

We use the products and offer screenshots: To make sure that our readers can genuinely understand what we are talking about or help them get comprehensive knowledge about the features and functionalities, we provide in-hand experience.

These are then added with screenshots to add to the authenticity of the reviews and help users understand the way they should take action. We try to be elaborate in every face to ensure its usability.

We talk to the customer support team to understand: There are many times when we have gone beyond hands-on reviews. To understand more about the product, we have interacted with the support team. This has not only provided us with in-depth information about the software solution but also helped us understand the responsiveness, quality, and knowledge of the support team.

All the reviews are done by the team, who are technologically savvy and have used the software in real time. There might be some affiliate links that we use to help us get compensation for our hard work.

If you decide to purchase a plan, you can choose our affiliate link. We will consider it as a reward from your side to us for helping you analyze and provide knowledge of the software solution.

Thank you for trusting us, and we will continuously strive to be better and keep providing the knowledge in the future.