PhotoVibrance Review: Is the $39 Deal Worth the Money?

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PhotoVibrance is desktop software used for creating easy-moving motion images and advanced 3D parallax animation. It was created by Vidello – a video hosting platform, who also made CreateStudio video animation software & Twinkle – an audio suite.

I have been using PhotoVibrance for over 1 year and I know its ins and outs. In this PhotoVibrance review, I will cover the features, benefits, ratings, pros, cons, and pricing of this photo animation software. Lastly, I will answer all FAQs about PhotoVibrance.

Like all entrepreneurs, you might want to grab people’s attention as well as engagement on social media. To do so, you need photo animation software like PhotoVibrance to create attention-grabbing animation or short scroll stopper videos.

PhotoVibrance makes it easy for anyone to transform any image into an animated picture that gets attention on social media to draw more traffic, signups, and sales. Start telling stories in motion to grab your customers’ attention on Facebook, and Instagram.

Overview of PhotoVibrance Review 2024


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PhotoVibrance is a legitimate and budget photo animation software for marketers, photographers, and beyond. Enhance your creativity with the powerful PhotoVibrance image animation tool and make moving motion pictures or 3D parallax animation to get attention on social media.
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PhotoVibrance Review Summary

Photo Vibrance is an easy-to-use desktop photo animation software ever made. It has incredible features like magic motion and advanced 3D parallax that enable anyone to create animated images from any still photo easily.

You should have this software if you are a photographer or designer to enhance your still photo. As a social media marketer, you can improve your social media campaign results by using eye-catching animated photos.

Photo Vibrance is legit software and they are offering 30 days money-back guarantee. You’ve got nothing to lose with PhotoVibrance. Your investment is 100% risk-free.

PS: End of this review, You will find my WhatsApp and Messenger links. You can consult with me for FREE if you need personal help or want to ask me any questions.

photovibrance review

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Why Trust Me?

Hey, I’m Sudesh! I am passionate about taking a deep look at the different designing software and then understanding the scope behind the same. I have successfully reviewed and used more than hundreds of software to understand what the best in the business is.

So, my passion brought me to PhotoVibrance, and now after using it, I feel it deserves a shot if you are a marketer, photographer, blogger, video creator, freelancer, and designer.

photovibrance login information
photovibrance kickstart upgrade

This is a not sponsored PhotoVibrance review and I will be honest with my opinion. Let’s now start our journey of exploring the world of PhotoVibrance exquisitely.

Before moving ahead with the PhotoVibrance review, first, let’s know what this software is.

What is PhotoVibrance?

PhotoVibrance is a photo animation software developed by Vidello who also created CreateStudio, which adds motion to your still pictures in an easy way. It helps you add life to your images and make them look quite engaging and interesting.

All you need to do is draw arrows where you want to adjust the motion in your photo and automatically bring the animation effect to photos.

You will always be able to adjust the speed of the animation and exclude the area that you do not want to animate.

Also, you can add text, images, visual effects, and 3D particles like butterflies, hearts, and more to your pictures.

It’s like your secret weapon if you’re a marketer or designer looking to connect with your audience. And guess what? You don’t need to be a design whiz to use it.

With PhotoVibrance, you can magically turn boring still images into captivating moving ones. It’s got cool stuff like visual parallax effects, 3D particles, overlays, and even sky replacement – pretty good.

The best part? More likes, shares, and comments on your social media posts, plus a boost in your ROI from social media advertising.

So, if your current design software isn’t cutting it or you’re on the hunt for something easy and snazzy for photo animation, it’s high time to use PhotoVibrance. It’s not just budget-friendly; it’s packed with features that’ll make your animation adventures.

Is the $39 Version of PhotoVibrance Worth the Money?

To determine if the $39 version of the PhotoVibrance personal plan is worth the money, consider what you plan to use the software for and how frequently. I bought PhotoVibrance to make photo animations for my social media profiles and I am happy with its result.

So, the value of the $39 PhotoVibrance deal depends on your specific needs and expectations. If you’re looking for an affordable tool to enhance your photos and you find the features offered by PhotoVibrance sufficient for your projects, it could be a good investment.

Additionally, read Trustpilot reviews, check available demos, and compare them to other similar software options to make an informed decision. The $39 version of the PhotoVibrance personal license is worth the money because of its parallax effects, sky replacement, and other features.

Note: PhotoVibrance’s commercial license will cost you $49 which is also worth the money and best for marketers, and photographers.

I recommend reading this guide to find out if PhotoVibrance is right for your needs or not.

Now let’s get started with PhotoVibrance reviews precisely by knowing why you need it the most.

Why Do You Need PhotoVibrance?

Moving images are the trend in social media marketing. That is why businesses and marketers around the world are using moving images for social media marketing in their favor to grab more user attention.

Being a marketer, if you wish to create eye-catching content for social media like short scroll stopper video ads and 3D animation images then you should consider PhotoVibrance.

PhotoVibrance will certainly help you convince and engage your audience with animator pictures.

The best part is that it is very easy to use. Just need to draw arrows to turn BORING photos into MOVING masterpieces quickly and effectively.

PhotoVibrance will bring improvements to your social media marketing campaign.

For your better understanding, I have added the benefits you get with this 3D animation software in the next segment of the PhotoVibrance review, keep reading.

Top Benefits of Choosing PhotoVibrance

Now, as you are clear about the importance the respective software holds, in this section of PhotoVibrance, I bring you a few of the perks of using it, check them out:

Can create eye-catching photo animations quickly

The biggest advantage of using PhotoVibrance software is that you will be able to create animated photos from still photos in a matter of minutes within a few clicks by dragging arrows. You can check my video tutorial added below.

Easy to use and zero technical skills required

As specified above, you will not have to be technically sound to use the receptive software. It is very easy to understand and use for all purposes.

Turn a regular photo into an engaging video

Yes, you can quickly turn regular photos into engaging video ads for you or for your client to make money.

Create unlimited animation & short video content for all social platforms

PhotoVibrance allows you to select social media resolutions like 16:9, 2:3, 1:1, or any custom size with one click to meet your needs.

photovibrance demo

Special 3D parallax animation helps to create scroll stopper video

If you wish to make your social media marketing campaigns successful then you need this parallax animation software to make scroll stopper videos powered by special 3D parallax effects.

Start using PhotoVibrance from TODAY to get people’s attention on social media, boost engagement (likes, shares, comments), and get more traffic from social media.

Photo Vibrance runs smoothly in the regular system

Another major advantage of using this photo animation software is that it works seamlessly in all regular systems. You don’t need any special or custom system to run this software.

Help you to find pictures for your project within the software

You don’t have pictures to make photo animation? Don’t worry, you can browse and import high-resolution pictures from Pixabay and Pexels stock sites without leaving the software. This built-in feature will save you a huge time.

Allow unlimited animation creation and exports

Another reason that makes this software better than all PhotoVibrance alternatives is that it allows unlimited creation of photo animation and exports.

Handy software for social media marketing

One of the primary purposes of using Photo Vibrance software is… it can prove to be a game-changer for your social media campaign.

So, as a digital marketer, you will be able to get more attention and engagement in your campaign.

Friendly customer support

Lastly, with this software, you will benefit from excellent support service. So, whatever your queries or doubts, you can get assistance as and when required.

Here we come to the end of this segment Photo Vibrance review where we can find maximum reasons to choose this over any other PhotoVibrance alternatives. Now let’s assess the key features it has in store for all.

PhotoVibrance Review: Its Key Features

After having a clear concept of the benefits this software brings in the last segment of the Photo Vibrance review, let’s explore the features that bring the benefits mentioned above to reality.

Magic motion

The primary reason why it will be considered the most over Photo Vibrance competitor is, that it allows you to add motion arrows to magic motion on any image in a matter of seconds!

3D parallax effect

Another cool feature that makes this software the best in the business is that you can give the pictures a whole new dimension with a 3D Parallax effect. So, turn your picture into a 3D animated image now!

3D particles

Photo Vibrance software comes with the built-in technology of a 3D camera and 3D particles that help us convert any image into an animated sensation. It is easy and very much result-oriented in terms of catching attention.

photovibrance demo animation

Sky replacements

Another exciting feature, in my opinion, is that you will be able to add particles, and overlays and get the skies replaced without any hassle. You will be able to add cool effects that will certainly make your pictures more engaging.

Stock Images from Pixabay and Pexels

PhotoVibrance will save you huge time as it has the built-in feature of searching and importing stock images from Pixabay and Pexels into the software within a few clicks.

You don’t need to jump from stock image website to website to find pictures for your photo animation project. This is a nice feature, isn’t it?

Amazing visual effects

With the assistance of PhotoVibrance, you will also be entertained with features that help you add amazing visual effects through magic motion, 3D Parallax effects, 3D particles, sky replacements & many more effects!

Easy image resizing option

With Photo Vibrance, you will also benefit from a feature that helps you resize your images without any kind of difficulty. So, you can have it designed just the way you were looking forward to with ease.

Easy saving & publishing

Lastly, once you are done with your work this software will help you save or publish your magic motion or 3D parallax animation work in MP4 and GIF format on your system.

In MP4 format, you can set how many times it should loop and in GIF format, you can set the frames per second and image width before publishing your work.

So, these are the primary features of PhotoVibrance software. Now let’s check out which system you will be able to use these features to the fullest.

System Requirement for PhotoVibrance

After being clear with the features, let’s move our Photo Vibrance review toward its system configuration.

The PhotoVibrance photo animation software is completely compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

You can install Photo Vibrance on macOS 10.10 or later and Windows 7 and later. For best performance, you need to have 4 GB RAM (8GB recommended).

So, get it installed and experience the best out of the above-mentioned attributes.

Is PhotoVibrance suitable for you?

The features like magic motion, 3D parallax effects, 3D particles, sky replacements, and exceptional visual effects make this Photo Vibrance software the best on offer!

Purchasing photo animation software specifically for creating short photo animation videos or GIFs can have a lot of benefits and should be considered if:

A) You’re a social media marketer, blogger, video creator, or other professional using animation videos for branding or sales.

B) You’re a photographer and simply want to have an easy way of creating photo animation on a variety of topics.

C) You want to replace an expensive and complex photo editing software you already use that doesn’t meet your needs.

D) You don’t want the expense of a professional animator or prefer to do things yourself.

So if you are in the above situation and sounds good to you, grab your copy now while the PhotoVibrance price is low!

Now let’s understand why it is the best option for you to consider over other software.

Why PhotoVibrance is Different from its Competitors?

Now let’s understand what makes it the best when compared to other photo animation software.

  • The first and most important reason is that it is very easy to use and understand.
  • You will be able to easily import and export the work with the use of this software.
  • PhotoVibrance has advanced 3D parallax features to create lifelike animations.
  • It has a diverse collection of animation effects that you can’t find in its competitors

So, these are a few of the primary reasons that make this photo animation software the best when compared to all the best PhotoVibrance alternatives.

What You Can Do with PhotoVibrance?

Now you are clear about how PhotoVibrance is perfectly suited to your different needs, let’s check what aspects you will benefit from once you get access to PhotoVibrance software.

photo vibrance demo

Photo Animation: This means that you will have your still image moving according to your respective imagination.

This can be a perfect option for a photographer or designer to have as they can completely change the concept of their photography or design aroma.

It will be like genuinely the picture is speaking thousands of words.

3D Photo Animation: Another aspect that defines the use of Photo Vibrance is that you will be able to add different dimensions to your image.

You can make your photos 3D and this can certainly grab even more attention and make a bigger impact on digital marketing campaigns.

This shows how you can benefit from PhotoVibrance. If you are thinking about how to get started, please move on to the next section of this Photo Vibrance review.

How to use PhotoVibrance to Create Animation?

Photo Vibrance can help you create Magic Motion or 3D Parallax images that can make a better impact on social media. Let’s check out the steps to create your first Magic Motion image:

Step 1

Import Image: You need to add an image that you would like to edit and add animation.

Step 2

Edit: Now you need to draw the arrows wherever you’d like to add motion to your image. The animation will be added automatically. See the above Photo Vibrance demo video.

Also, you can add text, and images to your photos and apply pre-made overlays, such as fog, smoke, rain, fireworks, and dust, as well as use effects like balloons, butterflies, hearts, and so on amazing elements in one click!

Step 3

Save or Export: Once you are happy with your animation, hit the save button with a project name or export the animated image as per your convenience folder on your system.

Hope you noticed that it is very easy to work on Photo Vibrance to make animated images. Now check out this video tutorial to make advanced 3D Parallax animation on PhotoVibrance.

PhotoVibrance Review: Its Pros and Cons

As you now know about how you can easily add animation to your image let’s then take a deep look at the pros and cons you might be facing with the Photo Vibrance software.

PhotoVibrance Pros: What I like

  • Have a wide range of 3D particles, visual effects
  • Can add text on animation for dynamic messaging
  • Easy to understand how the software works
  • Unlimited photo animation exports

PhotoVibrance Cons: What I don’t like

  • PhotoVibrance doesn’t work offline.
  • You can’t add music to your animated photo, you need other software to do that.

This shows how Photo Vibrance can help you all through the process. If you are wondering about the pricing, time to move to the next section.

Recap Of Everything You Getting Today

what you will get if you buy Photo Vibrance today

PhotoVibrace can be used by everyone who doesn’t like still photos and wants to make a visual impact on social media. But, it is specifically designed for…

  • photographer
  • blogger
  • marketer
  • video creator
  • freelancer
  • designer

Still unsure? Thinking…

Are other people satisfied with PhotoVibrance or not? You asked a valid question.

See, I have been using PhotoVibrance for over one year and I found this software is safe and worth the money. Now, let’s check if other people are satisfied or not.

On behalf of you, I already checked out Trustpilot (a trusted software review site) to see what other people think about this PhotoVibrance software.

photovibrance customer reviews on trustpilot

Thank God, I am correct in my opinion. Out of 110+ reviews, 95% of people shared 5 star positive feedback, 4% of people shared 4 star reviews, and below 1% of people shared 3 star reviews on Vibrance software. PhotoVibrance has an excellent overall rating of 4.6 out of 5.

You can see that most users are satisfied. The software got positive reviews from designers, photographers, freelancers, and others. You can visit the Trustpilot website to verify yourself.

PhotoVibrance Pricing

In this section of the Photo Vibrance review, we will check how they are categorized its pricing.

The price is categorized as PhotoVibrance Personal License for $39 and PhotoVibrance Commercial License for $49. Both plans have optional two upgrades for agencies and freelancers.

If you check, PhotoVibrance is very affordable compared to its competitors. So, according to your needs, you can get yourself registered or purchase the Photovibrace license.

PhotoVibrance price

You cannot go wrong with your $39 or $49 investment. WhatsApp me if you need any help.

PhotoVibrance Upgrade or Upsell

PhotoVibrance also brings you upgraded packages as well that will assist you with even more advantages and benefits. Below are the packages for Upgrade or Upsell. Check them out:

PhotoVibrance Upgrade One – Vibrance Kickstart

This upgrade is important and necessary for agencies and freelancers

With this $197/year $67 one-time optional upgrade, you will benefit from additional elements, templates & resources such as:

  • Each month 15 Done-for-you templates for an entire year (a total of 180 templates)
  • Extra 50 visual effects
  • 3 Extra licenses for team members
  • Library of photo objects, like – animals, trees, branches, vehicles & more
  • Projects sharing option with team & other PhotoVibrance users.
vibrance kickstart upgrade

PhotoVibrance Upgrade Two – Motion Mega Bundle

This upgrade is frequently bought by individual creators, agencies, and freelancers

This is an optional, but important $97 upgrade (one-time payment), where you will be benefited from the bundle of 4 software. Those are…

1) CreateStudio (Usually costs $67): Create Studio is an advanced budget explainer animation video creation software for Windows and Mac. You can create stunning pre-animated character explainer video content or any kind of video in no time with an intuitive drag & drop timeline editor, custom animations, and motion builder. Also, you can add music to your photo animation made on PhotoVibrance software.

2) Scroll Stoppers (Usually costs over $500): Scroll stoppers video can make an instant impact on social media and get you more traffic, signups, and sales! You need the scroll-stopping pack to stop passive scrollers in seconds or generate income by selling scroll-stoppers to clients. You can quickly customize each scroll stopper template on CreateStudio!

3) Twinkle Audio Platform (Usually costs over $500): Twinkle is an all-in-one audio platform designed for creators and agencies! Whatever video you make, we’ve got you covered with premium sound effects and music tracks in all music genres. It has Text to Speech Creator that will turn any script into a realistic voiceover in multiple languages.

4) Twinkle VFX Pack (Usually costs over $200): The Twinkle VFX pack includes over 100 custom-made visual effects like Smoke, Fire, Embers, Fog, Light Leaks, Explosions, Particles, Dust, Snow, and Glitch Effects in both .mp4 & transparent webM formats, perfect for use in CreateStudio or other video editing tools!

If you are into video creation don’t miss this opportunity, buy the above-mentioned softwares at a heavily discounted price and thank me later.

photovibrance motion mega bundle

So, hopefully, you are clear about the upgrade and upsell version of Photo Vibrance.

Let’s now assess the attributes that push you to sign up for the PhotoVibrance software.

Why you should sign up for PhotoVibrance Now?

As above specified, this photo animated software tool is ideal for different purposes and serves the needs of marketers, photographers, marketing agencies, and other professionals.

No other PhotoVibrance alternative is so easy to understand and effective.

It is not only handy and effective but is also available at a very nominal one-time price (at $39 and $49) during the launch period only.

Due to demand PhotoVibrance’s price can change anytime by $66 (for personal) and $99 (for commercial) and be converted to Annual Billing.

It’s now or never, Sign-up now!

Please Note: Your PhotoVibrance purchase is backed by a 30-days money-back guarantee.

Save time and money with PhotoVibrance

In my opinion, this photo animation software will help you to save a lot of time and money.

As it is easy to understand, a wide range of projects can be done, so it will save you a lot of time.

As a small business owner, you can post attention-grabbing animation images on your social media profile and reach your potential audience.

Also, marketing agencies will be able to deliver their projects on time and make significant profits.

If you are a freelancer don’t lose hope, now you can make more money with less effort.

Let’s now check out some of the FAQs that will bring us more closely to this particular software.

Important FAQs about PhotoVibrance

With FAQs, we will be getting more insights about the Photo Vibrance software. Let’s get started with the same. If additional concerns arise, contact me on WhatsApp.

Is PhotoVibrance a free app?

No, to get PhotoVibrance early access you have to pay just $39 one-time payment only for a personal license and $49 for a commercial license.

Is Photo Vibrance worth it?

In short: yes. The Photo Vibrance app is better than anything you have seen before! Plus, with Photo Vibrance you can create unlimited animation images and videos without monthly fees.

How to use Photovibrance?

Photovibrance is pretty simple to use software. With it, you can create Magic Motion images and 3D Parallax images. You can find the step-by-step process above.

Is PhotoVibrance software a one-time purchase?

Yes, you compensate for the program only the first time and get the authorization and access to the respective software for a lifetime.

Can I install PhotoVibrance on Mac & Windows?

Yes! You can install Photo Vibrance on both macOS and Windows OS as well.

Which Photo Vibrance license is right for me?

If you are willing to work on a personal project, then you can consider opting for a personal license by paying $39.

If you are an agency owner, freelancer, or social media marketer then you can opt for a commercial license by paying $49. I never recommend trying PhotoVibrance crack.

How do I get PhotoVibrance support?

For support you can always contact them at email: or via helpdesk:

Is there any Photo Vibrance mobile app?


What is the cancellation & refund policy?

You can use the software with a 30 days cancellation policy. If you are not satisfied, you can cancel the deal and get a refund.

PhotoVibrance Alternatives Software

Let’s now dig in deep and assess the PhotoVibrance similar software and check how it makes a better influence.

Below are Photo Vibrance alternatives and competitors which you can consider…

Adobe Express

Adobe Express is a highly acclaimed Photo Vibrance alternative. It too works quite seamlessly when it comes to adding life to your images in the form of animations. You can do it with ease and also gain excellent results.


Like PhotoVibrance, PhotoMirage can transform any image into a captivating animation in just minutes. With PhotoMirage, you can crop, mask, and enhance your image to create mesmerizing photo animations and share them on social media, and anywhere you wish.

What is photo animation software?

Photo animation software helps you to add different dimensions and dynamic effects to your still image to animate the still photo.

Why should you use photo animation software?

With the assistance of photo animation software, you will be able to enhance the impact of your visual storytelling approach.

So, it will help you present your point of view a lot clearer to make it more convincing.

PhotoVibrance Review Verdict

We come to an end to this Photo Vibrance review and I hope I can clear all doubt regarding this photo animation software.

In my opinion, it is one of the best and most promising photo animation software available when compared to all the competitors.

So, go ahead and get access to PhotoVibrance today and achieve the results (grab peoples’ attention, engagements, and traffic) on social media that you have in your mind.

Photo Vibrance price can change ANYTIME. So, act now and grab your copy at very nominal charges.

Purchase PhotoVibrance today by clicking any link from this Photo Vibrance review page and I will support you 24/7 if you are stuck while using Photo Vibrance.

In case, you still have queries about Photo Vibrance or feel confused with other things. Please feel free to comment below or contact me on WhatsApp or Messenger.

I will be happy to help you 🤝.


PhotoVibrance is a desktop photo animation software developed by Vidello. Photo Vibrance has incredible features like magic motion, 3D parallax effects, 3D particles, sky replacements and amazing visual effects that enable you to create animated images from any still photo easily.

Price: 39

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows, macOS

Application Category: MultimediaApplication

Editor's Rating:


  • Have a wide range of 3D particles, visual effects
  • Can add text on animation for dynamic messaging
  • Easy to understand and use


  • You can’t add music to your animated photo
get photovibrance access

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