Twinkle Review: Is it best for Music, Sound Effects, & VFX?

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I will help you to decide whether Twinkle is truly a useful premium music platform or not. For this reason, I have put together this Twinkle review. In this guide, I will explain everything from its introduction to why it was created to its user experience and its benefits!

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Overview of Twinkle Review


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Twinkle is an affordable music, sound effects, audio tool, and VFX platform created for all video creators and agencies.
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Twinkle Review Summary

Twinkle offers the best royalty-free music, sound effects, & VFX that is required for your YouTube, website and social media, podcast, corporate videos, online streaming (Netflix, Amazon Prime), and even for film and theatre projects.

Twinkle music tracks usually cost over $99 and I believe it’s worth thousands once you make use of its true potential.

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TLTR: My Twinkle Review Verdict

I have been using Twinkle for over 6 months now. I like the Twinkle royalty-free music and sound effects collection and I believe Twinkle could be an excellent choice for you or any video creators and agencies, who are looking for an affordable premium audio suite for videos.

My Twinkle Commercial License Certificate

Being a dedicated audio platform, Twinkle strived to develop best-in-class features in a single audio field rather than focusing on multiple services.

Twinkle is reasonably priced compared to its alternatives and provides access to unique music, soundfx, and VFX for better video content. It saves users money, time, & effort.

Twinkle Quick Facts That You Must Know

If you don’t have time to read this in-depth Twinkle review, here are some Twinkle quick facts that you must know if you wish to consider using it.

  • Twinkle is an all-in-one premium audio suite dedicated specifically to video creators.
  • By using Twinkle, you will not face any problems related to copyright.
  • Twinkle has a wide range of music and sound effects.
  • Twinkle doesn’t impose any restrictions and allows unlimited downloads.
  • Twinkle adds new music tracks EVERY month.
  • The company is based in the United Kingdom and owned by Vidello.
  • There are two simple licensing options and have to pay once for life.

I think you start loving Twinkle and if you have some time left, please read ahead the review.

Twinkle Price

Twinkle provides two pricing options. Check what you going to get…

FeaturesTwinkle Personal LicenseTwinkle Commercial License
Unique audio tracks (over 500+)
SoundFX (over 200+)
New music tracks20 EVERY month20 EVERY month
Lifetime accessYesYes
Royalty-Free LicenseYesYes
Use in client videos
FREE Bonus ($49)Twinkle VFX Pack*
*60+ visual effects with transparent backgrounds (mp4 & webM).

Twinkle Price Breakup

Twinkle LicenseOne-time payment
Twinkle Personal License$49 (usually $99/year)
Twinkle Commercial License$99 (usually $199/year)

Are royalty-free music and sound effects worthy?

Yes. It is possible to use royalty-free music and sound effects for monetized YouTube videos, corporate video ads, film projects, etc., provided you use licensed music only.

Instrumental music is often misunderstood as public domain and thus does not require a license. The public domain is available for instrumental tracks, but most songs are owned by copyright owners, including royalty-free music companies.

It is still necessary to obtain license rights to use royalty-free instrumentals in a commercial project. The good news is that you can achieve this easily by licensing through royalty-free music software like Twinkle.

Are Twinkle royalty-free music & sound effects safe for YouTube?

Yes, Twinkle royalty-free music and sound effects are safe for YouTube.

The words “free” may appear in their names, but royalty-free and copyright-free music is not free. You save money by licensing this type of music from a stock music site like Twinkle since you don’t have to pay royalties or licensing charges.

As YouTube has copyright issues and certain policies in place for the need for licensed music, Twinkle is a lifesaver for YouTube video creators.

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Let’s Explore Twinkle’s Music Catalogue

No one style fits all when it comes to audio. The mood of each video should be set with a variety of tracks from different genres & styles. The Twinkle app offers channels in several genres and styles, so you can find something that suits you:

twinkle music style
  • Happy & Upbeat
  • Pop
  • Hip-hop
  • Rock
  • Stomp
  • Ukelele
  • Indie
  • Cinematic
  • Dance
  • Christmas
  • Funk
  • Logo Indents
  • Minimal
twinkle music catalogue

In case you still couldn’t find what you were looking for… you can request a custom track with Twinkle, they’ll curate what you’re looking for and add that to their stock audio library as well. This is the coolest feature in my opinion!

Twinkle SoundFX Preview

You will get 200+ sound effects in 14 categories like transitions, transport, nature, animals, alert, glitch, and so on. Here worth mentioning that you will get 14 to 25 soundfx in each category.

twinkle soundfx

Twinkle Text-to-Speech Preview

Twinkle has text-to-speech features that help you generate a voiceover for a video with just a prompt. You can instantly generate a voiceover in your preferred language as per your video script for any video type, from product reviews to listicles to tutorials.

The best part is that you can turn this voiceover into an animation video without showing your face on camera, using CreateStudio’s extensive stock media library and easy editor.

Twinkle text to speech

Twinkle VFX Preview

You can get 60+ Visual Effects with transparent backgrounds (mp4 & webM) for FREE if you buy the Twinkle Commercial license. You will get visual effects in 12 categories like Fire, Smoke, Dust, Rain, Snow, Glitch, Light Leaks, and so on.

Twinkle Pros and Cons

Twinkle has a lot of pros:

  • Twinkle is a simple and easy-to-use audio platform.
  • It has music tracks in a wide variety of genres and styles.
  • A text-to-speech creator is available in several languages in this software.
  • With its high-quality sound effects, any video project can become more engaging.
  • Twinkle’s music library is constantly updated with the latest tracks.
  • You can download Royalty Free License to handle YouTube copyright disputes

As for its cons, I don’t see why someone won’t like using an all-in-one stock audio library software like Twinkle. I feel it does more than enough as royalty-free music software and is quite a catch for any video production company out there.

Twinkle FAQs

What are the best royalty-free music sites?

Twinkle, Envato, and Shutterstock are the best royalty-free music sites available online now.

Is royalty-free the same as copyright free?

Royalty-free music isn’t the same as copyright-free music. The terms are often used interchangeably, but the difference between copyright-free and royalty-free is that copyright-free music does not possess copyright while royalty-free music does but is paid to use.

Is royalty-free music allowed on YouTube?

A company like Twinkle licenses royalty-free music that can 100% be used in YouTube videos.

Can royalty-free music be copyrighted?

No, royalty-free music cannot be copyrighted.

Where can I get free royalty-free sound effects?

You can download free royalty-free sound effects from Pixabay.

Can sound effects be copyrighted?

Yes, sound effects that aren’t royalty-free can be copyrighted.

What do royalty-free sound effects mean?

Royalty-free sound effects mean sound effects that are paid for, to use.

What does SFX mean?

Theatre, film, television, video games, amusement parks, and simulators use special effects music and/or images (SFX)to simulate the imagined events in a story or virtual world.

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I will be happy to help you.

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