Video Script 101: Why and How to Write a Video Script?

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Do you wish to create a stunning brand video? Well, it is the best choice to bring your consumers closer to your brand.

But do you know that a compelling brand video initially starts from a proper video script? Whether you create an explainer or commercial video, when you’re backed with the best video script, you can expect it to become appealing.

A lot of factors like visuals, voiceover, and music will combine to enhance the story. However, before everything, you must first write the story on your paper. You require a creative team who can improve the vision, but before that, you need to create a strong foundation.

Whether you wish to create explainer videos, social media videos, or marketing videos, a video script is a must to help and guide you in the process. This is why a considerable responsibility of brand video creation relies on the video production process.

If there is no proper video script backing the video creation, no matter how creative your team is for creating visually appealing aspects, it will not work. Since I have created plenty of videos for my brand, I understand how vital video script is.

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Not only does the video script make the video creation process more manageable, but it also guides you throughout the video creation. So, what is the video script?

What is the video script?

A video script is a blueprint that will have a complete outline of scenes, elements or character action, sound fx, and dialogue that you want to appear in your training or marketing video.

When creating a video script make sure that it becomes easy to understand for everyone working in the team. It will be narrative and convey the message that you want to show in your video.

Every video script will include a set of elements. Together they will create a video script that becomes guidance for the entire team to work on the video creation.

Following are some of the significant aspects.

  • Dialogues: The video script will include dialogue that you want to say through your video. Whether you wish to include real humans or animations, the dialogues need to be in accordance with your video requirements.
  • Scene descriptions: There will be different scenes in a video, and you have to make sure that every stage is properly described. Since different people will be working on the project, depicting the scenes comprehensively will help every member to understand the scenes and create a proper visualization.
  • Directions: Direct everyone to help them understand how you want to create the video. Even when you are one person working on the video, creating direction will help you to have knowledge about the way you intend to show your video to the customers or consumers.

There are several other important things that are included in the video script, but these 3 are the most crucial. When the video script has essential details, it will always guide you in video creation.

Why should you write video scripts?

The video script is always essential in your video creation. When you write all the relevant points and how they will help your audience to come close to your brand, it can become helpful for you to understand the way to create a video. It develops a narrative that can keep you on track and eradicate all the irrelevant points from your video.

So, read the following to find out the benefits of writing a video script before creating videos.

Create visual concept on paper: Whether you wish to create an animation or film a video, without proper guidance, it becomes impossible to create a fantastic video. So, when you write a video script that has the storyline, characters, and dialogues mapped, it will keep guiding you.

You can create a rough understanding of the project and its outcome. Besides, if you’re working with a video production team, creating a video script can help your entire team stay on track and get all the necessary information that they require to create a video.

Focus on your audience: When you write the video script after determining what your targeted market is looking for, it becomes helpful for you to focus on video creation based on the market. You can create messages and videos in a manner that your target market wants.

Remember that when you don’t follow this technique, moving directly to creating videos can lead you to go off track. So, always pay attention to creating a handwritten video script by keeping your audience in mind to create incredible videos for your brand.

Cuts time while filming or creating: One of the biggest advantages of choosing to write a video script is that it can help you in the video creation process. Since a video script contains everything in precise detail, it can guide you in the video production process.

Eventually, it can be helpful in reducing the time that you require while creating or filming a video. Since you don’t have to pay attention to the storyline and target audience every time, you can simply read the video script and start creating.

Helps to grab attention: A video script is a great way to start a video creation as it includes the detail of the process and the story. So, when you have written a video script keeping in mind your target market, it will become possible for you to reach your audience.

When you create a relatable video that your target audience is looking for, keeping their pain points in mind, it becomes easier to grab attention. However, make sure that your video script includes everything in proper detail.

Better finishing: If you want a great end result, you have to pay attention to the initial points. When you know what you want the very first time, you can stay on track and create a product that is valuable for your brand and audience.

Regardless of whether you are creating a video on your own or using a team, a video script plays a crucial role in producing better details and outcomes. Your target market will be able to relate to your video, which will indirectly help you in your brand promotion.

Ask yourself these questions before writing a video script

However, if this is the first time you are writing a video script, you will be going through challenges and hurdles. To make writing a video script easier, you have to ask a few questions. This will lead you to write a valuable and helpful video script for the best video creation.

Who is your target audience?

The very first thing that you need to be sure about is your target audience. You need to find your target market, look for their requirements, and create video ads or training and marketing videos that include everything your target audience looking for.

Remember that you have to create videos keeping in mind the requirements of your target audience and how your brand is valuable in providing it. Regardless of using humans or animations, when you can associate with your target audience on a personal level, it will always help your brand to grow higher.

What does your target audience’s pain point or need?

You have to do thorough research on the target audience and find out the pain points. What we mean by a pain point is the struggle they have faced on their personal level. You have to find out how they can be resolved through your brand.

Whether you are providing a service or product that can help them to get rid of the struggles that they’re facing, it can help them to come closer to your brand. However, you have to make sure you put a strong storyline behind it to help them relate to your video.

What message do you want to send?

You need to conclude the message or moral of the video before you choose to create it. Every video you make must have a message you want to convey to your target audience.

This message should be created in a manner that will help your brand to come closer to the customers and help them easily understand how you can be valuable. Your storyline needs to be created in a manner that the message becomes straightforward to grab and understand.

What action should your audience perform after watching the video?

You are creating a video for the purpose of promotion and coming closer to your audience. But how would you want them to associate with your brand? So, you have to decide the action before you start creating a video.

You need to include a call to action in the video in a very seamless manner. You cannot forcibly ask your audience to come to you for their requirement.

No! So, write a video script in a manner that has dialogues and promotion in a very subtle way that compels your target audience to take action. Once they are impressed and understand that you can be beneficial, they will definitely come for your brand.

How to write a video script? That improves your video marketing game

Writing a video script is not a cup of tea for everyone. It requires every detail that you need in the video creation process. So, if this is the first time you have started writing a video script and want to create an impressive and compelling video for your brand, look out for these steps before you write a script. It will be excellent guidance in your struggle.

Outline your video marketing goals

You must not jump into writing your video script before knowing your video marketing goals. Without knowing your marketing goals, you should definitely not create your video script, as it will go nowhere.

Only when you have knowledge about where you want to go can you start walking on the road.

So, in order to understand your marketing goals, you have to get the answers to a few questions.

  • Who will be watching my video?
  • Why am I willing to tell the story?
  • What should be the Takeaway from the video?
  • What value will the video provide to my viewers?
  • Why would they want to watch my video?

You will have to find out the answers to this question and then write it on paper. This is the cornerstone of your video creation process. When you know what you want and where you want to go, writing a script and creating a marketing video that every viewer can relate to becomes easier.

Craft your story logically

One of the biggest problems most brand videos have is a lack of a storyline. So, if you don’t want to be counted on the list, you have to be smart in creating a story outline in advance. Most of the time, the writers create a script but forget to write a storyline.

You always need to keep in mind that your video is created with the only intention of achieving specific goals. However, it will not be able to reach those until the viewers can engage with the story. The story is the secret weapon that keeps your viewers attached to the video.

So, you have to pay attention to creating outlines that can build interest and satisfy their requirements. Keep four to five lines of a storyline that will become the backbone of your video. It will firmly guide you in creating the video script and not moving off track.

Please note: the First 3 seconds are crucial

A video creation process entails a lot of valuable assets but the initial 3 to 4 seconds at the most crucial aspect. You have to make sure that your storyline is created with powerful, emotional, and strong visuals in the initial few seconds.

You have to keep your viewers hooked on your videos by touching the pain points in the initial few seconds. Once they have retained the first few seconds, you can stay assured that they will watch the video till the end. So, create a video in a manner that tells the story in a rough way by including solid visuals and sound in the first few seconds.

While you write the video script, keep these first few seconds as the most imperative and crucial part of the entire video creation.

Keep short and use powerful words in the script

If you want everyone to relate to your video, you have to keep it short. You cannot make it long as it might result in getting your viewers away from your video.

The power words have the extreme capability to trigger emotional responses in your viewers and give a serious punch to your video. Depending on the type of video you’re creating, you have to use powerful words so that your users can stick to your content.

Besides, you also have to make use of simple words. Using complex and heavy words might make it hard for your viewers to understand what you want to say. So not only keep it short but use simple words so that it becomes easy for everyone to know what you want to convey in your video.

Plan about other video elements

While you write the video script, do not forget to check everything. You have to make sure of the video elements in advance. Make sure that you include the music, visual graphics, sound effects, B roll, and voiceover in the video script.

Use royalty-free music, stock images, stock videos, and other vital elements that will help in the creation of marketing videos.

When you write everything in detail in your script, it can later guide you in creating a visually appealing video. It can be helpful for you to stay on track even when you are using an entire video production team.

Use emotions to make your video shareable

Don’t make your video too serious but make it in a way that it becomes understandable and relatable. You can create several sections where they can feel the emotion and relate to your video. Use dialogues that have emotions and which can hit your target audience directly.

Keep a generalized tone that can help all your target audience to understand your brand better. When you create a simple and understandable video that can hit the audience on their emotional level, it has the ultimate chance of sharing.

However, while you create the video, don’t forget to include the shareable icons so that it becomes convenient for your users to share on different platforms.

Use a clear call to action

You must not forget that the prime intention of your video creation is to attach to your customers on a personal level. So, after you have created a comprehensive video, you must include a call to action.

You don’t have to be overly promotional, but you can use the characters in your videos for promotion. Keep it subtle yet significant from the marketing aspect.

Read your script out loud and revise

Once you have created everything that you need in your video creation, it is time that you check the entire video script once again. You have to read the entire video script aloud from the first sentence to the last and make sure that everything is on track. Make video editing if required, and ensure you have created a solid copy of the video script.

Revising your video script is mostly suggested as it can help you to understand if you have gone wrong somewhere. You can make the edits and create a video script that can be valuable for your video creation and promotion.

Over to you

Irrespective of the type of video you want to create – from social media videos to marketing videos and explainer videos, the above-mentioned points are extremely crucial to help you in the video creation process. Remember that video script is one of the most important aspects of video creation.

Creating a solid video script is a great way to start if you wish to improve your engagement through social media marketing. It works as a backup for the video creation process.

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