Power Words for Video Scripts and Headlines that get Results

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Have you ever wondered why some videos get viral? Defiantly yes, in a video-making career, every time you create a video, you certainly wish the video to get viral back in your mind.

Then you must improve the video quality, video view, and video engagement; also you need to pay attention to including the power words in your video script and headlines.

12.7% conversion rates increase immediately when you use the right power word on your video script or content.

These words are more like cheat codes that help to boost the video’s success rate. It can immediately transform the video into favorites. It compels viewers to check and then take the right action.

The power words have this extreme capability to trigger emotional responses and give a serious punch to your video. Depending on the type of video you’re creating, you have to use powerful words so that your users can stick to your content.

So, let us find out more about power words and how to use them to maximize conversions.

power words for video scripts and headlines

Words are extremely powerful when they are used properly. Emotional power words have the ability to evoke emotion, from taking action, and trigger curiosity in video viewers. It has the maximum chance of improving the sales structure.

What are power words, and where are they used?

Power words are those words that can immediately trigger a psychological response from the reader or listener.

Whether you want the reader, viewer, or listener to sign up or watch your ad or read the blog post or click on a button, using powerful words is a smart option to motivate people.

Power words play a major role in marketing. I have been a part of the videos for quite a long time now and have witnessed how using marketing power words can trigger emotional and psychological responses.

It can be used in a range of ways, but the prime intention of using power words for marketing is to keep your viewers stuck to your video and take action.

Power words are mostly used on content. Whether you’re creating a blog post or a video, or an infographic, and you want the audience to take any action, powerful words can be really valuable. It is one of the major strategies used by marketers to compel customers to take action.

what are the top 5 power words
The top 5 power words

However, in order to improve the chances of conversion, you have to make sure of using the correct power word. You cannot use just any word that comes to mind. It requires evoking emotion and which is why you should always use a suitable power word for your target audience.

Role of power words in video script and headlines for video marketing

Being a consumer, we come across thousands of words every day. In fact, whether it is a novel, email, or YouTube video, there are countless words that we listen to, see and hear.

In our everyday life, while reading everything and listening to YouTube videos, we don’t get triggered unless a power word is used.

In video marketing, power words play an essential role. It helps readers or listeners to react. However, if you want your viewers to take action during or after your video, you need to sprinkle power words smartly.

So, while you start writing the video script, you need to take a look at the headlines and other portions of the script properly. You need to make use of powerful words that are emotional and triggering to help your customers or readers or viewers to take the right action.

However, it should be based on what you want to build in your viewers. If you want to develop curiosity, excitement, and anxiety, or make them click, you require finding powerful words and using them correctly in your video marketing strategy.

Remember that when done right, it can be rewarding for your marketing.

Research says power words work and people take action: Examples

You already know that some specific word matters a lot. We humans click on a headline because the single line written on top strikes us. You also click on the signup button as the words build emotion.

Researchers have also found some words that people use as a synonym for car accidents, like smashed, eyewitness view, or the ones to get quick action.

Even a social psychologist has also tested the power of words in her experiment. Ellen Langer wanted to test the power of a single word. She tried three different methods.

power words experiment by ellen langer

While three sentences that she spoke meant the same thing, the second and third were able to get maximum action due to the use of the word because. All she needed was to use it in a sentence.

So what we learn from here is that when you would like your viewers or customers to take proper action, you need to give them a proper reason.

To get a little bit deeper, let us find out something more interesting.

Our brain has three different parts, or you can say that it is segmented into three different sections. They are the old brain, the new brain, and the middle brain.

The old brain controls decisions, and it is the primitive segment. So, the words that you generally use for marketing are controlled by the old brain, which is mostly simple, direct, and arresting.

Don’t misuse power words in your video script or headlines

As it is named a power word, it means powerful. These words have the ability to hit your brain to take action. When it is used correctly, it can trigger an action.

However, some people make the common mistake of misusing power words. Remember that the fundamental truth of power words lies in the way you use them. You cannot expect them to work crazily when you have continuously used them.

You have to be very strategic and know when you want your people to take action. You have to put them strategically in headlines, paragraphs, and web pages so that it immediately confirms your viewers to take action.

If you think that using it everywhere will encourage the readers or viewers to click on them, you are wrong. You have to know exactly where to hit to get the click.

Do power words in video help to improve conversions?

You might be thinking that even after creating a great video will the viewers wait for that one word? How powerful can a word be?

As the famous phrase goes, a pen is mightier than a sword; it can be easily judged that the power of the word is way more.

Even when it is a video, you must sprinkle the power words properly while preparing your video script.

The trust, the attention, and the emotion that power words invoke in viewers trigger people to press the button. This is why marketers mostly use them to acquire a target audience.

Most of us are doing all of these to improve conversion. So, if you wish your readers to perform an action that will improve subscriptions, add prospects, or improve sales, you need to place power words in your sales funnel strategically.

When you use the power words in SEO strategy, it can help you to acquire more than you can imagine. As success only breeds success, and the benefit of increased traffic and CTR will also improve your search engine ranking. Therefore, it will bring you to your prospective clients faster.

So keep using proper Power words and magnify your potential.

What are the top 5 power words?

The top 5 power words are…

  • You
  • Because
  • Free
  • Now
  • Easy

Advantages of power words

As we have all known by now, the use of power words is to trigger the audience’s emotions. It helps to encourage the viewers and listeners and expect a certain kind of behavior from them.

The prime idea is to hit the emotion with precision so that your client or customer would like to go ahead and take the next step.

  • These are action-driven, which creates curiosity in the mind.
  • These are descriptive yet short, which helps people to draw an imaginary picture.
  • These are unique and are created to encourage action and gain attention.
  • These are packed with a punch of surprising elements in it.
  • These are encouraging, just like the cheerleaders work for a team to uplift people’s moods.

Understanding the different types of power words

Well, there are 100 and thousands of power words available to evoke a range of emotions. Here I will talk about the different types of power words and will provide some examples.

TypesUse caseList of Power Words Examples
AngerMainly used in headlines to evoke angerBrutal, Backstabber, Lying, Annoy, Arrogant, Absurd, bully. Shameless, Ruthless, and many more. 
CuriosityElicits curiosity in viewers and compels them to keep watchingJaw-dropping, sneak-peak. Trade secrets, Become Insider, Bizarre, Confidential, controversial, Unbelievable, and many more.
EncouragementIn advertising campaignsAstonishing, Amazing, Astounding, Blissful, Brilliant, Cheer, Kudos, Conquer, and many more. 
  FearTo keep building up the curiosity and dive into detailCaution, Beware, Danger, Dark, Deadly, Destroy, Crisis, Fired, Fail, and many more. 
LustTo take action by listful wordsSinful, Forbidden, Compelling, Captivating, Breathtaking, Alluring, Exotic, and many more.
GreedTo invoke a sense of now or never and take actionsLucrative, Earn More, Save Money, Profit, Extra, Reasonable, Free, Slashed, Sale, and many more.
TrustTo earn the trust of readers, viewers, and audienceAccredited, Approved, Authentic, Anonymous, Assured. Backed, Expert, and many more. 
Please save the above power words list for your video script writing help.

Is power word associated with video SEO?

Yes, it is associated with video SEO. The entire reason why we are working so hard is to reach the audience. It is indirectly working as a video marketing technique even when it is not directly associated.

Remember that when you use a proper word in the video headline and the audience finds it intriguing, they are immediately going to click on the video link.

So, this way, if the power word keeps compelling more viewers and listeners, it will have more CTR. This will have more traffic which will improve its ranking and marketing agenda.

So eventually, when your video is marketed correctly, it gets more views and has improved chances of conversion.

I personally like to use them in the headlines and properly in my script. Headlines are important because it is the first thing that your viewers will check and the script will retain them and eventually compel them to take action by gaining trust.

Examples of power words for video scripts and headlines

Headlines: Headlines are probably one of the best ways to grab the attention of your prospective viewers faster. The simplest way to do it is by promising something upfront in the headline.

You can take any kind of boring headline and then choose to spice it up with the use of power words. Powerful verbs and adjectives can encourage and create momentum and people.

Here are some examples

  • 11 lesser-known secrets of insanely simple speeches
  • A Simple Guide to public speaking
  • 15 exceptional strategies of public speaking that you must know
  • 10 life-changing marketing strategies

Video Scripts: Before creating a video, you must write a complete video script. Your video script must be not only informational but also encouraging.

Writing thorough words can be really boring. It will result in driving away your viewers. So you need to accentuate them with proper short power words in between your video script to strike out boredom.

  • First things first, make sure you create a proper thumbnail for your video using power words.
  • Secondly, while transitioning from one to another, make sure you retain viewers with the encouraging and curious power of words.
  • Lastly, make sure you include a proper CTA to compel your viewers to take action.

It’s time to put them into action

Now you know, using powerful words has excellent advantages. It is not just a psychological hack, but it is a proven way of boosting your conversion. I have provided some examples of different types of power words and how they can be used in your videos.

All you need is to mix and match properly so that it goes with your content and you are able to thoroughly improve your conversions.

Make sure that you seamlessly incorporate the power phrases in order to achieve your marketing goals. You can also hire a copywriter if it is becoming more challenging for you.

However, I can tell you that using power words can do wonders for your video marketing.

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