Vidello Review: Is It Best Secure Video Hosting Platform?

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As per EyeView Digital‘s study landing pages with videos can boost conversion rates by 80%. That is why the use of video content for marketing is one of the trends in business and entrepreneurship today.

However, most entrepreneurs and companies face problems when it comes to hosting their video content and doing video marketing properly. They face a security issue that even lost viewers’ attention due to the recommended video by the free video hosting website.

This Vidello review gives you an in-depth explanation of how Vidello solves video hosting and marketing problems faced by most video makers. So without taking much time, let’s get started.

vidello review

What is Vidello?

Vidello is a video hosting and marketing platform with more powerful features than other platforms. Vidello was founded in 2017 to grow businesses through video marketing. Josh Ratta created this hosting platform that would increase video streaming speed and make the process of Video hosting easy. Vidello has also created CreateStuido and PhotoVibrance software.

vidello a video hosting platform

Vidello is a great YouTube alternative and it has unique advanced features to let you market your business and host your marketing videos.

With Vidello, you can instantly stream your videos, add lower thirds to your videos, split your videos, and use the platform for eCommerce marketing as well.

Vidello works with every website and page builder including; WordPress, Could Funnel, Click Funnels and you name it.

Why do you need Vidello?

This is a question that you may want to see answered first. In this section of my Vidello review, I will try and answer this question.

Suppose you are looking for an all-in-one solution for your video marketing (like making sales, and collecting leads inside your videos) and paid membership video content. In that case, you should try Vidello video hosting.

Vidello provides a powerful platform for hosting your videos and it is faster and very secure. As a marketer, you might know video encourages and motivate buyers to taking buying decisions faster.

But to make it in reality I mean sells, you need to put a buy button into video, and that’s precisely what Vidello offers.

Like the above, Vidello offers so many marketing tools to help you sell more and collect leads within your video. These features are not available on free video hosting sites.

Sound Interesting?

Check out the benefits of the below-mentioned feature and decide why you need Vidello.

Vidello Key Features and their Benefits

In this section of this Vidello review, I will discuss the key features of Vidello together with their benefits.

I have divided Vidello features into two-part… one is on hosting and video optimization and another is on video marketing tools. Now without further ado, let’s get started.

Vidello Video Hosting and Optimization

Here we will look into Vidello’s hosting and video optimization features and their benefits.

Secure video hosting

Vidello offers a platform that is safe and secure from theft. Even though it is possible to offer 100% protection, Vidello makes it easy to protect your content by ensuring that no unauthorized download occurs.

You can choose who to view your videos and download them using the password and domain protections.

Design your own video player

Vidello allows you to create and customize your video player as you wish to grab the audience’s attention. The process is simple and easy.

You can also customize your video player colors, show/hide certain elements on the player, and so on.

Lower third animations

Don’t have video editing software or don’t have time to edit your video? No issue!

Vidello allows you to add lower thirds to your videos. You can then add the title onto these lower thirds. These lower thirds will display your video information to the audience. They make your videos even more impressive.

Stylized video frames

Vidello has a stylized video frame. You can customize the video player to give it a more elegant appearance.

Video chapters

With Vidello, you can add and label chapters to allow your audience to find essential parts of your videos easily. This feature is suitable for longer videos or highlights any specific information.

Note box

Vidello allows you to share the primary thought or idea of your video with your viewers. You could use this feature to add more information about your video if you didn’t include them while shooting the video.

Video SEO

Vidello automatically adds SEO to your videos and makes them readily available in the search engine. This feature allows you to boost traffic to your website.

Now let’s move to the next part.

Vidello as Video Marketing Tools

I am very excited to share the Vidello video marketing feature that will blow your mind away.

Include custom CTAs on videos

As I told you that video encourages buyers to make buying decisions faster. This Vidello feature allows your audience to take specific actions after watching your videos.

So, now you can add a buy button or coupon with countdown timers to make more sales.

Video split-testing

This feature allows you to decide which video is more favorable to your target audiences.

Email capture forms

Like buying button, you can add email capturing forms inside your video to collect your visitors’ names, and emails and turn them into actual customers by doing email marketing.

ECommerce templates

Vidello provides numerous eCommerce templates that you can use. These templates are easily customized to fit your marketing needs, and you can take payment directly from your videos.

Video analytics

Vidello’s video analytics feature allows you to analyze your audience’s activities. You can know how many people visited and watched your videos, what gender, and what age.

Therefore, you can use this report to plan your next advertisement video.

Ways to Optimize Your Video on Vidello

In this section of this Vidello review, I will walk you through how you can optimize your videos on Vidello.

The first step is to visit Vidello’s official website and buy a plan at a 25% discount as per your requirement. However, you can just Click Here to land on the Vidello special offer page.

After successful registration, please go to the login page and sign in.

Now follow the step below.

Step 1: Upload

The first thing to do is upload your video on Vidello. Uploading your video takes just a few minutes, depending on the video or file size.

You can upload any video format on Vidello, but the most common forms are the MP4 and MOV formats. Ensure that you upload high-quality video content

Step 2: Customize

After uploading your videos, you can now customize the videos. Choose a video title for your video and add a proper thumbnail. You can also write a few sentences to describe the video content.

Step 3: Optimize

In this stage, you are now ready to publish your Video. Ensure that the content is optimized for search engines.

Step 4: Publish

This is the final stage. After uploading and customizing your video content, you can now go ahead and publish. Click the Publish Button to host your video on Vidello.

Join and publish your first marketing video on Vidello today to see how easy this is.

What makes Vidello different from its Competitors?

Vidello is better compared to most of its competitor’s features as well as affordable compared to its competitors. While platforms like Wistia and Vimeo have slow streaming speeds, the speed of Vidello is quite fast.

Few Vidello alternatives only allow you to upload a limited number of videos. Vidello supports an unlimited number of videos and instant video streaming.

Finally, video skins and frames, note boxes, eCommerce slides, or split-test are features that you only can get in Vidello.

If you have been using other platforms, it is time you choose Vidello and enjoy this video hosting and marketing platform.

Is Vidello Suitable for You?

In this section of this Vidello review, I will share with you why Vidello is suitable for you.

If you are looking to increase sales using videos on your landing pages, then Vidello is your best option now. Everybody in the marketing and sales industry who creates and uses video content for marketing can use Vidello.

Have an eCommerce business and want to add video content to product pages? Try Vidello. Educators and Coaches can use Vidello to host paid educational videos securely.

Digital marketers and entrepreneurs can use Vidello to host marketing videos that sell.

What can you do with Vidello?

Vidello is an excellent tool for video marketing and video hosting. In this section of this Vidello review, I will share some of the things you can do on Vidello.

Host your premium video content securely

Vidello allows you to host your premium video content safely. It has got various security features that you can use to limit access to your video content.

Optimize your video for marketing campaigns

Vidello helps you optimize your video search engine and online campaigns. Also, you can add eCommerce slides, buy buttons, and email collecting forms inside your video but not limited.

Collect leads and drive more sales within the video itself

People take action quickly after watching a video. Take advantage and collect email information from visitors or redirect them to the checkout page then and there.

As you can see, it does more than just hosting your marketing video. Try Vidello today and increase your sales.

Vidello Pros & Cons

Now to the most crucial section of my Vidello review.  Here I will share with you my honest review of the pros and cons of using Vidello.

Vidello pros (advantages): What I like

Let me start with what I like about the Vidello platform.

Easy to use and zero technical skills required: Using Vidello requires no technical skills. It is easy to use for newbies and new marketers to host marketing videos.

Allows to collect leads within the video: Vidello allows you to collect leads within videos and this allows you to sell more.

Sales boosting options like eCommerce template: Vidello has eCommerce slide features that allow placing your product in front of your audience while they are watching the video.

It helps to boost your sales. Also, the eCommerce templates can help you receive money directly from your videos.

Vidello security: Vidello is safe and secure. You can control who sees and access your video content.

Premium customer support: Vidello offers excellent customer support to each customer. The support page offers a solution to most of the frequently asked questions. It also offers support through the support desk and with numerous tutorials.

Vidello cons (disadvantage): What I don’t like

There is no video preview. Otherwise, everything else works just fine. Now let’s see how much you need to get Vidello for your marketing needs.

Vidello Review: Its Pricing

Vidello has only one standard plan divided into monthly and yearly prices with a 25% discount.

The standard monthly cost is $39 $22 and this is for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

On the other hand, the standard yearly cost is $397 $222, and this plan is meant for big companies who do video marketing on a large scale.

Vidello PlanMonthly BillingAnnual Billing
Standard (25% discount)$22 per month$222 per year

Why Should You Sign Up to Vidello Now?

Here are the top reasons why you should hurry up and sign up now on Vidello.

This is a very effective video hosting solution available at a 25% discount for a limited time and the price can increase anytime. So you should not lose this opportunity.

Once this exclusive offer closes, the prices may increase. The prices are discounted to open room for more marketers and video creators to host their videos.

This price will not stay this low forever, so take this advantage of the discounted price and Sign Up now. If you miss this now, you will have to buy Vidello at a much higher price later.

Important FAQs about Vidello

In this section of this Vidello review, I will discuss and answer all the frequently asked questions about Vidello. If additional concerns arise, contact me on WhatsApp.

What is video hosting?

Video hosting refers to the concept of uploading video content for easy access by users. Video hosting platforms help you store the videos for as long as you want, and viewers can access the videos from anywhere.

How much secure is my video on Vidello?

Vidello offers high security to your videos. The platform is safe and with intense security features that protect your videos from unwanted viewers. You can use password protection to choose who gains access to your videos on Vidello.

How do I get Vidello support?

Vidello offers support through its support desk. The platform also offers support through the support page that contains frequently asked questions. Vidello offers numerous tutorials to its users.

What is the cancellation and refund policy of Vidello?

You can choose to cancel your subscription any time you want. Also, Vidello has 14 days refund period.

Vidello Alternatives, Competitors in 2024

In this section of this Vidello review, I will briefly discuss the top alternatives and competitors to Vidello. The following video hosting platform performs similar functions as Vidello.


Viddle is one of the best Vidello alternatives in 2024. Viddle is a full-blown video hosting and marketing platform that will help you host, play, and market your videos on any website.

Bob Biddle founded this platform to help marketers and educators host and share marketing, training, and sales videos on any membership site.

Hippo Video

Hippo Video is another Vidello similar software. The platform is simple to use and can help you create and distribute personalized videos on multiple platforms.

The platform was started in 2016 by a company called Lyceum Technologies Inc. and it comes as a Chrome extension to create sales videos easily and quickly.


Uscreen is another alternative to Vidello. Uscreen is a video management tool that lets businesses upload and save their video content online to facilitate online streaming.

Uscreen was started in 2014, and it allows video creators to store and customize their videos online. It has numerous themes; add captions and GIFs that you can use to create video trailers. Businesses and video content creators can monetize videos globally.

Is Vidello the Best Video Hosting for Businesses?

As you can see Vidello provides an opportunity for both small and large enterprises to host video content at an affordable cost.

It offers maximum security with unique features that every business would want to try out. In my opinion, it is the best video hosting platform for businesses looking to increase sales.

My Vidello Review Verdict

Vidello is an excellent tool for businesses that aren’t growing in sales through video marketing. If you want to scale your sales with the help of video and improve your video marketing, now is the time to try Vidello.

You can improve the appearance of your videos on Vidello by adding lower thirds, and much more. I highly recommend that marketers and video makers use Vidello because of its advantages over competitors.

I hope you found my Vidello review helpful. Sign up today and grow your online business with the Vidello video hosting solution.

vidello video hosting

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