9 Paid, Free YouTube Alternatives Video Hosting Sites

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Don’t get me wrong, you can’t ignore the YouTube video hosting platform if you want to grow your business, but you also need YouTube alternatives for better security to host your premium video content to do video marketing and serve your paid students.

Hence I have created this guide after 6 hours of researching the 20 video hosting platforms and I have reviewed the 9 best free and paid YouTube alternative websites (including my top 5 choices) to help you choose the right alternatives.

Overall the Best


Spotlightr is a fast, reliable video hosting solution for businesses, educators, coaches, and marketers. It offers extensive training to grow the video business.

Best for Pro Creators


Vidello is a video hosting and marketing platform with more powerful features than other platforms. This platform will make the process of video hosting easy.

For All Video Creators


Voomly is a video hosting platform that has a customizable video player which lets you create video funnels easily. Also, you will get Doodly, Toonly, and other app access.

Best for Professionals

Hippo Video

Hippo Video is a video hosting and marketing platform that helps businesses to grow beyond sales goals through personalized video marketing or distribution.

Free for All Creators


Facebook is an online social media and social networking website. Here you can host your Top of the Funnel videos and reach millions of people organically or by paying.

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9 Free, Paid YouTube Alternatives Video Hosting Sites

While YouTube is the leading hosting platform in today’s age, it comes with certain pitfalls. People now opt out of YouTube videos also to its recent spike in revenue-oriented content. An inordinate number of ads, sponsorships, and so on. The culmination of these and several other factors makes the use of alternative hosting sites a no-brainer.

Now that we know why YouTube alternatives might be a better choice, let’s move on to discuss the features of several of these substitutes. Start below with the 3 best paid YouTube alternative video hosting sites.

3 Paid YouTube Alternatives Video Hosting Sites

A paid subscription may throw some people off before they even consider it. The brilliant features of these sites, however, easily compensate for that small stipend. The following 3 video sites are the best-reviewed paid hosting sites in the media. 


Vidello is a software developed for video marketing. It provides you with an excellent video player, apps, and tools for sales. Formulated to increment your sales, and build customer experience better with this video hosting platform.

vidello a video hosting platform

Key features of Vidello

eCommerce app:  With the help of sales slides and popovers, expand your sales on the eCommerce store. Interested viewers are directed to checkout from the product page with a single click

Video Frames: This lovely feature allows you to display your videos in beautiful, ornate frames and borders. With the injection of JSON meta-data in the embedded code, Vidello helps increase overall traffic. The inclusion of titles, descriptions, and tags further augments it for search engines.

Mobile Optimised:  People these days are often glued to their mobiles for inordinate periods. Thanks to smartphones access to things earlier only possible through a computer is no longer a constraint. Vidello recognizes that change and gives you the advantage of seamless operation on all devices.

SEO Video Optimised: The JSON meta-data in the embed code coupled with the SEO optimization does a spectacular job at reeling in more audience. It is best tuned for Google and Bing search engines.

Chapters:  With the help of chapters, you can now display timeline bookmarks in long videos. This ameliorates viewer navigation and gives them the ultimate premium experience. It is especially great for webinar replays and training content.

GIF Creator: You might know, one of the most effective ways to sell your content is via email marketing. This feature enables you to convert your video into a GIF that plays inadvertently inside emails. Considering the drop in click-through rates in the recent past, email broadcasting is a great way to ramp those figures up again!

Vidello Pros and Cons


  • Great value for money product
  • Ability to password-protect videos
  • Excellent customer service
  • Great for editing and recording screen captures
  • Lucid video customization features


  • Occasionally it seems slow.

Vidello Price

Vidello has only one standard plan divided into monthly and yearly prices with a 25% discount.

The standard monthly cost is $39 $22 and this is for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

On the other hand, the standard yearly cost is $397 $222, and this plan is meant for big companies that do video marketing on a large scale.

Vidello PlanMonthly BillingAnnual Billing
Standard (25% discount)$22 per month$222 per year


Uscreen is one of the best turn-key VOD and OTT platforms for video monetization. It is an all-in-one platform for content creators of different fields. It helps you build and develop your business of online videos with its accommodating features and fully branded apps.


Key features of Uscreen

Branded OTT platforms: Uscreen is currently at the top of the game when it comes to these platforms. Without any prior knowledge of coding, you can now launch your own OTT apps.

Live Streaming: Deliver your viewer a top-notch experience every time with seamless HD streaming on this platform. You can further expand your live chat community. The capabilities of streaming on different devices stay unmatched.

Marketing and retention: It gives the user the ultimate toolset for marketing. With the aid of Uscreen’s pragmatic built-in marketing apparatus, maximize your video business’s potential.

Video creation software/CMS: This feature makes organizing and uploading a lot faster and more lucid. The high encoding comes with the provision of super-swift video ingestion and lets viewers resume their video where they left off.

Privacy and security: Maintain a high level of safety and privacy when using Uscreen. All the user data remains encrypted without affecting the overall stability of the video.

Uscreen Pros

  • Affordable prices
  • Analytics features
  • Marketing integrations
  • High customizability

Uscreen Price

Uscreen’s Basic plan is $79/month, the Growth plan is $159/month. Save 20% if you opt for an annual subscription.


Spotlightr is a professional video hosting platform with a trailblazing suite of video marketing equipment that accelerates business growth. It is suited for businesses, educators, coaches, and marketers. One of the best alternatives out there with premium support available.


Key features of Spotlightr

Fast, reliable, and hybrid hosting: Videos can now be hosted on cloud-based servers or from any third-party service without restrictions. Stream from popular sources with absolutely 0 video ads.

Video Marketing Tools: A player that is highly optimized for superior playback and swifter delivery is installed. Email gates, share gates, phone gates, cleverly timed calls to action, hotspots, video funnels with dynamic interaction, and a lot more similar tools are available to boost marketing. 

Security from stealth: Selling video training courses via membership sites often comes with its risks. Spotlightr has the best protection features for authors, coaches & experts who meddled in this business. With advanced HLS encryption and password protection, no need to worry about stealing.

Analytics viewer: Get invaluable insights from your video statistics and know how to improve with the aid of this super helpful feature. Explore your audience’s sex, geography, watch time, engagement, and a lot more.

Spotlightr Pros and Cons


  • Beautiful, customizable players
  • Excellent, affordable pricing
  • Versatile tools and high security


  • The UI could be better.

Spotlightr Price

Spotlightr’s Spark plan costs $7/month, Aurora’s plan at $16/month, and Polaris’s plan at $40/month. An annual subscription offers the advantage of 2 free months.

6 Free YouTube Alternatives Video Hosting Websites

Imagine a better and less competitive alternative to YouTube and that too completely free of charge! Here we review the top 6 free video hosting sites!

Hippo Video

A video platform that is known for its personalization and distribution, it aids businesses in achieving their targets in the marketing and sales department via seamless video processing. Trusted by 5000+ businesses around the world and preferred by customer-facing teams, this is the category-leading team for video messaging.

hippo video

Key features of Hippo Video

Easy Video Editing– With myriads of options such as trimming, cropping, blurring(extras), focus retention, resizing, emojis, call-outs, and more, this feature helps give your video the perfect flow. And better flow = better engagement.

Customization features:  This personalization feature helps you draw the viewers’ attention by featuring their names, companies, and other personal details. After all who doesn’t like to feel seen? This feature helps you target exactly that concession.

GIF-making: What makes you stand out among thousands of other advertising video platforms? Well with this gif-making feature, you can now create more eye-catching, attractive emails that will hook your audience from the get-go.

Video email: Video email lets you record, send, and track emails in your Outlook inbox which often gets overlooked. This helps in improving the overall response along with ramping up a three-fold increase in the click-through rate.

Video marketing features: CTA and forms, testimonials, analytics, and player branding are just some of the things that boost your online video business sales. Hippo video comes with a lot of marketing tools that help accelerate your growth in this sphere.

Hippo Video Price

Although you can access it for free, here are some price ranges if you require added benefits.

  • Starter pack- $15/month
  • Pro pack- $30/month
  • Growth pack- $48/month
  • Enterprise pack- $79/month


Wistia is a super easy-to-use platform for videos and podcasts that essentially transforms them into marketing machinery. Boasting a staggering 375,000 businesses that it helped grow, Wistia is one of the best out there.


Key features of Wistia

Check out some key features of Wistia that Wistia alternatives might not have…

Fully customizable player: Provides you the facility of content embedding with any brand of your choice. It is highly optimized to give the best experience when it comes to viewing. Adaptive streaming with HLS further ups the game. 

Interactive tools: With the help of tools such as email collectors, CTAs, annotation links, and more, turn your passive viewers into engaged, active ones. Viewer navigation has never been more convenient.

Actionable analytics: Take a look at the kind of media that propagates your business value with this industrial-leading analytics. Explore who’s watching how many of your videos, the region they are from, and more.

Custom ad audiences: Utilising viewer data, get customized video ads to keep your viewers’ focus. Send the viewing data to sites such as Facebook and Google so you can expand your reach with sublimely tailored adverts.

Wistia Price

Although you can start free, to get added benefits you can avail of the paid pro package which costs you $99/month.


Another fantastic all-in-one video platform that culminates the best tools and features for a successful marketing campaign. With ad-free video hosting and a customary knowledge base, this is one of the better hosting platforms in the game.


Key features of Wave.video

Video editing and thumbnail maker: Videos can now be resized, trimmed, combined, and have added animations, transitions, and a lot more. All thanks to the leading feature of Wave.video. You can now easily remove any background from photos and customize your hooking thumbnails.

Secure and stable video hosting- Upload and store videos now with the topmost safety and security. You can now create easy-to-share video landing pages, track your video analytics, and a lot more.

Built-in stock library: Explore and browse through the sizeable built-in library that houses tons of stock images, videos, and audio. At an affordable price, you can now get high-caliber assets for your videos.

Wave.video Price

Wave.video’s Streamer Plan costs $16/month and the Creator Plan costs $24/month.


Yes, Facebook! You read it right. Along with being one of the oldest, ingenuine, social media platforms out there, it is an excellent place to market your video hosting business. In terms of audience interaction, Facebook is very disparate from other platforms.


Searching for videos isn’t a requisite here. The algorithm provides scrollable videos on one’s newsfeed depending on their tastes. 

Facebook is an extremely efficacious source to reach your target audience. This is the case as videos that show up on people’s feeds are often based on their interaction with different content of the same nature.

So, for instance, if someone is interested in cooking and likes/saves a lot of cooking videos and your business is culinary-based, then there is a much greater chance of your videos popping up to them.

Facebook has a lot of features: live streaming, an in-built video and pic editor, a personalized page creator, a “follow” feature, and a lot more. One thing that sets Facebook apart from the rest is that it greatly serves those people with a short attention span.

With the ability to scroll by if you dislike something, or to click on the page for more info, this platform allows viewers a level of autonomy that helps them engage even more.


Similar to TikTok, IGTV videos are just a prolonged version of Instagram reels. IGTV stands out in several manners. The vertical format of videos often makes it extremely convenient for mobile users- where Instagram is surfed the most. The videos aren’t limited to short intervals of a minute but can go up to an hour-long span.


You no longer have to be constrained to the realms of the content of the people you follow or things that you have liked before. Swiping up lets you discover more and lets you explore all sorts of content that may or may not align with your pre-existing interests.

Who knows, you may just develop a novel field of interest! Several options such as “For you”, “Following”, “Popular” and “Continue Watching let you switch between different kinds of videos.

Further, Instagram, now one of the most popular platforms among millennials and Zoomers, is the best place for social media marketing to come as a no-brainer.


Vimeo is a popular all-in-one platform that drives your ideas into action. It facilitates creating, managing, and sharing videos and virtual events that deeply engage your audience.


Vimeo lets you make interactive video experiences with a set of tools and features that fit just your business. It boasts the auto-caps feature which further saves you the hassle of having to add your subtitles to the videos and makes your content more accessible across the globe.

This platform also enables you to host virtual events and has an excellent live-streaming feature. With the most comprehensive privacy and security options, there should be no question as to why Vimeo should be your choice.

Advantages of Paid Video Hosting Websites

As mentioned earlier, there are several benefits to availing of paid video hosting websites. Below are 4 top advantages of doing the same:

Easy management- These platforms ensure that videos are accessible on all the desired platforms yet are manageable from a singular dashboard. Videos can be organized, uploaded, managed, and distributed all from a centralized area. 

Enhanced engagement- Leveraging video context with annotations, closed captions, and call to action, your videos become a lot more engaging to your viewers. Some of these come with the feature of timestamps in lengthy videos so your audience has a comprehensive outline of your overall content and caters to their individual needs.

High customizability and marketing: With the aid of these sites, you can personalize your video with extensive editing, attractive thumbnails, etc. These platforms also equip you with a large number of tools that help accelerate your business growth whether by ads or by hacking the algorithm.

Security and Privacy- Not only do these platforms have excellent customer support but an unending emphasis on the privacy concerns of users. All your details remain encrypted and there is a high level of security maintained from potential third-party resources at all times.

Who can use the above-mentioned Video Hosting Sites?

All sorts of people and professionals can avail of video hosting sites for their purposes. Some examples of them are as follows:

Entrepreneurs who want to reach a more extensive range of audiences for their service 

Coaches who want to impart interactive and digital education to their students

Consultants who want to manage their clientele in a more comprehensive manner

Businesses that want to market their products

Content creators who want to belt out videos for the entertainment of others

And a lot more. There are no restrictions or requirements as to who can use these platforms, video hosting sites have become a major marketing tool for any business lately.


In any sphere of business or work field, stepping out of your comfort zone and trying out new things is the trademark of success. These above-mentioned alternatives are the best video hosting solutions for businesses of all kinds.

You must be familiarised with the notion of how if you had invested about 1000 bucks in Amazon 10 years ago, you’d have been a multi-millionaire by now. Similarly, putting time, effort, and money into any sort of business is no less than an investment in the stock market.

If you choose a wise new platform now instead of one that is already at its zenith (YouTube), the same you will be the sweet fruit bearer of your investment in a few years.

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