Hippo Video Review: Is It The Best Video Marketing Tool?

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Hello! Are you looking for an honest Hippo Video review?

In this Hippo Video review, I will cover all the details you need to know about this video marketing software, including features, benefits, pricing, and frequently asked questions.

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First I would like to mention the things you can do on Hippo Video. On Hippo Video you can record video testimonials, host your videos, can support your audience/client using video or video email, create personalized sales pages & include a personalized video by customizing the video player as per your choice so you can generate more leads and close sales fast.

Let me start with the email marketing statistic. Do you know? By simply mentioning the word ‘video’ in an email subject line, the engagement rate increases by 13%. Now, what if I told you that this software can help you embed a personalized video email?

The best way to create short scroll-stopping videos or to grab the audience’s attention with a fun and quick video poll is to use video marketing tools like Hippo Video to empower your email marketing campaigns!

Hippo Video will give you an edge over other powerful marketing tools for digital marketing since it is easy to use and will help you to improve your current marketing strategy.

Besides being cost-effective, it is also filled with several features that will make the experience of designing your videos a delightful one!

hippo video

Hippo Video

Sudesh Roul

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Hippo Video is a video hosting and video marketing platform that helps businesses to achieve marketing and sales goals through personalized video marketing or distribution. It is a great YouTube alternative.
Ease of use
Features effectiveness
Value for money
Customer support

Hippo Video Review Summary

Hippo Video is the best video marketing platform that can boost sales for any online business through personalized video emails, support, testimonials, and much more.

It is Free to Join. So, don’t overthink just signup now and start growing your business.


What is Hippo Video?

Hippos Video is a next-generation platform for business video marketing. Hippo Video uses in-video & hyper video personalization to generate leads within your videos.

Hippo Video has custom workflows for marketing, video email campaigns, sales, and customer video testimonials.

The all-in-one solution for a video that delivers deep user insights to get more leads and close more sales is Hippo Video.

Hippo Video is used by more than 5000 businesses worldwide. And, let’s see why your business needs this free video hosting site too!

Why Do You Need Hippo Video?

‘We are a team who think videos have taken the world by storm!’ says the Hippo Video team. Here, I have laid out some reasons you might need Hippo Video to up your marketing game.

1. Improves your Digital Marketing game!

In my opinion, like peanut butter and jelly, video and marketing go hand in hand.

Since the advent of traditional television commercials in the 1960s, video has become a staple of people’s lives. From YouTube, Snapchat, Vidello, and Instagram, to Facebook Live, audio and video are intrinsic to our everyday lives.

Video marketing provides marketers with an attractive, versatile, and highly shareable medium to reach their audiences while offering convenience and efficiency for consumers.

In my eyes, video marketing is one of the vital and powerful marketing tools for digital marketing. A solid digital marketing strategy is incomplete without a video marketing campaign!

Hippo Video software is what you need for a secure video hosting medium. Your marketing team can host video content on the cloud and even embed videos on landing pages and websites via Hippo Video software!

Create, record, share, and edit videos all through Hippo Video.

2. Better email marketing!

9 out of 10 people check their email every day.

Given such a statistic, it’s no wonder email marketing is the marketing tool of choice. Despite this, email marketing ROI can look a little bleak at times.

Unsatisfactory email campaigns can confuse an era when opening emails is such a big part of people’s lives, and a critical question arises:

Consumers are constantly checking their emails, yet they are ignoring your brand’s messaging.

You might want to think twice before eliminating email marketing: 73% of millennials prefer to receive marketing material by email.

There may be no problem with the marketing channel in the end but with the delivery of the message.

Are your email marketing campaigns doomed? Do consumers and marketers have any input on how to improve email marketing? Don’t worry! I got your back or might I add Hippo Video did?

Something I like about Hippo Video is its feature that enables you to embed videos on emails and run personalized video email campaigns at scale to reach a wider audience and boost engagement.

3. Up your sales game!

Bored of the same old presentation sales pitch? Finding it difficult to break the wall between you and your prospect?

Hippo Video is a video Cx platform that lets your sales team record quick product demos and walkthrough sales videos to pique the prospects’ interest.

Create and personalize a video testimonial to build your prospects’ and customers’ trust and keep them engaged with video content to create sales funnels!

The coolest feature that I found inside the software is that it enables you to measure video performances through analytics to scope and qualify leads better!

Okay, as we are talking about cool features and benefits, let’s take a deep dive into it!

What Are The Key Features’ Benefits Of Hippo Video?

In this Hippo Video review, we have been through- what is the software used for and why you need it.

Now, that I have convinced you of why you need it, let’s get into some of the features I find cool and how they might help you with your marketing strategy!

1. Create Videos Inside Hippo Video

Using this software is a complete video experience that ranges from recording, editing, sharing, and analyzing the video’s outreach. With the software’s HD-quality audio, webcam, and screen capture tools; you can create amazing videos inside.

2. Professional Online Video Editor

Now, that one is successful with creating videos with Hippo Video, it is time to edit and spruce up your video a bit.

The professional online video editing tool inside the software lets you create a seamless flow for your videos with options of trimming out awkward pauses, cropping unwanted objects, blurring the extras for focus, resizing your aspect ratio, and adding span emojis and callouts.

3. Video CTA and Web Forms

Make it easy to schedule a demo or get on a call by including customized web forms or span Call-To-Action buttons.

4. Custom Video Player

All your videos can be recorded, played, and hosted with Hippo Video without having to use multiple tools. Record a video, edit it, host it, play it, and share it on different platforms, all with Hippo Video, the best video player tool.

5. Video Hosting

From Hippo Video, you can record, host, and share videos. With the addition of your video assets to a single library, you’ll be able to access all of them in one place, whether you’re doing a video email marketing campaign or a website video.

In my opinion, Vidello is also the Best Hippo Video alternative for video hosting.

6. Video E-mail

Text emails are often unread by your prospects because they are too busy to read them. From your Gmail inbox, send video emails that capture their attention right away. As we have stated above, email marketing looks a little bleak when your brand’s email is lost in a sea of emails. This could do the trick!

Using Hippo Video, you can also GIF it up a little! With attractive GIF thumbnails, your message will stand out in your recipient’s inbox. Make your thumbnail by uploading or selecting an image from your video by using the email gif creator inside.

7. Video Testimonial

Customer testimonial videos allow you to feature some happy customers and let them share their positive experiences. 

With the raw emotions, tone, and expressions, this type of video effectively convinces other potential customers to try your product themselves.

Your customers can record video testimonials by sharing a recording link with you. Hippo Video is now offering your customers the ability to quickly record video testimonials without even having to sign up through the links you share with them.

You can keep track of and collect video testimonials in your Hippo Video library for future referrals, video landing pages builder, and websites.

8. Personalized Sales Page with Video

In an inbox full of templated emails, personalized Sales Pages will stand out. The video message can be added at the top, a meeting link added at the bottom, and a video poll in the middle.

Every element of the page is then customized to deliver an experience tailored just for your prospects. In addition, Hippo Video allows for tracking of every sales page.

9. Hippo Video Integration

Unlike Hippo Video alternatives, your favorite tools are all integrated into Hippo Video. Videos will help your team close more deals, generate more leads, and delight more customers.

Zoom, Hubspot, LinkedIn, Gmail, Google, WordPress, Outlook, and many more can be integrated with Hippo Video to bring out the best and grab the audience’s attention.

10. Video Analytics

This is one fantastic feature I found inside Hippo Video that can be a little difficult to get with Hippo Video competitors. Discover video insights with metrics like video watch rate, video views, play rate, share rate, and retention rate.

As your videos are viewed from different countries, devices, and media sources, see how they impact your business. Identify the channels where your video was generally shared. See how many people clicked on your timeline actions.

11. Learn Video Marketing from Experts

Hippo Video has collaborated with the King of Sales, Jeffrey Gitomer. He is a video trainer and he is helping many with their first successful sales video, leveraging the power of video in sales, and expressing emotions through videos. Duh! for free!

12. No Watermarks

Watching your thunder stolen by someone else is not fun. This is why Hippo Video never slaps its watermark on content that belongs to you. Alternative to Hippo Video, this feature cannot be found!

13. Virtual Background

Take advantage of the powerful pro editor for ultimate post-production results. When necessary, add a green screen to your background. Your video background can be spruced up to your liking with Hippo Video’s new virtual background feature.

14. Video Teleprompter

It can be overwhelming to memorize paragraphs of text. Read the video script from the screen to record seamless videos without having to memorize long scripts with Hippo Video’s teleprompter feature!

What Makes Hippo Video Different From the Competitors?

In this Hippo Video review, we have been through whats, whys, and hows till now. Let’s compare Hippo Video and its competitors and alternatives.

  • Hippo Video is cheaper than its substitutes.
  • Hippo Video provides ROI and analytics, its substitutes do not.
  • Hippo Video is multi-channel sharing software, but software similar to Hippo Video is not.
  • Hippo Video lets you customize CTAs and form templates.

Still not convinced with the excellence of Hippo Video? In the next section of this Hippo Video review, let’s discuss why it is suitable for you.

Is Hippo Video Suitable for You?

Hippo Video, video marketing software has been designed to make managing an online business easier without using multiple marketing apps.

Everything you need is under one roof, from video creation to video hosting and sales funnel builders.

Is Hippo Video something you might be interested in? Hippo Video can come in handy for any type of professional and all kinds of businesses.

Take a look at what suits you and your profession-

1. Sales Professionals

  • Your sales team can learn how to sell and prospect with video to do more sales.
  • To get prospects to respond, create personalized videos that are impactful and gets help you build a sales funnel with the help of Hippo Video.
  • Whether you want to demonstrate products, handle sales objections, or practice video cadences, it will help you drive results.

2. Digital Marketer

  • Going by that statistics, the video should a vital part of your digital marketing strategy!
  • You can shoot, edit and share video content using Hippo Video for your clientele.
  • Hippo Video also lets you have a detailed insight into what is engaging and what is drab through video performance reports.

3. Educators

  • Hippo Video can be helpful for teachers, students, and coaches alike.
  • Easy navigation is equal to zero distraction
  • You can save and share video lectures to Google Drive, YouTube, Vimeo, or Google Classroom.
  • Annotate lectures to perfection with annotation tools. Combine, cut, crop, add emojis, and trim your clips.

4. Team Communication

  • Happy Employees are equal to a Productive Team.
  • Ease communication with Hippo Videos
  • Hippo Video lets you create a separate room for all meeting hosting and lets you download it too.

What Can You Do With Hippo Video?

All kinds of purposes being said, let’s move forward to what you can do with Hippo Video-

1. Video Creation and Editing: You can use the software’s webcam, screen capture, and high-quality audio to make awesome videos yourself. Easy-breezy video editing and video creation using Hippo Video.

Screen recording can be easily communicated by, while recording, highlighting mouse clicks, focusing, erasing, pausing, and playing.

2. Video Hosting and Marketing: Your videos can now be recorded as well as hosted with Hippo Video without having to use multiple applications.

All the aspects of recording, editing, and sharing videos can be handled by Hippo Video. CTAs and web forms to generate leads within your videos.

3. Communicate in a Better Way with Video: By using the cursor feature inside the software, you can take users through your video while they watch. Throughout the video, your users are both involved and engaged.

With Hippo Video, you can screen record in seconds. The easiest way to record your screen while capturing HD video. You can easily communicate while you screen record by highlighting clicks, focusing, editing, erasing, pausing, and playing.

Create GIFS, scroll-stopping video thumbnails, personalized ABM videos, video emails, and customer testimonials with amazing features like guest recording, screen recording, and many more features to play with.

Head to the Hippo Video software website and take a look!

In this Hippo Video review, I will highlight some of the things I like and some of the things I don’t like.

Hippo Video: Pros and Cons

In my opinion, here are the top advantages and disadvantages of Hippo Video-

What I like: Hippo Video Pros or Advantages

  • Easy to use and intuitive dashboard
  • Complete video solution (video creation, editing, hosting, marketing)
  • Allows lead collection within a video
  • Powerful video marketing analytics
  • Let’s you host premium content

What I don’t like: Hippo Video Cons or Disadvantages

  • I found that video uploading can be slow sometimes.

Summary of Hippo Video User Reviews from the Web

I have compiled a summary of Hippo Video User Reviews from G2 and Capterra to save you time.

On Capterra, Hippo Video has a rating of 4.5 stars. In other words, most of the 34 reviews posted by users were positive.

You can see that Hippo Video has an excellent reputation. Try out this amazing custom video editing and shooting software on my recommendation.

Hippo Video Pricing

There are different pricing plans offered by Hippo Video. This type of plan is often difficult and confusing. Before purchasing, make sure you understand the features of each plan. A free plan is $0/month (no credit card required)

Hippo Video has four packages with 3 pricing plans-

1. Sales

It costs you $30 per month per user for Pro, $48 per month per user for Growth, and $79 per month for Enterprise billed annually. The Growth Plan is best suited for teams.

2. Marketing

It costs you $23/month for Starter, $49/month for Pro, and $99/month for Growth billed annually. The Growth Plan is best suited for teams.

3. Support

It costs you $10/month for Starter, $29/month for Pro, and $49/month for Growth billed annually. The Growth Plan is best suited for teams.

4. Team Communication

It costs you $7/month per user for Starter, $15/month per user for Pro, and $23/month for Growth billed annually. The Growth Plan is best suited for teams.

You can choose the billing termination. I have provided you with annual billing prices. You can choose from annual, quarterly, and monthly billing plans.

Important FAQs about Hippo Video

This Hippo Video review will explain the most frequently asked questions regarding Hippo Video. If you don’t find your question here, contact me on WhatsApp.

What is an email video?

In today’s busy world, text emails often go unread in prospects’ inboxes. Send a video email from your Gmail inbox to grab their attention. Embed personalized videos via email and sent them to your customer.

How much secure is my video content on Hippo Video?

Amazon Web Services hosts a secure Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) with customer data at Hippo Video. Security and manageability are further enhanced by segmenting the VPC.

Being a cloud-based software, Hippo Video is not entitled to any of your information. All your video content is safe and encrypted.

Which Hippo Video plan is right for me?

In this Hippo Video review, I have walked you through all the pricing plans. You can choose any plan that feels right for the purpose you need it for and your budget.

How Do I Contact Hippo Video Customer Support?

Hippo Video offers email support. Send general inquiries to support@hippovideo.io

You can also contact them through live chat. These features are available on select plans, however.

Hippo Video Alternatives Software 2024

In this Hippo Video Review, I will share with you the Best Hippo Video alternatives and competitors in 2024.

Come on, let’s go!


Vidello’s cloud-based video management and hosting platform offers instant streaming, A/B split testing, and advanced video analytics in addition to customizable branding, conversion tracking, and marketing calls-to-action. Video reviews and demos can be created by Vidello users for e-commerce and landing pages, membership websites, and review blogs.


With Vidyard, a video marketing platform based in Canada, customers can derive marketing automation and CRM information from viewers’ behaviors.


Viddle is a full-featured video hosting & marketing suite that will enable you to host, play, and market your high-quality training videos on ANY page, blog, shop, or membership platform for maximum sales, leads, and profit.

Is Hippo Video Best Video Marketing Tool?

Yes, in my eyes, Hippo Video is the best video marketing tool present to this day. With its unique features and fairly easy navigation, it is easy to use to create and edit videos for marketing your products and services.

Hippo Video Review Verdict

This platform was built by marketing professionals exclusively for online video. You can create marketing videos using the marketing video maker. It can generate loads of leads, and close more deals.

You can create videos with Hippo Video’s easy-to-use user interface even if you’re a newbie. Hippo Video features like GIF creator makes it unique from Hippo Video’s similar software.

All in all, it boosts engagement and keeps the prospect’s interest at pique while making your work stunning and easy!

In case, still you have queries about Hippo Video or feel confused with other things. Please feel free to comment below or contact me on WhatsApp or Messenger.

I will be happy to help you 🤝.

Hippo Video

Hippo Video Review: Is It The Best Video Marketing Tool?

Hippo Video is the best video marketing platform that can boost sales for any online business through personalized video emails and more.

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