What is Scroll Stopper Video? Examples, Templates, Best Tool

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74% of marketers say that videos have a better return or investment than static imagery. This is why videos have become part of the content marketing strategy of most businesses. But STOP!!!

You should know what research says before investing dollars in Facebook ads or any social media video ads. Research says that you will get just 10 seconds to capture the attention of your customers or viewers.

Do you know why? Because now people have shorter attention spans than… GOLDFISH.

Then what is the solution to grab people’s attention and make the social media video ads successful? The solution is, among so many video types you can use scroll stopper video. The scroll stoppers are great for getting attention on social media posts or video ads.

Once you start using scroll stopper video ads, you can attract more people’s attention, drive more traffic, and can generate more sales. Let’s look into the scroll stopper video closely.

What is Scroll Stopper Video?

A scroll stopper video is a thumb-stopping video that can make people stop scrolling once they see it on social media platforms.

Generally, the scroll stopper is up to the 15-second video, which is eye-catching with meaningful content like attractive visual effects, rapid discounts, and so on.

Now the question arises how will you create scroll stopper videos for social media posts or Facebook ads?

There is amazing scroll stopper video clip creation software available on the internet. You can quickly create a scroll stopper video yourself as most of them have editable templates.

To mention the name a few are CreateStudio, Offeo, and VideoCreator.

scroll stopper video

Now that you have already got an idea about what is scroll stopper video now let’s move on to why you need scroll stopper videos for social media marketing.

Scroll Stopper Examples: Made with Create Studio

I am sure, you might want to see the scroll stopper video examples! Okay. Have a look at the Create Studio scroll stoppers video…

Why do you need Scroll Stopper Videos?

Every month 1.25 billion Facebook users view videos just on Facebook. This made the platform allow marketers to use Facebook video ads to their advantage.

These are the statistics, I mentioned only about Facebook. Other social media like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are immensely popular for video and help brands to market their products easily.

Scroll stopper video is essential for you because it enables your customers to pay attention to your brand and creates the best leads.

Statistics show that videos have a higher conversion rate as much as 90% than any other marketing campaign. This makes it essential for you to create scroll-stopping videos for your brand.

As a marketer, you understand that by creating a scroll-stopping video you can get your message in front of the perfect target audience again and again. Now; you know, why you need it.

Let me tell you more…

  1. You need it to hook the customer
  2. To boost your ROI on Facebook ads or any other video ads
  3. A scroll stopper video increases the video view
  4. To engage your audience by clicking the play button multiple times
  5. To boost your branding among your target audience
  6. Speak about your brand’s message with attractive stopping video content
  7. Conceived and naturally drawn on-screen graphics spark curiosity

Now you must be excited to know about how to create a scroll stopper video and for that, you have to keep reading my post.

How to Create Scroll Stopper Video Ads?

If you’re worried that to create a scroll-stopper video you need professional help then you are wrong.

Yes, you can always buy the scroll stopper video creation service to save money and time.

But, I will recommend trying it yourself first.

Because creating scroll stopper video advertisements is made easy by some animation video creation software and online video creator software.

The immense host of scroll-stopper video templates, animated characters, background styles, royalty-free music, and various other features present in the video-making software make it easy for everyone to create interactive scroll stopper videos without any design knowledge.

To guide you into creating the best scroll stopper video in this post, I will be speaking about the best tools you can use to create jaw-dropping videos and hook your customers.

Best Tools or Software to Create Scroll Stopper Videos

I have found the 3 best video creation tools that are very useful as they help in creating scroll-stopping videos for social media as well as other types of videos like business promo videos, marketing videos, Doodle videos, and much more.

So let’s move on and figure out how to create scroll-stopper videos one by one.

1. CreateStudio – Scroll Stopper Video Maker

Best Scroll Stopper Video Maker Software ($67)


CreateStudio is a popular animation video-making software. With this animation video maker, you can create the best scroll stopper videos using premium quality 100+ effects and drag-and-drop features.

The best thing about CreateStudio is you don’t need any special system to use this software. It will work with any system Windows and IOS configured less than 5 years ago or so.

To use CreateStudio you will need to buy a commercial license at a low one-time price of $67 (this software is best for individuals, freelancers, and video production companies or marketing agencies).

Please Note: If you purchase CreateStudio for $67, you’ll have access to 100 scroll stopper effects and 3 scroll stopper templates. To use all 50+ Create Studio scroll stopper templates, you have to buy the All Access Pass for an additional $27 per month or a $147 yearly plan.

Don’t yet own CreateStudio? Click here to get it first!

Now that I have explained to you about CreateStudio the most important thing that I must guide you on is how to create scroll-stopper videos in the CreateStudio app.

So let’s begin

How to Create Scroll Stopper Video on CreateStudio

Creating the scroll stopper video in CreateStudio is easy. Most of the video-making journey can be completed using the scroll-stopper video templates present in this 2D and 3D animation software.

scroll stopper video templates on createstudio app

I shall guide you through the steps. Keep reading:

STEP 1: There are a whole bunch of scroll-stopper templates in CreateStudio. You can go ahead and select one.

STEP 2: Once you select the template it will get loaded in the dashboard.

STEP 3: There are loads of project media according to specific services on the left side of the dashboard. You can select the one you like or edit it according to your requirements.

STEP 4: Now you can customize the size of the video according to the social media you want to post. You can also use different resolutions as Facebook rectangular and Instagram that is square and then create your video.

STEP 5: In case you are not satisfied with the final scroll stopper effect then you can change to other effects from the story panel which is on the left of the dashboard.

Here you get multiple scroll stopper effects to choose from. Click on the UI to get free-made interfaces and replace the media with your chosen scroll stopper by simply dragging and dropping.

STEP 6: Now it’s time to select the media for which there are many popular searches. You can choose or you can type your required media or replace it with the pre-existing ones.

STEP 7: Next you have to customize the text according to the business services or products that you offer. Also, you can customize the reactions and your scroll stopper is done.

In my opinion, creating a scroll stopper video is the most interesting video creation I have ever experienced.

So, if you have not yet used this online animation video creation tool or Facebook Video Maker, then you must get your hands on it now for your advertisement video, social video, or explainer video.

Other Videos You Can Create on CreateStudio

CreateStudio is such a functional video maker, it offers not only scroll stopper videos but also lets you create almost all types of videos like explainer videos, 2D animation videos, 3D animation videos, tutorial videos, doodle videos, and multiple other types of videos.

Here I will explain to you the other types of videos that you can create using  CreateStudio.

👉🏽 Doodle Video

A doodle video is a type of animated, training, explainer, marketing video that is created on a whiteboard, glassboard, or other background using hand shapes and the narrator paints your marketing message.

Doodle video has proven to be an effective way to inform people about significant facts and benefits of your product or service

With CreateStudio you can create doodle videos easily also you can customize them with your voice-over or the multiple music options present in the software.

Here are a few benefits of using Doodle videos

  1. Videos increase the chances of customers figuring out the next word that the hand will type which in turn increases engagement.
  2. Hand draws a pattern on the video and viewers get excited about which figure is going to be drawn. And it motivates the viewers to continuously watch your video for a longer time.
  3. Capturing and attention-grabbing videos not only reduces the count time but also helps in building a relationship with the buyer and most likely they are going to buy or get your service in the future.
👉🏽 Stomp Teasers

Stomp Teasers are named as they come with attractive background music of a giant stomping on a bunch of old wood. The power sound can be used for launching new products, and services, by creating small teaser videos.

CreateStudio has made creating stomp videos pretty easy with the snappy transitions and dynamic text animations.

Here are a few benefits of using stomp teasers

  1. Stomp teasers are the current obsession, it is supremely creative and comprises strong trendy animation.
  2. Perfect for creating a business opener, corporate presentation, epic, trailer, or product intro, with stylish and modern stomping background music.
  3. The stomping sound is so powerful that it creates a sense of curiosity and can keep the viewers engaged in watching the complete video.
👉🏽 YouTube Motion Graphics

MoGraphics are pieces of animation or digital footage, that are usually combined with audio and used to transform or extend the appearance of YouTube videos.

For YouTube channels, such videos increase engagement among viewers.

YouTube motion graphics can be created with character animation and effects animations. It is a stylized approach to displaying your videos.

Here are a few advantages of creating YouTube MoGraphics:

  1. YouTube MoGraphics can make your brand look refreshed with animated graphics like Thanks for watching, watch out for the last mini-series, and more such a call to action.
  2. YouTube MoGraphics engages the viewers to watch more of your videos, by clicking on the watch more window.
  3. YouTube MoGraphics is the best choice for sharing a powerful call to action subscribing to our channel, and watching more videos with a background music track makes it look attractive.

Of course, CreateStudio has amazing templates to create engaging, and illustrative YouTube MoGraphics.

I have just explained about three types of videos that you can make easily with CreateStudio but this is not just all that this software offers.

You can create almost any type of video using Create Studio software like sales videos, funny inspiring videos, teaching and training videos, YouTube videos, and a lot more.

Create Studio is available at a standard cost of $67 one-time purchase but need to buy All Access Pass upgrades (optional) if you are an owner of a video production company or a freelancer.

Now let’s move on to the next video maker, to guide you to create the most engaging content for your business.

2. Offeo – Scroll Stopper Video Maker

Powerful scroll stopping video maker for marketers ($98)

Offeo is best social media video tool

Offeo is an online video platform that simplifies video creation with its ready-made templates, and graphic assets. Long-time friends Clement Chia and David Lee are the founders of Offeo.

They bonded over their passion for motion graphics and developed this robust online video creation software.

How to Create Scroll Stopper Video on Offeo

Creating a scroll stopper video of a thumb-stopping video in Offeo is pretty simple.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you create your thumb-stopping video in Offeo.

STEP 1: Upload the product or service image and then remove the background and you get a transparent image.

STEP 2: You can find various colorful photo videos preset on the platform.

STEP 3: Either you can make the video on a white background or you can choose a colorful background and place the product above the background.

STEP 4: Next comes placing the Logo,  you can select the shape and then place the logo on the left-hand corner of the right-hand corner as you like.

STEP 5: You can select the layer and select the text present in the left-hand corner.

STEP 6: This just reminded me of the amazing graphics as you like to give it an impressive look. There are also animations present on the top line of the few dashboards.

STEP 7: Also, you can choose the animation speech and effects you like.

STEP 8: Once done you can save your project and download it in your required video format.

Other videos you can create on Offeo

Offeo is not only meant for creating thumb-stopping or scroll stopper videos, you can create various other videos using this platform.

I will take you through some of the videos that can be done instantly:

👉🏽 Product promos

Product promo videos are created to promote a particular product.

Here are a few advantages of creating Product promos:

  1. Promo videos are great for building awareness and attracting new visitors.
  2. The videos can engage your current visitors and also help you draw them back.
  3. Sometimes future customers or prospective clients need an extra push to try your product or service.
  4. Promo videos with certain promotions like coupons or discounts can make people happier and more likely day going to buy.
👉🏽 Logo Animation

Logo animation is the transformation of a static logo into an interesting one with the usage of animated elements, and dynamic effects. The animation is spiced up with strong music, background score, sound effects, and subtle music.

Here are a few advantages of creating logo animation:

  1. Animation logos can strike the minds of potential customers existing customers and future customers as it has some animation and special effects.
  2. The visual effects and the motion set your logo design apart from others and of course, it will capture the visitor’s attention.
  3. The dynamic images and content in an animated logo are surely easy to remember as a small 1-minute video is worth 1.8 million words.

Other than scroll stopper videos, product promos, and logo animation with Offeo, you can use it to create branded design videos, gaming intros, outro videos for YouTube, short video ads, social media video ads, typography videos, commercial videos, and much more.

Offeo is billed at an amount of $19/month or you can grab their lifetime deal at $98.

3. VideoCreator – Scroll Stopper Video Maker

New Scroll Stopping Video Ads Creation Tool ($49)


Video Creator is an all-inclusive video-creating software.VideoCreator is developed by Paul Ponna and Sid Diwar. This is a multipurpose online video-creating software comprising hundreds of next-generation video templates.

Of course, you can create almost all types of videos, you may require for marketing by using this software. The most unique among them is the pattern interrupt scroll stoppers.

Let me take you through the complete Scroll Stopper Video creation process using VideoCreator.

How to Create Scroll Stopper Video on VideoCreator

Now I am going to explain to you the step-by-step scroll stopper video creating process, for your ease.

So let’s begin:

STEP 1: Log in to the dashboard, and select the type of video you want to create. In this case, select scroll stopper video.

STEP 2: You can click on the quick preview to have a look at the video.

STEP 3: Now you can start creating the video, but customizing the texts. Changing the font styles and also changing the images.

STEP 4: Save and Download the video in your required format and size.

Isn’t the scroll stopper video creation with VideoCreator absolutely easy?

VideoCreator has a lot more video creation options, so let me explain a few of the amazing video types that you can easily create using this software.

Other Videos You Can Create on VideoCreator

👉🏽 3D Animation Videos

3D Animation Videos are three-dimensional moving objects to explain your product or services creatively. 3D Animated videos are not only engaging but also visually appealing. Using the illusion of movement the characters and the objects can be rotated and moved just like we do in real life.  

Using 3D videos will not only ease the understanding but also provide the viewers with a  better comprehension of your products.

Benefits of animated videos

  1. Animated videos promote interactivity and engage more customers.
  2. The amazing visual effects deliver a stunning and concise portrait of a product
  3. These videos create more brand exposure by keeping the customers hooked through attractive characters and texts.

VideoCreator makes it easy for anyone to create 3D animation videos in minutes without any experience or skills. The amazing visual effects present in VideoCreator will surely help you to create the best animated videos.

👉🏽 Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are short videos that explain a product, or service, or usually help to showcase the solutions to your customer’s pain points. You can create informative, explainer videos with a few clicks using VideoCreator.

The high-quality display will surely boost your followers and likes.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of explainer videos

  1. Instantly grabs the viewer’s attention as it gives solutions to the problems
  2. Increases sales by motivating the customer’s reason to invest in your product or services.
  3. Makes you stand out from the crowd by showing off your quirky brand personality.

If you are thinking of hiring professionals or freelancers on Fiverr to create videos for your project, surely it will cost thousands.

Therefore, this all-in-one video-creating software is surely handy for entrepreneurs, eCommerce sellers, and of course freelancers too.

What I loved about VideoCreators is that other than creating next-generation scroll stoppers, you can also create 3D video flipbooks, motion tracking videos, neon videos, whiteboard videos, live-action videos, video ads, social media videos, and a whole lot more.

You can get VideoCreator for just a low one-time charge of $49 (use discount coupon code “VIDEO”).

Which software has the best scroll stopper templates

My recommendation is CreateStudio as it has 80+ outstanding scroll stopper templates as well as 4 scroll stopper interfaces. This means you can create your scroll stopper video from scratch.

So don’t struggle and make videos that get attention on social media posts or scroll stopper Facebook ads.

Click here to get CreateStudio first and make unique scroll stopping ads your own.

Verdict: Which tool you should consider

We have come a long way, and I have almost explained to you every fact about the amazing video creation software and scroll stopper video creation process.

In my opinion, my first choice is CreateStudio, as it has some amazing scroll-stopping templates, and most importantly the dashboard is super user-friendly.

My second choice is VideoCreator as it has some of the most appealing features like revolutionary logo motion tracking technology, ready-to-use scroll stopper templates, and multilingual support, and these make it unique from other online animation video creation tools.

Also, I must mention Offeo as a handy marketing video maker. It is capable of generating videos within a  short time. It has thousands of designs that are ready to use, one-click animation, and common languages, that give its users full creative control.

Also, it has a 1000 music library and free video tutorials.

So, I feel all these three commercial video makers are amazingly useful for social media and digital marketers, marketing agencies, eCommerce store owners, and small businesses looking forward to 100% engagement and driving more ROI.

6 Tips for Creating Social Media Video Ads that Stop the Scroll

Videos are essential for all businesses whether you have marketing agencies, small, eCommerce stores, restaurant businesses, or any kind of business.

Here I offer a few tips to help you create the most engaging thumb-stopping social media video ads:

When you are into video marketing, as a video maker, marketer, and business owner, you must be aware of what’s trending. Like scroll-stopping videos, motion graphics, and animated logos are the burning trend. Therefore, try to use as many of the templates available in CreteStudio, Offeo, and VideoCreator.

Answer the viewer’s pain points

The best way to attract viewers and turn them into customers is by addressing their pain points. You must have the correct contents of the video to emotionally make them happy, educate, or make them aware.

Make sure that you speak about what solution you offer for your customer’s pain point, and refrain from making false promises.

Stay focused

Video ads are usually very short, Instagram prefers a 15-second short video, and LinkedIn and Facebook prefer 1-minute videos. This is the reason why you must stay focused on the topic or subject you want to speak about or promote in your video.

The best way to stay focused is by creating a video strategy with objectives and your main focus point.

Script your video

Prepare a script for your social media video ads. Since the videos are pretty straightforward, you must have proper plans and a script to get everything right. Also if your video is going to have a voice-over, you must record the voice-over properly. Creating a script can help you save your precious time and create the video with confidence.

Don’t overlook graphics

Always make the visual of your videos attractive, and use characters, texts, and calls to action. You can provide a discount code, a percent off for a time and date for an event, or a promotional period ending. Use visual titles to help the viewer focus on what you want them to remember.

Use different Size for different social channels

Make sure that you know the size of the videos for each social channel. For example, the recommended video dimensions for Facebook are 1280 x 720 for Landscape and Portrait. Recommended video formats are .MP4 and .MOV

Similarly, Instagram’s minimum resolution for all formats is 1080×1080. Recommended video formats are .MP4 and .MOV

You can get all this information in the video creation software that you will be using.

Now, I have reached the end of my post, and I hope you enjoyed reading about the latest video creation trend, scroll stopper videos, and the three most famous marketing video makers.

You will make the best use of this 3D animation software, and make the best use for creating cartoon videos, short video ads, promo videos, and much more.

Warping Up

Look, audiovisual content has become necessary whether your brand is small-medium, or huge.

CreateStudio, Offeo, and VideoCreator make video creation easier and simplify the complete video creation process with engagement templates, low-budget subscriptions, multiple audio options, and an easy rendering option.

Buy CreateStudio at $67 one-time purchase but need to buy upgrades.

Please Note: If you purchase CreateStudio for $67, you’ll have access to 100 scroll stopper effects and 3 scroll stopper templates. You can then upgrade to all access pass for an additional $27/month to access 50+ Create Studio scroll stopper templates.

If you don’t yet own CreateStudio? Click here to get it first!

Grab the Offeo lifetime deal at $98 to create unlimited stunning scroll stopper videos.

Or Sign up to VideoCreator at $69 $49 (use coupon “VIDEO”) one-time purchase but need to buy upgrades

Scroll-stopping videos are the current trend if you want to impress your audience with designs that stand out from your competitors then surely you must use one of the above-mentioned software.

createstudio 3 special deal

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