Top 10 Paid, Free Text to Speech Software for Video Creators

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Are you looking for text-to-speech software? Here I welcome you to find an extensive text-to-voice generator software program. As video agencies and creators, you need this tool to scale up video creation. And it is the best solution for shy video creators.

To save you time I thoroughly researched 17 softwares and used a few of them. Then I shortlisted and reviewed only the top 10 text to speech software. So that you can invest in the right software. If you want to decide fast, refer to the below top 5 summary table first.

Overall the Best


Fliki is overall the best text-to-speech voiceover generator for video creators. Using this same tool you can create text to video in 75 different languages.

Best for Agencies


PlayHt is a realistic text to speech (TTS) generator for creators. It has 900+ humanlike natural-sounding AI-generated voices in 142 languages.

For All Professionals


Murf let you make studio-quality audio from any text in a few minutes. Stop investing in voice overs artists and save time in video creation.

Best for Creators


Listnr is a free AI text to speech converter. It has over 900 voices. Listnr allows you to embed your audio anywhere using audio player widgets.

Easiest Software


Speechify is a free text to speech converter that lets you listen to docs, articles, and emails, as well as you can download audio files to use as a voice-over

As the market has enough options, we will check out in detail the top 10 text-to-speech software programs. However, before we look into the details, let us find out what is this software program.

best text to speech software for video creators

What is text to speech?

A text-to-speech (TTS) software takes input as digital text and as output converts it into human-like speech as per instruction in different languages and variants.

Text-to-speech, or TTS, is the assistive technology used in reading digital texts. It is also popular as read-aloud technology. The sound or speech is almost similar to natural human reactions, pronunciations, pitch, and frequency.

Text-to-speech tools are very helpful in converting words into audio (MP3, WAV). It is highly beneficial for adults and kids who struggle with reading.

However, these days video production companies are using text-to-speech apps heavily in production work. If you are into video creation, you can start using a text-to-speech online tool.

Benefits of Text-to-Speech Software

Digital voice interactions are growing at a huge pace, just like augmented reality and Metaverse. Similarly, text-to-speech is one of those great tools that can be effective for creative people.

Following are some of the most common benefits of choosing text-to-speech solutions for video creators and agencies…

Helps you to reach a broader audience: The primary use of TTS software is to get rid of accessibility barriers. This software helps people with language disabilities, learners, and adults. With a complicated user interface, this software can become incredibly valuable.

As a business, you would certainly want to improve your audience reach, which is when a great and feature-packed text-to-speech online tool can be beneficial.

Helps to improve video engagement: When businesses are looking forward to improving their relationship with customers, it requires improving engagement. With more human-like voice quality, it becomes easier for customers to engage with video.

A scalable solution for video creation: Text-to-speech is known for its scalability. When you get the opportunity to customize the voice of text to speech, according to your requirement, it helps you to include a lot of data and get the audio recording of it. It is especially a great choice when you are required to work regularly with a huge number of texts.

Hiring an actor or voiceover artist can be an overwhelming investment which is when choosing text-to-speech solutions for voiceover can be a realistic option.

Helps to improve satisfaction: in today’s world, when videos are more prevalent across different industries, it needs businesses to think differently. If you are looking forward to creating your video, but you require to give voice-over video, text-to-speech software programs can be valuable. It will give a human-like voice with similar intonation and frequencies to give life to your video.

Helps you to reduce investments: One of the best things about using a realistic text-to-speech software program is that it has human-like voices. So, you will not be required to choose professionals to give voiceovers on your YouTube video. You can simply select a text-to-speech online tool, and it will help to give voice to your videos or podcast.

Not only enterprises but also small businesses, influencers, or video creators can use these tools and enjoy the many benefits.

How does text-to-speech software work?

Several organizations and businesses have started using artificial intelligence in their solutions and procedures to make them efficient and better. Text-to-speech is one of those areas where AI has been showing great power in recent times.

The text-to-speech solutions require working with natural language processing based on artificial intelligence. It can generate human-like voices, which makes them more fluent and interactive.

The process works by passing a huge block of text through the NLP engine, which breaks it into smaller portions of sentences and words. Every word is properly processed to provide a desired speech.

To acquire the best voice quality, you need to choose properly. Even if you are looking for more than just text-to-speech, you can find different text-to-speech tools available with a range of other features.

How do you choose text-to-speech software?

As a market has overwhelming choices, it is important to choose the right text-to-speech tools for use. Selecting the right text-to-speech online tool depends on your personal preferences.

Even when the concept is really simple, a range of aspects and features needs to be taken into consideration while deciding on a text-to-speech app.

Make sure that you check the number of voice options available in the tool. The availability of customization options can be really helpful.

Apart from this, check out other essential features like where and how they operate, formats of reading, and audio format for saving. Even if you are looking for free versions, you have to check out the advanced features available in it.

Top 10 Text-to-Speech Software for Video Creators, Agencies

In 2024, you can’t deny the importance of text to speech software in video production work. TTS software can save a huge time and money for needy video creators and agencies. So, I have created a list of Text-to-Speech apps for your convenience. Check them…


Fliki is a text to speech software cum text to video maker that helps you create audio and video content quickly using AI voices in a few minutes. With Fliki you can convert any text-based content into voiceover to use in videos or into podcasts or audiobooks in 75+ languages in a few clicks. Fliki has a 4.8/5 average satisfaction rating on TrustPilot, G2, and AppSumo.

create voiceover on fliki ai

Fliki is trusted by 1,500,000+ content creators and video production companies as it has the best neural human voices. Most YouTubers use Fliki for its text to video making feature.

Fliki Features

  • Fliki has 900+ realistic AI Voices that support 75+ languages and 100+ dialects.
  • Fliki is a combination of text to speech and AI text to video creators which is very good.
  • Fliki has better speech control than its competitors.
  • Fliki’s subtitles-adding feature in the video is the winner.

Fliki Price

Fliki offers Free and Paid subscriptions. Fliki’s billing options include Monthly and Annual. Fliki has 4 membership packages and the starting price is $8. Read the Fliki review to know more.


Your search for the best text-to-speech software ends with Murf AI. This is a high-end tool that provides realistic voiceover. The sound of human-like voices makes this tool a great choice.

murf ai voice generator versatile text to speech software

This text-to-speech tool makes use of an AI algorithm for simplifying voiceover creation.

With a huge range of male and female voices, different tonalities are common, and gender and languages help you to create high-quality marketing videos or podcasts in a few minutes.

You can simply choose the voice that you want from the studio and provide the text to the AI, while the platform uses its features and functionalities to get the best results.

You can also choose a customization feature to use voice effects.

This tool has a great ability to immediately convert text files into speech and ensure a flawless voiceover that sounds exactly like a human.

This is a feature-packed platform that not only provides you the ability to edit voice but also syncs different media like presentations, videos, and images with the voice.

Murf Features

  • Users can customize specific word pronunciation by making use of the pronunciation feature in this tool.
  • The pronunciation can be saved and shared.
  • It helps to include different lengths of pauses within the prescription, control, page, decrease or increase, volume, and other features.
  • It helps to fine-tune the narration and get the right output.
  • With the enterprise plan, this tool helps in team collaboration by bringing together a project.
  • It has the capability to sync VoiceOver with visuals.
  • It has more than 19 languages and over 100 realistic voices.

Murf Pricing

It can be the right choice for you if you are searching for a tool offering voiceovers for presentations, videos, and eLearning.


If you are looking for a text to speech software that can create realistic audio by using top synthetic voices from Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, and Google, Play.HT is the right choice for you. This is a next-generation translation, transcription, and voice-over tool.

playht online ai voice generator realistic text to speech

The voice available in this high-end text-to-speech software sounds completely natural. It will sound just similar to a voice-over artist.

It has human-like intonation and is powered by machine learning technology, making it easier to create any voiceover video. If you are using a doodle maker and you would like to add a realistic voice to your video, this high-end tool can complement your requirements.

It can easily give voices in different languages as well. It all started in 2016. This software was used as a Chrome extension to listen to medium articles, but now it is a renowned text-to-speech software with a great number of features.

PlayHT Features

  • This free text-to-speech online tool has over 570 AI voices.
  • It supports 57 languages to help you create an excellent video for your social media marketing and improve reach.
  • You get complete broadcasting and commercial rights for the audio you create with this tool.
  • As it is powered by machine learning, this text-to-speech online tool has the most expressive styles. The different styles include customer service, conversational, empathetic, and a lot more, according to your requirements.
  • It provides you the freedom to customize your pronunciation.
  • You can easily edit the voice tonality.
  • It also lets you customize poses according to your needs.
  • It lets you easily share audio on different platforms as podcasts.

PlayHT Pricing

Play.HT can be the right choice for video creators and bloggers if you would like to add audio to your content or create podcasts.


Listnr is a powerful tool integrated with AI technology. It can seamlessly transform any blog post into a voice file. The best part about this tool is that it helps you to make voiceovers in a few minutes.

Once you have transformed it into audio, you can easily share it on different social platforms. This software lets you create high-quality videos that sound like humans and improve audio output quality.

Listnr Features

  • It offers hundreds of choices to users.
  • Every voice is different in its accent, patterns, and styles.
  • There are more than 22 different languages.
  • Provides you access to an automatic RSS feed for creating podcasts.
  • This software allows you to post podcasts on platforms like Google Podcasts, Translate, and Spotify.
  • It helps you to simply share your creations on different social accounts.

It can be the best choice if you are into social media marketing as it helps to create social media videos and easily share them on different platforms. You can also easily create and launch a podcast on different platforms.

You can read the Listnr review for more information or click the below button to join Listnr for free.


If you want high-quality sound that has a natural tone to it, Speechify can be an ideal inclusion. This is a great text-to-speech software that is available in both free and premium subscriptions. With this text-to-speech app for Windows, you can seamlessly create professional-quality videos that have a natural sound. It has an extension for Google Chrome which makes it easy to use in Windows. Apart from this, they also have text to speech app, iPhone, and desktop, which makes it a valuable inclusion.

Speechify Features

  • It has the dedicated text-to-speech app iPhone.
  • You can use the Google Chrome extension for easy use.
  • The AI voices sound completely natural.
  • You will be able to easily adjust the speed of the voices accordingly.
  • It has over 30 female and male voices that have natural sounds.
  • It supports more than 15 languages.

Speechify Pricing

It can be an appropriate choice for any work that requires adding natural voiceovers to it. If you want to create video content like social media videos, doodle videos, or any other form of video, using this software is extremely easy.


The next powerful text-to-speech software that we are going to talk about is Speechelo. It is an AI-driven technology with excellent quality to provide high-quality audio voices.

If you are mostly into creating audio or video content, there is a likelihood that you would require good and realistic text-to-speech software. This is when you need to give Speechelo a must-try.

It is a brilliant solution for people who are uncomfortable using their own voice in videos.

Whether it is about YouTube video, doodle video, or any social media video, you can use this high-end tool to create audio. With a huge range of features and facilities like the right tonality, Beach, speed, and poses, this tool provides a realistic solution.

Speechelo Features

  • This text-to-speech software has the ability to transform text into speech
  • It is included with both female and male voices.
  • It has more than 30 human sounds that help you create high-quality social media videos.
  • It helps you to customize tones according to your requirements from three different varieties.
  • It can work with any other video creation software like Animaker, Adobe Premiere, and others.
  • It has the ability to work with 23 other languages apart from English.

Speechelo Pricing

Speechelo is the right choice for you if you are into YouTube video creation or any other video creation. This high-end tool can be the right choice to give voiceover on your video content. Speechelo is more affordable than Speechelo alternatives.

Speechelo’s price is only $47 (one-time payment) but you might need to buy its upgrade.


Synthesys is the next text-to-speech software that is known for producing natural voices for texts. With this software, you will be able to acquire quite a huge range of languages and tones in different voices and languages. As it has a simple user interface, it becomes very easy to generate speech for the texts and can be used for different purposes.

Synthesys Features

  • It is a cloud-based software.
  • It has more than 30 male and 35 female voices.
  • It has an extensive library of natural voices.
  • It has a very user-friendly interface.
  • It lets you create unlimited voices.

Synthesys Pricing

It is a great choice to get a huge variety of male and female voices. If you are looking forward to creating podcasts, tutorials, commercials, and other documentaries, it can be a great choice.


MicMonster is the next text-to-speech software known for offering a natural-sounding speech. It uses advanced text-to-speech technology and ensures quality VoiceOver. It has an extremely easy user interface and ensures a speedy outcome.

All you need is to copy and paste your text and choose the language you want for the VoiceOver. It will immediately help you to generate a voice in your preferred language. It has already been trusted by several users who have loved this software.

MicMonster Features

  • This text-to-speech software is available for users looking for quality output.
  • It has over 500 voices.
  • It can speak more than 129 languages.
  • It also has a multi-voice feature where you can assign a part of the script you would like to choose.
  • It provides you the ability to customize features like bitch, pauses, emphasis, and fine-tuning.
  • It helps you to customize your pronunciation according to your requirements.
  • It lets you easily transform 12,000 words at once.
  • It has different styles of voices.

It is the best choice for people who want to create YouTube videos, e-learning videos, audiobooks, podcasts, corporate training programs, and radio.


If you are looking for an all-rounder software that has more features rather than just text-to-speech, you can choose Create Studio. It has some of the most amazing features that will help you to create videos, edit them, and use several other features, which include text-to-speech as well.

This is a high-end video animation software that has been rated with the most reviews and ratings because of its quality. It can be a good choice for video production agencies, small businesses, YouTube creators, and freelancers who want to create high-quality videos.

It includes a text-to-speech feature built into the software along with several others like animated elements, motion builder, animation presets, pen tool, special effects, green screen editing, and a lot more.


Apart from CreateStudio, if you are looking for another all-rounder software that helps you in your production, InVideo is the right choice for you. It provides you the ability to easily create videos from the many premade templates or bland templates available. It does not require you to have technical knowledge because of its user interface.

It has excellent features, and one of them is the text-to-speech feature. It has an automated text-to-speech feature, which can be beneficial for businesses to seamlessly create videos in a matter of a few minutes.

Besides, it improves the video creation and efficiency process with the availability of huge libraries from Shutterstock and storyblocks.

The customizable templates, collaboration, tools, and bulk upload features are some of the distinguishing features present in this tool.


NoteVibes is again a premium quality text-to-speech software that has more than 225+ voices. This Google text-to-speech app can be a great choice for people who are looking for easy software. With the many languages and easy user interface, this software enables easy use. It can be a great choice for you if you are into creating sales, educational, and training videos.

Notevibes Features

  • It is advanced software that helps you to add voiceovers in a matter of a few minutes.
  • This advanced editor helps to change the pitch and speed of the voices.
  • It can control the volume of the voices.
  • It has more than 225 voices which are humanlike natural sounds.
  • It lets you save audio in different formats like WAV or MP3.

Notevibes Pricing

It can be the best choice for creating media ads, document reading, YouTube videos, broadcasting, and others.


Blakify is the next text-to-speech software with cutting-edge technology. It has immense capabilities and can become the right choice for people who are looking for voice-over software.

The AI voice generator sounds completely like a human and has the best synthetic voices from IBM, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.

Blakify Features

  • It has the next level of technology.
  • It has a huge library of 700+ voices.
  • It is powered by artificial intelligence.
  • It helps to generate realistic audio in a matter of few minutes
  • It helps to generate and download files in different formats like WAV.
  • It can provide messages in more than 60 different languages.

It is the best choice for content creators who want to give their voiceovers.

Comparison of Text-to-Speech Solutions

ToolsText-to-Speech Software FeaturesPrice
MurfHelps to create different lengths of video with more customization features on pronunciation. It also lets you control the volume and provide the right output. It can easily sync with visuals and has more than 100 realistic voices that can be created in more than 19 languages.Free – $ 0 Basic – $29 Pro – $39 Enterprise – $59  
Play.HTThis tool has more than 570 AI voices that can be created in 57 different languages. It has commercial and broadcasting rights and is powered by machine learning. It helps you to create different styles of audio and provides customization features of pronunciation and tonality.Free-$0 Professional – $29.25 per month Premium – $49.50 per month Custom pricing is also available
SpeecheloThis tool has an amazing ability to transform any text into speech in different male and female voices. It has over 30 human sounds for creating high-quality videos. You can also customize tones and can collaborate with other video creation software.Free- $0 Premium – $139 per year audiobooks – $199 per year
Blakify It is integrated with next-level AI technology with over 700 voices. It can create audio in 60 different languages, which can be downloaded in WAV formats.Lite- $29.99 per month Pro – $59.99 per month Elite – $99.99 per month
 MicMonsterIt is the next-generation text-to-speech software, delivering high-quality audio with more than 500 voices. It can speak 129 languages and has multi-voice features. You will also get the ability to customize different features and can transform 12,000 words at once.Promax quarterly – $39 Promax annual – $119 Promax, LTD – $799
Listnr This text-to-speech software provides hundreds of choices in different styles, patterns, and accents. It can speak in 22 different languages and provides users easy access to automatic RSS feeds.Individual – $19 per month. Solo – $39 per month Startup – $59 per month
Notevibes It is a premium quality software with over 225 voices. This is advanced software that lets you add VoiceOver in just a few minutes. The advanced editor can also help you to change the speed and pitch of voices along with the volume. It also has an MP3 downloadable format.Personal pack – $8 per month. Commercial Bank – $90 per month Corporate pact is customized after contacting them.
SynthesysIt is a great quality cloud-based software with more than 35 female and 30 male voices. The extensive natural voices in the library make it easy to choose for your project. Additionally, the user-friendly interface helps you to simply choose according to your requirements.Audio synthesis – $27 per month Human studio synthesis – $36 per month Audio and human studio synthesis – $52 per month
SpeechifyIf you are looking for a text-to-speech app for iPhone and Windows, Speechify is the ideal choice. It supports over 15 languages and has more than 30 male and female voices.Free Premium – $139 per year. Audiobooks – $199 per year.

Important text-to-speech Software Features

When it comes to choosing text-to-speech software, users need to determine some of the most valuable factors. So here, we will take a look at some of the most important features that determine the quality of text-to-speech software.

  • The primary thing that you need to be sure about text-to-speech software is that it has human-like voices. As viewers are looking for a human voice, the best voiceover experience can be provided with a text-to-speech feature that sounds like a natural voice.
  • The next important thing that you also need to make sure of while deciding on a text-to-speech tool is that it has a very easy user interface. This will help you to simply navigate the tool without spending much time learning it.
  • You also need to check whether it allows collaboration. When you can easily collaborate the text-to-speech tool with other high-end video editing or creation tools, it becomes a real-time help and improves productivity.
  • It is a must for any amazing text-to-speech tool to have different accents and languages. As you require to improve your video reach, a great text-to-speech tool that supports a range of accents and languages can be valuable for video creation.
  • Lastly, it is important to make sure that the text-to-speech tool has customization features. This customization feature will help you to easily balance the voice quality and create a more human-like experience. With custom voiceover, it helps you to create voices according to the project’s requirements.

Text-to-speech Software Use Cases

In recent times, when videos have improved demand in different industries, text-to-speech tools can be a great integration. While there is no limitation to using a text-to-speech online app, it has been mostly adopted by some of the common industries like e-learning, marketing, telecommunication, finance, and tourism.

Besides, as the availability of podcasts is rising, text-to-speech software demand is growing at an unmatched pace. There are several other use cases, but when it comes to the IT industry and its need in marketing, the advantages of text-to-speech apps are unmatched.


Which is the most realistic text-to-speech voice software?

All nine text-to-speech solutions mentioned above and known for being realistic text-to-speech software programs. These have great voices that sound completely natural to be used in YouTube, social media, and doodle videos. If you are shy to give your own voice, you would no longer require using a voiceover artist as these text-to-voice tools are extremely effective in giving a natural sound to your videos.

Which is the best free text-to-speech software?

If you are looking for great text-to-speech software available for free, you can choose Murf, Play.HT, Speechify, and Speechelo. There are multiple features included in these software programs which makes them a valuable choice for any video creators for video marketing.

Is voice quality the same in every text-to-speech tool?

No. Every text-to-speech tool is different from another. For this, you have to personally use these tools to understand and find the right tools for your requirement. However, you must know that all of these tools have naturally sounding voices which makes them a great choice for giving voiceovers.

How can I use Text to Speech software?

You have to choose the right text-to-speech tool and then follow the procedure mentioned. Most of the software has an easy user interface which makes them an appropriate choice for your special requirement. Most of these tools have very simple user interfaces which makes these tools a valuable choice for anyone. Looking forward to creating videos.

fliki ai voiceover tool

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