15 Types of Social Media Marketing Images Work Best in 2024

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For social media marketing success, images and videos play a crucial role and as a digital marketer in my experience, I believe this 100%. Today we will only look into the images that make social media marketing successful.

I’m happy to share the types of social media marketing images with you that work best in 2024. First, read them and if you have any images that work best for you. Please let me know in the comments along with your thoughts and questions. I’d love to hear them.

It is important to know the following information if you are doing social media promotion for yourself or for your clients…

  • According to Jeff Bullas, Facebook posts with photos receive an average of 37% more engagements than posts without photos.
  • Posts with images receive 2.3 times more engagement than those without, according to Buzzsumo.
  • Our brains can process visuals much faster than text, which is why all big brands use images and videos on large scale.
  • Krista Neher, a marketing industry influencer, claims that the human brain processes images at 60,000 times the pace of words.
types of social media marketing images

The point is that a picture conveys so much more information than words can. Even one picture can describe a thousand words!

And, the problem is that some businesses struggle with optimizing their social content and choosing the right social media image, which is leading to a lack of engagement.

What Kinds of Images Work Best for Social Media Marketing?

Creating relevant social media content is a marketer’s biggest challenge when it comes to digital marketing. It is all about combining quality and quantity when it comes to product/brand marketing on social media.

Every social media platform must be updated no less than three times a week. A maximum of one post per day is necessary to keep users engaged. Of course, you must pay attention to the promotional content’s quality and quantity.

Keeping your clients engaged across multiple platforms requires more than just one image. I am writing this article to make things easier for you. To make your social media followers’ lives more interesting, here are 15 types of images you must use for social media marketing, and some tips and tricks you can use to make these images.

15 Types of Social Media Marketing Images Work Best in 2024

Most successful social media marketing examples share a common theme of images that resonate with the target audience. Now, let’s take a closer look at 15 social media marketing image examples to help you fuel your 2024 social media strategy.

1. Product Photo or Images

According to numerous studies, static product photographs create up to 4 times more interaction than other post types on social media. You are ensuring that the visual style of your brand is reflected in your photos. You must adhere to its unique style and format to increase engagement with your product photos on each social media platform.

2. Quote Images

Popular on social media are photographs or pictures of quotes. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter in particular. The fact that quotation images are simple to observe and understand could be one of the reasons they are so popular and easy to share on social media.

Quote images frequently include succinct pearls of knowledge, motivation, or humor that we may quickly agree with, appreciate, or reject with very little effort.

3. Store Announcements

The ideal venue to reveal your creativity and generate buzz is social media. Almost 60% of people use social media, with daily usage averages of two and a half hours. You must plan your social media launch strategy before launching a company, a new product, or announcing a rebrand.

4. This or That Images

An original image is yours if you made it. You have the sole right to exhibit and replicate what you generate because of that ownership. You need the authorization to utilize something if you didn’t create it.

5. Seasonal Images

Seasonal imagery is a fantastic method to stay current during a particular season and follow trends that may draw in new followers or re-engage existing ones. Additionally cyclical is seasonal content. You anticipate that it will arise annually or frequently. When it happens, you may always clean up and refresh your current seasonal material for the following season.

6. Behind Scenes Photos or Images

Sharing behind-the-scenes content on social media is a fantastic approach to developing your business. It offers viewers a behind-the-scenes glimpse at who you are and what your business stands for. Additionally, it fosters the relationship with your target market that you require if you want your brand to endure in the long run.

7. UGC Photos or Images

Customers now have a rare chance to actively take part in a brand’s expansion through user-generated content (UGC). Because developing UGC enables users to participate in a brand’s community and because individuals thrive when they are a part of something bigger than themselves, this has a significant impact on brand loyalty and affinity.

8. Employees’ and Business Owners’ Photos

Authenticity has replaced corporate messaging as the social media currency, and employees no longer hide behind corporate statements when uploading work-related information. Not only are they sharing their stories and thoughts about work-related issues, but also about their personal lives, cultures, and politics.

Public perception of your brand is shaped by your company’s corporate image. By letting the public know what kind of business you run through marketing and advertising, you can contribute to its shaping.

9. Quiz Images

Using quizzes, you can engage your audience, get feedback, and expand your email list. A distinct goal is necessary for an effective quiz. What do you want to achieve? What are you expecting them to do?

10. Collages Images

A collage is a simple way to present several photographs. It is an engaging method to see images for visitors, especially if they have a theme. Companies utilize photo collages to keep readers interested in their digital information.

11. Text Over Plain Background Images

In addition to presenting engaging text and lighting up the background, the subject is also lighted in a way that is unusual to see. Make use of the lighting to shed light on the surroundings and create a focal point. Set up the lighting so that it highlights the key elements of the background.

12. Text with Photos or Images with Descriptive text

Observations regarding the use of image descriptions on social media. What is visually presented in the post is described in the image captions. The viewers won’t get all the information if you provide the item in an inaccessible manner without an image explanation.

13. Icons and Illustrations

Social media icons and illustrations make it simpler for consumers to find their business on social media, assisting in client engagement and growing the company’s fan base. They can be included on the website and other online marketing materials.

14. Screenshots

Using screenshots, you can record exactly what’s on your screen for later sharing or reference. Taking screenshots, preserving them, and sharing them can all be very beneficial. Authenticity has become more important than ever before.

15. Before and After Photos

Before-and-after photos are particularly effective marketing tools because they serve as social proof, demonstrate results, demonstrate a company’s ability to keep its promises and take potential customers on a trip.

before and after photos examples

Still Photo or Image vs Animated Photo

Images are a great way of capturing memories. An image is a visual representation of a memory.

The still photo or images have been with the human race for centuries and centuries ago from today. They are as old as marvel’s superhero Thor. With technological progress, an image can be of two types two-dimensional and three-dimensional. A three-dimensional image is mostly a statue or a hologram.

A two-dimensional is mostly printed on paper for a hardcopy like a map, graph, pie chart, painting, or even a banner. An image can be captured from devices like cameras, mirrors, lenses, microscopes, telescopes, and many more such devices. Images can also be manually rendered in the form of paintings and drawings.

Whereas animated photos are nothing but moving images on the screen, it is impossible to get a hard copy of an animated image. It is also a mark of the progression of technology in the field of photography.

GIFs are the biggest among the new generations. They use it while chatting and also sometimes refer to GIFs in real life in between conversations. 

Parallax animation is a technique that is used in photo animation. It looks like the background images go past through the camera slowly from the front of the image.

Now the main point is which is better. For that, there is no specific answer. Images have a great historic background whereas the animated photo is a symbol of the technological progress of the human race.

Both have equal importance and should be a part of your marketing campaigns and social media marketing strategy.

Why Photos or Images Are Important for Your Business?

Here are 7 reasons why photos or images are one of the key visual assets that will contribute to your business’s success.

Images are Important for higher ranking in search engines: Images can hugely impact your SEO results. Optimizing images not only enhances the performance of a website and drives traffic, but it also boosts rankings and provides a great user experience.

People are visual learners: Approximately 65 percent of the general population is visual learners, which means they retain information better when they can see it. Communication with visuals has an additional benefit that written or verbal methods do not: speed.

Visual Content is King: It takes less than one-tenth of a second to sense visual scenes. Visual information comprises 90% of what the brain receives. There is a 60,000X speed increase in processing visuals over text.

Use images to grow blog traffic: Bloggers use visuals in 71% of their marketing strategies. Making your blog posts more appealing can be achieved with photos and illustrations. Create original blog posts that will set you apart from your competitors using these images. They will convey your message more effectively.

Images make content more shareable: Tweets with images receive 18% more clicks and 150% more retweets than tweets without images. And, we know that Twitter is a no-nonsense social media platform.

Images can make your emails more effective: A CTR of 4.5% is found for emails that contain images. An email campaign can perform significantly better if it includes images, even with the best copy. Using visual content strengthens your message and conveys information that can’t be conveyed with words.

Images can increase conversion rates: Images not only breathe life into a website but also converts better. A website is no longer merely a place to browse – it is a place to experience. A well-chosen image can increase conversions on your site and help you connect with your target audience better.

Can You Use Stock Photos for Social Media Marketing?

Yes, stock photos for social media marketing are a very widespread practice. But, there are a few things you should keep in mind while using stock photos as social media images:

  • You can use stock photos, videos, and other assets to fill out your social media posts, but don’t forget to adhere to your brand and style. You can make your chosen photos look less ‘stock’ by adding things such as your logo and text in your brand font.
  • Make sure the stock image you choose is professionally taken. Make sure you have permission to put your spin on it.

Where You Can Find Great Photos or Images?

People in suits shaking hands have become accustomed to seeing cheesy stock images. There are a lot of tacky stock photos on the market these days, not to mention that they are expensive. There has been an explosion of beautiful stock photography websites popping up all over the internet.

I recommend using Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Pixabay, and Envato Elements for high-quality social media images. These websites are known to have stock images on all kinds of topics and are snapped and uploaded by experienced photographers from all around the world.

Where You Can Create Your Images for Social Media Marketing?

It’s no secret that images play a huge role in social media posts, but you might wonder if you can create eye-catching images without hiring designers or learning Photoshop. I’m happy to tell you that you can!

I recommend and love using photo creation softwares like PixTeller, PhotoVibrance, and Canva to create attention-grabbing images for my blog, too. These photo editing software work like magic and house all the necessary (and more!) editing tools you might need. And, this is the fastest way to get images for free – no kidding. Also, these photo editing apps have a huge library of stock images, you can pick and choose from!

Conclusion: What Type of Image Are You Sharing on Social Media?

Achieving a greater level of communication with your audience is made possible by images on social media. You can keep track of your activities and show your followers more of you. It is much easier to tell a story with images than with words in an article. Keep your branding in mind by using high-quality images and I am confident your efforts will be rewarded!

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