What to Say in YouTube Video Intro? 14 YouTube Intro Lines Examples

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You landed on this page means you have a YouTube channel. Well, that is a great thing, but to make your video engaging, you have to work smartly. The right YouTube intro lines can grab your viewer’s attention and improve video engagement.

But are you thinking about what the best YouTube video intro lines are? To help you get complete knowledge, here we will talk about the best ways to decide on YouTube intros and will also provide you with some amazing YouTube Intro ideas. Here are a few common YouTube intro lines examples for you and later I will share more examples.

  • Hi! Did you know?
  • Hi, today we will learn
  • In this video, we will check/learn
  • Today, I will show you my exact formula
  • Hi Guys
  • Hi friends
  • Hello Ladies and gentlemen
  • Hi, today in this video
  • Today we will
  • Hello [your audience type] (e.g., Hello gamers)
  • Check a few more examples below…

What is the goal of YouTube intro lines? 

The prime goal of using a YouTube intro is to connect with the viewers in the very first few seconds. Most of the time, the YouTube video intro lines are only somewhere around 15 to 30 seconds. The first few seconds will help to connect with the viewers immediately and hook them onto your videos.

youtube video intro lines examples

The very first thing that you need to do is to reinforce everything you have promised in your title and in your thumbnail. No wonder your viewers will see the thumbnail first and then read the title based on what they have searched on YouTube or Google.

Therefore you have to make sure that your YouTube video intro lines contain precisely what you have written in the title or are connected with it.

Before we talk about the YouTube intro ideas, we will have a look at the ways you have to think about your unique intro for your YouTube video. Remember, this is going to help in YouTube SEO at a vast level.

How to create an intriguing YouTube intro for your video?

Remember that when creating a YouTube video intro line, you must keep your core offering and video information in mind.

You can ask a question: When you are creating a YouTube video that is helpful for your clients, you can start the YouTube video intro script or lines with a question. For example, if you are creating a video on YouTube intro lines, you can always start by asking a question like, “Are you facing a problem in keeping your viewers engaged with your video?”

Asking a question at the very beginning of your YouTube video can elevate the curiosity in your viewers and would compel them to find the answer.

So when you have already asked the questions, you immediately have to add the line “Stay tuned to know more about how to keep your viewers engaged with your YouTube video.”

Tell a story: You can always start the YouTube video by telling a story. Make sure you create a personalized story based on the video title. Don’t use a story that is irrelevant and has no connection with the video title.

Or, you can start with the line “Today I am going to tell you something about my life/ share my personal experience about _ with you”.

Then go ahead with your story, but remember don’t bore your viewers. If they are happy you will also be happy because of good viewer retention.

You will always notice a massive elevation in the viewer count when you share your personal story as the YouTube video intro lines.

Show what they can expect from the YouTube video: You can easily do this by revealing to your viewers the images at the very beginning of your video. For example, if you’re creating a tutorial, you can always show some screenshots about what they’re going to see in the outcome at the very beginning and then start with the YouTube video.

Showing the outcome of the steps would help your viewers to hook onto your YouTube video to get the answer to their queries. 

These are the important things that you need to keep in mind when creating a YouTube intro.

Vlog Intro Lines for YouTube Intro video

Vlogging is a new trend and its popularity has risen exponentially in the past few years. YouTube become the best platform for vloggers to present their talents, opinions, or experiences.

In vlog videos, you can be focused on different aspects of your life. You can showcase your special talent on the vlogs or make it simple by uploading videos of your daily routine life so that your followers get a chance to know more about you.

But, to make your video stand out from the rest, you have to maintain many things like video thumbnails, quality of the video, tags, a perfect video intro, and so on.

Here are some ideas about how you should select your vlog starting lines for the vlog intro.

Start with your mood – If your vlog topic is something that changes your mood, then start the vlog by saying “Hey guys, today I’m very happy or sad (what your mood is) because something special/trivial incident happened to me”.

Then tell your story in the same tune, so that the audience also feels what you felt in that moment.

Address your followers – You are making vlogs for your followers, and if they love your videos only then you become famous. So why not praise them? You can decide on a nice name for your followers to remind them that you are equally concerned.

Instead of telling “Welcome to __(your channel name)” or “Hello guys/friends” Start with ” Hello (your given unique name)” or “Welcome back (your given unique name)”. It will give uniqueness to your content.

You can also create something new like a song or slogan for your intro to give it a personalized touch. As BrandonTan91 starts his videos with an ‘oooooooo’ sound.

Some standard YouTube Video Intro lines Examples

While it is perfectly your choice to create any kind of YouTube video intro lines, these are some of the most important things you need to include as the YouTube intro in the video. You should always start your YouTube video with this and then start telling your story or asking a question and much more.

  • Hello Guys!
  • Hello friends!
  • Hey guys, what’s up? 
  • Hi everyone!
  • Hello and welcome back to my channel!
  • Hello! Good morning (Time depends on when you upload the video)
  • Hello Guys! I hope you are doing great!
  • In this video, we will learn

These are some of the most common YouTube intro ideas that you can implement and then use your personalized tone to create an appealing YouTube intro. However, always ensure you are not stretching it for more than 15 to 30 seconds.

Best YouTube Intro Lines in Hindi

If you have a Hindi YouTube channel and are wondering if the intro lines mentioned above will fit your videos, don’t worry. As I mentioned, these are standard intro lines and apply to videos in every language. So you can easily use them in your Hindi videos or translate them into your preferred language. Here are some Hindi intro lines given below…

  • Hello dosto!
  • Namaskar dosto!
  • Aap sabhi ka mere channel par firse swagat hey.
  • Namaskar, mey (your name) hazir hu ek naye video ke sath.
  • Aj ke video pe ham baat karenge ( bishay-bastu means video subject) ke bareme.

Why are YouTube intro lines a must in a YouTube video?

YouTube is the second biggest search engine with millions of creators available to create content. Both internet personalities and businesses understand the immense potential of YouTube and which has resulted in helping them reach their business goals.

Thus if you want to make consistent branding, you need to have the best and most robust YouTube intro maker.

Benefits of implementing the best YouTube Video intro lines

Helps viewers to get an idea of your channel: When you talk about yourself in the YouTube intro lines, it will quickly give the audience an idea about what they can expect from the YouTube video. If you can use it properly, you can get viewers stuck to your YouTube video. Always make sure that you use your familiar tone in your channel to make sure that your viewers get the same feeling and remain hooked to it.

Helps to improve your brand: If you want to create your personal brand, you have to make sure that people can easily recognize you. Therefore, when you create the YouTube intro lines, you have to make sure that you insert the lines in a way that your weavers can connect throughout. Whether it is the same tone or the same looks, you have to maintain it consistently to help people recall your brand easily.

Helps to improve brand trust: By the use of the YouTube intro lines, your viewers will be able to understand what they can expect from your video. Also, make videos consistently. Remember that consistency is crucial because it not only builds familiarity but also improves trust.

Helps to inform your viewers: One of the most significant advantages of using YouTube intro lines is just not limited to branding, but also it helps to show the essential things to your viewers. On the YouTube video intro lines, you can say your name, your upload schedule, and other important information about the channel that you want your viewers to know about.

Helps in your YouTube SEO: You cannot just leave the YouTube videos after creating them. You should know that video marketing is a crucial aspect of every brand. With the best YouTube video intro lines, you will be able to provide the edge to your marketing.

Bottom line

No wonder the YouTube intro constitutes a significant part of any YouTube video, but you will always have to keep in mind that you should not expand it to more than a few seconds.

Keeping it under 15 seconds and surprising people with unexpected animations and voiceovers can be a great choice to improve video marketing.

So now that you know about the importance of and have an idea about the best YouTube video intro, hopefully, you will be able to create your own stunning YouTube intro and make your brand even more reflective.

In the next guide, we will talk about the best YouTube video intro maker that will include YouTube video intro templates.

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