Top 15 Paid, Free YouTube Intro Video Maker Software, Apps

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If you are a YouTuber or you have recently decided to start your YouTube channel, the very first impression is on your YouTube intro. This is the first thing that your viewers will check and will get an idea about everything that they will find on your channel.

Overall the Best


CreateStudio is the best YouTube intro maker video animation software for creators.

Beginner Friendly


Renderforest is an easy and impressive animation intro video maker for YouTube videos.

For All Creators


InVideo is an online free YouTube intro video maker using customizable templates.

Best for Professionals


Filmora is a powerful and easy intro video creation software for new YouTubers in 2024.

Easiest Software

Adobe After Effects

It is very simple to create YouTube intro videos on Adobe After Effects software.

youtube intro video maker software apps

Whether it is about promoting the channel or improving viewer retention, nothing is more important than creating a fantastic YouTube intro.

A huge 2.6 billion monthly users of YouTube make it inevitable for you to leverage the potential of YouTube.

So, in this guide, we will try to find out everything about making YouTube intro videos. I have compiled 15 YouTube intro video makers available for all devices so that you can take your YouTube journey to the next level.

Here is a compiled list of YouTube intro video makers.

What is a YouTube Intro Video?

Whether you call it, a YouTube intro, or YouTube video topic intro, or a logo reveal, it means the same thing. YouTube intro is a crucial ingredient to improve the retention of your viewers on your channel. However, remember that a YouTube video intro is different from a channel intro.

Channel intro means creating animation that generally includes everything that you show in the channel followed by the logo. YouTube video intro is actually the combination of things that viewers can find in a particular video. While these both are different, they require high-end software programs for creating videos.

These are really short openings that were mostly included at the beginning of the video. However, there is a need for you to make sure that you create an appealing video intro to let your viewers retain to view of the entire clip.

YouTube Channel Intro Creation Tips

Creating a good YouTube channel intro is the very first opportunity that you get to impress your viewers. It is the first couple of seconds where brands can play the vital things at the beginning of the videos.

If you are creating a YouTube marketing plan, you should definitely incorporate a YouTube intro. It gives a sense of uniformity and professionalism in the videos, especially when they check the playlist.

YouTube intro videos have a similar purpose to business logos which introduces your brand or business to your viewers. The better you make it the more it gets its individuality.

Some of the most effective tips for creating a killing YouTube intro are:

  • Keep the intro video shorter than 3.5 seconds.
  • Add some eye-catching elements to the clip.
  • Make sure to bring clarity and no mess in this short clip.
  • The short intro should have all the elements for proper branding.
  • You can use eye-catching elements like typography, title, card, music, and others.

Why should you always make a YouTube video topic intro?

In recent times, YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world that has more than millions of creators. It has become a crowded place with huge competition. Both internet personalities and businesses have started leveraging the potential of YouTube to reach their business goals. However, in order to improve the impact, your branding must be consistent.

Following are some of the reasons why you should always pay attention to creating a powerful YouTube intro video.

  • It will help viewers to get a positive idea about your channel.
  • It can help to create a strong personal brand.
  • Improve brand trust through consistency.
  • Inform your viewers regarding your YouTube channel and what information they can get from your video.
  • Provide a professional charge to your video.
  • Improves 30 to 40% of audience retention.
  • It becomes helpful in your video marketing strategy.

Top 4 Best Free YouTube Intro Video Makers

If you have just started your YouTube channel and are not getting any kind of revenue, it is always better to choose a free YouTube intro maker. Here I have accumulated five best free YouTube intro makers that can help to get your job done.


The next best free YouTube intro maker is Renderforest. This is the platform that serves as a great online tool when it comes to creating high-quality graphics, designs, videos, mock-ups, logos, and websites. The best part is that it requires minimal effort and time. It does not require any knowledge and hence can be used even by beginners.

renderforest free online intro maker

It is also known as a popular video editing tool that helps you to create high-quality videos. You can not only create YouTube intros but also explain animation, slideshows, and other videos without the need for any technical expertise.

With the huge amount of elements available in the library, all you need is to choose a free template and then start editing. This product is known for quality and flexibility which helps you create videos in a matter of a few minutes. If you have imagined a way to create a great YouTube video intro, you just need Renderforest and use your imagination.

Renderforest Features

  • It is a user-friendly platform that helps you to create professional quality videos easily.
  • It lets you create moving infographics, explain animation, YouTube videos, corporate, slideshows, and a lot more.
  • It is a cloud-based platform where you can store your work on the cloud.
  • The huge template library helps you to create videos in a matter of a few minutes.
  • It lets you create 3-D videos with zoom and pan effects.
  • Allows you to customize your videos in a simple drag-and-drop format.

My Verdict: I really like how effortless it is to work on this YouTube intro maker. It is effective and helps you to show your ideas to the world. Beyond everything, I really like the many beautiful templates that they have in the library which helps you to explore your imagination and create a high-quality video.

However, the only problem is due to the watermark which comes by default unless you are paying money to use this service.


InVideo is the next free YouTube intro maker that we will talk about. This is actually an online video editing tool that can be beneficial for businesses from different industries. It helps you to create custom content for branding and videos which you can share on different websites and platforms. The advanced editing options included in this video with a huge number of pre-built templates, let you explore your imagination.

create custom youtube intro videos for free on invideo

The video and picture library includes shutter stock and story block images. With more than 1500 pre-built templates available in this online video maker, it helps you to customize the YouTube intro according to your marketing plans or branding requirements.

The availability of stickers, images, transitions, text, boxes, voiceover, layers, and several other elements helps you to create everything you want. Apart from this, you can also review the edits that you made and then publish the finalized content. Built with automatic text-to-speech functionality easily helps to transform into voiceover.

InVideo Features

  • Over 1,500 free pre-made templates are available to help you create any type of video.
  • An easy user interface to simply create videos.
  • Video sharing becomes easy.
  • Simple slice and trim ability.
  • A huge number of video effects.
  • Social sharing buttons make sharing a breeze.
  • Simple voice-over with a text-to-speech feature.
  • Support HD video quality.

My Verdict: I find this software very fun to use and helps me to explore my creative side. The updated tutorials and documentation have always been exceptionally helpful to me. Even if I find any issues with the app, the customer service is prompt to immediately help me find a solution. However, the search functionality needs to be improved.


Visme is a great way. The best tool that has been developed for teams and individuals to create engaging content from their data. This software program is a great choice to create infographics and presentations. One of the best things about this software is that it can be accessed from any device and helps you to create engaging content both offline and online.

With great features included in this tool, it has become a popular choice for managers and team leads. It helps to collaborate with new projects and classify information accordingly. The wide range of features along with customer support provided by this brand opens a huge range of opportunities.

This tool has a wide range of users from IBM, Gartner, Golden State Warriors, and others. It has more than 15 million users who use this tool to create new content and present their stories in an attractive way through visuals. Using this for your YouTube intro can be beneficial due to the large range of features.

Visme Features

  • Easy-to-use user interface
  • The software is available to use in offline mode.
  • An easy drag-and-drop functionality to make it accessible for everyone.
  • Helps in the social media marketing strategy.
  • Collaborative interface with access management.
  • A great number of charts and graphics that can be used for your purpose.
  • Huge range of project templates for different requirements.
  • Rich analytic features are included to check the content performance.

My Verdict: This software has excellent graphics that can be embedded into info, graphics, or other resources. As it provides the freedom to save items, it really becomes easy for me.

I am actually happy with this tool as it complements most of the projects, but recreating items that are used frequently becomes a challenge for me. It is the best choice for people who are looking for simple software and create customized content.


FlexClip is the next choice as it is a cloud-based software that becomes a good choice for enterprises. It provides a range of tools that is the process of creating and editing marketing videos.


Similarly, when you try to create a YouTube intro video with the use of this tool, you get multiple opportunities. Apart from this, you can choose to export in different video formats like MOV, M4V, WEBM, and MP4.

With this tool, you can also configure the text properties, use animated captions, attach business logos, and do anything. If you are willing to create a YouTube video intro with background music on the clip, this tool gives you the freedom to do it.

Additionally, the voiceover recording becomes an even better choice if you are creating Video Tutorials. However, coming back to the YouTube video intro, this drag-and-drop functionality on the tool helps you create any kind of brand project. You can easily change the resolution to your desired choices and create it according to social media standards.

FlexClip Features

  • More than 3000 designed templates for variable use.
  • Easy drag and drop functionality.
  • No need to download the software.
  • Supports a range of video formats like WEBM, MOV, M4V, FLAC, AAC, M4A, MP3, etc.
  • You can also rotate or zoom the video and photo clips.
  • Ability to easily record the voice-overs.
  • You can simply record through a webcam and screen.
  • Supports high-quality video creation.
  • The easy timeline mode and storyboard make it a good choice for professionals and beginners.

My Verdict: I like one thing about this tool: it is a wonderful tool that helps me to get promotional videos with a professional touch. It helps me to easily create video content.

Apart from that, coming to YouTube intro video maker, this tool is definitely a great choice as it will save you time. It has a clean dashboard with labeled sections for easy, recognition. However, the loading time can be a bit irritating for everyone.

Top 6 Best Paid YouTube Channel Intro Video Makers

If you are a professional and you are looking forward to creating a professional quality, YouTube channel intro, it would require you to choose paid software.

With paid video makers, you will be able to access professional features and functionalities that will help you to provide even better outcomes. You can consider…


Are you looking forward to finding professional quality video editing software? If yes, Filmora provides you with the ultimate opportunities to use professional quality features. It is a professional video editing software that can help you to create exceptional quality YouTube intros.

However, it has a very simple drag-and-drop interface which makes it accessible to anyone with any level of expertise.

Multiple features included in this tool, like cropping, videos, deleting specific clips, adding water, and marks, rotating images, changing playback speed, and a lot more add to the advanced editing requirement. It also enables you to adjust the color, brightness, and other visual aspects to make it appealing.

According to Enlyft, this video editing software has 0.68% of the market share. Undeniably the range of features makes it one of the biggest competitors in the market. Irrespective of the type of YouTube intro that you wish to make, it has some of the best intro templates that you can choose from or create your own from scratch.

Filmora Features

  • Availability of different moods like full-featured mode and easy mode.
  • High-quality, creative features, like adding text, elements, motion, and transition.
  • A gigantic library that has royalty-free music available to use in the videos.
  • It supports 4K resolution video editing.
  • Several basic video editing features like motion control, noise removal, frame preview, zooming, and color tuning.
  • Advanced video editing features like video stabilization, scene detection, audio, equalizer, text, editing, green skin, editing, and a lot more.
  • Amazing audio and visual controls like overlays, filters, image masks, and a lot more make the video look appealing.
  • It also has a screen recording feature.

My Verdict: Filmora is one of my favorite video editing software that lets me create some high-quality YouTube video intros. It is very easy to use and has numerous visual effects that cut any kind of limitations. I did not find any drawbacks. However, sometimes it might lag if the system format is not appropriate.


When it comes to looking for an advanced video animation that would let you create YouTube Video Intros, CreateStudio is a name. It is a low-budget yet advanced video animation tool that supports both Mac and Windows operating systems. It is the best choice for all video production agencies and businesses who are looking forward to creating high-quality videos.

createstudio pro youtube intro maker software

Create Studio is the advanced version that can help you to enjoy high-quality video content. This excellent desktop, video creation, software cards, all the limitations. Whether it is about creating YouTube intro, promotional videos, explainer videos, or any other kind of social media videos, this is an all-in-one tool.

The exceptional drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy to use for anyone. You can create videos in vertical format, landscape, and square according to your requirements. The exceptional features and functionalities let you create intros online for your YouTube channel.

CreateStudio Features

  • Easy to use drag-and-drop editor.
  • Let’s create an export 4K quality video.
  • You can use kinetic text typography for your YouTube intro videos.
  • Adjust moves and custom animations with keyframes.
  • Advance to text-to-speech feature with audio recording modes.
  • Unlimited element to create high-quality intros, what’s up
  • Carousel animation lets you easily use Photos to make carousel animations.
  • Availability of emojis to make videos even more attractive.
  • Availability of YouTube intro templates to easily create videos in a matter of a few minutes.
  • Let’s download videos in different formats.

My Verdict: I like and use CreateStudio. This animation tool has helped me throughout the years. It has more than 500 video templates which help me to create anything that I want. It has both Animated and still backgrounds with templates, audio, characters, and elements.

Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects is another YouTube intro maker that is power-packed with high-quality visual effects, animation, and motion pictures. This is one of those video makers that is mostly used for web video creation, TV, and films. It is mostly used in post-production to create hundreds of FX as it allows a combination of various layers into one scene.

With this tool, you can create different types of animated videos like character, animation, kinetic typography, 2D and 3-D animation, visual effects, and a lot more. It is a great choice if you are looking forward to making a professional quality, YouTube video intro. Here are some examples of what you can do with Adobe After Effects.

Amazing, isn’t it?

Adobe After Effects Features

  • It lets you create data-driven animated videos.
  • You get access to expressions like masks and shapes.
  • High-quality virtual reality effects.
  • Availability of several motion graphics templates.
  • Improvement in text inputs.
  • Helps you to create 360-degree videos using the VR Comp Editor.
  • You can also increase the animation process.
  • Shortcut editors using a visual keyboard.
  • Autosave functionality.

My Verdict: I personally like this but I think it would require you to have some level of expertise to use this tool. It definitely lets you create professional video animation for your YouTube intro but it might need some time to master the software.


The next paid tool that we are going to talk about is Offeo. This is again a great YouTube intro maker as it is a design-driven software. It can be a great choice for marketers and small businesses who would like to create effective ads for their users. This software lets you customize the videos according to your brand colors and style.

Offeo is best social media video tool

You can definitely use this to create YouTube intro videos and it will let you create exceptional content within three minutes. With more than 3000+ free YouTube intro templates, designed by the top designers of the world, you will be able to use your imagination and bring it to life with this tool.

Offeo Features

  • More than 3000 templates were designed by the top designers.
  • Intuitive interface that does not need any prior expertise.
  • Let’s simply create designs for social media.
  • You can make a video in any format – vertical, landscape, or square.
  • Over 5000 cinematic quality music.
  • Get access to premium images from Shutterstock.
  • Simple animation controls and timing management.
  • Easy one-click background removal.
  • Huge content library with unlimited assets.

My Verdict: I personally love this tool as it gives me multiple features to access. Moreover, their library is something worth checking. You will have to limit your imagination. It does not require any technical knowledge, yet the quality you review is professional.


Even when I have mentioned it in the last, it does not mean that it is not worth it. This is again a professional video editing tool that can be helpful for businesses to easily create, edit, and manage videos. The inbuilt functionalities, effects, and filters are some of the best of this tool. Using this to create YouTube Video Intros can be helpful as it will let you play with your imagination.

This version includes a transition wizard which can again be helpful for the team in modifying several video aspects. You can insert recordings, and background music, define duration, and create 4K quality videos. Even if you wish to record your screen and use it in the intro, this tool will certainly let you do that.

Movavi Features

  • You can upload photos and videos in any format.
  • Use MW for automatic video creation.
  • Use the transitions, and filters in between the sections.
  • Crop, rotate, and cut videos on your timeline.
  • Improve image quality.
  • Use Pan and Zoom effects with several other special effects.
  • Animate overlay videos, callouts, stickers, and titles.
  • Use the audio from the available tracks or upload your own.

My Verdict: I definitely like the many features and functionalities of this tool but there are again some things that I don’t prefer in this tool. The interface is pretty easy to understand, however, it takes a lot of time to expert videos. Besides, some advanced features were missing which can limit users at times. But, it is good for beginners.


Canva is a freemium intro maker available in the market. It is highly recommended to all the new YouTubers. This is an online graphic designing tool that is packed with features and functionalities.

Keeping in mind beginners’ use, it has a simple drag-and-drop functionality that helps to create a professional design without the need for any prior experience.

canva free youtube video intros maker

The best part about the free version of Canva is that it is available for non-profit organizations, classrooms, and individuals. Even in the free version of this tool, you can find 250, 000 best intro templates that can be helpful for you to create a premium quality intro.

Canva can be the best choice for any type of work like social media, videos, invitations, flyers, posters, presentations, and a lot more. The free videos, animations, stock imagery, and music, help to create a high-quality intro video for your YouTube channel.

Canva Features

  • Helps to create different types of content like resumes, infographics, and videos.
  • Easy, drag-and-drop features that make it user-friendly.
  • More than 250, 000 free templates that you can choose to customize your videos.
  • Easy file storage availability.
  • Great stock fonts, icons, and images to create engaging designs.

My Verdict: Overall, I like Canva as it helps me to create anything that I need without paying a single penny. Besides, it has drag-and-drop features which make the entire process easier and take less time. However, as it is a web-based tool, it has limitations when there is a problem with internet connection.

Top 5 Best YouTube Intro video maker apps

If you are a mobile geek and don’t get much time to use your computer or laptop, you can now find YouTube Intro Video Maker available in the form of apps. The best thing about these apps is that they offer seamless use and let you create videos with professional quality.

Intromaker (for iPhone Users)

Intromaker is the first Intro Maker for the YouTube Channel that we will talk about. It will hardly take you 5 minutes to create a video. This YouTube Intro Maker provides you with multiple options to create a customizable video.

It has a huge collection of YouTube intro templates that can be customized and help you give your touch to the videos. However, you can also choose to create videos from scratch.

All you need is to select a template and then upload your audio or video footage. You can also add a logo. Once you are happy with the customization, you can export the create project. It is available for free but the free version of this app has limited access to templates.

Intromaker Features

  • Freedom to adjust the tile according to your wish.
  • Use creative transitions to every text and also set duration.
  • More than 700 stunning motion stickers.
  • Over 1000 video templates.
  • Edit the size and even the shadow stroke.
  • Use soundtracks or voice-overs.
  • You can also save the intro you made.

My Verdict: This is a good choice for iPhone users as it takes hardly a few minutes to create stunning YouTube intros. It also has a huge library and love the social media sharing buttons. However, the ads in the free version are irritating. If you compare it with a pro video editing tool, you will get very limited tools.

Into Maker (for Android users)

The next app that we will talk about is compatible with Android OS. With a huge 4000 customizable templates, this high-quality YouTube Intro Maker puts an end to every limitation. You get access to a wide range of themes and visual styles.

In addition to this, the huge audio library that has hundreds of sounds and music makes it a good choice to work for a wide range of projects. Apart from this, you can add shadows, text color, and font to your video and make it even more appealing.

Into maker Features

  • More than 500 free YouTube intro templates are available to help you create videos within 30 seconds.
  • Real-time previewing and editing.
  • Projects get automatically saved and can be re-edited.
  • A wide number of styles including fresh, cinematic, travel, etc
  • 120 royalty-free sound effects
  • Availability of a range of themes.
  • Offers you the freedom to add photos and logos.
  • The peasant of more than 140 stickers and emoji.

My Verdict: I love this YouTube intro maker app as you can hand on the customizable intro templates. The audio library is a good choice with its amazing text animation features. Unless you subscribe, you will get a watermark. Besides, I got really puzzled about finding templates.

Videoshop (for Android users)

You might think that creating and editing a YouTube intro on an app can be really challenging. Thankfully, with Videoshop available for Android devices, you will find editing and creating videos is a fun process. It will hardly take a few moments and provide you with professional quality, YouTube intro videos.

With this app, you will be able to remove different parts of the video that you would not like to add to your project and control the playback speed of the videos. You can create and edit fast-forward or make slow-motion videos. Apart from this, it also lets you merge different clips and create a single video along with adjusting different color features like saturation, contrast, and brightness. Recording voiceover is another plus point.

Videoshop Features

  • Gives you the freedom to cut or trim unwanted moments from the video.
  • You can add music from the stock library of this app or Ads from your library.
  • Choose from a wide range of sound effects like explosions, laughter, animal noises, et cetera.
  • You can also adjust the speed to make it fast-motion or slow-motion video.
  • Adjust the display settings by changing its saturation, brightness, contrast, etc.

My Verdict: The best thing about this Android YouTube intro maker is that it does not require any video editing experience. Excellent options for video and audio editing. You will also get a huge range of animated titles and great sharing capabilities. However, I have faced problems as the app keeps crashing very easily.

Intro Music Video Movie Maker (for iPhone users)

If you have just started your YouTube journey, you certainly value the power of YouTube intro. However, to create a professional quality intro, your phone is enough. With intro, music, and video movie maker, you will be able to create professional quality, YouTube video intros. It has a wide range of features that provides you the freedom to customize the templates and create them according to your imagination.

This high-end app can add text to every template, select and adjust the size and font, and do a lot more. Apart from this, you will also get a huge range of visual effects that can be used to enhance every footage. The royalty-free collection for music is an additional plus point that lets you create high-quality YouTube videos in a matter of a few minutes.

Intro Music Video Movie Maker Features

  • You get a huge range of customizable intro templates.
  • Huge range of video styles.
  • Ability to add text in every template.
  • Enjoy the wide range of visual effects.
  • A rich selection of music in the audio library.

My Verdict: I like this YouTube intro maker, but it keeps giving watermarks to the free version. However, the creation process is very simple with excellent customization capabilities.

Intro Tube: Vlog Video Maker (for iPhone users)

If you want to create amazing and impressive intros on your iPhone, you can choose Intro Tube on your phone. With some of the amazing features and functionalities, this YouTube intro maker lets you create high-quality intros. It is packed with a huge library that includes customizable templates to create movies within minutes.

This high-quality YouTube intro maker has been packed with unlimited titles, creative, transitions, motion, sticker, and video templates that you can access. You can adjust everything according to your needs and create a fantastic video. You can also add voiceover is all soundtracks and save it on your device.

Intro Tube: Vlog Video Maker Features

  • More than 700 incredible motion stickers.
  • Over a thousand video templates.
  • He will be able to add countless titles to your videos.
  • Let’s make creative transitions in every title and say duration and start time.
  • Adjust the title individually as per your desires.
  • You can also create shadows and edit sizes for
  • Add VoiceOverTouch to your videos or use soundtracks.
  • Save the created intro on your device.

My Verdict: my personal opinion is that it is a good app with a great number of features and functionalities. It has an amazing selection of music and lets you use text without any issues. You will also find it easy to add stickers, images, and text. However, there is no flexibility to rename projects or update thumbnails on the existing project.

Top 3 Best Practices for YouTube Intro Video

With all the details that you have checked about the best intro makers that I have talked about, it won’t be harder for you to choose one. As I have included both paid and free intro makers along with intro maker apps, you can now simply download and start creating an amazing YouTube intro. However, you have to make sure that you follow the best practices to improve the growth of your YouTube channel.

However, every time you create a YouTube intro, you have to make sure to follow the critical things. Remember that these features can become helpful for you to get all the attention you need.

Consistent branding

YouTube is one of the biggest search engines in the current market and is the best platform where you can improve brand awareness and viewer retention. Any successful YouTube channel must have a proper channel name, logo, sound effects, and music, a brand color that is consistent throughout the videos, and a tagline. Whenever you create a YouTube intro, you must pay attention to being consistent in all of these features as it will work as branding for your brand.

Use animated texts

When you start adding animated text to your YouTube intro, it can be a great way to retain an audience and keep them engaged. Animated text is a great way to help you. Introduce yourself to your viewers. You can show your tagline and make it easier for them to go along. You can find most of the YouTube intro makers, providing you the opportunity to use multiple text, colors, and fonts to help you create a message that stands out.

Keep customizing

Remember that your YouTube intro should be in symphony with your brand. It is the first impression that you create on your viewers and is one of the most important aspects. So make sure that you are consistent, using correct music and animated text that would help to improve engagement. Remember that when you customize according to your brand, it will result in the growth of your channel.

Always make sure that you follow these steps to ensure quality. However, to find out what to say in YouTube Intro Lines, check this out. What to Say in YouTube Video Intro? This will give you an idea about the lines that have the maximum impact on viewers.

How to make YouTube Intro in Five Simple Steps with Canva

If you are a beginner and you want to know how to create YouTube intro videos, I suggest you use Canva as this YouTube intro maker is available for free. It has the best intro templates and other amazing elements that make this free YouTube intro maker easy to use and a good choice for creating exceptional quality intro videos.

Launch Canva: Initially you need to launch Canva to start creating your YouTube intro. This free intro maker for YouTube channels will help you to start creating a design and has a customizable interface.

Look for the correct template: When you check out the media library, you will find YouTube intro templates that you can use according to your team. You can also use filters to find templates according to your preferences. Simply with drag-and-drop motion, you can use them to customize.

Look for the right feature: Canva is a free YouTube intro maker that has the ultimate range of YouTube into templates, images, illustrations, icons, and several other graphics. You can also add music and create GIFs. Use several photo effects.

Personalize designs: You can easily customize designs according to your needs by adding a theme, mood, or style. Mix and match the elements from a range of templates. You can also choose a color scheme, font, style, and background along with using your photos and other branding images on your YouTube intro video.

Upload the video: now that you are happy with the customization, you can simply upload the video. You can directly share it on social media platforms or you can choose to download it and later share it according to your convenience. Canva offers multiple videos for your YouTube channel.

Which is the best YouTube Intro Maker for beginners?

Often, the options for intro makers are unbelievable. However, if you are a beginner, you might struggle to make the right choice. As not all the YouTube intro makers that I have mentioned are the right choice for beginners, I would recommend CreateStudio and Canva for beginners.

These two are the best choices for creating YouTube video intros and have a very simple user interface. You can simply create YouTube video intros in a matter of a few minutes.

Which is the right YouTube Intro Maker for seasoned experts?

If you are an expert and have been creating YouTube videos for a long time, you will not be satisfied with minimal features. You require the ultimate range of functionalities and elements that will help you to bring your imagination to life. So, I would recommend you choose Adobe After Effects and Filmora.

These intro makers for YouTube channels consist of several YouTube intro templates. Apart from this, there are multiple elements included in these YouTube intro makers that can be beneficial to create the missed show according to your imagination.

Start Creating Your YouTube Channel Intro

As YouTube is one of the great sources of earnings in recent times, you also have to ensure checking every aspect of the YouTube videos to make them catchy and appealing to the viewers. With all the YouTube shoemakers available to create exceptional quality YouTube intro videos, you will find it getting easy to create a desired intro within a matter of a few minutes.

Here is a stunning example of a YouTube Video Intro by Linus Tech Tips. It generally covers everything associated with tech and the intro clearly shows it to the viewers.

Additionally, the intro video templates for YouTube available in this tool make it simple for even beginners to create videos. So irrespective of your expertise level, I have mentioned a range of options for YouTube intro makers so that you can choose according to your needs and preferences and also budget tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most effective tips to make a killer intro?

If you want to create outstanding YouTube intro videos, you not only require a great YouTube intro maker but also make use of your imagination. Apart from this, pay attention to these few factors as it will help you in creating a killer intro video.

  • Make short YouTube video intros that are no longer than 10 seconds.
  • Use visually appealing elements like animation, patterns, and others.
  • Give a demo of what people can get from the video.
  • Show a reflection of your brand.

How long should a YouTube Intro be?

If you want to create the best YouTube intro videos, you have to make sure that it is short. It must not be more than 10 seconds as otherwise, it will start losing viewers. You have to add all the elements within as little as 10 seconds.

What to say in an intro?

As we all know the first impression is the last, the YouTube video intro is one of the main sections of your channel. So you have to make sure that you give some attention, grabbing words or sentences that people can relate to. If you want to get an idea about the examples of YouTube video intro lines.

Do YouTubers need intros?

Yes. It provides your viewers with an idea about what your channel has for them. Every YouTuber needs to create a YouTube video intro so that they can give their viewer information about the things that they can find on their channel.

What intro maker do YouTubers use?

There is no specific name of the intro maker for the YouTube channel that YouTubers use. According to your budget, expertise, and availability, you need to decide on the best YouTube intro maker. It is entirely your choice.

How do you make a YouTube intro?

With the availability of YouTube intro makers, now you can create intros online. All you need is to launch the tool, access the correct YouTube intro templates according to your requirement and then start using the several elements to give an added look to it.

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