Top 5 Stock Photo Subscriptions for Creative Professionals

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Whether you are a video creator, graphic designer, marketer, or budding entrepreneur, high-quality visuals can make or break your project. However, creating an original image from scratch can be time-consuming and costly. This is where a stock photo subscription comes to your aid. They allow you to access the perfect visual content that fits your needs.

best stock photo subscriptions for creative professionals

Top 5 Stock Photo Subscription

Today, I will unveil the top five stock photo subscription options that cater to the needs of creative professionals like you. Let’s get started.

Envato Elements

If you are after a versatile and comprehensive subscription-based platform that caters to the needs of creative professionals, Envato Elements is for you. It offers a wide array of digital assets like stock photos, videos, graphics, audio tracks, templates, and whatnot.

You can download and use these resources in your creative project without paying licensing fees again and again. This sound is great, right?

What’s more? Envato Elements is a cost-effective option that makes it easier for you to get access to a wealth of high-quality content for a single monthly or annual fee.

Its user-friendly interface and diverse content library make it a go-to resource for those seeking quality content to take their projects to the next level. 

Reasons to Consider Envato Elements Subscription

For creative professionals, having access to a readily available toolkit makes all the difference. In this section, I will reveal six compelling reasons why you should consider an Envato Elements subscription. 

Unlimited downloads

If you subscribe to Envato Elements, you can access and download as many digital assets as you can. It is, no doubt, a highly convenient way for creative professionals to access a wide range of premium content. You do not have to worry a thing about individual download fees. 

Free courses

The free courses include video tutorials, practical exercises, and written guides. Whether you are looking to enhance your skills in graphic design, web development, or photography, Envato Elements offers endless opportunities.

Not only do these courses allow you to have access to premium resources but you can also acquire knowledge and expertise to use them in your project. 

Subscription cost

One of the most compelling reasons you should consider an Envato Elements subscription is its cost-effectiveness. At just $198 per year, you can get unlimited downloads with a plethora of educational courses.

It provides exceptional value by offering extensive content for professionals who rely on a constant stream of high-quality stock media assets for their projects. Plus, students can get 30% off. 

Customer support

A responsive customer support feature is yet another reason to choose Envato Elements. You can rely on their email support team, live chat, and online ticketing system.

They are always available to provide you with timely responses and help you with billing, account-related matters, troubleshooting, and more. 

Simple licensing

Its simple licensing feature enhances the user experience by offering transparency, ease of use, and flexibility. With a single, multi-use commercial license, you can confidently use downloaded assets in a wide range of personal and commercial projects without worrying about royalties.

Being a user, you can easily review the terms before downloading an asset. You can easily understand any specific requirements, if any. This clarity helps you remain legally compliant and avoid potential copyright issues.

User interface 

The user interface of Envato Elements is clean and intuitive. Thanks to its user-friendly navigation menu, a prominent search bar, and filtering options, you can discover and refine asset searches. Its responsive design ensures compatibility across various devices.

Envato Elements subscription options

  • Individual: $16.50/month (annual) or $39.00/month
  • Students: $11.50/month (annual) or $33.00/month
  • Teams (2–5 members): $29.00–$53.75/month (annual) or $58.00–$107.50/month
  • Enterprise: This is the custom plan for teams of six, organizations, and agencies.
elements envato creative subscription

Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is known for its multimedia and stock photography collection that offers a vast range of high-quality digital assets. From stock photos, stock videos, and illustrations to 3D content, it has everything in its store.

Its library features millions of assets created by skilled contributors to ensure a wide array of choices in terms of style, subject matter, and quality.

What sets Adobe Stock apart is its integration with Adobe Creative Cloud applications including Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator.

From graphic designers and photographers to video editors and marketers, it provides both standard and extended licensing options. This means that users can choose the level of usage rights they need for their projects. 

Whether you are in search of a commercial campaign asset or a personal project asset, Adobe Stock offers can be a game-changer for you. 

Reasons to Consider Adobe Stock Subscriptions

With a staggering collection of over 200 million high-quality images, videos, illustrations, templates, and more, Adobe Stock is a place where you can find a ton of great images and videos to use for your projects.

Now, what sets Adobe Stock apart and makes it a compelling choice? Let’s delve into the top five reasons:

Photo quality and variety

When it comes to photo quality & variety, Adobe Stock truly shines. The photos available on this platform are of exceptional quality, which means they are crisp, clear, and visually striking.

Whether you are working on a website design, a marketing campaign, a presentation, or any other creative project, you will discover a diverse collection of images to choose from.

Subscription cost

Adobe Stock offers a range of subscription plans designed to cater to different needs and budgets, making it accessible to a wide range of users. You do not have to break the bank to access a wealth of high-quality images and other creative assets.

You can choose a subscription plan that aligns with your financial resources. These subscription plans typically come with fixed monthly or annual fees. Having a predictable cost structure allows you to budget your expenses effectively.

Licensing options

Adobe Stock offers various types of licenses to match your specific usage needs, and this flexibility is crucial for maintaining both the legality and fairness of your creative projects. Some common licensing options you might encounter on Adobe Stock include:

a) Standard License: This is typically for standard, non-commercial uses like blogs, presentations, or personal projects. It comes with specific terms and conditions.

b) Extended License: This type of license allows for broader use, including commercial use and the ability to resell the image as part of a product.

No hidden fees

Adobe Stock is committed to being transparent about its pricing. When you sign up for a subscription or make a purchase, the price you see is the price you pay.

There are no undisclosed charges. Knowing that there are no hidden fees means you can confidently budget for your creative projects. You would not have to worry about unexpected costs.


Discounts are a direct way to reduce your expenses. When Adobe Stock offers discounts, it means you can access the same premium images and content at a lower cost.

Plus, Adobe Stock often runs special promotions and offers, especially during key events or holidays. These limited-time deals can be an excellent opportunity to stock up on assets for upcoming projects.


123RF is the place to be for fantastic stock photography that brings your stories to life in the digital world. I have had the pleasure of using their vast collection of creative images, sounds, and motion content.

It has been a game-changer for my digital marketing efforts. What’s truly impressive is that their content comes from talented individuals all around the globe. 

If you are someone who enjoys storytelling through visuals, sounds, and motion, 123RF provides the resources and tools to help you bring your ideas to life. It is a space where creativity knows no bounds, and it’s welcoming to both newcomers and experienced creators.

Reasons to Consider 123RF Subscriptions

If you are looking for a convenient, cost-effective, and versatile way to elevate your creative projects, a 123RF subscription might be just what you need. Let’s go through the most compelling 5 reasons why you may want to take the plunge. 

Customizable Plans

123RF often offers subscription plans tailored to different needs and budgets. This means you can choose a plan that fits your specific requirements, whether you’re an individual blogger or a large corporation.

Regular Updates

Subscribers can enjoy regular content updates, ensuring that your creative toolbox is constantly refreshed with new and trendy assets. This keeps your projects looking fresh and engaging.


123RF provides a wide range of content types, from images and illustrations to audio and video clips. This versatility is perfect for various creative needs, whether you’re designing a website, creating marketing materials, or adding flair to your blog.

Mobile Accessibility

One of the great things about 123RF subscriptions is that they often include mobile apps. With these apps, you can access the 123RF library and download creative stuff anytime, anywhere.

This is super handy, especially for people with busy lives and packed schedules. Imagine you are rushing to a meeting or traveling for work, and suddenly you get a brilliant idea for your project. You can open your mobile app, find the perfect image or video, and download it right there.

Content Previews

Have you ever bought something online and then realized it’s not quite what you expected when it arrived? Well, with 123RF subscriptions, you can avoid that surprise. They often offer content previews, which are like sneak peeks of the creative assets. Before you hit the download button, you get to see how the image or video fits into your project.

This is a big time-saver because it helps you make sure you are getting exactly what you need. You can check if the colors match your design if the style is right, and if it suits your project’s vibe.


Depositphotos is an online platform where you can discover a vast collection of high-quality images, illustrations, videos, and more. People from all walks of life, whether they’re bloggers, designers, or marketers, turn to Depositphotos to find the perfect visuals to enhance their projects. 

If you are a small business owner looking to create compelling marketing materials without a massive budget, Depositphotos offers affordable solutions. And for seasoned designers, it is a place of inspiration and content to turn their ideas into reality.

Reasons to Consider Depositphotos Subscriptions

If you are working on a personal project, whether it is a blog, a social media profile, or just a creative endeavor, Depositphotos offers the perfect ingredients to make your work shine. Let’s take a look at what it has to offer:

Extensive Content Library

There are millions of top-notch images, cool illustrations, and captivating videos, just waiting for you to explore. No matter what kind of project you are working on, whether it is building a website, launching a marketing campaign, or just adding some pizzazz to your personal stuff, you will find the perfect visuals here. With so many options to choose from, you will never run out of ideas or inspiration.

Cost-Effective Access

Depositphotos subscription plans are a cost-effective solution for accessing multiple creative assets without breaking the bank. Instead of purchasing individual images or paying for licenses separately, a subscription allows you to download multiple assets within your plan’s limit. This approach can be budget-friendly.

Regular Content Updates

Depositphotos consistently adds fresh and new visuals to its library to ensure that your creative toolbox remains up-to-date and in line with the latest trends.

This regular infusion of content keeps your projects looking fresh and engaging. The result? You can stay competitive in the dynamic world of design and marketing.

Trial Period

Before committing to a full subscription, Depositphotos often offers a trial period. This trial allows you to explore the platform, its features, and its content library to ensure it meets your requirements.

It’s like a test drive, where you can get a feel for what Depositphotos has to offer without a long-term commitment. This trial period can be particularly helpful if you are unsure about whether a subscription is the right fit for your creative needs.


Dreamstime is an online platform that serves as a treasure trove of high-quality images, illustrations, videos, and more. It’s a creative hub that caters to a wide range of individuals and professionals, making it a valuable resource for a variety of purposes.

Dreamstime is for bloggers who want captivating visuals to enhance their content, designers seeking inspiration and resources for their projects, marketers aiming to make their campaigns visually striking, small business owners looking for budget-friendly marketing materials, and individuals embarking on personal creative endeavors.

Diverse Content Collection

Whether you are a web designer creating a captivating website, a marketer looking to craft attention-grabbing campaigns, or an individual embarking on a personal creative project, Dreamstime has something for everyone.

Their assets span a wide spectrum, including stunning images that range from picturesque landscapes to intricate macro shots, captivating illustrations that cater to various styles and themes, and dynamic videos that can breathe life into your projects.

User-Friendly Interface

The intuitive nature of Dreamstime’s interface ensures that finding the perfect visuals for your projects is a breeze. The search and navigation features are simple and allow you to quickly find what you need. 

Comprehensive Trial Period

Dreamstime often offers a comprehensive trial period, allowing you to explore the platform and its features before making a commitment. This risk-free trial enables you to determine whether Dreamstime aligns with your specific creative needs. This makes it easier to decide if a subscription is the right choice for you.

Cost-Effective Plans

Dreamstime subscription plans are designed to provide cost-effective access to multiple creative assets. Instead of paying for images or licenses individually, a subscription allows you to download multiple assets within your plan’s limit, making it a budget-friendly choice for individuals and businesses.

Who Needs Stock Photo Subscriptions?

Stock photo subscriptions are valuable for a wide range of individuals and professionals. Below is a list of people who can benefit from these subscriptions:

Designers: Graphic designers, web designers, and multimedia artists often require a constant flow of high-quality visuals for their projects. Stock photo subscriptions provide a cost-effective and efficient way to access a vast library of images, illustrations, and more.

Marketers: Marketers need attention-grabbing visuals to make their campaigns stand out. Stock photo subscriptions offer a convenient source of content for advertising, social media, and other promotional materials.

Bloggers and Content Creators: Bloggers, content creators, and social media influencers rely on visuals to engage their audiences. Stock photo subscriptions can provide a variety of images to enhance their content.

Small Business Owners: Small businesses with limited budgets can use stock photo subscriptions to create professional marketing materials without the expense of custom photoshoots.

Educators and Students: Educators and students can access visuals for presentations, projects, and educational materials through stock photo subscriptions.

Website Owners: Website owners can enhance the visual appeal of their sites with stock photos, making them more engaging to visitors.

Advertising Agencies: Advertising agencies frequently need a wide range of visuals for their clients’ campaigns. Stock photo subscriptions offer a cost-effective solution for accessing diverse content.

Freelancers: Freelancers in various creative fields can benefit from stock photo subscriptions to meet their clients’ visual needs.

Event Planners: Event planners may require photos for event promotions and presentations, making stock photo subscriptions a handy resource.

Benefits of Stock Photo Subscriptions

Stock photo subscriptions come with a host of benefits that cater to a wide audience of creatives and professionals. Let’s check out how a stock photo subscription can benefit you:

Cost-Effective Access: Subscriptions offer a budget-friendly way to access a diverse collection of high-quality visuals. Instead of purchasing assets individually, you can download multiple items. This saves you a lot of money in the long run.

Diverse Content: Subscription services provide a broad spectrum of content. This diversity ensures that you can find visuals that suit your specific projects, regardless of the subject matter.

Regular Content Updates: When you subscribe, you keep getting new stuff. Stock photo websites keep adding fresh and current things to their collection. This means you can use the latest ideas in your project. And you get access to trendy tools that help you stay up to date.

Flexible Licensing: Stock photo subscriptions offer flexible licensing terms. This allows you to use the content legally for a whole host of purposes. If you are handling commercial projects, you would be highly benefitted by this versatility.

Time Efficiency: With a stock photo subscription, you can quickly access and download assets anytime. This means your workflow remains more efficient. This time-saving feature is particularly valuable for professionals who juggle multiple projects or work within tight deadlines.

Customizable Plans: Many subscription services provide a range of plans to accommodate diverse needs. Whether the content is for personal use, commercial projects, or large-scale enterprises, you can choose the plan that aligns with your requirements.

Trial Periods: Some subscription services offer trial periods. They enable individuals and businesses to explore the platform, its features, and the content library before making a commitment. This approach helps ensure the service meets its specific needs.

How to Shortlist the Best Stock Photo Subscriptions?

Choosing the right stock photo subscription involves finding the subscription that aligns with your specific requirements. Let’s explore the ways you can shortlist a stock photo subscription that suits your needs:

Define Your Requirements: Begin by identifying the type and quantity of visuals you need and their intended use. This initial step will guide your selection process and budget considerations.

Budget Allocation: Establish a well-defined budget for your stock photo subscription. Consider your willingness to invest in this resource, whether on a monthly or annual basis. Most subscriptions offer tiered plans to cater to diverse budgets.

Content Diversity: Evaluate the content diversity offered by the subscription. Ensure it covers a wide range of visuals, including images, illustrations, and videos. Thus, you can accommodate various themes and styles relevant to your projects.

Licensing Terms: Thoroughly check the licensing terms associated with the subscription you decide to continue with. Ensure the content can be used in alignment with your intended purposes, whether for personal use, commercial projects, or resale.

Content Quality: Check the quality of visuals provided by the subscription. If you need high-resolution images, professional-grade illustrations, or top-tier videos, make sure you choose a subscription that makes your creative project a success.

Regular Updates: Check whether the subscription service provides routine content updates. This ongoing infusion of fresh visuals is paramount to keeping your creative toolbox current.

Trial Period Evaluation: If the subscription service offers a trial period, seize the opportunity to explore the platform, its features, and the content library. This trial phase functions as a “try-before-you-buy” experience.

User-Friendly Interface: Make sure the platform is easy to use. It should be simple and smooth to browse through, so it is comfortable for everyone, whether you are an expert or just starting.

Mobile Accessibility: If you need to use visuals even when you are out and about, look for subscriptions with mobile apps. They are super handy for professionals who need visuals right away when they are not at their desks.

Collaborative Features: If you work with a team or for a business, check if the subscription has tools for teamwork. These tools make it easier for everyone to share and use the pictures together, which is helpful.

Customer Support Quality: Check how good the customer support is. They must respond quickly and know what they are doing. This way, if you run into any problems or need help, you can count on them.

Innovative Search and Organizational Tools: See if the subscription service has smart search tools. These tools make it easy to find and organize pictures, which makes your projects go smoother and faster.

Whether you are looking for unlimited downloads, free courses to enhance your skills, cost-effective plans, responsive customer support, or user-friendly interfaces, these subscriptions have something to offer everyone.

While creating original images can be time-consuming, I think, stock photo subscriptions are a great way to save on money and time both.

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