Safest Free Video Assets Sources for Any Video Projects

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Are you a video creator or marketer looking for free video assets online to enhance your video project? You are in luck! This comprehensive resource has in store for you a collection of video assets downloading sources along with the answers to your queries.

To save you time, I have compiled a list of the best free video asset collection for video creators and marketers like you. You don’t need to buy or create any video assets from scratch. As I always say, “Don’t work hard when you have the option to work smart”.

Scroll down the page to explore and download all the free assets you need for your video project.

free video assets sources for video projects

What Are Video Assets?

Anything that enhances your video (both visually and audibly) to convey your story, keeping viewers engaged for longer is called a video asset. They can be in various forms including…

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Music
  • Sounds
  • Graphics
  • Icons
  • Animations
  • Fonts
  • Visual Effects

Essentially, these assets, are a godsend for video editors and creators alike. They combine these creative assets with creativity to enhance viewers’ experience as a whole.

Maybe you need stock images or are looking for sound effects for your video project, or you may need to turn a short video into a full movie. Below we present you with a list of assets suitable for all sorts of projects.

Where can I get free video assets?

You will find numerous websites available on the internet providing you with various assets that you can use in your video project. However, not all websites offer the right kind of asset you are looking for. There are various websites featuring various forms of assets.

For example, if you are looking for high-quality music tracks, video templates, or clips, Mixkit is the right place for you. But for those looking to download royalty-free photos, illustrations, or vectors, iStock has them covered.

To save you time researching websites to find appropriate stock content, I have decided to bring them all in one place. So, it will be easier for you to find out the right asset for your project.

N.B: Always check out the licensing information of the site before you use a stock image or a video clip for your personal and commercial use.

Type of Free Assets for Video Editing and Video Creation

We know you find it difficult to consistently share high-quality video content. This is why we have compiled a list of sites for you to check out and download free assets for video.

Please Note: I will update and add more free video assets sources. Please bookmark this page.

Free Stock Images

Free stock images are nothing but a special category of copyright-free images taken by a photographer or owner. Free stock images are your lifesaver.

free stock images for video projects

They can help your brand’s story be more appealing. Find out a sea of free stock images here that you can use in your video project. Also, check these sites for free stock images.

Free Stock Videos

With free stock video websites becoming accessible, marketers and bloggers do not have to break the bank to pull a large crowd. We understand how important it is for you to create easy-to-digest video content to grab people’s attention.

I have done the legwork on behalf of you to introduce you to the list of the best free stock video sources. You are free to choose and download as much stock video footage as you need. Check out these free sites here.

Free Stock Music

Whether you need music for your next YouTube video project or social media content, or you need to create an engaging brand video, these are some platforms for you to get awesome stock music assets for free.

Free Sound Effects (SFX)

Every video projects need sound effects, and we feel happy when we get them for free. I have gone the extra mile to present you with free SFX that you can use in your videos or podcasts.

Here you will find royalty-free sound effects for both personal and commercial use. Check out and download the right sound effect for free.

Free Icons & Motion Graphics

Looking for free icons to spice up your slideshow presentation? Designing certain elements from scratch can be painful. However, with these websites, you are in luck. You can download free icons from there and use them freely.

free icons for video projects

Without motion graphics, it is almost impossible to bring that much-needed visual appeal. Now you can download free motion graphics from these sites to improve the quality of your video.

Free Visual Effects (VFX)

Are you in need of free visual effects for your next video project? Worry not as here are some great VFX resources you can make use of.

Free Fonts

You must have a collection of Fonts for your video projects.

Free Video Assets for Adobe After Effects

Now I am going to share some free video assets that you can use confidently on Adobe After Effects.

Free Overlays for After Effects

Using overlays in Adobe After Effects is an effective means of enhancing interest in the content. Combining creativity with customization has never been easier with free overlays.

By adding appropriate overlays, you can keep as many eyeballs stuck as you can on your videos. Here are my handpicked collection of free overlay sites for your personal and commercial use. Download them with ease!

Free Lower Thirds for After Effects

Do not want your audience to just rely on your video text? You would rather use lower thirds to convey important information by adding visual interest to keep them connected with what they are seeing or hearing.

The application of the right lower third in your after effects video means you are one step closer to drawing the viewer’s eye to what you have to show.

Now you are in a better place to check out and download a wide range of free lower thirds for your next video project.

Free Transitions for After Effects

Using transitions has become a predominant practice among video editors. In any editor’s arsenal, video transitions serve an important purpose. They work like glue that helps you hold all the pieces of your work together.

If you are one of them and looking for free transitions to combine your video shots with clips to turn them into more polished content, here is your treat. Now you can easily add style to your edits by choosing from a wide selection of transitions for free.

Free Video Presets for After Effects

Looking for free after-effect presets to edit images for your video? They are an important tool for boosting and maintaining consistency in video production from start to finish.

Now you can add both style and consistency at once to all the images you are working with, thanks to the list of websites for free video presets I have presented here. Download them now! Learn more about free video presets here.

Free Video Templates for After Effects

Running out of ideas for your next video project? In a dilemma of what kind of music you will use, animations, voiceovers, or sound effects will suit you?

What is the point of going here and there when you have one single place for all your after-effect video template needs? Check these websites out from where you can download appropriate templates for free.

Free Video Assets for Adobe Premier Pro

Video assets are very important to make your video projects successful. Let me present some free assets sources that you can use in Adobe Premier Pro.

Free Overlays for Premier Pro

Up your video editing game with free Premier Pro overlays. These all-inclusive resource websites are for your reference to free overlays that you can download for free. So, what are you waiting for?

Use the free overlays to speed up your editing and automate workflow. Learn more about free Premier Pro overlays here.

Free Lower Thirds for Premier Pro

Conveying your personalized message to the audience has never been easier! Lower thirds serve as a multi-purpose tool for you, a video creator.

Whether you are looking for Premier Pro lower thirds to let the viewers know about the location of your current visuals or you are trying to communicate weather information, lower thirds come to your rescue.

Download free Premier Pro lower thirds for your next video. Visit the websites here.

Free Transitions for Premier Pro

Want to make it a cakewalk while letting your audience experience a smooth transition from one clip to another? If you are looking for free Premier Pro transition videos to create a perfect video, the possibilities are endless.

There is no need to search on the internet haphazardly. You can download your preferred transitions to achieve a variety of effects. Get your hands on them now.

Free Video Presets for Premier Pro

Are you finding it difficult to edit your video because you have to search here and there for free video presets? Plus, they can help you save time by putting a preset (already made for a specific purpose) into use.

Downloads loads of free high-quality, easy-to-use Premier Pro presets and achieve professional effects in no time.

Free Video Templates for Premier Pro

For video makers, reducing production time is of utmost importance. This is where video templates come into the picture.

So, if you want to edit text, title, motion graphics, lower thirds, or sound effects together into concise completed edits.

These free Premier Pro templates are going to make your life easier – As you are now able to create videos stunning enough to boost your audience retention score.

Free Plugins & Extensions for Premier Pro

Nailing video content for extended brand exposure has never been easier! With plugins, you can add new effects or features to your Premier Pro video project.

Here you can have access to a wide range of options to choose from. Whether you want to add simple effects or want to stabilize shaky footage, these resources of free plugins are your go-to assets.

Wondering where you can get free extensions for your Premier Pro video project? Download the right video format for your project by checking these websites here.

They have everything you would ever need- all in one place!

Do you need free video assets for video projects?

I realize how complicated and time-consuming video editing can be. On top of that, you have this sheer pressure of producing high-quality video content to stand out.

From choosing the right video editing software, preparing materials, and compiling them to exporting the final video – you got to do it all.

Getting access to free video assets means you can save more time, and money while not compromising the quality of your video.

To top it off, you can use free video assets to give your videos a professional touch, achieve consistency throughout, and customize them according to your needs.

Are free video assets safe for YouTube videos?

Of course, you can use free video assets as the cherry on top of your upcoming YouTube video. They are safe for creating YouTube video creation and editing.

Those who do not have the resources to create YouTube videos from scratch can benefit from my collection of links to free video assets.

The websites mentioned in my site allow you to browse from a list of royalty-free stock video footage and download them for free.

No matter whether you are making a YouTube video for your next commercial or personal project, free video assets can come to your rescue.

All you need is to check their licensing terms before getting started.

Is downloading free video assets safe from these sites?

The sources I present to you here on my website are carefully handpicked, meaning you can safely download suitable video footage for your project.

You do not have to sign up or share your personal information before downloading any stock video footage. I ensure all the links provided here on my site are not sponsored.

I have used these links for my video creation project and found them useful. This is why I am sharing these links to help make your video creation process a cakewalk.

Things to know before downloading free video assets!

While they may claim you can download as many free video assets as you can, certain limitations are still there. You need to be a little careful before downloading a clip for your commercial or personal project.

Some free assets libraries come with certain restrictions. So, it is best to check for licensing information or any other restrictions before you proceed.

Check if you have to give credit to the original contributor of the clip you have used in your personal or professional video.

While some royalty-free content does not need you to credit the creator, some do not come under this category. It is in your best interest to check all these things beforehand.

What are the popular free video assets websites?

Whether you are looking for stunning free stock videos, a unique video clip, mockup green-screen videos, motion graphics, 4K videos, or maybe some aerial footage of nature, you can get them all in one place.

I have done the legwork, found some amazing stock video websites, used them for my video project, found them helpful, and decided to provide you with the same. 

Depending on your needs you may find certain websites helpful and not others, one thing is for sure – you have at your disposal heaps of popular stock video footage websites.

Where can I download free video assets?

In this post, I have provided you with a vast collection of resources from where you can download free video assets according to your needs.

You can use these free video assets for both personal and commercial purposes. However, check for any restrictions or limitations before downloading your stock asset.

Are these free video assets sources new?

The links I have shared on my site are popular among video creators and editors alike. I try to provide you with the newest website links that you can use as your source of stock video footage.

I ensure the links featured on my site are popular and reliable. I use the free video assets in my video editing projects and like to share them here.

From time to time, I keep updating the content to make it as relevant as possible for video creators like you. This means you are free to download your favorite stock footage without worrying about its relevance and authenticity.

Differences between royalty-free and free video assets

Royalty-free assets usually mean that you pay a one-time fee in exchange for the right to use a video clip. You pay the royalties to the creator or contributor of the video and use their work multiple times in your video projects.

However, free video assets do not need you to give credit to the contributor (although it is appreciated). Anyone can download and use these free assets in their personal or commercial videos.

Can I use free video assets for commercial use?

It depends! You can use free video assets for your commercial video unless there is a custom license that forbids commercial use.

Generally, free assets are safe to use for commercial video projects. The links to free video assets I have mentioned here do not need you to give credit for the asset. You can use them for any commercial purpose.

However, there can be certain restrictions that you need to be familiar with. The websites are clear on their terms and restrictions that you need to know.

Is Video Editing and Video Creation the same thing?

Video creation is, essentially, an umbrella term that includes three main phases of production. They include pre-production, production, and post-production.

During the pre-production phase, the creator starts researching, structuring ideas, collecting assets, and more.

Then comes the production phase where the shooting is done. And in post-production, the actual video editing process starts.

In video editing, the editor uses software to assemble the footage, add graphics & visual effects, apply color correction, and sound effects, among other things.

In a nutshell, video editing is a big part in itself, but it comes under video creation.

free assets from adobe stock

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