9 New Ways to Grow Your Video Marketing in 2024

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Video marketing is the way to go if you want people to take notice of your service or product. Improve your marketing approach right away and reach the right target audience as I am going to share 9 new ways to grow your video marketing in 2024.

Today’s audience is like live streaming, interactive videos, and other media content to learn or make purchase decisions.

Therefore, more is required if brands only use written material and visual content. Now that companies are aware of the benefits and possibilities of funding their production, video marketing is becoming increasingly popular.

It’s time to start video content marketing effectively if you looking for growth. Without videos, it becomes increasingly difficult for companies, coaches, consultants, or freelancers to draw attention to their target markets. Let’s find new ways to do video marketing…

new ways to grow your video marketing

9 New Ways to Grow Your Video Marketing in 2024

In this article, we’ll look at the top 9 video marketing trends for 2024. Use them in your marketing using video best practices to grow your client base and expand your company.

Short-form video content

The wonderful growth of TikTok is a prime example of how short-form video content has changed the look of the internet. Reels were first introduced by Instagram, and Shorts were added by YouTube. These little social media videos, which are often under 60 seconds, provide marketers with a practical option.

Short-form videos provide a higher return on investment, specifically when used to promote services or products. There are many possibilities for unique material, from smart brands to product demos and testimonials.

This style is dominated by vertical orientation, which is compatible with social media stories and short-form platforms. Think about converting horizontal video to vertical formats on websites like Facebook and YouTube.

Live video

In video marketing, live streaming is still a popular and easily available technique. It provides options for holding events, displaying products, and engaging the public in real time. A popular technique, specifically for TikTok, incorporates live shopping events. Lather and Soul, a soap store, promotes engagement by live-streaming the manufacturing of its products.

Shoppable videos

Shoppable videos can be difficult to measure in terms of return on investment because they are interactive and allow for direct product purchases. However, this strategy produces noticeable effects when purchases are closely related to videos. This explains why shoppable films are so popular in the marketing industry now.

Simplified video production

Companies of all sizes stand to gain from the growth of simpler video production, which is driven by the acceptance of short-form, vertical smartphone videos. This change in accessibility makes video marketing beneficial for both large and small businesses.

Many projects may be completed with just a smartphone, a ring light, and a tripod, yet some still call for expensive setups. Additionally, this method makes video editing more accessible and user-friendly while also simplifying it.

Video SEO

Video and search engine optimization are rarely used in the context of digital marketing. Video SEO has grown very important as Google starts to include more and more videos in search results. The main Google result page, Images, Videos, and Google Discover are the four search result categories where Google showcases YouTube video content.

Today, it’s not enough to rank highly for articles. You also need to make sure that your video content gets seen. Use the following video SEO recommendations: host videos on public websites, make use of meta tags and a video sitemap, allow indexing, make sure Google can access video files and include important points in YouTube videos.

User Generated videos

User-generated content videos are those that your customers have made regarding your product. You should try to include some of these videos in your content strategy. They represent a much more genuine form of material.

UG creators, who are content producers that specialize in producing User-generated videos for businesses to publish on their sites, have however recently become more popular in the field of user-generated content.

Even if the firm hires these people, they nevertheless convey authenticity and connect with a brand’s audience more than traditional marketing material would.

AI videos

Why not use AI for your video given how much of an impact it has made in the realm of content creation? Artificial intelligence is capable of producing text, artwork, code, as well as video.

Artificial intelligence methods may be used in a variety of video marketing strategies. Here are a few examples: 1) Minimize large videos to smaller sections 2) Convert textual material into video content 3) Auto-generate captions for accessibility.

Animation Video

More and more people are watching animated videos. Last year, more than half (55%) of video marketers produced animated video content.

There are many different types of video animation. Using DIY video editing tools like CreateStudio, Doodly, or Renderforest, you can quickly make a simple animated explainer video. Another option is to make an animated video using an AI tool.

However, the most typical method is to work with an animator to produce excellent animated video content. This may be an enjoyable approach to advertise your goods.

Looping videos

A looping video is one that continuously plays back. Automatically looping videos include those from TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts.

However, you may make use of that loop to raise the number of views and average viewing duration for your video. Make the opening and finish of your video appear to flow effortlessly into one another by using music and/or video to do this.

The Importance of Video Marketing

When it comes to engaging people with content, videos are without a doubt the clear victors. 92.5% of digital marketers believe that using video marketing is an essential strategy.

According to a poll, a whopping 96% of users indicated they watched videos to learn more about the software or a product.


The field of video marketing is overflowing with new potential for development and innovation as we head into 2024. You can position your business to stand out and thrive in this dynamic environment by adding short-form vertical videos, interactive content, live streaming, customization, AI, user-generated content, and Stories into your strategy.

To make the most of your video marketing efforts, embrace these trends, try new things, and adjust to your audience’s shifting tastes.


What is the importance of video marketing in 2024?

When it comes to engaging people with content, videos are without a doubt the clear victors. 92.5% of digital marketers believe that using video marketing is an essential strategy.

What are some popular video marketing trends for 2024?

The article highlights several video marketing trends, including short-form video content, live video streaming, shoppable videos, simplified video production, video SEO, user-generated videos, AI-generated videos, animation videos, looping videos, and silent videos.

What AI had an impact on video marketing?

Artificial intelligence methods may be used in your video marketing strategy. Such as Minimising large videos to smaller sections, Converting textual material into video content, and Auto-generate captions for accessibility.

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