Top 9 Best Paid, Free Christmas Video Maker Templates

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Christmas bells are already ringing, and we’re all ready to enjoy our holiday. At this busy time, if you want to create videos for your personal, business, or professional requirements, you need to make use of good and easy Christmas video maker templates. Here are the top 5 options for making Merry Christmas greetings videos in 2024.

Overall the Best


Renderforest is an easy and impressive Christmas animation video maker for businesses and beyond

Beginner Friendly


InVideo is the second-best Christmas video maker. It has a large number of easy-to-edit video templates.

For All Creators


Promo is a highly recommended online video maker that can help you create New Year and Christmas videos.

Best for Professionals


FlexClip offers easy-to-customize holiday video templates for making Christmas or New Year greetings videos.

Easiest Software


Consider CreateStudio if you want to create animated Christmas videos using 3D characters and more.

Whether you have a business or you want to create personal videos with all your images and make them memorable for someone, having a video maker can be helpful. Christmas is always an amazing time for video marketing, many businesses (cake shops, restaurants, and others) leverage this holiday season to advertise their products or services.

However, not every time it is possible for everyone to have professional knowledge of video making. Therefore, in such times, template-based video makers can be extremely beneficial. So let us take a look at some of the best Christmas video makers available in the market.

Top 9 Best Christmas Video Makers Templates in 2024

top best christmas video makers templates

If you search for the best Christmas video maker with templates, you will probably be offered overwhelming options. However, are all the video makers worth trying or installing?

The answer is NO. So you have to properly examine and access the features and functionalities to understand if the video maker is worth your requirements.


Renderforest is an online video tool and the best Christmas video maker that can help you create amazing explainers, animations, intros, promos, videos, music, visualization, slideshows, and a lot more.

renderforest christmas animation video maker

Therefore, it provides the quality and flexibility that you are looking forward to creating a stunning Christmas video. It has unlimited possibilities to create any kind of video with a huge number of visual elements.

If you want to create Christmas offers videos provided by your brand to your valuable customers, Renderforest can be an appropriate choice.

It has more than 500 video templates that can help you easily create Xmas videos with all the details you want. This is the first Christmas video maker I have chosen for my blog readers because of its ease of use.

You will easily be able to create HD videos in 720 and 1080 pixels. Besides, more than 95,000 royalty-free stock footage on this Christmas video maker will easily help you to create anything that you want.

Even if you want to create a Merry Christmas greetings video for your loyal customers, this is an appropriate choice that I can proudly recommend to you. It provides access to unlimited features at an affordable package.


InVideo is the second-best Christmas video maker that we are talking about. It is an online video tool that helps businesses easily create a range of videos for different industries. You will be able to customize the content and share it on social media platforms.

And if you’re willing to create a Christmas greeting video without a watermark, this online video maker can be a great option.

invideo christmas video maker

It provides pre-built templates, advanced editing options, and a huge content library with videos and images. With more than 1,500 pre-built templates provided by this video maker, you can easily customize and create seasonal greetings. You will also be able to give snow overlays for videos for this festive season from over 3000+ pre-built video templates.

This online video maker is a great choice for social media marketing. You can create Facebook video ads and YouTube videos and do a lot more. Additionally, you can brand every video using your company’s fonts, color schemes, and logos.

With over 3 million stock footage or stock photos, it becomes easy to create social media videos. Add multiple other features like Christmas, sound effects, intelligent frames, numerous layers, and much more.


Canva is another high-quality online image and highly recommended Christmas video maker that can help you create Christmas videos with festive music and seasonal templates. This online tool allows you to easily design and publish high-quality images and videos with this editor. The thousands of layout designs can make it a versatile online video maker.

canva free christmas video templates

You can easily create social media videos, presentations, and anything with this online video maker. Therefore, even if you are willing to create New Year videos online, it is a worthy choice. You can choose from Canva for education, Canva enterprise, Canva Pro, and Canva for non-profit users to acquire access to the other elements.

So, if you’re looking for high-quality Merry Christmas images and video makers, nothing can be more appropriate than choosing this online video maker. It can help you to change the design instantly, re-size, and use several fonts, music, animation, and images in your videos.

You can choose from following snowflakes to other additional elements in this video maker to create a Merry Christmas greetings video.

Vyond (for corporate)

Vyond is a cloud-based solution that is specially developed for businesses and organizations who want to create professional-quality videos. This online easy video maker can help you to create Christmas video templates, Christmas animations, videos, and a lot more with its features and functionalities.

You can customize videos and make them brand-specific from the huge library of props, sounds, and templates. You can use this online video maker to make a high-quality Christmas video card for your loyal customers.

This video maker can create not only animated videos but also GIFs. It helps designers to create multiple characters and styles and add realistic movement to their animation.

With multiple features like customizable templates, image library, text editing, and text overlay, this high-quality video maker lets you create animations and transitions in just a few steps. It has a vast Library that helps you to create realistic videos.

With a simple drag-and-drop interface, it does not require much learning curve.


Promo is another high-end platform for creating Xmas videos. It can be an excellent choice for agencies and businesses looking forward to creating Xmas animation videos with improved visual content. This platform provides the opportunity to customize video clips and increase brand awareness, traffic, and product promotion.

With more than 15 million video clips professionally designed for a range of purposes can increase your traffic. This is a simple editing tool present online that helps to create easy Xmas videos. The company also provides the opportunity for users to get a lifetime license to share videos anywhere, like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, business websites, and much more.

With the huge music Library that includes thousands of songs, you can seamlessly edit and use the licensed music. So even if you’re creating high-quality Xmas videos, you can do this with this web tool. Once you have created the video, you can seamlessly save it on your desktop and use it everywhere. You can also add logos and customized texts.


To your search for a cost-effective Christmas video maker, VideoScribe is one of the finest choices. This intuitive tool is mostly chosen by professionals. When it comes to creating an explainer video and whiteboard animations, the tools can be your best buddy. With it, you can create high-quality Xmas videos with a range of features and functionalities. It has probably everything you need to create animation without needing any prior experience.

With a huge range of media libraries present, you can work with any category. You can find free and paid images on this software. The voiceover feature is provided for easy-to-text inclusion. It has nine different types of background texture with 336 hand styles to let you create an express video of your style. The voice-over recording is simply a great inclusion.

84 Different kinds of text fonts make the video look amazing. You can choose a font according to your desire. 192 royalty-free audio tracks are also provided for the ultimate customization. Besides, you can export HD-quality video and improve your traffic and views from social media platforms.


If you are looking forward to finding a free online video maker, Animaker can be a great choice. This is a good choice for creating Animated and professional live videos in a matter of a few minutes. It is a SAAS product that is mostly used for video and content making.

With more than hundreds of templates in this free online video maker, you will be able to easily change everything and make a video according to your requirements. You can also do branding by adding logos, brand font, backgrounds, and other notable elements included in this video maker.

It is one of those few tools that lets you create professional quality videos without any technical expertise.


CreateStudio is the best Christmas Video maker available in the market. It is the advanced version of the existing software with the extreme ability to provide high-quality Xmas videos. It is now more efficient and easy to use.

The CreateStudio lets you create high-quality animated videos in an intuitive drag-and-drop manner. It has added new 3-D characters, wild video effects, customizable text, animation, thousands of different frames, carousels, and a lot more to make video creation a fun process.

The best thing about this video is that you can create your piece of artwork without the need for any prior technical knowledge. It has an intuitive UI with high-quality premium tools that let you create an exceptional Christmas animation video.


FlexClip is a comparatively new video maker and a cloud-based solution that lets you create and edit videos in a few minutes. It is a centralized platform that helps users create storyboards, manage projects, select thumbnails, and easily export and import videos in a range of formats.

It becomes helpful for businesses to easily attach business logos, use text, and properties, add backgrounds, and do animated captions. You can also record voice, use different slides, and easily merge multiple files to create a customized video.

With a huge range of options, it also offers you the ability to create Xmas videos with Christmas video elements.

3 Top Christmas Video Maker Apps for Android, and iPhone Users

If you want to make an intriguing and welcoming Christmas video from your smartphone, you need a proper Christmas video maker in the form of an app.

Also, you have to make sure that it is compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphones. Following are the top three best video maker apps that you can choose to create a good Christmas greetings video.

Photo and Video Editor – Canva

If you want the best Christmas video maker app that will help you to create both videos and images for Christmas Greetings, Canva can be a good choice. This easy-to-use application and its multitude of elements help seamlessly create Christmas photos and videos.

With many assets available in this video maker app, you can create exceptional social media videos or online video templates easily.

Filmora – Video Editor & Maker

The second best Christmas video maker app that lets you create attractive Xmas videos is Filmora. With a range of features and functionalities, this is an easy-to-use video maker and editor app available for smartphones. You can seamlessly download and create your Xmas videos in a matter of a few minutes.

Seamless drag-and-drop interface with the ability to easily crop, change speed, add watermark, and do a range of stuff, this video maker and editor becomes a good choice for individuals and businesses.

PowerDirector – Video Editor

Your search for an easy Christmas video maker app can end with the helpful and powerful video maker – PowerDirector. This high-quality tool has made it easy for everyone to edit, refine, and share professional-quality Christmas videos easily.

You can choose to add shapes, and titles, use keyframes, controls, and templates, and do a lot more with this high-end video editing software. It is a Christmas video maker without a watermark.

Christmas Images Maker or Photo Maker for Social Media

If you have a business or you are a popular face, you always need to make sure that you keep your viewers or listeners entertained throughout. Wishing them Merry Christmas and New Year is a must.

So, if you want to send Christmas greetings or New Year cards to your viewers through social media, you need to find a good photo maker or image maker.

These high-end tools are created for everyone, irrespective of your experience. Following are the top two best Christmas image makers that I can refer to create high-quality social media images on these auspicious occasions.

  1. Canva
  2. InVideo
  3. FlexClip
  4. PixTeller
  5. Promo

New Year Videos Maker for Small Businesses and Beyond

New Year also coming, and as a small business owner, you need to pay attention to this event. Wish Happy New Year with a video message to your customers on this special occasion to make your business special to them.

Whether it is Christmas or New Year, you should never leave a chance to wish your loyal customers and offer fantastic discounts or something compelling.

Following are some of the top names of Merry Christmas video makers that can also be used for creating New Year videos.

  1. Canva
  2. CreateStudio
  3. Vyond
  4. Animaker
  5. Renderforest

Why do you need Christmas video templates?

If you own a small business, or you are an individual who wants to improve the follower count, you need to celebrate every special day. Christmas is undoubtedly a big occasion for people throughout the world.

Taking advantage of this big day, you can provide discounts on your services or products to promote your brand. It is a great time to launch a new service or product and promote it with Christmas and New Year greetings.

There are multiple benefits of choosing Christmas video templates with the use of a good video maker. Following are some of the major ones that will help you to comprehend the use of such special days.

Increases Sales

Whether you are a new business or have been in the online world for quite a long time, you should never leave the potential benefits of choosing to promote during classes. Using Christmas video templates as a promotional medium can help to increase the sales count.

As people are on a shopping spree, there are increased chances to improve sales count if you can leverage this period by creating a compelling Christmas video template.

If you want numbers, the total number of sales during Christmas was $777.3 billion in 2020.

Improves Traffic

As most people remain active online during this part of the year, it is a smart step for any business to leverage the benefit. It becomes easier for even new businesses to reach their potential customers. It can easily help you to get more traffic within less time.

With most people looking forward to buying gifts for their loved ones this season, businesses can take advantage of creating a good and intuitive Christmas video card for their loyal customers stating their discounts. This can bring a lot of new along with existing traffic to the website.

A unique way of promoting businesses

One of the best ways to promote businesses is to make them unique. Unlike other businesses that follow the same approach, why not try to make it a little bit different? You can uniquely promote your brand when you have some of the best Christmas video makers that let you make online video templates.

You can send them greetings and mention the special discount to them or promote a new launch. The more you start using creative and new ways to boost business, the more people will be attracted to you.

Initiates conversation

When you create Christmas videos and post them on your social media, the chances of the conversation increase and also bring new customers because of the special discount.

So all you need is to make the video unique and attractive. You can use ice cracking, Christmas motives, and other Christmas video elements to make the entire video attractive with a proper story that people would love to share.

Bridges the gap

When people start gathering and commenting, it is a need for businesses to comment and acknowledge. This not only starts making a great relationship with businesses and customers but also bridges the gap between both. It is one of the best ways to boost relationships and traffic.

Create Christmas Videos in 3 Easy Steps using Templates

Just like Christmas videos, you should never forget about New Year videos as well. Being a popular face or a brand, or a business, you should not leave the potential that these big days provide you. However, if you’re looking forward to understanding the best way to create Christmas animation videos, the following are the top three easy steps that you can consider by using templates.

Step 1: Choose a template

Once you know which Christmas video maker you want to choose to create Xmas videos, you first need to log in. Once you have successfully logged in using your username and password, simply select a template that makes sense. It is always better to have some ice overlays for videos as it makes it appropriate for the occasion.

Step 2: Add or Replace Video Elements

Take a look at the Christmas video elements provided in the Christmas video maker. Depending on your requirements, you need to choose the elements that will help you easily create a beautiful Christmas video for your loyal and new customers.

Step 3: Download and Share

Once you like the video, it is time for you to download and share it on social media. Make sure to add proper tags to improve its engagement and sharing ability. For social media marketing, you can use the downloaded video to run video ads to reach new customers. Video marketing is necessary as the competition is high.

Consider the Following Features in Christmas Video Maker

While there are several essential things that you need to check while choosing a Christmas video maker, the following are some of the major features or elements that you must not miss out on. If you want to create a compelling video, you need everything that would help you to create a great video.

So make sure that the Christmas video maker has the following features.

Ease of use: Always make sure that the Christmas video maker that you are choosing does not have much learning curve and helps you to easily create videos without facing any issues.

Video format support: Don’t forget to check the quality of the video that you can download from the Christmas video makers. Do not compromise on the quality, as the viewers are looking forward to getting the best from you.

Advance editing tool: Make sure that you check all the features provided by the video makers that would help you simply create and edit videos.

Media Library: If you don’t want to waste much time and create everything from scratch, nothing will be more helpful than an extensive media library. So a video maker with a vast media Library of special effects, characters, music, and everything you need to create a video can be exceptionally helpful.

Important FAQs

With all the important details that you would need to create a Christmas video, hopefully, it will be seamless for you to make one. These video makers are also suitable for creating New Year videos.

How to create a Christmas video online?

You can simply create Christmas videos online by choosing the right online video maker. All you need is to log in to the video maker, choose the template, add the elements, use special effects, and create a Christmas video online in a few simple steps. Some video makers might have a little bit of a learning curve, but it is achievable.

Can I make a merry Christmas greeting video on mobile?

Yes, but for that, you need to choose a video maker that is compatible with smartphones. As I have already mentioned, Canva, PowerDirector, and Filmora are the top Christmas video makers available in the form of apps for iPhones and android smartphones. You can simply download and start creating your video.

Which is the best Christmas greeting video maker without watermarks?

In my opinion, Canva can be a great choice for making online video templates without watermarks.


I hope I was able to provide you with all the details that you were looking for before creating a great Christmas video for your loyal and new viewers or customers.

These are some of the top Christmas video makers that I recommend as I have personally used and felt the ease of creating videos even when I am not a professional video maker.

So go ahead to create videos to compel your potential audience. Don’t forget to mention your chosen video maker for creating Xmas and New Year videos in the comment section.

renderforest plan

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