FlexClip Review: Should You Use This Online Video Maker?

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Hi, Welcome to my FlexClip review. This FlexClip review has all the information you need to decide whether this tool is meant for you or not. So stick around and find out everything about FlexClip.

I’ll Cover… FlexClip features details, pricing, cons, and what people are saying about FlexClip. For this FlexClip review, I am using the FlexClip Business Plan subscription.

There is a huge growing demand for video content for businesses. Because 54% of internet users look for product and service videos before purchase. As a marketer and entrepreneur, you can take this advantage and harness video power for your brand.

So without further ado, let’s start exploring FlexClip.

flexclip review

What is FlexClip?

FlexClip is an online video-making platform with several editing features that make video content creation easy for any marketing video needs.

The platform allows you to manage projects, import and export various video formats, select a thumbnail and develop storyboards.

FlexClip enables you to use text properties and attach your business logo to a project. You can also add background music to your videos and record voiceovers.

The platform allows business owners and marketers to create business presentations, cut large video files into smaller clips, and export videos in aspect ratios that suit social media standards.

An organization can brand its video by adding a watermark to prevent copyright infringement.

The platform comes with an inbuilt media library with free audio tracks, video footage, and pictures for creative projects.

Top Benefits of Choosing FlexClip

FlexClip is an easy-to-use free online video maker that helps users create high-quality video content within minutes.

The platform assists both unskilled and skilled content creators in making business videos, company advertisements, or personal life videos.

With FlexClip, you can easily cut a clip from your video and make it far more dynamic with a combination of text graphics and voice recordings.

In this FlexClip review, I discuss some of the benefits of using FlexClip.

So here are the top benefits of using FlexClip.

No Installation Required- Access Anywhere

Unlike other software, FlexClip is a cloud-based platform. This video-making platform works entirely online; no installation is required.

All you need to do is create a FlexClip account, log in to your account, and start your project.

One most important benefits of cloud-based video software is that you can access your projects from anywhere.

You can also work on a single project as a team remotely.

Can Try FlexClip for Free and Upgrade Anytime

Unlike other software in the market, FlexClip offers both a completely free and paid version.

The free version is free with no hidden charges, and you only need to upgrade if you want. You enjoy the platform without any monthly payments.

Once you sign up with the forum, you will get all the tools you need to import files and create and export your videos.

Both versions meet a professional video editor’s standards. The free version comes with some limitations in terms of video output quality, project count, video length, and stock content availability.

Easy-to-Use User Interface

FlexClip comes with a very intuitive interface for its users. Through the simple interface, you get to enjoy the use of free filters and media elements.

The drag and drop interface makes it easy to access various features.

Can Create Various Types of Videos

FlexClip offers various video templates from YouTube showcase videos to social media promo videos; the business template gives you a way to create videos on multiple fields.

These include real estate, explainer, educational, promo, cooperate, and even tutorial videos.

The lifestyle category offers Photography, Birthday, wedding, baby, Travel, and music videos. With FlexClip, you can create videos in almost all formats.

More Than Video Creation Tool

FlexClip offers more tools to make your editing work look more outstanding. Such options include voiceovers which help set the video’s tone, title graphics, and animations to add captions and send messages across your video.

You can also combine various video assets in your gallery with just a click of a button.

FlexClip also has a tool for watermarking, setting resolution, and adjusting aspect ratio. It also has a conversion tool for the photo to video and a video split tool.

FlexClip Performance

FlexClip performance depends on backend servers and not your computer. Through this, you get to see real-time previews without rendering.

In short, the server operates smoothly without any issues. The only time you get to wait is when you are exporting your videos. A 30-second video takes a bit over 2 minutes to convert to full HD 1080p.

Even this is still faster than when you do the same in other software.

Premium Customer Support

FlexClip offers you three ways to learn and enjoy the use of the platform. This includes: frequently asked questions, tutorials, and suggestions to send to their service development team.

Do not forget that this is free software and comes with limitations in terms of customer support.

Though FlexClip doesn’t provide options like live chat, other communications are readily available on the platform.

Therefore I can say that FlexClip has done an excellent job of educating its users and giving help.

Top FlexClip Features and Their Benefits

Whether creating a professional business or personal videos to share, FlexClip video maker simplifies your task because it is easy to use.

Use this platform to turn your creative ideas into amazing videos regardless of the level of your skills.

FlexClip has a world-class group of competitive tools for video creation. In this FlexClip review, I am going to share the top features of FlexClip and its benefits.

Effect and Transition

FlexClip provides you with cool effects and transitions to connect your photo and video to form a stunning video.

The changes effects include; Cross dissolve, fade to black or white, Zoom in/out, Wipe, Check out our pre-made cool transition effects, and craft an engaging video in minutes.


FlexClip provides a video merger that stitches your footage together. The merger combines as many video clips into a single video file in minutes.

Add Music to Your Videos

FlexClip helps you add music to your videos in the background. It enables you to add various audio formats such as AC, FAC, M4A, MP3, OGG, and WAV.

FlexClip also offers powerful tools such as the audio cutter tool to edit the audio to the sound you need.

Add & Edit Text

FlexClip provides a massive library of texts that allows you to add text to your videos. FlexClip provides handpicked and animated text templates.

The platform also provides a logo text section for your business logo and text.

Custom Watermark

We usually use watermarks to protect and claim ownership of our contents. FlexClip gives several options to create a watermark on your videos.

You can write your text watermark or upload your business logo as a watermark. It supports the importation of text and another icon to create your watermark.

You can upload, edit, and change the position of your watermark on FlexClip.

Zoom and Resize

FlexClip provides a simple way for you to zoom into a video clip to make the audience focus on the part you want them to pay attention to.

With FlexClip, you can crop the unwanted part of your video and center your work. You can zoom your videos from 25% to 200%.

Aspect Ratio

FlexClip offers both 16:9 and 1:1 aspect ratios for your videos.  You can create videos for various devices using the best aspect ratio with FlexClip.

For example, 16:9 is the most common aspect ratio for televisions and computer monitors. The 1:1 rate is mainly used in mobile devices and mobile applications.

Reverse and Speed

FlexClip offers the opportunity to create your video in slow motion or acceleration. Creating videos in slow motion is an essential part of video creation.

Rotate and Mirror

FlexClip helps you rotate video clips recorded by a smartphone or another device. Rotations make it adequate to watch videos in the right way.

Trim Videos

With FlexClip, you get to cut a clip you want from the video file. It is easy to trim your video on FlexClip by adjusting the yellow slider.

Record Your Screen

FlexClip allows you to record all your screen activities using a desktop or laptop on Windows and Linux operating systems. Recording your screen helps explain your problems or solutions involving a project.

Record Your Webcam

FlexClip’s free webcam recorder allows you to record from cameras, video capture cards, and camcorders. The recorded video file gets saved in various video formats.

Record Your Voiceover

Recording voice-over is a proven way to connect with target viewers, evoke particular emotions, and add a sense of intimacy.

The free voice recorder tool on FlexClip is the best among the vast number of voiceover recorders available in the market.

 Video Splitter

FlexClip has a tool that helps you split your video files into smaller sections easily. Only with a few simple steps, you can cut the tape into short segments.

Why FlexClip is Unique

Compared to other social media video makers, FlexClip is simple, powerful, and flexible.

In terms of features, it possesses an excellent quality that only professional video editing software like PowerDirector 365 would have.

It is also free software compared with professional features that you wouldn’t expect.

FlexClip is perfect for any Niche and Industry

FlexClip’s online video editor allows for several video types, and the platform is perfect for any Niche and Industry.

This software can make any video, from simple personal videos to corporate and professional company videos, from lifestyle videos to business videos.

It offers various video templates, such as the business template, which provides you with a way to create videos in multiple fields.

These include real estate, explainer, educational, promo, cooperate, and even tutorial videos.

The lifestyle category offers Photography, Birthday, wedding, baby, Travel, and music videos. With FlexClip, you can create videos in almost all formats.

FlexClip can be used by

Several video creators, including YouTubers, can use FlexClip, to create YouTube videos, like home and marketing Video Makers, freelancers, and bloggers.

Marketers use the platform to create promotional ads, build product campaigns, and animate GIFs for targeted audiences.

Graphic designers also use FlexClip to create video and image graphics since the platform provides various but unique graphic design templates.

FlexClip Pros and Cons

Now let’s talk about the Pros and Cons of the FlexClip video maker and the reasons why you should or shouldn’t choose it for all your introductory video-making needs.

FlexClip Pros

  • Easy to use interface. Even for newbies, the software interface is simple and easy to use.
  • FlexClip support various video formats, including MP4, OGV, WMV, AVI, MPEG4
  •  FlexClip supports the live preview. You can preview the text and graphics instantly without manually previewing them every time.
  • FlexClip is cloud-based software, and therefore accessing and sharing a project with multiple users is guaranteed.
  • FlexClip has many templates with powerful editing tools to help you choose from and start your video creation task.

FlexClip Cons

  • FlexClip doesn’t support the 4K video resolution.
  • The free version of FlexClip is limited with features like you only exporting 480p video quality as the highest resolution.
  • FlexClip adds a text feature that needs improvements. There is a global improvement in graphics and text; the platform needs to add appealing text graphics.

FlexClip Pricing

Free Plan: It’s free for every user who signs up. You get to download 480p SD videos and get a single stock video per project, with the utmost 12 projects and a video of 1 minute in length.

The Basic plan: It costs $4.99 monthly billed annually. You get more improved features like downloading videos of 720p HD resolutions.

The Plus Plan:  This is the most common plan. It costs $7.99 monthly billed annually. You get to download 1080p HD resolution and save 200 video projects.

The Business Plan: This costs $19.99 monthly billed annually. You get unlimited stock videos per project and Save 1000 projects online. The videos are downloaded in 1080p HD resolutions.

Important FAQ about FlexClip

Have a look at the frequently asked question about FlexClip and their answers.

Is FlexClip newbie-friendly?

FlexClip is easy to sign up for and use. Beginners can get to create impressive videos in minutes. The user interface is simple, making it extremely easy to create videos and embed texts.

Even newbies without video editing skills get the top to create amazing videos. It is super beginner-friendly.

How to access FlexClip?

Getting started with FlexClip is very easy Open www.flexclip.com
 on your browser. You will see two options; login and sign up in the top right corner.

Does FlexClip create HD quality videos?

The free and basic plans of FlexClip don’t allow you to create HD-quality videos. However, the Plus and the Business plans will enable you to convert your video into 1080p Full-HD downloads.

What about FlexClip Updates? How does that work?

FlexClip updates tools regularly; however, this does not mean losing your saved projects. Updates are the newest font types, graphics design features, and effects, including the latest transitions.

When your project has a previous component that is already updated, FlexClip will ask you to update it or continue using the old version of the feature.

FlexClip Alternatives in 2024

Even though FlexClip offers excellent features, you should try out other FlexClip alternatives and FlexClip Competitors.

So, I will speak about some of the FlexClip alternatives and FlexClip Competitors and why they should try them out over FlexClip.


Just like FlexClip, Animaker provides tools for online video creation. It is an animation video maker and several online animation creation tools. However, in terms of video quality and resolution, Animaker gives you high-quality videos in 4k that are very impressive.

With Animaker, you can create 2D animations and presentations for your organization. Animaker can instantly upload your videos on Facebook and YouTube, making your sharing work easier. It is a social media video tool and the best FlexClip alternative so far.


Vyond is also an alternative to FlexClip. Vyond provides a platform that is easy to use to create, update, and iterate video projects.

With Vyond Studio, you can combine the inbuilt templates to create a dynamic video that fits your brand.

Vyond provides various useful features that you would choose over FlexClip. In terms of live support, Vyond offers 24/7 live support and every day is a business day.

Vyond also provides a great media library and has more animated graphics than other SaaS industries to create animated.

Vyond provides collaboration tools and, therefore, is suitable for users who look to develop long-format videos.

According to this FlexClip review, you can use Vyond over FlexClip for your video-making projects.


Wave.Video is a marketing platform and FlexClip similar software. Wave.Video combines an online editing toolkit, cloud-based hosting for videos, and a landing page builder in one place. Wave.Video provides various useful features that you would choose over FlexClip.

From FlexClip reviews and Wave.Video previews by users, Wave.Video gives you the most delicate tools and is the perfect online maker of social media videos, video ads, video marketing, digital marketing, hosting, video editing, business, social media sharing, and video editor.

It provides an advanced folder to save your project with an improved audio editing feature.

FlexClip Review Summary

In summary, FlexClip allows you to create videos in the most comfortable and secure ways. And while doing it, you don’t compromise their quality but increase it.

This FlexClip review concludes that besides the classic video editor, it offers many features and tools to make them look perfect for your personal or business ideas.

The platform provides different subscription plan options to ensure you can find your needs’ most convenient level.

FlexClip offers several tools that help you create videos to meet marketing and social media standards.

Hence, you can use it as a powerful marketing tool that helps increase shares, comments, and, ultimately, sales.

FlexClip Review Verdict

FlexClip is an impressive video maker that has many pros and a bunch of cons.

I am sure that it will improve in the future and be one of the better video maker software for pros.

For now, enjoy the little features it has, or try using a FlexClip similar software to achieve your video content creation goals.

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