Toonly Review #1 Cartoon Explainer Video Creation Tool

As an explainer video production company owner, YouTuber, or an explainer video creator, you will definitely agree with me that, to create the most engaging explainer video we require two main things.

  • The first thing is a strong video script and
  • Another is a good explainer video software.

Let’s say, you have a strong video script but your software has LIMITED characters, prop images, scene transitions, backgrounds, and other video assets that actually make an animated video most engaging.

Then your video will not be a masterpiece.

If you’re in the above situations then don’t worry, as you have landed on the right page. I am going to present an unbiased Toonly review.

toonly review

Toonly is a unique cartoon explainer video creation tool with a lot of characters, prop images, backgrounds, and more.

By the way, in case you wanted to start your video production company or want to work as a freelance video creator to make money online we are here to help you get your toolset right.

Then this Toonly review will be helpful for both of you as well.

Before starting up with the review, let’s first know about the importance of the explained videos that makes us look for this tool!

What is an explainer video?

Explainer videos are basically short marketing videos used online to explain different products or services to its online audience.

These types of videos are basically used in different types of landing pages, website home pages, or product pages to connect with the audience.

Where animated explainer videos work best?

The explainer video can help you create a buzz about the product and services that can help you generate engagement, conversions, and revenue.

You can use Toonly explainer video software that will entertain you with different assets to get your video designed in the most effective manner

So, let’s explore the Toonly to know more and understand and how it can help you earn a lot more profit.

What is Toonly?

Toonly is an effective animated cartoon video creator. You can create explainer videos to assist your audience with proper instructions as per the specific needs and requirements.

It has so many benefits (going to discuss in next section) and available at a reasonable price. In terms of features, you will find everything to make professional cartoon explainer-style videos.

The best part of it is that it is very easy to use and get the results you are looking for.

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Top Benefits of Choosing Toonly

To give you a briefing about how Toonly video software can prove to be effective, take a look at the below-mentioned benefits that will come with it along the process, check it out:

Work In Offline

The first benefit that you get with the Toonly video software is that you will be able to work offline as well.

So, you will be able to design or create your videos while being on the move and get excellent results with all the attributes.

Easy User Interface

Another major benefit that you will be getting with this explainer video software is that it is very easy to use. You will find no difficulty in getting your video designed with the use of its attributes.

Offer Step By Step Video Tutorial

You will also be able to understand this tool with ease as there are a number of step-by-step video tutorials available online.

You can check and understand different attributes and learn to get the best out of them to target your audience.

Supports All Operating System

Another reason that makes you opt for Toonly video software is that it supports all kinds of operating systems in the form of Windows and Mac. You can use the same with ease and avail the best out of it.

Affordable Cost

The best part of using Toonly video creating software for your specific marketing needs is because of its affordability. It is very cost-effective that will never put any kind of pressure on your pockets.

Zero Technical Skills Required

To use the respective video software tool, you will never have to stress about your technical understanding.

You just need to understand the video editing software tutorials and get a complete understanding of the same.

Free Software Feature Updates

The features in the software will be updated without costing you at all.

So, you will have a wide range of features according to the latest trends and needs to be updated in the software that will help you create engaging videos.

Premium Customer Support

Another benefit that you get with Toonly video software is the premium support as and when you need it.

Whenever you have any kind of doubts and queries related to the software then you can always connect without any second thought.

Money Back Guarantee

Out of the blue, if you do not like the software or finding it difficult to use the software, you can always use the 30 Day money-back assurance.

So, there will be no pressure whatsoever.

Here we end this part of the Toonly review. Hopefully, you are clear with the benefits you get with the respective attribute.

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Now let’s move in towards the Toonly features that will help you with excellent returns.

Top Toonly Features and Their Benefits

In this part of Toonly Review, we are here to discuss the Toonly features and their benefits, let’s get started to learn how to grab the audience’s attention with ease:

Lots of Characters and Character Animations

With the assistance of this video-making platform, you will also be benefited from a wide range of characters and character animations to make your videos engaging and exciting.

From 30 to 82 characters and 17 to 30 character animation action will be accessible to you to make your video more than connecting.

Intuitive Interface

With the help of this tool, you will be able to make explainer animated videos with ease because of an intuitive interface that is very easy to understand and work upon according to your specific needs.

Voice over option

Another major feature of using the respective tool is being able to imply voice over on your animated videos that will surely make a huge impact and help you get better results in no time.

Huge Library

You will be able to make your video content a lot more interesting because of the huge library it comes with full of props, backgrounds, scene transitions, and a lot more to add a bit of zeal to your videos.

Install On Multiple Computers

This video creating and video marketing tool is very easy to install and can be worked upon from multiple computers, so you will have flexibility to use it from anywhere around the world.

Feature requests:

With the assistance of this marketing video maker, you will also be benefited with this cool attribute of Feature Request.

So, if you have any particular need in mind from the software, you can surely let them know!

Here we end this part of the Toonly Review. These are the features and benefits you get from this popular video-making platform.

You need to use it wise in your favour to get the best results.

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Why Toonly is Unique

For me, Toonly has a lot more in offer compared to any other Toonly similar software.

You will be benefited from a lot of features that will help you in offline and social media marketing.

With this 2D video animation maker, you will be able to create videos with ease.

You can use it without any technical understanding and give yourself the opportunity to gain more attention.

Toonly is perfect for any Niche and Industry

You will be able to create animated videos with ease for all industries with the assistance of this video animation software.

It will help all industries reach and connect with their audience by depicting their share of stories.

Types of videos you can create on Toonly

There are different types of videos that you can create with the use of Toonly software, and they are:

  • Explainer Video
  • Promo business Video
  • Marketing Video
  • Commercial Social media Video
  • Cartoon Video
  • Advertisement Video
  • Facebook Video
  • Text Animation
  • Instagram Video
  • Doodle Video
  • YouTube Video
  • Cartoon Sales Video

Toonly Can Be Used By

This 2D Animation software can be taken into consideration by:

  • Small businesses
  • YouTuber
  • Home Video Maker
  • Freelancers
  • Social media marketer
  • Digital marketer
  • Solopreneurs
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Bloggers
  • Graphic Designers
  • eCommerce store owners

With the assistance of the Toonly animated video maker, you and anyone who belongs to the above-mentioned profiles will be able to create stunning videos that will get more views, likes, and shares.

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How to use Toonly?

In my opinion, Toonly is very easy to use software. All you need to do is register with the software and order the version you are looking for according to your budget.

After this, the 2D animated explainer software will be all yours to use with an access to a wide range of attributes.

Get it installed in your system and get started with the usage. In fact, if you have any questions or queries, you can always make reference to video tutorials available on their website.

In short:

  • Make a purchase,
  • Get it installed,
  • Check with the video tutorials,
  • Start creating videos using Toonly!

How easy it can get for you to use video maker software? Isn’t Toonly fascinating?

You can Make Money Online with Toonly

With the help of this explainer video software, you will be able to make a wide range of videos that can be posted on different platforms.

As and when you get more views will be making tons of money in no time.

sell your doodle video on

The animated explainer videos are in demand for a wide range of purposes and are making many fond of it because of the kind of returns it brings into play.

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Toonly Pros and Cons

In this segment of Toonly review, we are here to explore more about the pros and cons related to this 2D animation creator tool, check it out:

Toonly Pros (Advantages)

  • Huge library of music, people, and objects
  • Upload custom images
  • Easy to save and export
  • Free regular updates
  • Cost-effective

Toonly Cons (Disadvantages)

  • You can animate the custom images
  • Sound and specific animations cannot be synced

So, these are the pros and cons of this explainer video creator.

Now let’s move on to the pricing section and check if it is pocket friendly or not!

Toonly Pricing

You might be thinking that this animated explainer video creation software will be very expensive.

No, not at all, it is hardly expensive with so many features. You can easily buy its subscription in two ways and one is a Standard subscription and an Enterprise subscription.

The standard one will cost you $20 a month and the enterprise one will be $40 a month. It will be billed annually and there are no hidden charges as well.

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Important FAQ about Toonly

In this section of Toonly Review, we will be assessing few of the FAQs related to this software that will certainly make things a lot clear, let’s begin:

System requirement for Toonly?

* Toonly works on both Mac and PC
* 64-bit and 32-bit systems.
* Windows 7 or later.
* Mac OS X 10.10 or later.

Is this software a onetime purchase?

No! You will have two options to purchase the software and both will be billed annually.

How do I get Toonly support?

To get support, you can use the support desk available on their website itself.

Does Toonly offer tutorials for new users?

Yes! There are a number of video tutorials available on the website itself to guide you through the software.

Is there any free plan in Toonly?

No! There are two subscription plans with different sets of features. You can choose the same according to your needs. It comes with money-back assurance within 30 days.

What will I get if I purchase Toonly software?

You will be entertained with a number of features like:

The tool offers several thousand custom (not stock) images. Your videos, as a result, would turn out unique.

* Video tutorials,
* Install on multiple computers with no restrictions,
* Save and export files with ease on platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram,
* Regularly updated with new features like more: Characters, Character Animations, Prop Images, Backgrounds, Premade Scenes, Scene Transitions, Audio, and more.

Do I need any video editing software if I buy Toonly?

It depends! Toonly has tried its best and is still bringing the best of features for all your needs and requirements.

But, when it comes to editing, you must go for different types of pro video editing software where you will be benefited from better attributes and results!

By the way, if you still have any specific requirements for your explainer video then you might go for Toonly alternatives.

Toonly Alternatives & Competitors in April 2021

In this part of the Toonly review, we are taking a sneak peak at Toonly alternatives that can also prove to be handy in different purposes, check it out:


In my opinion, VideoScribe will help you explore a lot more if you are into whiteboard animation videos.

VideoScribe by Sparkol

It can be a perfect Toonly alternative as it has what it takes for software to create gripping, immersive content that will help you in generating sales.


It has to be one of the best Toonly alternatives. CreateStudio is the most well-developed video animation creator for complete newbie and experienced users!

create studio animation software

It gives you the flexibility to develop custom animations, and also consider using motion templates and pre-sets for speed and ease of use.


When it comes to Renderforest, it is basically an all-in-one platform that helps you create a wide range of videos as per your specific needs.

renderforest review

You can easily create promotional animations, logo animations, slideshows, music visualizations, and many other forms of videos without any hassle.

It is easy and cost-effective as well and thus, fits in perfectly as one of the best Toonly competitors.

Toonly Review Verdict

Here we come to the end of this Toonly Review. If you ask me, I will say give it try and you have nothing to lose with Toonly as you backed by 30 days money-back guarantee.

Don’t stay behind, try this video animation creators today.

Get Instant Access to Toonly

It makes it easy for beginners and experienced ones to explore the video content marketing potential.

If you are looking for ideal software for explainer videos, there are none better than Toonly at such vying rates. Go for it!

In case, still you have queries about Toonly or feel confused with other things. Please feel free to contact me on Messenger, or WhatsApp. I will be happy to help you.

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