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Are you thinking about starting your video production company? Great, you are thinking about the right thing at the right time!

Let me tell you why you are on the right track, I am here to help with the best suggestions that will help you set up your own video production company, and that too at $67. Yes, this is completely true and achievable.

The rise in demand for video development is certainly getting higher. So, all you have to do is follow the below-mentioned steps and kick-start your video production agency. But before that let’s check which type of videos are most popular and demanding.

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Most Demanding Type of Videos in 2024

The answer has to be explainer videos! It has been seen that more than 90 percent of online shoppers have been hooked to online videos. Explainer videos are a perfect way to introduce any concept or complex subject in a very engaging way.

These videos can be an overview of your service, product, or even organization. So, as an organization, explainer videos work out well as it gives them the gate to launch their brand and get ahead in the competition.

Why are Explainer Videos the Best for Video Marketing?

According to a recent study, it has been found that explainer videos are proving to be an effective tool below are a few of the reasons that will certainly help you feel a lot more convinced, check it out:

  • It is very engaging,
  • It will boost conversions,
  • It will enhance social growth,
  • It will also enhance your search engine rankings,
  • It will allow you to explain your product with clarity,
  • It is cost-effective.

Now you have a clear vision and you should change your mindset now and…

Forget About Expensive Video Making Gadgets

If you are thinking that your video production company will need the invest in expensive video-making gadgets then we have a money-saving trick for you.

In 2024, you can have your video production company with the assistance of software. There is no need to go for expensive video shooting gadgets.

All you need to do is to keep reading as we will guide you on how you can save big time.

Just You Need Software to Start a Video Production Company

Don’t be surprised! It is true!

With time, there is software that can help you live your dream of having your own video production company or video content marketing agency.

All you need to do is select the right software that will work well for you and make it possible for you to grab more attention toward your services.

With the assistance of video creation software, you will be able to make explainer videos to doodle videos without any waste of time.

Now, let me help to understand more about Explainer Videos.

Types of Explainer Video Styles

Let’s now check out the different types of explainer video styles! Some explainer video styles can be taken into consideration for promotion and various other purposes.

To make it more clear, below mentioned are a few of the explainer videos that will certainly help you gain maximum attention:

Whiteboard Animation or Doodle Video

For small business owners, a whiteboard explainer video has to be one of the most popular forms of video. The concept behind whiteboard video animation is the usage of sequential images.

As and when the audience is watching whiteboard animation videos, they are boosting their mirror neurons. You can use the whiteboard animation software to create engaging whiteboard videos the quickest.

Cartoon Style Videos (2D)

2D Cartoon-style videos have certainly become one of the hot topics among businesses these days. Not only it is affordable but works well in catching the attention of many and exclusively helps in getting the desired returns.

The best part is that you will have your video made without costing you much time and money at all.

3D Animation Video

3D Explainer videos are certainly going to help you capture the attention of your audience and make more sales.

So, if you need an entertaining, unique, and interactive video that can help your audience to take action then going for 3D animation videos can certainly help you big time.

Motion Graphics

This type of explainer video has been successful in presenting more about products and services precisely. It has been used by businesses around the world to promote different forms of services and products. With the help of this type of explainer video, you will be able to deliver your message in a very engaging manner.

So, these are things that you can consider doing with explainer videos and all of them will be covered with the use of CreateStudio. This can certainly boost your client’s business presence and help you get more in return.

About CreateStudio

CreateStudio is a revolutionary video animation software that will help you have your video designed exactly the way you want. It will give you all the facilities to design your eye-catching animation video exactly the way you need.


You will be able to do it with ease through drag and drop attributes. So, you will have your video created in a matter of a few minutes and most important without much of an investment because you can have it now at a mere investment of $67.

To know more read the detailed CreateStudio review for better clarity.

Who Can Be Your Prospect or Client?

When it is about explainer videos, it is now a hot cake for marketers all around the business sector. Every single domain is looking to promote its business presence, products, and services with explainer videos.

From small businesses, startups, and IT companies to real estate companies & agents, dentists, online coaches, online course creators, and many more, all need explainer videos to connect with their audience.

Let’s check the statistics, who needs explainer videos most…

  • IT Companies: 94% of marketers stated that this video marketing boosted user understanding of their service and product.
  • Digital Product Creators: 88% of digital marketers are fully satisfied with the returns of their efforts on social media through video marketing.
  • Real Estate Company: Real estate business marketers claim that more than 66% of qualified leads are generated with video marketing.
  • Online Course Creators: In coming years 82 percent of the internet traffic for courses will be generated from video marketing.
  • And much more industry has a demand for explainer videos.

Where Your Client Can Use Explainer Videos

The best part about explainer videos is that they can be used for different purposes and platforms. Take a look at how:

On YouTube

You can use the explainer videos on YouTube for branding purposes and gain more attention for your business. You just need to create a channel and start uploading.

On Landing Pages

You can use the explainer videos on Landing pages to keep your audience hooked to your products and services with a proper understanding of it through the video.

For Social Media Marketing

You can also connect with the audience available on social media platforms through video content and gain higher ROI in no time.

Where You Can Get Clients

If you are thinking about where you will be able to get clients for your need for video development services, then many platforms are available online. Take a look at a few of the best ones in the business:


It is a highly acclaimed online platform to help you get clients according to your skills. So, you create a profile here and start connecting with the ones who are looking for video content creators.


When it comes to MarkePresso, it is the world’s best Marketplace Builder that makes it easy for you to boost your revenue by getting you more clients for your needs for video content development services.

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How To Create A Whiteboard Explainer Video

This is a good question, let’s face it.

Idea + Writing a Script

At first, you need to have a story to represent and create. So, you need to work on your idea about presenting a message. Accordingly, you need to draft a script that will carry forward your idea.

Voice-Over or Stock Music

After this, you need to get started with the body where you will have to add music or voice-over to the content so that it can be explained properly.

Now Create Explainer or Doodle Video with CreateStudio

After the above-stated steps, all you need to do is use the video creation software named CreateStudio and have your explainer or doodle video created with ease. Watch the demo.

Wrapping up

Hopefully, you are clear on how you can set up a video production company without any hassle and at an investment of as low as $67.

The demand for video content is surging and is going to be the prime aspect of the marketing domain in the coming time.

It is surely going to help you get ahead in the race. Get started now!

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