How to Move Files and Folders in DirectAdmin Control Panel

Are you using the DirectAdmin Control Panel for the first time?

Uploaded a Zip file on your DirectAdmin?

After extracting the Zip files you don’t find any option to move files and folders?

Today, I will show you how you can move files and folders in DirectAdmin easily.

directadmin control panel

Follow the below-mentioned step to step guide to move the files and folders easily.

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Best WordPress Hosting Available for Small Business

In today’s world of the internet, almost every business whether it is a small business or a known one is moved online.

I hope you already have brought your business to online. If not, you should join these trends today.

Read this blog post until the end if you want to run your business online smoothly by choosing the best and reliable WordPress hosting.

best wordpress hosting

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To Achieve a Positive User Experience Tune-Up Your Website

It’s 2020, and by now, we understand the importance of having a business website to survive & thrive in today’s neck-throat competitive world.

Moreover, having a website has a significant impact on brand credibility and awareness among its prospective customer base.

Some businesses owner has their website but their website suffering due to low user experience.

website user experience

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Shape Your Marketing Strategy by Reading These Books

Having a great business plan and an amazing product doesn’t develop good sales, but an efficient marketing strategy does.

If you are a newbie entrepreneur, you must not have an idea regarding how the market works; however, all established business persons were once in the position where you are now.

They mastered and so will you. A few of them shared their experiences and learning through books that not just enlighten but also help you level up your marketing strategy for your business better.

books on marketing strategy

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Amazon Prime Day Sale – The Best Smart Home Devices to Invest in 2020

Recent days technology is fast evolving. Smartphones surely changed our lives in many ways, and so does the smart home devices.

Not our Fan, A.C, Refrigerator, Kitchen can be controlled by a remote. We can switch on our A.C connecting to our smartphone, we can use our voice to find details.

This surely means that we do not need to sit in front of the large desktop or laptop screen and search for things! Life is becoming convenient.

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