YouTube SEO – How to Optimize Your YouTube Video?

Search Engine Optimization is the ever-green solution for promoting and ranking a website. Optimizing your website to gain traffic is necessary. But nowadays, SEO factors apply to media posts covering famous platforms like YouTube. YouTube is the second most famous search engine after its parent company Google. Even if you search for a solution or … Read more

Welcome to My Channel Intro Script: 18 YouTube Intro Lines

Welcome to My Channel Intro Script Video Description

Welcome to My Channel Intro Script: 18 YouTube Intro Lines

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Thinking about what to say in the YouTube video intro? Looking for YouTube intro lines examples for your videos.

The right YouTube intro lines can grab your viewer’s attention and improve video engagement.

Presenting 16 amazing YouTube intro lines examples, or welcome to my channel intro script for you.

  1. Hi friend, Welcome to My Channel
  2. Hi! Did you know?
  3. Hi, today we will learn
  4. In this video, we will check/learn
  5. Today, I will show you my exact formula
  6. Hi Guys, you will know everything about “VIDEO SUBJECT” if you watch this full video
  7. Hello ladies and gentlemen
  8. Welcome, today we will
  9. Hello [your audience type] (e.g., Hello gamers)
  10. Hi everyone!
  11. Hello and welcome back to my channel!
  12. Hello friends!
  13. Hello Guys!
  14. Hey guys, what’s up?
  15. In this video, I will explain
  16. Hello Guys! I hope you are doing great!
  17. Hello! Good morning (Time depends on when you upload the video)
  18. Hi friends, Today I am going to cook…

Don’t ask the following things…

  1. Subscribe to my channel,
  2. Check the description section
  3. Must see my next video
  4. Visit my blog etc.

By the way, you can ask a question or show what viewers can expect from your video.

Start creating YouTube videos today!

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