How to Share Private YouTube Videos?

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Are you planning to share your private YouTube videos? There can be many reasons to share YouTube videos privately. Thankfully, for privacy, YouTube has provided options that would be helpful for you to change settings according to your needs.

It is advantageous for both personal and professional use. Suppose you have created a video that you want to be approved initially and then shared. Sharing privately can be helpful for your clients to check and approve before you make it public.

While there can be a plethora of reasons to privately, share YouTube videos, you need to make sure that you choose the correct technique to share. So here we will discuss the three different ways that you can choose to share YouTube videos in three different settings.

how to share private youtube videos

Scenario 1. How to share private YouTube videos?

First, I will talk about how you can share a private YouTube video. In this scenario, you have already uploaded a video and have made it private on YouTube.

Now you decide to share with your friends, family, or a limited group of people. So how will you do it? It is very simple, just follow a few steps as recommended below to be able to share private YouTube videos with anyone you wish with an email ID.

👉 You initially need to launch the YouTube studio on your computer.

👉 Sign in with your Google account.

👉 Look at the left sidebar and click on the tab Content.

👉 You will immediately find the list of videos that are set with different visibility options.

channel content on youtube studio

Now that you have found and clicked Private make sure to select Share privately, which shows immediately.

You will then find the box appearing under “Share Video privately,” where you have to enter the email address.

Check mark on Notify via email followed by Done.

Choose the Save button.

When you do this, it will immediately send a notification to the senders whose email addresses have been mentioned. This way, you invite them to check the video by sharing it privately with a specific group of people.

Scenario 2: Change YouTube video privacy settings from Computer

In scenario 2, we will talk about a user who has an active YouTube account and has already shared a video publicly or has been unlisted. If you wonder whether it is possible to change the visibility setting of a video that has already been made public or unlisted from a computer, the answer is yes. You change the visibility settings at any point in time.

You have to follow a set of steps.

  • Launch YouTube Studio on your computer.
  • Make sure you are signed in. (If not, sign in with your credentials)
  • Choose Content present on the left sidebar.
  • Find the video for which you would like to change the visibility option. As the video is already Live, look for the Live tab.
  • Now you will find a dropdown arrow present under the Visibility option. All you need is to choose Private.
  • Once done, click on Save.

Scenario 3: How to upload a private YouTube video?

If you are about to share a new YouTube video from scratch privately, you can easily do that in a few simple steps. It is especially very helpful for creating private videos, especially with some family members or professionally, to get approval from the client before making it public. Not always would you need to keep a video already and then change the visibility, as you can share from scratch.

  • Launch YouTube Studio on your computer.
  • Sign in with your login credentials.
  • Check the top right corner, where you will find a tab mentioning “Upload videos.”
  • You will immediately find a screen appears.
  • Make sure that the video file is already created and saved on your computer,
  • Choose “Select files” to select the files, followed by the procedure for video upload. Make sure to add tags, descriptions, and hashtags to your video to improve the reach.
  • In the last step, you have to choose “Visibility,” where you have to choose Private.
  • You will find a tab saying Share privately in blue. When you click on it, you will find a box appearing where you have to add the emails of the people with whom you want to share. Make sure to check to Notify via email and then Done.
  • One Done, click Save.

If this is the first time you are creating YouTube Video, you can choose this method to change its visibility settings and then launch on the correct date.

What are the video privacy options on YouTube?

You can easily choose the YouTube privacy options. As YouTube has made sure that users can share the content according to their needs, the three different visibility modes have been beneficial. Following are the three different options and meanings.

Public: When you choose to change the visibility to Public, it means that everyone can check the video. The video will be accessible to everyone on YouTube when you post the video. There are no limitations to the number of people with whom the video is shared as it is available to global viewers.

Unlisted: When you decide to choose the visibility option to unlisted, the video can be seen by people with whom you share the video link. All the only state videos would not appear in your videos tab. It will not show in the search result of YouTube unless someone has added the unlisted video to their public playlist.

You can share the video URL of the unlisted video. To everyone whom you share the link with would not require any Google account to watch it. If anyone wishes, they can re-share the link as well.

Private: “What is the meaning of private videos on YouTube?” Private videos on YouTube mean that the video will only be accessible to you and to others whom you choose. These videos generally do not appear in the videos tab and would not show in the search result of YouTube. Even the comment section is unavailable for private videos.

If you want to share private videos with a group of people, you can follow the above-mentioned steps and make sure that the person can check your content. Regardless of the visibility setting, never forget to optimize your YouTube video once it is available to the public.

What are the benefits of YouTube private videos?

We all know the many benefits of having a YouTube channel. Similarly, there are multiple benefits to choosing to make YouTube videos private. When you want to keep something secret from your viewers, private YouTube videos can be a great way.

Especially, if it is a confidential business project that is very private to you and you don’t want to check it, private YouTube videos can be the best way to show your clients without making it public.

  • Private YouTube videos help you to share private moments with your loved ones who live far away from you. Since it is not possible to send images, pictures, and videos, physically, sharing YouTube videos can be the best way for you.
  • If you want to make a collection of beautiful pieces of art, a private video library can come in handy. This will keep all your private moments secret while giving you the opportunity to access any time.
  • One of the most significant advantages of choosing private YouTube videos is sharing business plans. If you are an owner who would like to share your business plan with your employees and would not want the competitors to check them out, private YouTube videos can be helpful to make them accessible for your staff.
  • Save the internal storage space of your mobile and computer as you get a huge room to load multiple videos. Keeping these videos away from your computer and mobile can be the best way to maintain the performance of the devices while not losing access to the videos.

When you have an idea about the way to share private YouTube videos, it means that you can enjoy all the different ranges of benefits of sharing private YouTube videos. You can have faith that no one will be able to check the video unless you decide to share it with a specific group of people by using their email account.

Can I change video privacy settings in the YouTube Studio app?

If you are using the YouTube Studio app and you want to change the privacy settings of the video to private, you can definitely do that. Remember that while uploading a video by default, the visibility is set to public, which means that when you upload or launch the video, anyone in the world can view it. Using the YouTube Studio app, you can easily change the privacy settings according to your requirements.

  • Launch the YouTube studio application.
  • Look at the tab content present on the bottom menu.
  • Look for the video that you would like to edit.
  • Click on the edit button.
  • Now choose the visibility option, and you will find three different choices, which are public, private, and unlisted. You can choose according to your requirements.
  • Once you have made the changes, click on save.

Can I share a private YouTube video without email?

No! When you decide to change the visibility of any YouTube Video to Private from Public, you have to make sure that you add the email address of the receivers.

Can someone view a private YouTube video with the link?

No. Unless you have added their email address, one can have access to private YouTube videos. However, anyone can check when you send links of Unlisted YouTube videos.

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