8 Best Kinetic Typography Software of 2022 (Free and Paid)

85% of Facebook users do not turn on the sounds while watching videos!

Yes, you heard it right! Therefore creating a video with talking makes no sense!

Thankfully, we have the Kinetic Typography video-making option that would still be able to attract your customers.

With 6/10 people prefer watching the online video rather than reading and from then more than half keeps mute on. Kinetic typography is the current need of businesses.

Being a combination of both video and text, you will be able to reach everyone – even when they watch in mute.

This means that the current need of the market is to find the best kinetic typography video makers. Wonder, what! I have here some of the best names that can become a partner for your endeavor.

Here I have collected both the Free and Paid kinetic typography software that would become helpful for you to choose. So, without any further discussion, let’s take a look at them.

Kinetic Typography SoftwareQuick IntroductionPrice
AnimakerAnimaker is the best animation software predominantly known for being a super-powerful marketing tool. Creating kinetic typography videos are a lot easier with the range of features included in the software. G2: 4.5 RatingsBasic: $10/Month Starter: $19/Month Pro: $49/Month  
RenderforestRenderforest is the online animation and video maker tool that can create amazing kinetic typography videos for your business. From customizable templates to editing timing to add a range of images – Renderfirest has everything for everyone. G2: 5 RatingsLite: $7/Month Amateur: $9.5/ Month Pro: $20/Month Agency: $40/Month
OffeoOffeo is a great design-driven software that can create spectacular videos to grab the attention of the customers. The range of controls included in the software for kinetic typography makes it worthy of your choice. Capterra: 4.6 RatingsPremium: $12.4/Month
CreateStudioCreateStudio is a professional-grade video animation software that comes with spectacular features. This flexible and easy-to-use software ensures the creation of some unparalleled quality kinetic typography videos. G2: 5 RatingsStandard: $99 for lifetime All-Access Plan:$299/year
VyondVyond is another great quality software that can help you to create quality video by the use of sounds, props, templates, and a lot more. Using the features this software can retain and improve conversion. G2: 4.5 RatingsEssentials: $39/Month Premium: $89/ Month Professional: $159/Month Customized Plan
FilmoraFilmora is stocked with some of the powerful editing tools enabling even beginners to create exceptional quality kinetic typography videos with ease. G2: 4.5 RatingsPerpetual: $149.99 for lifetime access 1 Year: $89.99

How to choose the Best Kinetic Typography Software?

Obviously, you will be overwhelmed with the whole range of names in the market but choosing can still be difficult. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when you are dividing about the kinetic typography software.

So without any further ado. Let’s check the basic things to consider while selecting the software.

System requirements: While choosing software, the first important thing you have to check is the system requirement of it. As you need to install the software, you must be sure about the need for the software.

Some software has different needs for RAM, Processor, and OS, therefore staying assured in advance can ease the selection. You can find details about the system requirements on the website. So before installation, make sure you check and then choose.

Easy to use: You definitely don’t have much time to learn about the software and the way to use which makes it pretty much mandatory to find a software that does not have much learning curve to it. Software that has the perfect designs which everything in place makes it a durable choice for everyone.

By easy to use, I mean that the features included in the software for kinetic typography can be indicated pretty easily and operated by anyone.

Audio/Music Library: If you are thinking that viewers are mostly into watching mute videos, what is the use of music in videos? Well, not everyone watches mute videos and therefore you have to make videos for everyone.

Choose a kinetic typography software that enables you to use audio. They must have a great library from where you can choose and include as per the need of the business.

Customer Support: Being a 3rd party software, chances are there that you might face some issues. Therefore to make sure that you are not missing on anything you need to be backed with good customer support.

Before you choose the software, make sure you have made ample research to check about the customer service. Both email and chat services are beneficial choices for people. Besides, with knowledgeable customer representatives, it becomes much easier.

Other User Reviews: In order to make sure that you are not making a wrong move, checking customer reviews holds a mandatory place in the selection process. Therefore, to find genuine customer reviews, you must check these top three review sites like G2, Capterra, and Trustpilot.

If you have any questions, hopefully from the comments mentioned by the customers, you will be able to get the answers.

Affordable Price: Budget is one of the foremost aspects of selection. Depending on your budget, you must look for a kinetic typography maker. Since most of them will compel you to spend a few hundred dollars, the best would always be to look wisely.

Check for the software that offers a money-back guarantee or free trial. This will help you to get a hang of it and know the features included in the software. In case the software goes with your needs, you can choose ahead to purchase.

So now that you have had a look at the things that you need to choose, you must be finding the best kinetic typography.

8 Best Kinetic Typography Software

Their market has many kinetic typography makers that would compel you but in order to help you in making the choice, here I have included some of the Kinetic typography makers.

I have categorized them into free and paid versions so that it becomes easy for you to decide. Let us first take a look at the top two best kinetic typography software available in the market. 

Free Kinetic Typography Software in January 2022


Animaker is one of the first ones on the list because it is the best free kinetic typography software available for marketers. This free online animated text video maker includes some of the most important tools that are generally required for creating stunning typography animations.


The simple user interface makes it a user-friendly software making it relatively easy for anything to use. Whether it is about creating animated presentations or explainers or infographics, this powerful yet free software lets you create anything and everything you need to reach a wide audience.

You get access to the premade templates, 50+ tracks, voice recording, social sharing, exclusive range of transitions and animations makes this a widely used tool. No wonder it is available for free, but if you wish to include your business watermark, you have to choose the one-time payment.

Making use of such powerful software can help you add voice in your video even when watched on mute. To know more about this powerful software, check the Animaker review.


This is another powerful kinetic typography maker online that is known to have great power. Integrated with endless features that are user-friendly in use, this web-based platform allows you to create some of the most amazing kinetic typography videos in no time.


This amazing software is integrated with features that make it one of the most popular tools among marketers. With the tools and templates included in the software, the power-packed software ignites the interest of your audience.

Integrated with some of the great features like customizable templates, music library, easy sharing options, font selection, animation effects, and a lot more helps the marketers create a fantastic and engaging typography video. This is affordable and powerful and lets you create everything in just a few clicks. For a detailed review, check the Renderforest review.

No doubt that the free software has the ability to create anything that you wish, but let us also have a look at the paid software and its features.

Paid Kinetic Typography Software in January 2022

Here I have included some of the top paid kinetic typography software that has been loaded with amazing features. As mentioned, these are paid tools and hence you will not get a chance to take a free trial.


This is one of the best online video makers that pay attention to the designs so that marketers can create some of the most outstanding short videos. The platform can be said to be a mix of both video creation software and graphic designing.

Offeo is best social media video tool

With some of the fantastic templates included in the software along with creative controls, this software makes sure of a strong marketing campaign. It has been loaded with some of the most amazing features like animation, customization branding, media library, video editing, text overlays, and a lot more.

This amazing paid tool lets you create a great marketing campaign. To know more about this paid tool, check the Offeo review.


CreateStudio is known as one of the best video animation software that offers you to create some quality kinetic typography videos. This software is a great choice for both professionals and newbies that want to engage more audiences in their marketing campaigns.

create studio animation software

If you know what you want, CreateStudio has the features to deliver it. With the fantastic templates to the easy way to create kinetic videos, CreateStudio is a name for everyone. You can stay assured about the quality of the video with the use of the features.

Despite being one of the most popular video animation software, the kinetic typography video that can be created makes it an all-rounder software. To know more about this powerful software, check the CreateStudio review.


This is the next one on the list and is known as one of the most user-friendly and powerful online animation software. However, this software gives you the chance to create animated videos that can attract users by creating amazing kinetic typography animation.

Vyond online animation software for businesses

You will be loaded with some of the best features like graphic charts, preset texts, and a music library, this kinetic typography video creator can become a weapon for marketers. You will be benefited from some of the best features to create a video that can become a game-changer for your marketing technique.

There is a lot more to this software. To know about it, check the Vyond review.


Filmora is the next best software known for being user-friendly. This enables you to animate and mold texts in different ways. This video editing software is known for having compatibility with Mac and Windows. The range of fonts enables you to create a kinetic video that is powerful to attract viewers.

filmora x

The drag and drop option enabled in the tools allows anyone to create a video they wish. This is a whiteboard animation software where you can animate in both 3D and 2D formats. The unique feature of opacity and other effects for fonts finalize an appealing and outstanding outcome. Take a look at the Filmora review to know more about the software.

So now that you have checked in details about the free and paid kinetic typography video maker, start creating your own.

Over to you

Hope that the above list has helped you to find your choice. Despite all the kinetic typography creators being extremely useful, you have to do comprehensive research to find one valuable piece of software. I would always recommend you to choose Animaker, but then again experiment about deciding.

Do not hesitate to comment about the tool that you think is great for creating typography videos.

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