Top 6 Websites to Find Video Editing Jobs in 2024

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In today’s date, video is probably one of the best ways to reach customers or initiate communication. From businesses to education, video has become increasingly popular as it is able to improve engagement.

Simply by creating sales videos, you can improve business conversions. With the multiple platforms available to upload videos and leverage from their traffic, videos are probably the smartest and the best shortcuts to reaching a wider audience.

In such a huge market, if you are not leveraging its audience, you are actually missing. However, if you have knowledge of video creation and editing, nothing can be better than trying freelance jobs.

Not only will this offer the best earnings but also it gives a sense of freedom. If you are willing to take the challenge and enjoy this amazing opportunity, but unable to understand where to start, you might find this extremely valuable.

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Top 6 Websites to Find Video Editing Jobs

Here we will talk about the places to find video editing jobs. This might be helpful for you to find the best video editor jobs.

Fiverr –

If you are in search of Video Editing jobs not on an hourly basis then you can start with Fiverr. This can be the best freelance website that will allow you to find the businesses that are in search of the best professionals with expertise and video editing skills.

Like the other platforms, here you have to find out the methods of standing out from the crowd. Since employers are in search of people offering the best video creation service or video editing service unless you do something you will be lost in the Work Marketplace.

How Does It Work?

You must know that the video editor who can make the right proposition can take Freelance Video Editing Jobs.

You need to work by offering optimum quality work and being right on time. This is because if you think that you can just leave if you wish to then no. Your previous employers who have offered you the video editing project will be rating you.

This will appear on your profile and the chance of getting the most video creation projects.

The best part about Fiverr is that here you can check how the competitors are chatting about the completed project. This can be very helpful in setting the right price for your potential employers. You don’t have to pay anything while joining the platform but will ask for 20% of the conformed payments. They work on commission.

Features of Fiverr:

  • It supports different currencies
  • It is a great private communication platform
  • You can customize the offers
  • It is a great Freelance Service Marketplace
  • It has a secure gateway for payment
  • It has jobs for different categories
  • It has a section where you can check the ratings and feedback offered to the seller

What are the benefits?

  • Fiverr values confidentiality and is a great platform for freelancers
  • They have dozens of sub-categories that enable freelancers to find what they are looking for
  • They charge a very low fee of 20% of the total charge that you ask from the employer
  • The platform offers transparency to help freelancers decide if the employer is worth trusting
  • All transactions that happen here happen on Fiverr
  • Both parties can communicate on the platform and keep it confidential


Guru is the next one on the list as this is another Freelance Services Marketplace that works like a bridge between seekers and employers. With a huge base available worldwide, this platform can help you to find video editing jobs.

Offering the users to categorize the service enables them to come close to their employers in no time. Given the chance to check the professionals, employers can easily understand your capabilities and choose you as per the proposition made to you. The simple user interface of this site makes this the best choice for anything to manage their job offerings.

How Does Guru Work?

Guru is one of the best platforms that not only offers high-paying projects but also encourages people to start freelancing and enjoy working from home and enjoying freedom.

This is one of the best websites for freelancers looking for a job. They are mostly paid on an hourly basis for the video editing service.

Once you sign up for the website, you get a membership to this reputed freelance job portal. They have maintained a very easy process to help people access it quite easily. At the basic level, it is free.

The best part of Guru is that it allows the person to improve their portfolio and improve their ranking thereby enabling them to get closer to the high-paying video creation project. This portal has quite a huge reputation among clients as it charges a minimum commission of only 8.95% for projects that are successfully passed.

Features of Guru:

  • They have the SafePay Integration
  • They also offer PayPal integration
  • Freelance can view work collection
  • They allow transactions of credit cards
  • They have the messaging to allow you to communicate with your client
  • They offer status alert
  • They have the mile definition feature
  • They allow file-sharing
  • They have an inbuilt time tracker

What are the benefits?

  • It offers the convenience of multiple payment methods
  • Freelancers can enjoy a fair fee charging
  • An easy dashboard to manage and view the projects
  • You can feature your projects to reach more clients
  • They believe in creating long-term partnerships with clients
  • The hiring process is pretty simple

Upwork –

Upwork is another popular website where you can get a multitude of options to find video editing jobs. No wonder editors are some of the most in-demand. This platform enables the freelancer to give the proposal for different jobs which are from beginner level to advanced. Therefore, makes it easy for you to elaborate on your position and get a quality video editing project.

This can be a good starting point for freelancers. You might find a huge paying project but definitely, you can find long-term projects on this website. If you have no clients and you are starting to bid for yourself, Upwork can be your first place to start from. If you can impress, you will get good reviews which will bring you closer to the better-paying ones.

How Does Upwork Work?

This online platform has the highest number of competitors so the projects you can get are huge. It can offer you the best deals and acquire the project that you are skilled at.

You can enter the website and make sure to strengthen your profile to stay on top of the competitors and impress employers.

You can create a work portfolio, ask employers to give ratings, send propositions, and keep strengthening your profile. It is only with Upwork, that you can find freelance jobs so easily.

You can also narrow your job search pretty easily. Being a website that does not support any fraudulent activities, you can stay assured of safe transactions.

The policies are created in a way to eliminate fake profiles and only bring you close to the real employers looking for the best video editing service.

Features of Upwork:

  • You can create a work diary
  • You can review the proposals before sending
  • You can keep browsing to find the right job
  • It ensures global payments
  • You can send and receive files
  • You can access it from your mobile

What are the benefits?

  • You can use the search feature to find the right employers looking for your service
  • It has a pretty easy-to-use platform
  • The billing is very accurate
  • They do not support fraud profiles
  • They ensure safe payments  with credit cards as well

PeoplePerHour –

PeoplePerHour is another best freelance job portals where you can find a multitude of employers in search of the best video creation service. This is one of the most reliable platforms that help you to earn money online without facing much hassle.

You can find the details of the employers looking for a video editing service. When you keep taking on more work and can offer it right on time, you can get feedback from your clients and enjoy a great number of projects.

Since employers are looking for qualified video editors, you have a multitude of opportunities to prove yourself here.

How Does It Work?

This is a great platform that brings you close to the employers who need the best quality video creation service. The provider would first check your talent and then give them entry to their database. This is a great website to find video editing jobs but before that, you need to make sure to prove your expertise to PPH.

Here you can get charges that can be hourly-based or at a fixed price. The clear dashboard included in the portal helps you to find everything that you are looking for. With some of the best features included on the website, you can now find the right employer for whom you would love to work.

Features of PeoplePerHour:

  • It comes with the inbuilt invoicing
  • You can charge at a fixed price
  • You can share and receive files
  • It has a global directory of freelancers
  • It offers a two-way messaging for both parties
  • A great and intuitive account management dashboard

What are the benefits?

  • You can find a huge network of potential clients and businesses
  • This can lead you to get an improved volume of work both globally and locally
  • You have the freedom to choose your rates according to your needs
  • This is much more secure compared to independent freelancing
  • You need to be certified and approved to become a part of the team
  • You can boost your profile with great ratings from businesses

Freelancer –

Freelancer is another amazing platform known for offering amazing video editing and creating jobs for seekers. With the wide variety of jobs included in their lists, one can choose as per their needs and requirements. You can find a job based on projects or long-term to ensure that you are enjoying your freelance jobs.

This offers freelancers to find some of the best employers who are not only reliable but offer long-term assurance. No wonder we all want to enjoy what we do without hampering our freedom and therefore using Freelance can be the best website to find video editing jobs.

How Does Freelancer Work?

Being one of the top websites to bridge the gap between freelancers and entrepreneurs in search of the best service providers, Freelancer can be the right choice. Just as the name goes, this is one of the best choices to earn online from your freelancing.

With the global network, this platform has, it can offer a wide range of projects and businesses to you. You can find a job suitable for you in every niche. You can get freedom as this job portal helps you to get freelancing clients and offers you freedom.

However, make sure to keep up the work quality to improve the client base and increase your monthly income.

Features of Freelancer:

  • You get a secure payment method
  • You can take part in the contents
  • You can chat with your potential client
  • You can set milestone payment
  • You can customize the offers
  • You can take advantage of the invoice

What are the benefits?

  • You can find endless recruiters in search of great services
  • You can get the search button to ease your search
  • You can enjoy a secure payment
  • You have the freedom to set the milestone
  • You can access it from your phone

LinkedIn Job Finder –

LinkedIn is not only one of the biggest professional social platforms but also one of the best choices to get some legitimate clients. Being one of the biggest platforms, you will be able to find some of the best and most reliable clients.

Being a part of one of the largest networks, you will find clients in search of the best video creation service. All you need is to make sure that you have dedication and skill.

Also, do not forget to update your profile so that your employers can find you easily. With people from different parts of the world, you have a huge chance to explore and grow.

How Does LinkedIn Work?

LinkedIn is a lot different from several other networks as this is also a social networking site. All you need is to start by creating your profile on LinkedIn and then move ahead. Even when it is a social networking site, you will not find anything other than professional pictures, texts, or videos.

Therefore if you create a profile as a jobseeker and use your skills properly so that the recruiters can find out more about you, it can become a lot beneficial for you. This way things remain a lot professional yet transparent.

Features of LinkedIn:

  • You can update your profile by mentioning your skills and experience
  • You can include your CV
  • You have the efficacy to remain visible to recruiters
  • You will be able to offer social proof of expertise
  • You can post anything

What are the benefits?

  • You can get exposure to recruiters and hiring managers
  • You will be able to elaborate on your credibility, expertise, and knowledge
  • You can use this tool for your research
  • You can find multiple jobs available onboard
  • You will be able to offer instant social proof to your recruiters
  • You can follow companies and understand their needs

How to Become the Highest-Paying Video Creator and Editor?

Now that we know that the video market is reaching new heights, a career in this genre will only offer profits. Besides, being a freelance video editor allows you to take up any work and prove your efficacy. You will not be stuck to a single service or product.

Even if you are an amateur and have just started, you can go to the mentioned website to find video editing jobs but make sure you go slowly. However, if you wish to enjoy a great career, all you need is to create a good portfolio and showcase your talent.

The market has a good growth rate of 11% which can help you to earn huge. But to become a good expert skilled in your domain, you need to follow a set of techniques. This will allow you to choose the right path. Let us find out a more strategic way.

Go By Niche

You need to keep in mind that your employers are in search of the best video editing service but they would pick as per the niche. Remember that employers know that not everyone is adept in every niche. They would choose someone who is an expert in editing and creating videos in their niche.

Therefore when you are starting your career, you must choose a niche that you like. Choosing something like this will become helpful in maintaining the excitement. Besides, you will also be able to show your creativity this way. So choose a specific niche and then start creating your videos. This will bring more employers towards you.

Build a Strong Portfolio

This might take some time to create a portfolio, but when you are consistent, you can be able to strengthen your portfolio in a few months. Remember that the more you are experienced, the better your work will be, and ensure a strong portfolio.

With a good portfolio that consists of some of the most amazing work, you will be able to attract employers towards you. Since no one is willing to invest in something that is not worth it, if you can show your video editing skills, you have the project.

Start Creating Social Proof

Remember having social proof can be the icing on the cake. No wonder, you have a strong portfolio, but why not use your social media to create and share the content? More user engagement will show your ability to work for employers that require the service.

So every time you have created something in your niche, do not forget to use social media platforms to share it. This will help you to fathom your ability to impress your viewers and how they are reacting.

Read the comments and check the views and likes. This will add to your credibility in proving your expertise to your employers.

Be Creative

Since you are creating content in the same niche, you must be sure that every one of them has a creative touch. Remember every employer is looking forward to becoming unique and only creativity can do that.

Therefore while creating the content, you must take a lot of references. Take some bits of your most relevant ones and input your own creative idea to offer a fantastic outcome that can impress people.

Be Fast

You must know that the employer is taking your video creation service not only because you are impressive in your expertise and skills but also because you promise to meet the deadlines.

Remember even the best sometimes do not have work just because they are slow and cannot complete the projects on time.

Also since there is a lot of software available, they might end up looking for someone who can use it to create the video.

No wonder you are not looking forward to something like that hence be fast and use your creativity to mesmerize and please your viewers and employers.

So now that you have got some idea about the way to start a career, you must not wait. The market is looking for people like you, the earlier you are a part of these platforms, the better will be your income.

However, if you wish to know about the trending video jobs in the Work Marketplace, you must keep reading.

Being a video editor, you must be willing to know the type of jobs that will be offered to you. Undoubtedly there are many and if you can create more than half of these video types, you are definitely all set to start your freelancing career.

  • Video Editing: To take up such jobs, you need to have the efficacy of editing videos. You need to know different tools to be able to edit the videos as per the instructions of the employer and the liking of the viewers.
  • Cartoon Explainer Video: Explainer video is probably one of the most common ones used by organizations and institutions. These are short videos that can present any complex idea in an engaging and easy format with the use of cartoon-like figures.
  • Doodle Video: This is also known as a type of whiteboard animated video. This is mostly used for creating training videos. In the handwritten format and other impressive elements, these doodle videos can increase engagement and ensure a great solution.
  • Text Animation Video (kinetic typography): These are the videos created including moving texts. In the kinetic typography videos, the texts are presented in motion which allows users to see videos even without any sound.
  • Product Demo Video: If you have expertise in certain products or product-related domains, you can include creative ideas to make a fantastic demo video. Remember that your creativity in the product demo video can improve the conversion. Not only do you have to be an expert in technical stuff but also in including creative aspects.
  • Short Promo Video: A short promo video is specially created for any product. The sole intention of these videos is to improve traffic and engagement. Therefore if you have a video, you can choose to create these videos to improve engagement.
  • Intro (Logo Animation) and Outro Video: A great Intro and Outro video has a lot to do with judging the performance of the videos. These first and last few seconds have a lot to do with retaining the viewers. Therefore, if you are an expert in creating both, you can become a great video creator and editor.
  • Scroll Stopper Video (social media video): Scroll stopper videos are essentially created for social media with the only agenda to improve user engagement. These are very compelling which compels viewers to stop scrolling and watch. These must be amazing.

So now that you have an idea about the types of content that you essentially need to create in these freelance job portals, you must move ahead to choosing one.

Final Thoughts

So now that you have got an idea about the places to find video editing jobs, you can go ahead to start finding one. But before that make sure that you have a good portfolio that can strengthen your profile. Remember the recruiters will ask for proof before they hire you for their video creation project.

Being in the market with videos becoming the next big marketing tool, you must start now to secure a great freelancing career.

Thank you for being patient! I hope I was able to provide you with the information that you needed. However, if you have further queries, feel free to comment.

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