Vyond FAQs: Review All Frequently Asked Questions Answer

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In today’s market where you can get endless names of animation video makers, Vyond is one of those remarkable ones that are already making a huge buzz in the market.

With its multitude of features and advantages, it has become a great choice for people to create videos.

However, if you do not have much knowledge about Vyond and have some queries in your mind, you can refer to this blog. We will look into details about this 2D animation video maker.

Here, I have categorized the frequently asked questions into two options and have tried to cover some of the most common questions that are asked by people.

So keep reading to find out the answer about this video animation software.

vyond faqs

General Vyond FAQs

What is Vyond?

Vyond is a great online video animation software that offers businesses a chance to create professional-quality animated videos seamlessly for different industries.

This can be a great choice for you if you are working in the different designation of eLearning, marketing and training.

This 2D animation software has been included with some of the most outstanding features that have altered the way people used to communicate. With this tool, it is now possible for video-makers to create some high-quality videos.

Is Vyond hard to use? How easy is Vyond?

One of the most common questions that people have in their mind is the time that they need to invest in creating the first video ever. They probably have a question if they need to become a pro in using Vyond to be able to create videos.

To be very honest with you guys, the answer can be a lot different for everyone.

For me, it is very easy as it keeps you to just drag the templates that are already made on the timeline, make some adjustments as per your needs, and voila, I got my first video done. It is as simple as that for me.

It helps me to create videos within a minute or even less than that.

However, others take the first time as the learning session so that the second time when they start, they can create some of the best videos without facing any problems – which is also a good technique.

Others might need a week or so to understand the functionalities before they start creating professional-looking videos in Vyond.

I can guarantee you that it will be easy after a few uses for you even if you have never used any other software before.

How much does Vyond cost?

The creator of this online animation software has offered a range of options to the users. Since they understand the constraints of people and the requirements might vary from one to another, they have offered different plans for different people.

  • Vyond Essentials will cost you $49 per month
  • Vyond Premium will cost you $89 per month
  • Vyond Professionals will cost you $159 per month
  • Vyond Professionals for Enterprise can be customized and billed accordingly

So you have the freedom to choose a plan and enjoy a range of advantages.

Why is Vyond so expensive?

This is something that I get to hear very often which is not justified. I don’t find Vyond to be as expensive as to be on the realistic side.

When you choose to hire a company to create professional animated videos, you have to pay a huge amount of money.

If you compare the results, Vyond offers the same results and even better if you have the skill, but if you compare the Vyond price with the other doodle video software, I guarantee you that Vyond is cheaper and better.

The endless Vyond features that have been integrated into it make it one of the best choices to surpass your video-making requirements.

Is it worth buying a Vyond subscription?

Of course yes! This online 2D animation software has been created for everyone. With the many subscription packages that they have kept in their stock, they make it easy for you to make the right choice.

Besides, the range of features included in it makes it one of the best choices for the user. The amazing Vyond pricing adds to the benefits where you get to choose according to your needs and budget. You can always find something that will work for you. The range of packages is an additional benefit of this software.

Which Vyond subscription is right for me?

Now that you have planned to buy Vyond, you can find a lot of subscription packages included.

So being a newcomer, if it is becoming troublesome for you to choose, here is a thing that I can do for you.

In case you are just starting and would like to explore the range of Vyond features included in this tool, you can choose the essential plan. This can be the right choice for you to try and check if the tool is the right choice for you.

However, if you are already a professional like a creator or maybe an agency or big corporation then you have other plans like premium, professional, and enterprise. You can choose from these three according to your needs.

Keep in mind that these plans come with single-user usage which means if you have a team it won’t allow the team members to use it simultaneously.

This does not mean that if you have a team, Vyond is not a choice for you, no! You have an enterprise plan that can be customized as per your requirements.

All you need is to contact them and they will customize the plan and pricing accordingly to make sure that your team members are able to use it seamlessly.

Is there any Refund Policy?

There are times when we feel that we are not good with it. This is okay. Vyond however does not have any refund policy but they have a subscription cancellation policy.

This means you have the freedom to cancel your subscription at any point in time. It will become effective from the next renewal date.

All you need is to log in to your account and disable the auto-renewal. Make sure you have paid the due fees for a seamless cancellation.

Is there a one-time fee offer for Vyond?

Although there is no one-time fee available in Vyond, everything has a monthly renewal scheme.

However, if you wish to check whether the tool can be a good choice for you then they offer 14 days of a free trial. They won’t ask for your credit card information during this period.

So take the trial and if you like it, you can go ahead to choose the subscription that you feel would do the best for your needs.

Are there any Vyond tutorials available?

Yes. You can get a tutorial where you can find step-by-step information. These can be the best resources for you to learn the technical skills of Vyond.

You will also find a huge library that has been stocked with introductory tutorials that show the way to get started.

If you take a look at these tutorials, you can be able to find everything that you would probably need to create your own video. They have everything from the way to add voice on videos to the animation styles.

Can I use Vyond offline?

No, the sad truth is you cannot. Since this is a cloud platform that can save your work and help you to work from where you have left, you will require an active internet connection to use it.

Make sure that you have a broadband connection and a device ready to edit or create animated videos.

How long is a Vyond free trial?

Not many but Vyond is among those very few that lets you use their online software and the features include checking if it is good for you.

Even when a week would be enough for you to understand whether the software is a great choice for you or not, Vyond offers 14 days of a free trial.

During this time, you have the freedom to create as many videos as you want using the premium plan.

How do you use Vyond?

This is one of those very few platforms that offer a positive vibe to people.

The animation video maker has been designed keeping in mind the optimized flow which leads the user to create a background for the video first, and then the user needs to choose and customize the characters by adjusting their actions and movements. Everything is available within the tool itself.

After this, you will need to add the props or the objects that you need for the videos. Finally, it is time for you to add the text overlays.

As the flow has been optimized properly to make sure that the users don’t face many hurdles, you will not be required to move back and forth to make edits and credits constantly.

Is Vyond kid-friendly?

No this is not! Since this is animation software, you have to be more than 18 years of age. Thus, if you have kids and you don’t want to damage all the videos that you have made so far, then it is better to keep them aside from messing with the creations.

What is Vyond used for? Why use Vyond?

Vyond is the cloud-based video animation tool that you can use to create any kind of amazing video just by subscribing to their packages.

Once you buy the paid plan, you can create a high-end video without spending on it. In a matter of a few minutes, you can create compelling and attention-grabbing videos.

There are some of the most relevant reasons that have made Vyond one of the most popular video animation makers. Here are some of them.

  • You can get 3 professional styles which include Whiteboard animation and business-friendly and contemporary style videos that can suit perfectly with the business aesthetics.
  • With Vyond it becomes a lot easier for the teams to share video templates, folders, and projects and make the required changes without any issues.
  • The easy interface can make it very easy for you to learn the way it works. It looks similar to the PowerPoint and therefore it does not need you to be a professional.

Besides, needless to mention the endless features available in this online animation software make it very easy for you to create any video that you want without the need for any professional help.

Why did GoAnimate change to Vyond?

GoAnimate was renamed to Vyond on 6th May 2018. The company has to say that GoAnimate was developed with an old technology that the latest browser would not support.

Therefore the company decided to launch Vyond instead of rewriting by making use of the latest technology. However, their trading name is still the same – “GoAnimate, Inc.”.

Is Vyond safe?

This is a genuine concern as you would not want your system to get hacked and lose your personal information. Being a cloud-based software, Vyond is one of the best online software available in the market that can ensure safety.

Being around for more than a decade now, this online software has been able to acquire a huge customer base from the corners of the world.

The makers of this website make sure that they constantly keep a check on the website to ensure that it does not become a threat to its own customers.

How old do you have to be to use Vyond?

The site has been developed to help the creators create some fantastic video animations for their services or products that can attract customers towards them. Thus, this video animation tool needs you to be over 18 years old.

Is Vyond a SaaS? Is Vyond cloud-based?

Yes! This is online cloud-based software that can become helpful for businesses to create fantastic videos that they would require for their respective purposes.

You will be able to create fantastic animated videos that can be a good choice for eLearning, training, and marketing purposes.

Besides, it also gives YouTube the freedom to save the videos in the MP4 format so that you can import them into the LMS as per your needs.

How can I contact the Vyond support team?

Vyond has created software that can offer their customer a great chance to create amazing videos. Besides, since they clearly understand that there can be problems, they have kept themselves open to resolving every query coming to them.

For renewals: renewals@vyond.com
For sales: sales@vyond.com
For customer support and general queries: support@vyond.com
For reseller queries: partners@vyond.com
For press: press@vyond.com
For events and communities: community@vyond.com

The Vyond support team is huge and has its sections categorized to make it easy for you.

Is Vyond shutting down in 2024?

There are no such plans that Vyond currently has about closing their company. Being a healthy business that has to offer some amazing products and services to the customers, they will continue to become a crucial part of people’s lives.

The questions that you have in your mind might be due to their shutting down of the GoAnimate Schools. They have already elaborated on the reason why they decided to shut GoAnimate and start with Vyond.

Thus, you can stay assured that Vyond is not going anywhere now and you can keep enjoying the range of features that they have for the video creators.

What is better than Vyond? What are the Vyond best alternatives?

Vyond is one of the best choices for video creators. Whether you are a freelancer or you are working for any organization, you can leverage the multiple features available in it.

Therefore, if you ask me about what is better than Vyond or the best Vyond alternatives, then I would say that it will vary from one to another.

Some of the most reputed contenders that have already been making their mark in the market include:

  • CreateStudio
  • Doodly
  • VideoScribe
  • Animaker
  • Toonly

No doubt these are the toughest Vyond competitors. However, if you wish to know more about their differences, then you can check the following points to know more. I have included the major differences between Vyond with the other software.

However, since Vyond is a cloud-based software if you are in search of the software that you can install, then you can look for some of the best animation software that can be installed and does not always need an active internet connection.

FAQs for Vyond User

How do I get rid of the Vyond watermark?

If you have still not registered or taken a subscription or you are stuck to the Essential plan, you might be getting the watermark in every video.

Given the fact that it can be bothersome, you can choose the lowest plan to export the videos, or you can choose the other plans like Premium, Professional, or Enterprise plan to get rid of it.

How do I remove the Vyond free trial watermark?

As per the Terms of Use of Vyond, you should not remove the watermark on it by other means except than upgrading it.

Even when there are endless ways on the internet that you can use to find which is the best way to get rid of it rather than upgrading, it is not recommended.

You might have the chance to crop the video to remove the logo from the left corner, but it is not recommended.

You can just upgrade and use their other features as well including the removal of the watermark to make sure of creating a quality video of your own.

Remember that if you follow any unethical rules or regulations, you might be suspended from your subscription and not allowed to use your Vyond software.

How do I download Vyond videos for free?

No wonder the Vyond features would compel you to choose it over others therefore you want to download it. For downloading, you have to find the “Download” button available in its cornet and then choose the resolution format.

You might find that the video will get downloaded on the browser or they will send a link to the email address that you have used while registering.

Vyond software is one of those very few that have such a huge range of features to let you do and create any videos you wish.

How do you create a character in Vyond?

If you are looking forward to creating unique videos then this is one of the most crucial things for you that you can do is to add unique characters to the videos.

However, the reality is that it can be very hard to create different characters for every video from scratch.

It would take you enough patience, time, and hard work to create every single character from scratch on the graphic software or illustration.

For your convenience, Vyond has come up with some of the most common features that are known as Character Creators which will help you to create some of the unique characters from the very first. The tool has been built into it.

The best thing about it is that you will not need to design the characters from scratch as there will be tons of them. You can assemble them and create some of the best characters for yourself. Once you have done the assembling, you can use it in your animation and give it a new look.

Can I import characters in Vyond?

Yes! One of the best things about Vyond is that this animation software has taken proper care of everything.

  • You need to open the panel named Upload
  • Click the button named “Import Files” and then select the files that you wish from your computer
  • Once you can find the uploaded file, you need to click on “imported file” and then add it to the main stage
  • After this, you can just adjust the placement and sizing to your liking
  • Check the result

Thus, whatever you are willing to include in your video, you can have the character imported into the dashboard of Vyond and you are all set to get your own personalized video for your use.

Can I pause my Vyond subscription?

Yes, you can. Since they understand that there might be some challenging times that need to be taken care of. Therefore if you wish you can pause it. You can check for the member’s tab available in the Admin Panel.

After that, you can select Additional Actions which are available just next to the removal button.

Then you will find the “Pause Account” button. This will be effective in removing access from the account. However, if you wish to remove any member, you can do it by this step itself. The admins of the teams can unpause sometimes later to reactivate the members.

What is the difference between Vyond and CreateStudio?

There is no doubt that CreateStudio is a tough contender for Vyond, but with a lot of strong features that CreateStudio holds, it becomes valuable for you to choose Vyond.

From the availability of the character designs to the flexibility that you find on Vyond, it becomes a valuable choice for you. It would not take much effort with Vyond to create a fantastic animation.

Some of the major differences that I would like to include are:

  • Vyond can be a great choice for beginners to start with along with professionals to play and create
  • Vyond offers a 14-day trial that can be helpful for you
  • Vyond helps you to customize the package as per your needs
  • Vyond pricing packages are much more reasonable than CreateStudio
  • Vyond hardly has any learning curves

You have guessed by now that here I would prefer Vyond over others. The benefits offered by this platform can be a lot more beneficial.

Which is better: Vyond or Doodly?

Doodly has been taking the audience in a blink but there is a need to realize that there are still some differences with Vyond.

Doodly is certainly one of the best choices for creating any kind of animation videos and doodle videos but when it comes to the features and outcomes, Vyond will still ace the race with the major plus points.

Some of the major differences that I would like to include are:

  • Vyond is great for 2D, and 3D animation videos and video editing
  • Vyond offers a huge model library that can be a huge benefit for the creators
  • Vyond offers a 14-day trial that can be helpful for you
  • Vyond offers you a good chance to customize the enterprise plan based on your needs
  • You will be able to start using Vyond just immediately because of the easy-to-use features

These are some of the basic reasons why I prefer Vyond over any other software. It has a package and features that can be helpful for professionals of different genres.

Which is better: Vyond or VideoScribe?

VideoScribe is undeniably one of the toughest contenders of Vyond. You can create an unbelievable range of whiteboard animation software with this.

However, here I have created a comparison with Vyond for you to help you find out which one is better in terms of use and features.

Some of the major differences that I would like to include are:

  • Vyond comes with more and better aesthetics compared to VideoScribe which makes it look like a pro
  • Vyond provides a great experience with its user interface
  • Vyond has a range of categories for actions and animations
  • No doubt that the 14-day trial by Vyond makes it above all

There is not a second of doubt that VideoScribe is a great whiteboard animation tool, but judging from the overall perspective, Vyond still will take the lead with the range of features.

Which is better: Vyond or Toonly?

Toonly is a great alternative tool for Vyond that you can choose to create any kind of animated video.

Even when both are known for their exceptional features and abilities, we will still find out some of the major differences between both to help you find out the details about their differences.

Some of the major differences that I would like to include are:

  • Toonly would not offer you video templates but Vyond offers you scene templates that you can use to create scenes quickly
  • Vyond might make you wait for a few seconds but Toonly has a greater speed interface
  • Both Vyond and Toonly have a huge library in different manners
  • Vyond characters can perform a great lip-sync job
  • Vyond and Toonly both offer a range of packages but undeniably Vyond offers customization for the Enterprise package

While both are exceptionally great at doing and performing their jobs, I will still prefer Vyond because of the range of other features that it offers.

Which is better: Vyond or Animaker?

Both Animaker and Vyond are known for their performance and the incredible range of features that it has to offer to the users. No doubt that you will be able to create some professional-grade animated videos that can instantly grab people’s attention.

However just to make it easy for you, here we will have a look at some of the comparable features of both.

Some of the major differences that I would like to include are:

  • Vyond is very user-friendly and offers great lip-syncing
  • When it comes to pricing, Animaker leads the race with starting package
  • Vyond of smooth selection of animation transition in between its built-ins
  • Both offer media important but Vyond is easier
  • Vyond offers multi-channel marketing 

While Animaker and Vyond are very close to each other, it would not be unjustified to say that I like both software.

They have an equal set of pros and cons and therefore there is no fixed lead to this difference.  So, as per me, you can choose anything that you wish.

Closing Thoughts

Now that you have gained complete information about Vyond through the range of questions and answers along with the difference that I have created with its alternatives will hopefully help you to understand better.

Vyond is undeniably a powerful animated video creation platform that has been integrated with some exceptional features.

Whether you have a business or you are a freelancer, Vyond has a set of features and packages for everyone.

Therefore make sure that you are choosing the packages properly according to your needs so that you can make the best use of them.

I would recommend you choose Vyond as I have been using it for a long time and have been in love with it.

Hopefully, this Vyond review was helpful for you. But if you think that I have been missing something, feel free to write in the comments.

What about you? Do you think that Vyond is absolute bliss for video creators?

Thank you for making it up here.

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