DesignBeast Review: Benefits, Pros, Cons, Offer Price $49

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I have been using Design Beast for over a month now and I am delighted to present my DesignBeast review to you! You can find detailed information on this AI-powered Design Beast software that can help with your design projects and save multiple tool fees.

DesignBeast is the ultimate solution for design tasks, featuring 6 powerful design apps under one roof. I’ll talk more about it in the latter part of this review. Design Beast can draw in new customers with excellent design at your fingertips.

If you had all the design, graphics, and animation apps you’d ever need, your marketing could be put on steroids and your business would rise to new levels. So, stay tuned and read my full review till the end and make an informed decision.

Overview of Design Beast Review 2024

Design Beast

Sudesh Roul

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DesignBeast is the ultimate multi-purpose design solution featuring SIX powerful design apps under one roof to attract new customers. With Design Beast software you can replace multiple complicated design apps, and expensive freelancers, and save thousands on softwares or tools subscription fees.
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Design Beast Review Summary

Design Beast allows the creation of designs, graphics, and animations in all languages with the World’s most powerful design suite powered by artificial intelligence!

Design Beast is legit software and to prove it they are offering 30 days money-back guarantee. No Questions Will Be Asked! You have got nothing to lose with Design Beast. Your investment is 100% risk-free. Try It Now.

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Why trust me?

Hello, I am Sudesh Roul, a passionate digital product reviewer and certified digital marketer.

It never ceases to amaze me how much useful software there is for photo editing, graphic design, or anything fun to share on my blog. It has taken up all the space on my computer to test everything from beginner sites to advanced downloadable software.

At this point, I’ve assessed the good, the bad, and the ugly so that you won’t have to.

So, let’s explore the Design Beast to know more. This Design Beast review will help you discover whether it is legit or not!

What is Design Beast?

The Design Beast is an innovative animation and photo design program that enables freelancers and entrepreneurs to produce quality and unique designs for marketing and generating income from clients.

design beast software

The software allows you to quickly create memes and high-quality graphics in a matter of minutes. Design Beast software lets you create amazing designs instead of producing bad ones.

The price of one app gets you six excellent designs, animation, and graphics apps! One of the most powerful and flexible design suites ever created.

In this DesignBeast review, we will get to know more about the world’s most powerful design suite. Powered by artificial intelligence, it teaches you how to create amazing designs, graphics & animations for every language!

Who created DesignBeast? The Design Beast software was launched by Paul Ponna & Sid Diwar in August 2021.

paul ponna and sid diwar
Design Beast Founders

Quick Introduction to 6 Design Beast Apps

Now, I am going to explain everything in detail about all 6 Design Beast Apps.

👉 All-in-One Design & Mockup Engine

all-in-one design and mockup engine

👉 Logo Factory

design beast logo factory

👉 3D-Live Motion Photos

3d-live motion photos maker

👉 1-Click Background Remover

1-click background remover

👉 Slick Image Editor

  • Imager Filters
  • Image Enhancers
  • Image Resizer

👉 Magic Object Remover

magic object remover

Design Beast Pricing and Discount

Currently, DesignBeast front-end software has only a Commercial license option.

Design Beast Commercial LICENSE cost is $69 (use the BEAST coupon code for $20 off and get DesignBeast at $49) and this is also a one-time payment.

Sadly, there is no free trial of DesignBeast available. But, you will get a 30-day money-back guarantee if you decide to purchase it.

The following features are included in the front-end DesignBeast software:

  • Six Designs App for the Price of One
  • Mockup Designer App
  • AI Logo Maker App
  • 1-Click Background Removal App
  • Live Motion Photos App
  • Multi-Purpose Image Editor App
  • Magic Object Removal App
  • 7000+ Ready-to-Use Templates
  • Millions of Royalty-Free Images
  • Copyright-Free Vectors & Icons
  • Hundreds of Fonts
  • Multi-Lingual Support
  • Step-by-Step Video Training
  • Commercial License
  • Sell The Designs For Profit
  • Facebook Group Access
  • Skype Mentorship Group Access
  • 8 Week Training Webinars

Pro Tips: You can unlock huge benefits by upgrading DesignBeast Deluxe. Check the Upgrade Section for more info.

7 Key Benefits of Design Beast Software

In this Design Beast review, I will discuss features and their benefits, which I found cool while using the software!

1. Speed is the name of the game!

Artificial Intelligence Design Automation Technologies lets you create top-notch designs in minutes. Saves a lot of your time and effort!

2. The learning curve is nonexistent!

Easy to use: Choose from 7000+ free design templates to easily create your website.

3. Creative control at your disposal!  

With limitless options for editing, customization, and design elements, you can grab the audience’s attention and create your dream design.

4. A deal of six apps for one!

One-stop solution. Multiple complex apps can be replaced. With one low one-time price, you’ll have access to premium design, animation, and graphics apps.

5. Rights to resell and commercially exploit!

Use your designs without additional fees and restrictions for commercial purposes.

6. The largest collection of free copyright assets!

Get a better deal. Invest in royalty-free images, icons, backgrounds, & animations without spending extra on photo animation software.

7. Multilingualism!         

Multiply your profits by selling to global audiences. It’s EASY to design in ANY language with the best photo animation software!

What makes DesignBeast better than its Competitors?

In this DesignBeast review, we will also understand what makes Design Beast a better choice than its competitor.

1. To Infinity and Beyond!                                                                                                    

Pay no recurring fees. One-time low price gives you unlimited access to smart graphic design tools and possibilities.

2. A system that relies on artificial intelligence!                                                      

Automate design tasks with artificial intelligence and machine learning for a competitive advantage and better photo animations.

I have discussed Design Beast’s features, their benefits, and what makes it better than other Design Beast competitors.

I think I have quite convinced you to switch from multiple app workflows to a one-stop app workflow!

Now, the question is- how can this app help someone with the kind of profession you have?

Is Design Beast suitable for you?

In this Design Beast review, we will now determine why you should buy this software.

One size fits all when it comes to Design Beast. This graphics design app can help you choose the right approach for conveying your message and delivering it to the right audience if you are creating business propaganda or expressing your USP through videos.

Those in the entrepreneurial, online marketing, graphic design, photography, and the list goes on and on are welcome to Design Beast.

Thus, I am going to show you who should use the Design Beast software one by one.

Graphics Designer

Unless you are a graphic designer, chances are that the photos are most important to you.

Using this 3D animation software, you can easily create stunning moving graphics from boring still photos so you can wow your client and ultimately audiences and stand out.


Photographers have probably encountered a situation in which the picture they took is perfect, but there is one object in the background that is off-putting.

With Design Beast’s image editor, you can easily remove any objects, people, or other elements from your photos in just two steps.

Marketing Agency

For an agency, video animations are probably integral to the process. This desktop photo animation software is perfect for launching products, sharing business information, explaining product updates, and demonstrating services.

Designer and Video Making Freelancer

I have seen many designs and video-making individuals getting frustrated with repeated editing and jumping from one app to another.

Design Beast is the best logo maker and designing app you can find. The best animation software with lots of features to play around with.

What can you do with Design Beast?

In this Design Beast review, we will point out what one can do with the Design Beast software.

3D photo animation

Impress your audiences with dynamic 3D moving visuals that wow them and leave them with a lasting impression.

Up to ten times, more engagement can be achieved with dynamic moving visuals compared to regular still photographs. Your ad costs will drop by half or more when you use this to grab more attention, get more clicks, and get more eyeballs.

You can instantly add snow, rain, clouds, smoke, and various other effects to your photos to make your audiences pay attention to your images.

A one-stop-shop for design and mockups

An extensive library of over 7000 customizable designs is included in this powerful graphics design app, sized perfectly to fit all the popular social networks.

Stunning Mockups for T-Shirts, Book Covers, Flyers, Posters, Infographics, Brochures, Coupons, Certificates, Coupon Codes, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Snapchat Ads, Pinterest Ads, and Twitter Ads.

Your profit potential can be accelerated by creating any graphic or design in mere minutes, saving you time.

The 1-Click Background Remover 

This feature uses machine learning to detect the edges and objects in your photographs and automatically deletes the background.

It is never necessary to select a particular object or to draw borders around the objects as is the case with other competing apps.

In just a few seconds, you will get professional results. Let the app do all the heavy lifting by uploading any image. There will never be an easier way to remove your background.

Easy-to-use Image Editor

You don’t need any complicated apps to edit photos like a pro.

Transform blurry, unappealing photos into stunning visuals that can be printed or published online by editing, resizing, and enhancing them.

You can enhance your photos get stunning results every time and take your designs to the next level with the one app that replaces multiple graphics editors.

AI Logo Maker

You’ve never seen anything like this logo design app before. Neither do Design Beast alternatives have one.

The bulk creation of 50 logo variations for any brand is now easier than ever. Simply enter your brand name choose a logo style, and automatically generate 50 customized logo designs.

Customization is entirely up to you. Customize the colors, fonts, and shapes of the logo to match your business.

You can create unlimited logos for yourself and your clients without paying any additional fees since there are hundreds of icons and fonts readily available in the built-in library.

It is simple to start a business by creating logos for clients and selling them.

DesignBeast review- its Pros and Cons

We now know how you can easily add animation, edit, and improve your image with the Design Beast animation software, let’s now analyze some of the pros and cons.

Design Beast pros – what I like about DesignBeast

  • To use it there is no learning curve
  • With AI, I can save a ton of time
  • Attractive and Conversion-driven design templates
  • Support for multiple languages

Design Beast cons – What I don’t like about DesignBeast

  • Per month there is a 600 credit limit on each of the six apps.

Now let’s move on to the next section if you have questions about DesignBeast OTOs or Upgrades.

Design Beast Upgrade / Upsell / OTOs

Upgrade your Design Beast package to get access to additional features! In this Design Beast review, we will also get to know what better features you unlock.

UPGRADE #1 – DesignBeast Elite ($67 One-Time)

With this $67 one-time optional DesignBeast Elite upgrade, you will benefit from:

  • Add 2,000 more templates to your library
  • Each month for 1 year, you will receive 80 new template designs (No yearly or monthly fees.)
  • They provide a wide range of premium text effects and animations
  • You can choose from thousands of premium designs, icons, and vectors.
  • The largest collection of royalty-free images from the web
  • Future Priority Software Updates

Gain an edge over your competitors and other DesignBeast clients by 10Xing your results, sales, and profits.

UPGRADE #2 – DesignBeast Agency ($49 One-Time)

Video packages can be sold for $300 to $500 each with agency services included. Everyone can now sell their best designs and find clients with this upgrade.

  • Five sub-accounts
  • Bundle of Agency Marketing Done-For-You
  • Legal Client Contracts Done-For-You
  • Websites Done-For-You
  • Ready-to-Use Agency Sales Videos

UPGRADE #3 – Elite 4 in 1 App Bundle ($39 One-Time)

As part of this upgrade, subscribers will gain access to FOUR new apps.

Pixel Perfect

You can instantly enlarge any image, even one that is low quality, into an ultra HD photo and even order it at billboard size without any pixelation or distortion.

Animated Ads Builder

Take advantage of hundreds of ready-to-use design templates to create animated ads in any language, shape, or size. Make animated advertisements to sell your products, create ads for your clients, or sell animations to freelancers on Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer.

Video Resizer

You can precisely adjust any video’s dimensions so that they fit across all social platforms with this powerful technology. Share a single video on different platforms to drive traffic and sales. Transform a video into multiple dimensions and sizes in minutes.

Video Survey Pro

You can instantly collect the following information with this powerful app: Testimonials Video, Clients providing you with live feedback via video, Making your websites more user-friendly by adding video surveys and recording video feedback for every project your team works on.

Eliminate the clutter of outdated processes and methods, such as email and text, and streamline your workflows.

UPGRADE #4 – DesignBeast Unlimited ($47 One-Time)

You can create unlimited designs with the DesignBeast basic license in each of the six apps, but you can max out each app’s credit limit per month at 600.

You won’t have to pay a monthly fee if your design limits are reset every month.

To prevent abuse, and to ensure they are offering the best value and the lowest prices to all our customers, this limit has been put in place.

This special unlimited upgrade includes all cutting-edge apps and technologies, so you are free from monthly limits.

Why you should sign up for Design Beast now?

The Internet is awash in graphic design helper apps today, right? This one is special, so what makes it so?

For a low one-time price, you are going to get SIX useful AI-powered design app bundles, and it comes with an easy-to-use dashboard.

You will never get this kind of offer later as it will increase the price by $20 after launch, so make sure you order soon!

This is very useful and effective design software! So, does it save time or make you money?

We will see that in the next section of this Design Beast review.

Save Money and Time + Make Money Online with DesignBeast

In this Design Beast review, we have very well established the fact that it is AI software.

Being AI software it is a massive time-saver. You don’t need to constantly select and deselect features. It saves a lot of your time and effort as any business owner or an agency.

Similarly, you don’t need to jump from one application to another. This software has 6 apps under one roof, which saves a lot of money on multiple different software or apps.

One can make money and save money at the same time with Design Beast. Freelance individuals, photographers, and graphic designers can make money by selling designs made on Design Beast.

I think I have covered every important aspect of this mind-blowing software, Design Beast. Now, it’s time for me to answer some questions you must have!

A Few FAQs about Design Beast

The Design Beast review FAQs will surely give us more insight into the software. If additional concerns arise, contact me on WhatsApp.

Here we go…

Who is behind Design Beast?

Paul Ponna and Sid Diwar created Design Beast in 2021. It is well known that Sid and Paul launched 9 multi-million dollar blockbusters in the Internet Marketing community, including Video Creator, Doodle Maker, Video Dashboard, Chatter Pal, and many more.

They have software launches that are among the top 1% and a very low refund rate. Design Beast is likely to be beneficial to your business.

How easy is it to use?

There is no doubt about it (the design beast review team unanimously agreed). Paul Ponna’s typical products emphasize the user interface (UI), and they are typically very simple to use with a guide to assist from start to finish.

Is it compatible with Mac or PC?

The program runs on the servers owned by Paul & Sid. You benefit from their use of THEIR servers to process all the heavy work, so you’ll see things run faster, and you can use the software from any Internet-enabled device.

How does the Design Beast OTO work?

The Front-End Offer (FE) is one and there are four Oto’s. A one-time payment of $69 (use BEAST coupon code for $20 off and get DesignBeast at $49) is required for the FE, which is Design Beast Commercial.

A one-time payment of $67 is for “Design Beast Elite”.

A one-time fee of $49 is required for “Design Beast Agency”.

The one-time fee is $39 for OTO3: “Design Beast 4-in-1 Ultra.”

For $247 one-time, you can purchase “Design Beast Unlimited.”. Prices are subject to change after launch.

Design Beast Alternatives in 2024

Now, in this section of the Design Beast review, let’s investigate the Design Beast similar software in more detail and find out if it has a stronger impact.

Take a look at these Design Beast competitors and alternatives…

Adobe Express

Design Beast is an acclaimed alternative to Adobe Express. Additionally, you can make your images come to life with animations when using its features. Getting excellent results can be done with ease.


Vidello, the creator of CreateStudio, developed PhotoVibrance, a program that lets you add motion to still photos. Try it to make your images more engaging and interesting.

The animation speed can always be changed and you can exclude any area you don’t want to animate. It is considered the best Design Beast alternative.

My Design Beast Review Verdict

Here we are at the end of my Design Beast review, and I hope I have cleared up any doubts you may have regarding this photo animation desktop software.

When compared to all of the Design Beast competitors, it is my opinion that it is the legit and most promising photo animation software available.

Take advantage of Design Beast today and achieve the results on social media (grab audiences’ attention, gain engagements, and drive traffic) that you hope for.

Price changes will increase very soon, grab your copy right now and pay very little for it.

In case, still you have queries about Design Beast or feel confused with other things. Please feel free to contact me on Messenger, or WhatsApp.

I will be happy to help you immediately if you WhatsApp me.

I am going to end my review by saying that DesignBeast is developed by the very same creator who created HumanPalAvatarBuilderSketchGeniusVideoCreator, and DoodleMaker.

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