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Are you looking for a convenient way to create virtual spokesperson videos? If so, then HumanPal could be the perfect tool for you.

Video content is one of the most effective ways to reach a wide audience. Whether it’s used for social media, TV commercials, or educational programs, videos have become an essential part of modern-day marketing. Video makers such as HumanPal are now gaining immense popularity due to the high quality of their output and the features they offer.

In this HumanPal review, I will help you to decide if this video maker software is worth your time and money. We’ll look at how easy it is to use, the different options available, how much it costs, and more about this powerful virtual spokesperson video creation tool.

Let’s get started with the quick facts!

humanpal review

HumanPal Quick Facts That You Must Know

Check out some of the interesting facts related to HumanPal that make it one of the most popular video editor tools in every sector of marketing:

  • HumanPal Video Maker is a cloud-based video maker which uses artificial intelligence to create personalized videos from photos, slogans, and text using virtual actors.
  • It allows you to choose from pre-set templates for easier customization.
  • HumanPal Video Maker has the ability to generate online videos in full HD resolution with cinematic-quality music.
  • The user can share these completed videos on different social media sites or through email and messages.

Overview of HumanPal Review


Sudesh Roul
HumanPal is the easiest AI-powered virtual spokesperson videos maker for social media marketers, YouTubers, and video creators. It let you transform any text or script into a fully animated video in almost any language. You can upload your own voice and have the AI spokesperson speak the language with perfect lip-sync.
Features effectiveness
Customer support
Value for money
Ease of use

HumanPal Review Summary

You must have HumanPal software because it can let you create videos without spending on expensive studio equipment, cameras, and actors. Also, it is the best video maker software for you if you don’t want to be in front of a Camera.

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HumanPal Price ($77 Discount) offers a one-time plan for $199 (actual price $276) that is, by far, the best value for serious video creators and professionals like you who need maximum video creation ability. Also, you have the flexibility to pay the HumanPal fee in 4 installments.

$69 X 4 = $276. Here you will not get any discount. I will recommend you pay once to save $77.

The package includes access to all of’s features—including powerful automated editing capabilities, an efficient collaborative workspace manager with unlimited users, and much more.

With this package, you can deliver high-quality videos quickly and easily with tools designed specifically to help meet your project needs. Whether you’re a professional editor or just getting started,’s once-in-a-lifetime offer delivers exceptional value at an unbeatable price.

Please note: What every plan you choose you going to get 5 exclusives bonuses, those are 1) Video Editor App, 2) Niche Dashboard App, 3) Video Resizer App, 4) Premium Neural TTS Voices, and 5) VIP Support.

HumanPal Discount Coupon: March 2023

Get a $77 verified discount on HumanPal (coupon code – HUMAN)

Today, if you buy HumanPal at a special discount price of $276 $199 save $77 by using a verified discount coupon code HUMAN. This deal can end anytime soon. Visit HumanPal’s official site.

TLTR: My HumanPal Review Verdict

I have been using HumanPal for one month now and my verdict on this video creator is, it is an incredibly powerful and intuitive platform that helps me quickly create high-quality videos with artificial intelligence-powered virtual actors.

humanpal io app dashboard

The AI-powered platform is so easy to use that even complete beginners can create impressive videos with the help of HumanPal’s intuitive user interface.

The customizable templates, advanced text-to-speech spelling capabilities, and affordable pricing make HumanPal a great choice for businesses looking to create professional-looking videos quickly and at a fraction of the cost of hiring a real actor. A big thumbs up for sure!

Why do you need HumanPal for your video marketing?

Below I am going to specify a few of the reasons why you might need HumanPal the most in the process of marketing. Check it out

  • Create professional-looking video commercials in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional methods.
  • Bring an engaging and dynamic presence to your marketing campaigns with an AI spokesperson.
  • Save money on production costs with automated editing processes for your videos.
  • Customize videos to capture your target audience’s attention by editing text, color schemes, and visual effects with ease.
  • Easily build trust with potential customers by demonstrating a real-life style presence in all your videos.

Can I create YouTube videos using the HumanPal app?

Yes, you can definitely create YouTube videos using the HumanPal app. This app makes it easy to generate realistic human spokesperson videos quickly and easily, without any complicated editing or footage capturing.

With the click of a few buttons, you can have a professional-looking video ready for upload to your YouTube channel in no time! Use Cases

You can use HumanPal in different ways. A few of them are…

  • As a freelancer, you can Create Engaging AI Human Spokesperson Videos for clients and sell them on Fiverr or other websites.
  • As a blogger, you can convert your text content into engaging human videos to keep your visitors on your site for longer.
  • As a business owner, you can create promo and advertisement videos on a small budget without a camera or studio equipment.
  • As a teacher, you can improve your student’s learning experience with virtual spokesperson videos in any language!

Explore HumanPal Avatar or Characters

HumanPal is really something else – you’d have to pay thousands for anything like this! All the other apps and video editors that transform images into cartoon-like characters don’t even come close; Human Pal has some serious artificial intelligence built in and creates totally unique human faces. The quality is awesome, and the synthetic voices are pretty great too.

So, if you’re looking for some decent video marketing tools or just getting started in online video production, then Human Pal is the way to go. It takes your videos up a notch to Marvel-level quality (amazing!) without spending time and money on pro-level video editing software. Basically, it’s a lifesaver! Check the video below:

HumanPal Features

Below are some of the most astonishing features that you get in this AI video editor. Check it out:

1. Lip-sync Automation: HumanPal utilizes cutting-edge lip-sync technology, allowing you to quickly and accurately sync voiceover recordings with your content. This feature gives you professional-looking videos that capture the attention of viewers.

2. Scalable Video Production: HumanPal offers scalable video production, allowing you to easily create high-quality videos no matter how small or large your business is. You won’t have to break the bank to have videos that are effective and engaging for customers.

3. Natural Text to Speech Audio: With HumanPal, you can use natural text-to-speech audio in order to help your audio stand out from other videos on social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook. This makes it possible for your videos to be interesting and informative without having someone talk about every single one of them.

humanpal text to speech

4. Advanced Subtitle Editing: Not everyone has perfect sound quality in all their videos, so HumanPal’s advanced subtitle editing tools make sure that everyone can hear what you’re saying even if there is background noise or other types of interference in a particular clip. It also allows you to optimize the subtitles so they look pleasing and read well on any screen size or device used by online viewers.

5. Voiceover Recording Services: To further personalize your videos, HumanPal offers different voices ranging from female adult English American (FAA) as well to male British English (MBE). With this feature, you can choose the right voiceover recording depending on who is watching the video and ensure that it’s tailored according to their needs and preferences.

Now you are clear about the features, let’s check how good the training and support service is during the time of need.

HumanPal support and training

HumanPal provides step-by-step video training from the initial creation of videos to generating results, also including advice on how to obtain maximum revenue from them. In addition, queries can be sent to and swift responses will be provided within a few hours.

Simple Video Creation Process on HumanPal

This app enables you to create videos comparable to those created by corporations or video studios, without the high cost. Such videos will be of excellent quality, 3D animated, and with spoken text compatible with hundreds of languages that can be selected from the given options.

humanpal app video creation process

Moreover, your creation will go beyond the standard, seen-everywhere style to levels that seem only attainable for Marvel movies.

The demonstration video explains how it works; the process involves the steps below:

  1. Select a desired template
  2. Choose an avatar or generate one;
  3. Add chosen script or audio as well as background music if required;
  4. Create text slides and edit them as needed;
  5. Adjust settings such as subtitles and colors before editing scenes and rearranging them if desired;
  6. Render the video ultimately utilizes artificial intelligence in order to generate completely unique human faces.

HumanPal Ratings on Capterra, GetApp

HumanPal AI virtual spokesperson video creator has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on Capterra and a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on GetApp. Customers praise the software for its intuitive user interface, ease of use, customization options, and customer service.

They are also impressed with the quality of the videos created by the platform and their ability to create high-quality videos quickly without any technical expertise or expensive tools.

Customers also acknowledge HumanPal AI’s ability to help them increase engagement with their target audience, optimize conversions, and get a better return on investment from their campaigns. Overall, customers are very satisfied with this software and appreciate its powerful features that enable them to create professional-looking videos quickly and easily.

HumanPal Pros and Cons

Below I have specified the pros and cons of the HumanPal virtual spokesperson video editor that can help you in the process of buying decision-making. Let’s dive in.

HumanPal App Pros

  • HumanPal offers an unparalleled service in creating the highest quality of 3D human characters for video creation.
  • It provides a complete package with no upsells.
  • It’s simple to learn, with easy editing attributes all done online.
  • Video content created can be sold to clients or used in your own business free from any copyright and royalty claims.
  • Artificial Intelligence is harnessed to produce picture-perfect human-like faces.
  • There is no need to have any prior experience in video editing, as it is fully cloud and browser-based, leaving your computer’s hard-drive space untouched.
  • It has a Human-like text-to-voice transcriber built-in, without any limitations on the number of videos you can render.

HumanPal App Cons

  • Allowing users to create only 1-minute videos.
  • HumanPal avatar can not move or do gestures.

HumanPal Alternatives

Below I have noted down some of the HumanPal alternatives that match your needs and expectations equally.


AvatarBuilder is a perfect alternative to because it offers the same customization options, with more advanced features such as 3D head animation, customizable clothing options, and powerful AI technology that can produce highly realistic avatars.

AvatarBuilder has much lower prices than, making it an ideal choice for businesses looking to create high-quality avatar animations without breaking the bank.

CreateStudio Pro

CreateStudio is a great alternative. The software lets you create visual content in different shapes and sizes in a drag-and-drop interface with features like 3D characters, 2D backgrounds, ad-compliant presets, doodle sketches, animations, and more.

Moreover, it allows users to import SVG format or utilize royalty-free images and videos from Pexels to create personalized visuals. It also provides tools to add shadows and borders, include animated emoticons, edit green screen footage, create scenes, and zoom in to add cinematic effects and export in different resolutions.


Renderforest is a perfect alternative to because it offers an intuitive drag-and-drop editor for creating professional videos in minutes, and provides a wide selection of customizable templates and backgrounds to make videos look unique and engaging.

Additionally, Renderforest has a reliable customer support team that can provide you with answers to your questions quickly.

HumanPal FAQs

Below are all the questions answered so that you can make your decisions without thinking twice.

Is HumanPal good?

Yes! HumanPal is developed by highly skilled video editors who have accumulated these skills over many years of practice. It has been designed specifically for those who understand that video content can be used effectively for sales, teaching, and marketing purposes, yet lack the time or budget to become proficient in editing.

Human Pal uses up-to-date Artificial Intelligence to generate 3D characters and human-like avatars, thus making it very straightforward even for users with no prior knowledge or experience.

How can I contact HumanPal support?

You can connect with HumanPal support at and they are going to revert back swiftly.

Who can use HumanPal app?

HumanPal AI video creator app can be used by anyone, from individuals to businesses, looking to create personalized videos quickly and easily.

Can I sell my video made on HumanPal?

Yes, you can sell your video made on the HumanPal AI video creator app. You can monetize it by allowing your viewers to watch in exchange for payment, or granting exclusive access to distributors for a fee. Alternatively, you could also offer your content as part of a subscription package or bundle deal.

Are there any HumanPal Upsells?

No, there are no upsells available with HumanPal.

Does HumanPal offer Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, the HumanPal AI video creator app offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.


In conclusion, HumanPal is an effective and easy-to-use program that helps businesses of all sizes to create engaging video content quickly and easily. This AI-powered tool allows to create of virtual spokesperson videos with minimal effort, while also providing access to advanced features such as transitions, text effects, and animations.

Furthermore, it comes with plenty of stock footage and images from multiple sources (Pixabay, Pexels) that can be used for creating professional-looking videos in just a few clicks.

Overall, this software is an excellent choice for those looking for a powerful yet user-friendly video creator that can help them produce high-quality video content fast!

I will end my review by saying that HumanPal is developed by the very same creator who created Design BeastAvatarBuilderSketchGenius, VideoCreator, and DoodleMaker.


HumanPal is an AI-powered virtual spokesperson videos maker for businesses, social media marketers, YouTubers, and video creators. It let you transform any script into a fully animated spokesperson video in almost any language.

Price: 199

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Web Application

Application Category: Spokesperson Video Maker

Editor's Rating:


  • HumanPal is an easy to use realistic AI human avatar based video creation tool.
  • HumanPal don't have any upsells and has great user support.


  • HumanPal avatar can not move or do gestures.

In case, you still have queries about HumanPal or feel confused with other things. Please feel free to comment below or contact me on Messenger, or WhatsApp.

WhatsApp me, I will be happy to help you immediately.

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