Why Free Video Editing Software Is Not Good for Creators?

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Video editing is basically joining video clips together or trimming, adding special effects, and also adding sounds to them.

It is basically operating video shots to create a new video. Applying colors, giving titles, sound mixing, and many other enhancements are considered a post-production process.

There are many goals to editing videos. It depends on the perspective of a situation and terminology.

Before starting video editing with free video editing software, you must define your goals like removing unwanted footage and choosing the best footage, adding effects and graphics, and many more.

why free video editing softwares are bad

The process of creating relevant and unique content intended to change the behavior of your target audience over time is known as content marketing.

When you achieve the goal via videos it is called video content marketing.

The tool that you require for the same process and to make the video attractive is known as the video content-making toolkit.

Free video editing software is quite famous among digital camcorders but they are mostly considered bad. They are mostly used by people who have less budget.

They also have functions but they are not as good as the purchased ones.

So, here are 10 reasons which will notify you why free software is bad and you must always go for purchase once.

10 Reasons Why Free Video Editing Softwares Are Bad

1. Safety Issues

All the free video editing software that is available on the internet may contain viruses, malware, spyware or adware, or worst case all of these. For making software free there is trade in which these are to be added to the program.

Many times while downloading a program, the terms and conditions specify or list the things to be downloaded and ensure you that they are harmless. But most of the time these downloads do not mention the additions.

2. Lack of Customer Support

We are taught from childhood that guests and customers are like gods. In free video editing software or Video Creation Software, it is a major concern they do not consider their CRM Strategy.

The drawback of not having customer support to contact while facing difficulty or having some kinds of questions could not be resolved. Stuck in midway while working is very irritating and frustrating.

So it is better not to use such things that have a high risk of not getting work done.

3. Extra Things

While downloading the free video editing software the program may automatically download some extras. These may be included even if you sometimes opt-out or ticked them not to be included.

These files may include things like screensavers, desktop themes, advertising software, or any other kind of useless stuff.

These add-ons or extras would have likely included trojans or viruses that can affect the computer’s performance greatly.

So basically you should avoid using them for the best performance of your computer.

4. Constant Bugs and Crashes

Many of the free video editing software is exposed to this problem. The user experiences many crashes and bugs while working on a video to edit. Not only that once the program is crashed you have to redo the whole work that you have been doing until now.

It is a very time-wasting process and also crashing, again and again, can make you quit the work. They also keep bringing new updates and new versions that make the computer slower and less effective.

5. Less Price But Less Functions

Free video editing software is undeniably budget-friendly. You don’t need to spend money to edit your videos but with less prices, they have fewer functions. They barely have unique features. They don’t provide good pixels for the edited video that’s why the quality of new work is low.

For normal purposes they are good but if you are really looking forward to going into the field of video editing then it is advisable to purchase the software.

It will help you to learn to edit properly. Even when you take a glimpse of the reviews of free video editing software you will only find disappointment.

6. No Keyframe Tracking

Keyframe tracking is fundamentally giving animation to objects. Keyframe tracking is the method that calculates tracks when placed in sequence. But free softwares do not have the ability of keyframe tracking and animating an object becomes a difficult task in it.

If you want to create videos using a keyframe then you must edit them in Premiere Pro. There are many hacks available in free software also, but they are challenging to use. It is quite challenging to give effects in free video editing software.

7. Limited Keyboard Commands

In free video editing software, you will notice that only limited keyboard commands are available. They are just basics. For advanced work like clip slicing, changing clip speed you have to do a long process and sometimes some videos do not give that facility also.

It takes a lot of time and is quite hectic. They only provide keywords for saving, playing the video. So you must always go to purchase software for video editing.

8. Export Issues

Most users complain about the exporting issues they experience during editing. This does not happen in all versions but mostly software does have this issue.

Whenever the file is moving to the premiere pro it states that the file is encoded with the unsupported format. Constant crashing and instability of software is the most common problem.

9. Updating Makes the Computer More Laggy

The free video editing software often requires you to update the software. Many times you have to update it almost every once a week.

Some new features that they add do not seem to be particularly well designed or even tested. Converting the files to a required format is also not possible with these free video editing software and if it does it might add some virus to it.

10. Some Require Premium

Even though they are free video editing software, at some point in time it may ask you to upgrade it for accessing further tools.

So basically you won’t be able to get access to all the things on free video editing software.


There are many different video editing programs and each of them is different. They all have different standards and also different kinds of usage. Even though free video editing software is sometimes a real pain.

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