Top 9 Paid, Free Screen Recording Software for All PC

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What would you prefer more – audio with no visual or a video with no audio or an audiovisual? Well, if I am not wrong, just like everyone else, audiovisuals are perhaps the most chosen formats.

The reason is that most of the time a video can convey a message that a text cannot as you will be able to make people understand better this way. Being someone working as a Digital Marketer for over 10 years now, I have witnessed a massive rise in the need for videos among audiences.

I can say that businesses can get better audiences through video integration and video content marketing. Whether there is a need for you to share a screen with a colleague or maybe your targeted audience, having the best screen recording software is a necessity for businesses.

Best Screen Recording Software

Screen recorders are certainly a great inclusion for businesses as writing texts can be time-consuming. Besides, it also lacks the interactive tones needed to grab customers’ attention.

You should also take into account that when you want to explain something to your audience, rather than putting it into text you can just use the screen recorder and capture your screen.

In such scenarios when it is much easier to convey the message that you want to give to the customers is easier through the screen recorder, instead of writing, the much wiser thought is to get the best screen recorder.

This way you can do what you are willing to do. Owning this video creation software can become a great help for a business that is offering online courses, video tutorials, webinars, and much more.

So today we will have a look at some of the best screen recording software available on the internet. But before that, I will provide you with brief knowledge about the screen recording software.

About Screen Recording Software

Thinking, what is screen recording software? These are computer-based programs that come with features to capture the content of the computer screen.

You can also set a duration for these programs. Besides video capturing, these programs also come with the feature of capturing audio from the microphone on your computer or the external microphone setup. 

With the increased dependence on videos and customers being more attracted to these formats, most businesses are using video to improve their sales.

These programs are mostly used for demo creation, making videos like product demonstrations, education videos, and tutorials.

It has also been seen that screen capture software is apparently more used compared to the other communication modes, like:

  • These programs are a great choice for explaining things in a visual format (You can also add audio for the instructions)
  • This software is generally used to develop trust between customers (When your customers find videos on services and products they tend to find it more convincing than just saying or writing)
  • This software can help your customers understand more about your product or services as it is more comprehensive way than text or infographics

Screen recording software can do a lot for you. Especially when you have a business and you are willing to reach your customers, this can be the simplest way to increase engagement.

Why do you need screen recording software?

Well, there are endless reasons that explain the benefits of screen recording software, especially for businesses and online influencers.

  • By making use of screen recording software you can improve the communication between your clients and prospective customers. Especially when you have to explain something, you can just record your screen, make a video, and send it to your customers.
  • You can create great tutorials and choose to make video content marketing for your viewers in order to improve the effectiveness of the training session. This way you can easily make an engaging and interactive session.
  • Organizations that have employees working for them can make use of screen recording software to spy on their employees. You can find everything about them.
  • You can create tutorials on something related to computer issues by recording the screen and including voice to improve engagement.

Undoubtedly there are tons of advantages to having screen recording software, especially for businesses. The benefits it offers to a business can help in improving engagement and better business revenue.

If you are convinced and thinking of using screen recording software but aren’t sure which is the best one for your purpose, all you need is to check the following section.

So, Let’s look into the…

Top 9 Screen Recording Software in 2024

1. Free Cam

Free Cam is one of the best free screen recording software that was published by ISpring Solutions on 27 May 2019.

With their endeavor to become the benchmark in the industry with their technological excellence, they have discovered this amazing screen recording software that comes with a range of features.

The ISpring Free Cam is a straightforward screen recording software that has a very intuitive and simple UI to make it easy for users to do their jobs seamlessly.

Even the first-time user will find it pretty easy to use it. Once you have downloaded the software, you can start using this to start recording.

You have the freedom to record an application window, full screen, and a specific part of the screen. Even better than that, you can choose to open a new window inside the area where you are recording. This software has covered all of your requirements.

Key Features of Free Cam

  • You can easily select the recording area
  • You can use your voice on the video
  • You can also add background music to the video recordings
  • You can highlight the mouse-clicking sound and the cursor
  • You can remove the background noise while doing voice over
  • You can edit the video recordings by deleting the unnecessary parts

2. Create

Create is a product of Vidello Limited another great screen recording tool and video creation software. Sam Bakker is the name behind this mastermind who has earned more than six million from affiliate marketing.

Working for a few years now in this field has helped them to come up with a huge number of products. Similarly Create is one of their best creations that enables the users to record the screen easily.

Besides, you can also record using the webcam and audio is the best pixel. This has been developed with a range of features that enable the user to add media, make cuts, and customize the video by including audio, video clips, and images.

This is the best choice for trainers, marketers, video agencies, and others as it offers an easy and cost-effective solution.

Bring includes tons of amazing features and is designed to make it easy to use, Create becomes the perfect platform for businesses or individuals.

Key Features of Create by Vidello

  • You can record the screen, audio, and webcam
  • You have the freedom to make edits and then publish
  • You can easily create video recordings using the drag & drop feature
  • You can publish the videos in 4k quality on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and the website
  • You can use gorgeous texts, icons, and shapes
  • You can use the fade-in and fade-out in the transition along with fading the audio in and out

3. Icecream Screen Recorder

Icecream Screen Recorder is another screen recording software that enables businesses to both record and edit videos. Icecreamapps is the maker of this software with the only mission to offer services to millions of users across the world.

They have already developed some quality products and Icecream Screen Recorder is one of them.

Making use of this software, this screen recorder enables the users to record online content like online meetings, tutorials, games, and several others.

You will also be delighted to know that this screen recorder also enables recording and editing videos made by webcam. Users have the freedom to add sounds along with recording the audio-online files.

Moreover, the tons of features included in this software ensure personalizing the content by integrating the watermarks before sharing the content.

It is up to you whether you want to record the screen without a watermark or with it. In case of any help, they offer a technical support team for instant solutions.

Key Features of Icecream Screen Recorder

  • You can trim the recording and change the records settings
  • You can choose to slow down or speed up the video
  • You can change the format of the videos after recording
  • You can add the mouse click animations when you are recording
  • You can make use of the hotkeys for controlling your screen recorder
  • You can copy the screenshots and recording to instantly share on Skype

4. Camtasia

Camtasia is another software that seamlessly enables screen recording and editing. This is a TechSmith creation with the agenda to help people make unique and informative content easily.

This organization was established in 1987 and since then they gave produced some great products Camtasia is one of its flagship products.

This is a powerful tool for video editing compatible with both macOS and Windows. It also supports different forms of media along with giving control to the created videos – everything in an easy way.

Once you have done editing, you can easily share it on social media.

If it becomes a hurdle for people to access this software, TechSmith has offered an informative tutorial on its use. Try it for free today.

Key Features of Camtasia

  • You can get access to the professional set of features
  • You can have a complete effect control
  • You can create 4K videos
  • You can easily share it on social media with the integration of social sharing
  • You can create appealing tutorials with this software
  • You can make use of features like transitions and annotations in the video

5. ScreenFlow

ScreenFlow is another easy-to-use and powerful screencasting and video editing software for Mac. This Telestream product comes with some of the most spectacular features.

The organization emphasizes creating video content to appeal to audiences and improve business ROI.

This proficient screen capture tool is available on the internet to click and edit videos seamlessly with its versatility.

The intuitive program allows the users to capture the contents available on the screen while recording the audio, using a microphone and video camera. You can also readjust and edit when required to make the edits.

ScreenFlow is a great choice for marketers, mobile app developers, and educators who are looking for a tool for creating software demos, app previews, presentations, tutorials, training, and much more.

Key Features of ScreenFlow

  • You can choose to do a partial screen capture
  • You can use professional animation and motion graphics in the video
  • You can make high-quality recordings
  • You can create informative tutorials with the tools available in the program
  • You can take benefit from the huge publishing options that you have like Vimeo, Imgur, Wistia, YouTube, and many more
  • You can create videos easily with the intuitive UI


Ezvid is another screen recorder software and video editor with full features available for Windows. Ezvid.Inc is a media company based in Los Angeles established in the year 2009.

The team of excellent developers, designers, artists, and writers is capable of creating unmatched video software for users.

This is exceptional software that included cutting-edge features and effects to offer the best user experience.

This is perhaps the best solution to engage customers that can inform, enchant, and entertain the viewers.

This revolutionary name can be a great choice for marketers or individuals as they not only get the freedom to create high-quality videos but also they can make several edits.

This software can be the ultimate solution for marketers.

Key Features of EZVID

  • You can easily use the recorder just by clicking on the button
  • You can create HD-quality videos
  • You can incorporate the video effects available to make an intriguing video
  • You can also choose to do a Webcam Recording
  • You can do the speed control like speed up or slow down the video
  • You can use the screen drawing feature to make it informative

7. Bandicam Screen Recorder

Bandicam Screen Recorder is another free and easy-to-use screen recorder software for Windows that provides you the freedom to capture your screen either as a video file or as a screenshot.

Bandicam is a popular multimedia agency that has developed this amazing video editing software and screen recorder.

Bandicam screen recorder is the best choice for people who want to record tutorials or lectures. With this software, you can also record games, webinars, skype, and games from the webcam and microphone.

Moreover, as sharing is essential, this screen recorder also offers easy sharing.

It ensures no lag and seamlessly does its job. Whether you want to record a part or full screen and include voice, this all-in-one software does everything.

Key Features of Bandicam Screen Recorder

  • You can easily select the screen that you are willing to record right away with this software
  • You can use real-time drawing with this software to make it a great tutorial
  • You can also add yourself to the video with the webcam recording
  • You can mix your voice which you are recording
  • You can create 4K Ultra HD videos
  • You can also add a logo to the video to make it look authentic to the viewers.
    You can incorporate the mouse effects and other animations

8. Loom

If you want to communicate with your customers and engage them in a better way, video is the best way. In the era of videos, Loom is one of the best video and screen recording software. This can become a lot beneficial for businesses by using screen recording and video-making features.

You can make use of the web interface for capturing the screens along with recording with the front-facing camera. With the only agenda to provide everyone the power to communicate and stay ahead, Loom has been working to come up with this effective software.

It also allows the teams to accumulate content and then share the videos in a group by making folders.

Besides, it comes with tons of other features that enable users to edit the video and make it look just as they want. You can also use the “do not disturb” features to get rid of interruptions while recording.

Key Features of Loom

  • You will be able to record your voice, and face, or capture the screen
  • You can share them immediately after the creation of the video
  • You can bring together an entire team with one subscription
  • You can record a screen or an app doesn’t matter whether you have a camera
  • You can trim the videos, custom the thumbnails, and add CTA buttons
  • You can build better relations through amazing video creation

9. CamStudio

CamStudio is another open-source screen recorder that is much simpler than others. You can easily capture whatever is happening on the monitor just by clicking a button.

However, all you need is to dig a little bit more to find more capabilities in it.

You also can capture still or video images. You can also record the audio from the speakers on your PC or the microphone, thereby becoming ideal for making a great tutorial.

You can easily capture your screen or manually select the area you want to capture or your active window – CamStudio allows you to do everything.

It has too many features that can aid in creating a great tutorial including a watermark to create brand authority.

Key Features of CamStudio

  • You can record the screen and include audio
  • You can convert the AVI into Flash
  • You can add text comments to the videos
  • You can record with sound
  • You can highlight the cursor for more clarity
  • You can include images in the footage

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What is the best software for recording your computer screen?

I have mentioned some of the best screen recording software in my knowledge. Each and every software mentioned here is perhaps the best one I have used so far. You can use any one of these as per your choice as all 9 software are great at their respective purpose.

How to select a screen recording software?

Selecting screen recorder software is no rocket science as all you need is to check their features. Make sure that the screen recorder is included with lots of features that can help you to create a great tutorial or videos that you want.

Moreover, make sure that it offers the opportunity to integrate sound into the video as this will mitigate the need to download another software for voice recording.

However, just to make it easy, have a look at the above-mentioned software as these are the names of some of the best software available in the market.

Difference between a desktop and an online screen recorder?

As we all know by now, recording computer screens requires great screen recording software but for that, you either need to install software or use web-based software.

Using the web-based screen recorder or the online screen recorder means there is no need for you to download and then install the software on the PC. All you will be required to do is to add the extension to the web browser.

However, a desktop screen recorder requires downloading and then installing it on your computer. It will take up some space on your hard drive and can be accessed offline as well.

Now it depends on your wish as you can choose as per your requirements. Both software have similar credibility and functionality.

Wrapping Up

When you are choosing the screen recorder software, there is a need for choosing software that properly aligns with the video requirements.

These days choosing is more like a business strategy as you have to check the valuable add-on so that there is negligible room for errors.

The most amazing thing about the list that I have prepared is that most of these are free or offer free trials  – which makes it great to assess if the tool should go for the final purchase. 

So thanks for reading up here and hopefully I was able to provide the answers to your questions.

However, if you feel that there is some other screen recorder software that deserves to be on the list, don’t forget to mention that in the comments.

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