CreateStudio vs Vyond Animation Software Comparison

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Are you confused to select between CreateStudio and Vyond animation software? Then you need to read this CreateStudio vs Vyond comparison guide until the end very carefully.

This CreateStudio vs Vyond comparison and buying guide will help you choose the best animation video maker for your next video project. Let’s begin…

CreateStudio vs Vyond Comparison in 2024

Character builderNo. You will get pre-made 2D and 3D characters with limited moving action.Can combine various elements to create unlimited new characters using the Character Creator.
Video templatesHuge collection of video templates.Hundreds of pre-made templates  
User InterfaceSimple to useNewbie friendly
Video QualityHD videos (8 times smaller in size)HD videos
One clicks animation
Text overlay
Customer supportLive chat supportEmail customer support
Pricing$67 (One-time)$49, $89, or $159 per month
Trial periodNo trial period but offers a 30-day money-back guarantee14 days free trial period
Trustpilot Rating4.54.7
Capterra Rating4.72.5
createstudio pro vs vyond

Why Trust Me?

My name is Sudesh Roul, a video maker and certified digital marketer. I research various marketing video-making tools before trying them out and giving my honest reviews.

I am always looking for the latest video-making tools and platforms.

I have used both CreateStudio and Vyond video animation platforms for quite some time. I started using CreateStudio when it first launched, and I have seen it evolve with various features.

This comparison post will share my honest opinion on both Vyond and CreateStudio platforms. None of these companies has sponsored this comparison.

What are CreateStudio and Vyond and Which one is more popular?

CreateStudio is a desktop animation video creation tool. The platform was first launched in 2020, and it is the most improved animation maker globally.

The platform allows newbies to customize readily available video templates and produce professional-looking marketing videos. It is a Vyond alternative software.


Vyond is a powerful marketing video-making platform used by marketers to create impressive sales videos for products. Vyond was first launched in 2007 as GoAnimate, but later the name was changed to Vyond in 2018.

Vyond is a cloud-based platform and works entirely online. It is an online video maker.

Vyond online animation software for businesses

Vyond is more popular due to its long-time usage in the marketing video creation industry.

Now let’s move on to the benefits section and check which one can simplify your animation video creation process…

CreateStudio vs Vyond Features’ Benefits Comparison

In this section, I will discuss the features of both CreateStudio vs Vyond video-making platforms.

So, let’s explore CreateStudio and Vyond feature benefits.

Character Builder

Vyond has a character builder feature with realistic eyes, new hairstyles, and several attires.

You can create any character using Vyond character creator.

Vyond Character Creator


Video Templates

CreateStudio comes with loaded 2D and 3D stock footage. You drag your best choice and drop it on your timeline.

createstudio templates

Vyond has a vast library of video templates that are easily customizable. Vyond has also partnered with Shutterstock to make it easier to obtain royalty-free stock footage.


User Interface

CreateStudio has an easy-to-use user interface. With just a mouse click, you can animate videos, images, text, and shapes in CreateStudio.

Vyond also has a simple-to-use newbie-friendly user interface. The interface of Vyond is easy to understand for both newbies and professional video makers.

Vyond blank canvas


Video Types and Quality

CreateStudio allows you to create and export high-quality videos that are 8 times smaller than the original creation.

You can create an animated video on CreateStudio, including 2D & 3D animation videos.

Vyond allows you to create and export full HD videos impressive for social media marketing.

WINNER: CreateStudio

One-Click Animation

CreateStudio allows you to animate objects and shapes with just a single mouse click.

You can drag and drop the animation presets and customize them to make impressive videos.

This feature in Vyond also allows you to make animated videos with a simple drag-and-drop technique.

WINNER: CreateStudio

CreateStudio Pro’s Unique Features

Now let’s have a look at features that are only available in CreateStudio.

Green screen editing: This feature allows you to remove the background of videos shot on a green screen using a simple eyedropper tool and adjust the threshold.

Import SVG files: CreateStudio allows you to import SVG files and animate them.

Adjust Resolution: CreateStudio allows you to adjust your video resolution between 720p HD, 1080p HD, and 4K. You can create videos in square, vertical, or standard 16:9 shapes.

Sign Up to CreateStudio today and enjoy these CreateStudio features.

Vyond’s Unique Features

In this part, I will share a few features that are only available on Vyond.

Automatic Lip-Sync: Vyond allows you to automatically align your character’s lips to your background audio or music.

Version History: Vyond saves each version of your work. This allows you to quickly take a look at each saved version of your work in case of any mistakes.

Now let’s move on to the pricing section and check if it is pocket-friendly or not!

CreateStudio vs Vyond’s Pricing Comparison

In this section of this CreateStudio and Vyond comparison guide, I will compare the pricing of each of the two video-making software.

CreateStudio Pricing

CreateStudio has two different pricing plans. One is a yearly subscription and the other is a lifetime deal. CreateStudio Commercial License (lifetime deal) cost is $67

You will get lifetime access to the software, with 50 templates, 8 3D characters, 20 2D characters, other elements, and benefits as per the below screenshot.

CreateStudio All Access Pass cost is $147 billed annually (this license is best for freelancers and video agencies).

With this plan, you can have full access to the software with all video assets including all 3D, and 2D characters, and scroll stopper templates.

Also, you will get new characters and other video assets every month. You are backed by 30 days money-back guarantees and 24/7 customer support.

Click Here to buy the CreateStudio All Access Pass and create animation videos fast.

Vyond Pricing

Vyond has three different pricing plans and one custom enterprise pricing that you can choose from. These plans have different benefits. I request you visit the Vyond official website and carefully check each plan’s features before purchasing.


US $159/month

Save 48% with annual pricing

This is a good plan for teams and relatively large organizations. It comes with advanced features and prioritized customer support.

Annual Plan – $999 per year


US $89/month

Save 40% with annual pricing

This plan is suitable for medium and small businesses. You will love high-quality videos plus a live chat support feature.

Annual Plan – $649 per year


US $49/month

Save 49% with annual pricing

It is the basic plan for those with a tight budget. Video is exported with the Vyond logo as watermarks. This plan is best for individuals.

Annual Plan – $299 per year

Vyond Enterprise plan

This plan combines the Vyond professionals with advanced security features. Choose this plan to enjoy free training and account management. Prices are customized according to various users.

Now let’s see which one is straightforward to use.

CreateStudio vs Vyond – Which one is easier to use?

In this section of my CreateStudio and Vyond buying guide, I will share my honest opinion on which one is easier to use and more straightforward.

CreateStudio is very easy to use. The platform has numerous training videos for newbies that allow them to learn the tricks of making. The platform works entirely offline without an internet connection.

Vyond is also an easy-to-use platform for many various video projects. The platforms provide numerous pre-made templates, including video templates, icons, and characters that you can easily customize to make an impressive marketing video. You can also upload and use your images on Vyond.


Let’s now see which types of videos you can create on Vyond and CreateStudio.

Type of videos can you create on CreateStudio and Vyond

This section will discuss the types of videos that you can create using CreateStudio and Vyond.

CreateStudio also allows you to create a wide variety of video types. You can create 2D & 3D Explainer videos, lower thirds, logo animations, YouTube videos, social media videos, sale and promo videos, eCommerce ads, whiteboard videos, infographic videos, handcraft videos, typography videos, and GIFs.

Vyond will help you create professional-looking marketing videos within a short time. You can make any marketing video using Vyond.

You can generate eLearning videos, explainer videos, business videos, sales videos, 2D animated videos, and marketing videos. As a freelancer, you can use Vyond to create intro and outro videos and more for clients.

Let us now compare the customer support of both CreateStudio and Vyond video animation software.

CreateStudio vs Vyond Customer Support

In this section, I will share how each of the platforms provides support to its clients.

CreateStudio Customer Support

CreateStudio provides support through the live chat feature on the website. You can send your queries and inquiries and get a reply within a few minutes. The platform offers 24/7 customer support, and it also provides training tutorials to its new users.

Vyond Customer Support

Vyond offers support through email at

The platform also offers support through the live chat feature; however, this feature is limited to specific pricing plans.

WINNER: CreateStudio

Next, I discuss reasons why you should use one platform over the other and vice versa.

Let’s go.

Reasons to choose CreateStudio over Vyond or Vice Versa

In this section of my CreateStudio and Vyond comparison guide, I will explain why you should choose CreateStudio over Vyond and vice versa.

Choose CreateStudio over Vyond… Because

CreateStudio is flexible and straightforward to use. It uses an easy drag and drops technique that makes it the perfect place for newbies to start their video creation journey.

CreateStudio has a vast collection of templates and presets that you can easily customize to create 2D and 3D animated videos.

CreateStudio allows you to purchase a lifetime license without any additional charges after purchase; you can export videos of any length.

Choose Vyond over CreateStudio… Because

Vyond has a vast number of features compared to CreateStudio.

It has a perfect text-to-speech converter with voices that sound real.

The platform also has automatic lip sync that helps to align your character’s lips to the voiceover.

Vyond is a cloud-based platform; you can access your projects from anywhere provided you have an internet connection.

Let us now see the user experience and rating of CreateStudio and Vyond on the internet.

CreateStudio vs Vyond: What Other Users Are Saying

In this section, I will share with you a summary of CreateStudio and Vyond user reviews from G2, Capterra, and Trustpilot

Summary of CreateStudio Reviews from G2, Capterra, Trustpilot

From G2, Capterra, and Trustpilot, the users of CreateStudio are relatively satisfied with the software features.

CreateStudio has a rating of 4.8 stars on G2 and Trustpilot, while it has a rating of 4.7 stars on Capterra.

Summary of Vyond Reviews from G2, Capterra, Trustpilot

Vyond has a rating of 4.4 stars on G2, 4.7 stars on Trustpilot, and 2.5 stars on Capterra.

This shows that most users on G2 and Trustpilot are satisfied with Vyond’s features.

However, users on Capterra are not entirely satisfied with what Vyond offers.

WINNER: CreateStudio

Let us now look and the pros and cons of using CreateStudio and Vyond

CreateStudio vs Vyond Comparison – Pros and Cons

In this section, I will share with you what I like and what I don’t like about each of the two platforms

CreateStudio Pros (Advantages)

  • A very flexible platform for newbies and professional video creators
  • Easy-to-use tools
  • You can import SVG files and animation.
  • Works offline.

CreateStudio Cons (Disadvantages)

  • Can’t create characters
  • Can’t change the color of imported video assets

Vyond Pros (Advantages)

  • Easy to use
  • You can create an unlimited number of videos
  • Exports High-quality 1080p Videos
  • The text-to-speech converter.

Vyond Cons (Disadvantages)

  • The live chat feature is only available on other expensive plans
  • Don’t have a mobile app.

Now let me answer a few of the frequently asked questions on Vyond and CreateStudio.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, I will answer some of the commonly asked questions about Vyond and CreateStudio.

Is there any free trial offered by CreateStudio or Vyond?

CreateStudio does not offer a free trial version. Vyond, on the other hand, provides 14 days free trial period.

What is the refund policy of CreateStudio and Vyond?

CreateStudio has a 30-day moneyback guarantee period. Vyond does not have a money-back guarantee and no refund policy. You to cancel your subscription whenever you want.

Is there any way to make money online with CreateStudio and Vyond?

Yes, you can generate money through sales of videos made on Vyond and CreateStudio.

As a content creator, you can monetize your videos on YouTube or any other site.

Do I need any video editing software with CreateStudio and Vyond?

CreateStudio and Vyond are not video editing software. Therefore, you can use a third-party video editing software, but that will entirely depend on you.

I am now going to end this CreateStudio vs Vyond comparison by sharing my final thoughts.

Final Verdict of CreateStudio vs Vyond Comparison

Both CreateStudio and Vyond are tools built for marketing professionals. The user interface of Vyond and CreateStudio is easy to use and has readily available tools to create marketing videos that attract audience attention.

Vyond and CreateStudio share standard features like the character builder that are very useful for marketing video making.

I would recommend both CreateStudio and Vyond for marketing professionals looking to make eye-catching sales videos.

Check the features of CreateStudio and Vyond to see which one you need in your next video project.

I hope you found my CreateStudio and Vyond comparison helpful. Sign Up today to either Vyond or CreateStudio and enjoy making your marketing videos without stress.

createstudio 3 special deal

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