CreateStudio vs CreateStudio Pro Comparison Review 2023

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I have written this simple-to-understand CreateStudio vs CreateStudio Pro comparison review for you in November 2023.

If you have been into video creation for some time now, you will know about CreateStudio. This is a great software that makes it easy for users to create animation videos and doddle videos. It was created by Vidello, who is also popular for developing PhotoVibrance.

Do you use CreateStudio? Then you will be delighted to know that this company has updated CreateStudio to their Pro version, where they have tried to solve the most common challenges and introduced so many new features.

CreateStudio Pro takes the animation process to a whole new level and it has all CeateStudio features and comes with many more new features. Now, the CreateStudio Pro interface is a lot easier and more flexible to work with, and more organized.

Being a renowned video animation software, this company has never left a chance to help its users by adding and improving the software features. Here are some of the features that aren’t available in CreateStudio but are available in CS Pro.

  • Enhanced timeline
  • Multiple renderings simultaneously at the same time
  • Snapshots
  • Pen Tool
  • Save scenes to your global folder
  • Compositions
  • Hotkeys
  • All elements are less in file size
  • More character’s actions
  • Looping animation
  • Faster rendering process
  • Faster export
createstudio vs createstudio pro

CreateStudio Pro New Features Explanation

Now I am going to explain some important CreateStudio Pro new features for your better understanding. Keep reading…

Carousel Video

Making use of the carousel video effectively makes your video even better. The new CreateStudio Pro consists of different carousels, which you can simply drag and drop on the canvas to start working with it. You can import the images from your computer and then use them on the carousel as per your needs and convenience.

You can choose to customize all the individual slides in the carousel. You can personalize them the way you want to get the best final result. So now it becomes easier for you to create carousel videos, and it would hardly take you 10 minutes to create a stunning carousel video.

PNG and JPEG Exports

You can use CreateStudio Pro for creating anything and then download it in PNG and JPEG versions. The PNG and JPEG export is the latest advancement made to this video animation tool that enables videographers and photographers to export in PNG and JPEG versions.

No more do you need to create and then change into a PNG version as the latest CreateStudio Pro will do that for you.

createstudio pro jpeg and png exports

Pen Tool

This new pen tool is a great choice for videographers as they have the opportunity to draw anything. You can find them on the top of the tool and make any adjustments until you acquire the image that you want.

Once you have created the structure, you can use any color or gradient to make it apt for the video. It is as simple as it sounds.

createstudio pro pen tool

CreateStudio vs CreateStudio Pro Comparison in November 2023

Now let’s do a side-by-side CreateStudio vs CreateStudio Pro comparison for better understanding.

Timeline Control

CreateStudioCreateStudio Pro
Create Studio comes with easy timeline control.CreateStudio Pro comes with even better and bigger timeline control. Now you can find everything that you need in one place.
better createstudio pro timeline control


CreateStudioCreateStudio Pro
You can get special effects like gradients and others for your video.CreateStudio Pro gives you the chance to use a multitude of new video effects to make interesting videos.
createstudio pro video effects


CreateStudioCreateStudio Pro
You get 50 readymade templates, and 50 training videos along with other features like test typography, animation presets, motion builder, emojis, green screen, creating masks, and a lot more to create videos.The New CreateStudio pro has been included with a better pen tool, fully made carousels, keyframes, custom fonts, masking, publishing, and a lot more. 200+ animated backgrounds, 1000+ premium assets, a huge template library, 120+ characters, and much more.
createstudio pro components

Stock Media Integrations

CreateStudioCreateStudio Pro
It was very limited and users were required to import their media to create a video.Create Studio Pro offers you the chance to use any media you feel is a good choice. They have integrated Unsplash, Pixabay, Peels, and Giphy.
createstudio pro stock media integrations

System Requirements for CreateStudio Pro

If you wish to enjoy creating amazing videos on this new CreateStudio Pro, then you have to make sure that you have the system for it. The system requirement of CreateStudio Pro is similar to CreateStudio.

  • OS: If you are an Apple user, you need to have a system with OS macOS 10.11 and the later versions. For Windows, you must have a system that has Windows 7 OS and later versions.
  • Processor: You must have a processor that is faster than 2GHz. Your system must have 2 or more cores in it for seamless functionality.
  • Memory: Your system needs to have an inbuilt 8GB to run this high-end software. It would be great if you have more memory than 8GB.
  • Graphics: Make sure that your system has integrated graphics into it. You can choose AMD Radeon R5 or later, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 700 or later, and Intel HD Graphics 5000 or later.
  • Storage: You would need 4GB for installing the program. However, if you wish to install the assets, you will require more storage.

CreateStudio Pro Support and Tutorials

Keeping in mind the needs of the users, Create Studio Pro has created its support service for the users. You can choose to “Start a conversation” and get proper help from knowledgeable representatives.

createstudio pro knowledgeable

Apart from this, if you have a general query, you can find what they have mentioned in a queue. The CreateStudio Pro tutorials provided by them to the users will solve your most common queries. They have improved their support service so that every user can get the resolution on time without any delay.

Reasons to Buy CreateStudio Pro Now

While there are infinite reasons that I can keep writing, I will talk about the top 3 reasons why you need a Create Studio Pro now.

  • Massive timeline
  • Huge Number of assets
  • Create anything to everything

Benefits of CreateStudio Pro All Access Pass

The new CreateStudio Pro offers you a chance to buy it and get a multitude of benefits. With a whole lot of features and functionalities that All Access Pass gives you, it does not take any longer time to create a stunning video.

Save Time: With all the new features that this advanced software has included in it, the new CreateStudio Pro can be highly effective in saving your valuable time. If you are a business owner who does not have much time, the new CreateStudio Pro can be highly beneficial in creating stunning videos in just a few minutes.

Discover New Possibility: The multitude of features included in the new CreateStudio Pro, along with a huge timeline, will give unlimited new possibilities to the creators. It has features that will not restrict you to anything that you wish to create.

Enhance Your Video with more video assets: When you choose the All Access Plan, you get unlimited new assets. These can be highly beneficial in improving video quality. You can create simply anything to everything.

Pro Tips: With the plan of $199, which is annually charged, now you will get another 6 months free. I use this software, and I can bet how the software and the assets can put an end to all your miseries and stress.

CreateStudio vs CreateStudio Pro Comparison Verdict

Create Studio Pro is the advanced version of CreateStudio. No doubt that CreateStudio Pro is much better. If you are using CreateStudio, it is undoubtedly great, but if you wish to make better videos, you certainly need CreateStudio Pro. I recommend you buy the All Access Pass as the number of assets will be beneficial for your video creation.

I can bet, guys; you will love using it!

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