Updated Top 9 Secure, Popular Torrent Websites List

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Average internet user knows about torrent websites. If you look, we all once used a torrent website to download free software, movies, songs, games, TV shows, and other digital files.

But do you know all torrent websites are not trustable? Torrent website rapidly changes their domain name to avoid government law and order. In this post, I will share the top 9 secure and popular torrent websites name that you can use to download software, movies, songs, and games at high speed. Let’s get started.

secure and popular torrent websites

Here I listed all my favorite torrent websites. I use them now and then to download paid software for free. All these sites are secure and you can easily download any kind of software and other stuff.

Caution – I have used and checked personally all listed websites but I can not give you the guarantee of 100% security. Be careful with malware software. Please visit the below-mentioned websites below at your own risk.

1. 1337X

Link – www.1377x.to

1337x is most popular torrent websites

This is one of my all-time favorite sites. This website layout is very simple and the downloading speed is also very good. It has categories like movies, games, music, and others just select any of these to search for anything easily. You can easily download any video editing software.

2. ExtraTorrents

Link – www.extratorrents.ch

ExtraTorrent has one million torrent files and 2 lac, active daily visitors. Here you can download software with crack.

3. Torrentz

Link – www.torrentz2eu.org


Torrentz is a new emphasis on the famous torrent website. It has been the original site’s most of the interface and a massive focus on music and it’s not unusual to have more than 10-year-old torrents with 20+ seeders. Torrentz is a very important internet location search engine just like Google; you can download software for free.

4. Pirate Bay

Link – www.thepiratebay.org

the pirate bay

The Pirate Bay is the best of the torrent download sites to download safe free versions of the latest software. It is not illegal as it doesn’t provide any software or adverts of its own. The Pirate Bay is just a peer-to-peer sharing platform so if any software is available to download in your country then it allows you to download.

5. Zooqle

Link – www.zooqle.com


Zooqle is the best free software download for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android websites and it only saves data that you’ve added while registering. It is completely secured as the password is saved encrypted with a one-way algorithm and access logs are held for 24 hours for security reasons, then removed.

6. YST.am

Link – www.yst.am


It is an excellent choice to download free software for Windows and Mac. YTS’s content is very easy to browse and best for users with limited bandwidth. Varieties of titles for the same content to fulfill the user requirements properly are the best thing about it which makes it unique and user-friendly.


Link – www.rarbg.to


It is an alternative to the Torrent site to download the best free software, audio, videos, movies, and so on using the internet. It is one of the peers to peer websites so the content available here is not posted or owned by the website but by the customers themselves. If it is blocked by your internet providers then you can use it in PROXY.

8. Torrents

Link – www.torrents.io


Torrent is a data-sharing technology created by experts and researchers to share information. You can download software for PCs of Torrents to download various audio, videos, movies, software, applications, and other such content easily online. But Torrents are prohibited in some countries and that’s why you need to use some alternative websites online.

9. Torlock

Link – www.torlock.unblockit.id


Torlock is the best torrent website as it offers the best torrents of TV shows & movies and it’s not like other torrent sites which are simply a large network distributing torrents in various categories, several of which are unproven, have a slow speed, or now not working. You can get this free software download website here.

Few General FAQs

Is torrenting illegal?

It depends! There is no problem if you download or upload any open-source application and other copyright-free materials. But be careful with copyrighted and protected content. You can be caught and you have to pay fines or have to go through legal action. To avoid such kind of incident, use a VPN while torrenting.

How to speed up torrenting?

Make sure your internet connection is okay. At the same time, I would recommend you use a premium VPN like Atlas VPN, which will help you speed up torrenting as they have a large server network and offer unlimited speed and bandwidth.

atlas vpn

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