Wikipedia Page Creation Process and Notability

Recently I came across various queries about the Wikipedia Notability and Wikipedia page creation process.

As I am using Wikipedia actively since 2018 and I know those guidelines.

Today, I would like to guide you with all the information if you are looking for the same.

Before I start, let’s know a few details about Wikipedia and why we should consider it a significant information source.

Wikipedia is known as an encyclopedia and this site contains encyclopedic information on it.

wikipedia notability and page creation process

The Wikipedia pages are written in an encyclopedic style of language, which must be a Neutral Point of View and plagiarism-free.

Wikipedia pages contain references to reliable sources, news, books, and online magazines, etc.

Why do You Need to Create a Wikipedia Page?

Wikipedia page represents you and your business authenticity.  It is a representation of your notability and brand identity. A Wikipedia page showcases a business or person’s achievement.

It highlights the important person name, awards you have won, initiatives you have taken, controversies, and other important turning points in your life.

Creating a Wikipedia page means bost in the brand image and inviting amazing marketing opportunities. Creating a Wikipedia page gives your brand instant credibility and you easily boost your reputation.

Google trusts Wikipedia and fetches information to show the result for user queries.

How Notability Measured?

Sources are tremendously important in Wikipedia. Wikipedia is an encyclopedia (not another marketing channel for promoting your product), and this means everything on your page needs to be verifiable. Your content must be factual and unbiased.

For example, when you will create a company page, you have to include information about the company and the notable work they have done, as well as all supporting source links.

Make sure that the facts on the Wikipedia page are straight so you’re not accused of any misrepresentation.

Also, consider including images. You’re only allowed to use images you own or images not subject to copyright. I learned this the hard way.

What are the Secondary and Independent Sources?

Secondary sources are documents, articles, and news or recordings links that represent the subject independently.

If the information is taken from the corporate website or press release, sales brochure, competitor’s website then it is a primary source (primary sources are not accepted in Wikipedia).

Independent sources are help Wikipedia editors fairly portray the subject.

So, if you are writing about a business anything published by the News media, government agency comes under independent and secondary sources.

Similarly, while writing a Wikipedia page about a person, News media, popular or scholarly books are independent sources.

For the Wikipedia page about a city, independent sources will be National media, textbooks, other reference works.

The independent sources for a book, music recording, and movie will be newspaper or magazine review, book (or chapter).

Steps to Creating a Wikipedia Page

To create a Wikipedia page you must do a lumpsum amount of research first. Learn about the Wikipedia community and how it works.

Learning the ins and outs of a good Wikipedia page will ensure that your page won’t be deleted or challenged after you’ve submitted it for review. 

After proper verification of the Wikipedia pages thoroughly, you can proceed to page creation.

  • Create a Wikipedia Account: To contribute to Wikipedia you have to register or your IP address will be your user name.
  • Research the Subject and Gather Sources: Here you need to gather information from the sources, collect the links, and also proper preferences. While writing the page make sure that you use good quality, unplagiarized content that readers can easily read and understand.
  • Understand How a Page is Created: A Wikipedia page is created with a title that does not exist. Usually, a red-colored link denotes the nonexistence of the page. By clicking on the red link you will be transferred to a new page.
  • Write the Copy: After all those other steps, you are finally ready to get down to writing your Wikipedia content. The content must be properly grammar-checked and formatted according to the Wikipedia guidelines.
  • Start with an Introduction: Start with an introduction about who the person is. (For example An actor or an actress. The awards won by them). Next, proceed, to the biographical information that you will find on the internet. The early age information must be collected from the notable personality or from the data available on the web. Surely add the links in the references portion.
  • Publish the Page Once It is Ready: Once you completed the page added the reference links and are done with the copy edit, you can press the publish button to make the page live. For any kind of future edit, you can make the changes.
  • Review Process: If your Wikipedia account isn’t autoconfirmed then your newly created page will be going through the article creation process. It generally takes 3 to 8 weeks.

Now, it’s your turn. Start contributing to this great platform.

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