6 Best Paid, Free VideoMakerFX Alternatives & Competitors

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VideoMakerFX was a very affordable marketing video creation software that allows you to create a whiteboard video, 2D video, kinetic typography video, and much more.

But still, this software uses PowerPoint-style videos and doesn’t contain many advanced features required in marketing videos. As well as recently VideoMakerFX has discontinued its service.

So, if you were a VideoMakerFX user and looking for VideoMakerFX alternatives, then you are in the right place. I can help you in choosing the best VideoMakerFX alternatives!

videomakerfx alternatives

In a hurry? Then refer to the below summary table first.

VideoMaker FX AlternativesQuick Introduction and Price
AnimakerAnimaker is a freemium yet powerful animation video maker that can use by any video creator.

Price – Free but the video comes with a watermark.
RenderforestRenderforest is a high-quality template-based online animation video maker.

Price – It’s free but the video comes with a watermark.
CreateStudio ProCreateStudio is the best video animation software made for completely newbie video creators.

Price – $67 One-time and $199/year
VyondVyond is an online animation software that allows you to easily create professional animated videos for all industries.

Price – Starting cost is $299 per year.
VideoCreatorVideoCreator is a multi-purpose online video maker. You can create a video for any goal in all shapes, topics, and languages. The VideoCreator software is easy to use and beginner-friendly.

Price – $49
ExplaindioExplaindio Business Edition is one of the best online video creation platforms that is considered by marketers for animation videos, doodle videos, and any kind of marketing videos.

Price – $67 per year.

Why should you try VideoMakerFX alternatives?

If you have used VideoMakerFX before, you may have realized that VideoMakerFX is an excellent tool to use.

However, there are a couple of things that need to be improved by the makers.

  • VideoMakerFX takes a lot of time to render long videos.
  • VideoMakerFX doesn’t offer a free trial version.

Some of the VideoMakerFX alternatives and competitors have a free trial period of up to 14 days and have high speed when rendering and previewing video projects.

The VideoMakerFX competitors can also create and edit all types of videos, from simple to complicated videos.

Therefore, in my opinion, I would like you to try out these VideoMakerFX alternatives and competitors.

How to choose marketing video creation software?

If you are looking for something better than VideoMakerFX, then you need something perfect.

Let me share with you the best way to choose your marketing video creation software.

Here are the things to consider while choosing your marketing video creation software

Price: Honestly, you don’t want to choose software that you cannot afford. Choose pocket-friendly software to create your marketing videos.

Free trial or money-back guarantee: Choose software with a more extended trial period to allow you enough time to master the software. A software that assures you to refund your money in case you want to quit after the trial period is better.

Required Features: Choose a platform that is rich with features, including; templates, stock media, video assets, etc.

Customer support: Choose software that provides 24/7 customer support. I like the live chat support on most of the video-making platforms. It provides instant replies.

System Requirement: Choose software that requires minimum system properties and that you can run well on your system. If you choose highly demanding software, then the rendering and preview process will be delayed.

Note, not all of the software listed below contain all of the above. But they will contain the majority of these features.

… So, today, I am going to speak about the best alternatives to VideoMakerFX.

The trends in the video creation industry have changed. Many people are looking for more than just PowerPoint-style video formats. It would be best if you were not left behind.

If you wish to follow the trend, then you should consider the following VideoMakerFX alternatives.

So, let’s start.

6 Best VideoMakerFX Alternatives Marketing Video Maker in 2023

VideoMakerFX alternatives and competitors are either free or paid software.

Free VideoMakerFX competitors do not require any purchase to start operating.

However, the paid alternatives come with support systems and regular updates. You have to pay for the software before use. But the good news is every software has a refund policy.

Free VideoMakerFX Alternatives Marketing Video Maker in 2023


#1 free VideoMakerFX alternatives, and competitors


Animaker is the best VideoMakerFX Alternative today. The platform creates animated videos using the power of HTL5.

Animaker was the first online store of animations in the world. Therefore, this tool provides features that let you create and animate your marketing videos.

The cloud-based nature of Animaker gives the platform a great advantage. You can access your projects from anywhere, provided you have an internet connection.

With Animaker features, you can create animated marketing videos that sell.

Animaker Benefits

Animaker is the ideal creative and video-making platform for content creators. Here are the benefits you enjoy when you use Animaker.

  • The software is cloud-based. You don’t need to download and install the platform.
  • You can try Animaker for free and only upgrade when you want
  • Animaker uses an HTML5 engine, which performs seamlessly on optimized browsers.
  • Easy and newbie-friendly user interface.

Animaker Features and their Benefits

Animaker is the largest store of animations in the whole world. Everyone can use Animaker to create animated videos, including HR, Marketers, Tutors, etc.

The following are the most important Animaker features and their benefits

Edits 4K videos: With Animaker, you can create high-quality 4K videos that look realistic and impressive

Massive stock media library: The stock library and templates help you jump-start your video creation journey.

Powered by HTML5: The software has a very high speed of performance.

 Auto Lip-Sync: Animaker matches your character’s lips to your voiceovers automatically.

Screen Recorder: You can record your screen while you work and save the recording for future reference or to provide an explanation.

Why choose Animaker over VideoMakerFX?

Animaker can give you a very high-quality 4K video which is very impressive. The platform has an accessible price plan that you can enjoy for as long as you want. Animaker also allows more than a single user at a time due to its cloud-based feature.

Being the world’s largest store of animations, you can create any video using Animaker.

Sign up to Animaker and create animation videos on your own.


Second best free VideoMakerFX alternatives


Renderforest is an all-in-one platform for making high-quality videos, logos, graphics, mockups, and websites.

Renderforest is a cloud-based platform implying that it works entirely online with a mission to make branding affordable for both small and large businesses.

Using Renderforest allows you to create marketing videos that attract the audience’s attention. It is one of the top VideoMakerFX similar software in 2023.

Renderforest Benefits

Renderforest gives you tools to steer up your video creation experience. Here are the benefits of using Renderforest.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Massive library of templates and stock media
  • Cloud-based
  • Easy to use

Renderforest Features and their Benefits

Renderforest provides you so many templates to create your videos. Here are the most important Renderforest features and their benefits.

Cloud storage: Renderforest uses the cloud to edit and store projects. You can also upload and use your media for your project.

Social media integration: Once you are done with your editing, you can easily share your videos to your social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google+.

Easy edit button: When you are done editing but realize something is wrong, you can easily click on the edit button.

Extensive video template catalog: To jump-start your video-making experience, you can choose and customize a video template from the template catalog.

Why choose Renderforest over VideoMakerFX?

Renderforest gives you a wide range of tools in the graphic design industry. You can create videos, animate logos, create websites, and customize product mockups all on the same platform.

Renderforest also gives you a free price plan; you only upgrade when you want. It is easy to use and simple to understand

Sign Up now to enjoy the above Renderforest features.

Paid VideoMakerFX Competitors Marketing Video Maker in 2023

CreateStudio Pro

#1 paid Alternative to VideoMakerFX

special createstudio pro lifetime deal

CreateStudio is another VideoMakerFX alternative. The platform provides a simple and easy way for both beginners and pros to create custom animations from its motion presets and templates.

Create Studio is best for creating 2D and 3D videos, including explainer videos, marketing videos, scroll stopper videos, motion graphics, logo animations, etc.

With CreateStudio, you can also access supreme, colorful, and amazing 2D and 3D characters. CreateStudio is one of the alternatives to VideoMakerFX. Also, you can create high-quality whiteboard videos on CreateStudio like VideoScribe.

CreateStudio Benefits

Here are the topmost benefits of using CreateStudio

  • Easy to use interface
  • Very flexible
  • Can create Doodle sketch videos
  • Unlimited emojis.

CreateStudio Features and their Benefits

Let’s have a look at the most important features of the benefits of CreateStudio Pro.

Green Screen: You can remove the background color and edit the green screen with a simple click

Studio builder: Using the drag and drop technique, you can drag various elements into your project, including texts, characters, etc.

One-click animation: With just a mouse click, you can animate videos, images, text, and shapes in CreateStudio.

Resolution variety: You can make any video of any size from the square, vertical, or even 16:9 videos.

Auto Update: CreateStudio automatically updates the platform. You don’t need to download and install updates.

Why choose CreateStudio over VideoMakerFX?

CreateStudio is more flexible with numerous features than VideoMakerFX. Therefore, it is suitable for both small and big agencies and businesses. 

CreateStudio has quality designs and graphics that make your videos look more professional. The chroma key feature allows you to remove green screen effects within no minute.

You can create high-quality 4K videos of any frame size In CreateStudio. However, CreateStudio needs more time to learn and get used to it.

Buy CreateStudio to enjoy high-quality 4K videos for your marketing needs.

Please Note: if you are a solo video creator or freelancer then get access to the CreateStudio commercial license at $67 by Click Here. This is a one-time purchase but if you need more animated characters, animated elements, and scroll stopper templates, you have to upgrade to the All Access Pass for an additional $37/month.

Click Here to get access to CreateStudio Software with All Access Pass at $349 $199/year and save $150. This plan is best for a video production company or marketing agency owner.


Second best paid alternative to VideoMakerFX

Vyond online animation software for businesses

Vyond, initially known as GoAnimate, is an online video-making platform that allows you to create professional-looking videos for marketing.

Vyond is loaded with many themes and templates to help you create your sales videos easily. The platform works to empower everyone to create attractive videos using ready-made templates. Vyond has more than 12 million users globally.

Vyond Benefits

Here are the top benefits of using Vyond

  • Free 14 days trial period.
  • Unlimited video creation
  • Cloud-based
  • Offers step by step tutorials to new users

Vyond Features and their Benefits

Using Vyond, you can combine multiple footage and templates to create a fantastic video that grabs the audience’s attention.

Here are the most important features of Vyond

Character Creator: You can choose to create your character or use the character templates on Vyond

Automatic Lip-Sync: You can import your recorded audio file or use a created text-to-speech file, and Vyond will automatically align the character lips to your recording.

Own Media Upload: You can use this option to import your media for use in the project.

Text to Speech Converter: You can type in your text and choose the best voice for yourself.  You can also decide to directly record your voice for use.

Version History: In case of any mistakes while editing, you can switch back to each saved version of your project.

Why choose Vyond over VideoMakerFX?

Vyond has more tools and power. The character creator feature makes it stand out.

It is also easy to combine templates and stock media using Vyond and create an attractive video. Vyond gives tutorials to new users and lets you create an unlimited number of videos.

Vyond has the most animated graphics than other video softwares. Try Vyond Now!


Affordable VideoMakerFX alternative


VideoCreator is an online platform that helps you turn your ideas into world-class animated videos. The platform has plenty of ready-to-use templates for all niches that allow you to create an unlimited number of videos.

VideoCreator has a vast collection of high-quality templates in a single application. No software has ever done this before.

VideoCreator helps you create all kinds of videos, including marketing videos, YouTube videos, animated videos, Instagram stories, etc.

VideoCreator Benefits

Here are the top benefits of using video creator

  • Cloud-based
  • Easy to use interface
  • Works smoothly on regular systems
  • Free software updates

VideoCreator is the first of its kind. No software has ever had an enormous collection of templates like this before. VideoCreator will replace multiple software and save money.

VideoCreator Features and their Benefits

Here are the top important VideoCreator features and their benefits.

Logo Motion Tracking: VideoCreator allows you to add a logo to a moving object. The logo moves with the object, and the scene looks real.

Live-action text messaging videos featuring real human actors: You can create a video with actors dressed according to your specification.

Photorealistic 3D animation Videos: You can easily create accurate 3D animations within no minutes

Hot scroll stopper videos: This helps to grab your audience attention

3D product Mockup:  This allows you to showcase your product in 3D videos

Why choose VideoCreator over VideoMakerFX?

VideoCreator has the most extensive collection of templates on a single platform. The platform also has free bonuses that are provided regularly on particular dates.

The revolutionary logo motion tracking is a feature that no other software has. You can insert your logo into a moving object with VideoCreator.

Finally, VideoCreator has live-action videos with real human characters.

VideoCreator Pricing

VideoCreator commercial license cost is $67 but you can get it at $49 by using the “VIDEO” coupon code ($18 OFF). Get Access to VideoCreator!

Pro Tips: Don’t forget to upgrade VideoCreator Deluxe while checking out.

Explaindio Business Edition

Easy alternative to VideoMakerFX

Explaindio Business Edition is a video-creating tool that helps you create fantastic marketing videos in 2D and 3D formats.

The platform helps you to create any video without the hassle

Explaindio Business Edition has a simple and easy-to-use user interface to help you create your videos with little effort.

Explaindio Business Edition Benefits

Here are the top benefits of using Explaindio Business Edition.

  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • No technical skills required
  • In-built library of unique visual elements
  • Easy to use

Explaindio Business Edition Features and their Benefits

Let me share with you the essential features of Explaindio Business Edition

Video generating software: This software helps to create animated doodle videos.

Animated Characters: It has several characters that you can choose from.

Background Audio Track: You can add background audio to your images and video clips

Full HD Videos: You can create high-quality HD videos using Explaindio Business Edition

500+ Doodle Sketch images: The software contains a vast library of doodle images you can choose from

Why choose Explaindio Business Edition over VideoMakerFX?

Choosing Explaindio Business Edition means saving on cost. Explaindio Business Edition is very cheap and easy to use. The platform has a 30-day money-back guarantee when you sign up.

Explaindio Business Edition generates high-quality HD videos that are very impressive. And top of that Explaindio Business Edition has an agency license. So, you can make money by selling videos.

Explaindio Business Edition Pricing

The software provides three options of prices

  • Monthly: Costs $37
  • Annually: Cost $69
  • One time purchase: Cost $497

Visit Explaindio Business Edition’s official website.

Conclusion – Over to You

Finally, I am sure everything I have mentioned in this VideoMakerFX alternative, is enough to let you choose a video creator software for your next marketing video project.

VideoMakerFX is a handy tool for creating your marketing videos; however, you can try some of its best alternatives and competitors.

As you noticed VideoMakerFX alternatives and competitors have so many attractive features to create an inspiring video.

Try any of the above VideoMakerFX alternatives and competitors, and let me know your experience by commenting below.

In case, still you have queries about VideoMakerFX alternatives. Please feel free to contact me on Messenger.

I will be happy to help you.

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