6 Best Viddyoze Alternatives Video Animation Software with their Benefits, Features, and Price

Was Viddyoze not quite right for you or just looking for Viddyoze alternatives to change your current video animation software then you are in the right place.

Undoubtedly Viddyoze, itself is a great video animation software. Viddyoze is productive and easy to use software that you need if you are passionate about making videos on YouTube or for marketing.

As a web-based 3D animation software, Viddyoze allows you to create professional-quality logo animation (or intro), action teaser, and outro animation without any complex setting.

viddyoze alternatives video animation software

This software stands for its unlimited professional editing effects. It is designed with a user-friendly interface. Moreover, you can easily learn it and use it in your professional field with little effort.

With this easy-to-use marketing video maker, you can create social media marketing videos, email marketing videos, landing page videos, literally anything that will boost user engagement, and traffic.

Benefits of Viddyoze

  • 100% cloud-based which means it can be accessed through a computer and mobile phone.
  • Comes with a commercial license you can proceed with selling your self-created animations.
  • This automated video animation software can be used to create any kind of introduction video
  • Within 3 clicks you can create a very prominent studio-quality and next-gen live-action animation video.

Viddyoze Pricing Plan

Viddyoze License has two pricing plans, one is a Viddyoze Personal license ($97) and another is a Viddyoze Commercial license ($127). Check out the detailed features of the commercial package by clicking here.

After going through the ample benefits of Viddyoze, 100% I can say that this is the next generation video creation application. It can be useful for all the newbies and professionals to create interesting logo animation (or intro), action teaser, outro animation, and social media videos for their business, service, or products. Interested to know more about this cool software then read my full Viddyoze review.


Anyway, What’s wrong with Viddyoze?

  • Limited Viddyoze templates.
  • You may need additional video editing software.
  • If you are not a member of the Viddyoze template club, you cannot have access to all the templates.

So, today I am going to speak about similar and the best alternatives of Viddyoze with which you can seamlessly create 2D & 3D animation videos easily and affordably.

So, let’s start.

6 Best Viddyoze Alternatives Animation Video Editing Software

Here, I will show you similar software like Viddyoze and Viddyoze alternatives which will be definitely helpful in your video creating journey. Let’s have a look at animation softwares similar to Viddyoze…

If you want to decide quickly then refer the below summary table first.

Viddyoze Alternatives

Top Features

  • Huge video templates library

  • Audio management

  • Can create animation + doodle video

  • The green screen editing

  • Huge 3D objects, animations & transitions

  • Best animation video making + audio tool

  • Multiple animations at the same time

  • Multiple export options

  • Unique Facial Expressions

  • Huge Backgrounds and Premade Scenes

  • Incredibly easy to customize options

  • 250 animated slidesScenes for free

Now, let’s look in detail…

1. Renderforest – (#1 One of the best Viddyoze Alternative)

Overall best online animation video creation tool

Renderforest is termed as an online video, animation, logo, and website maker. As an alternative to Viddyoze, Renderforest can be used to create professional YouTube intro & outro animations, promo videos, slideshows, music visualizations, landing pages, or even a professional website.

renderforest review

It is more than a cloud-based video creation platform and makes it easy for entrepreneurs, small businesses, content marketers like you to fuel your YouTube videos, digital marketing, social media marketing, and marketing services.

Moreover, you will surely be overwhelmed with the endless number of templates, and do not have to spend hours figuring out which fancy effects you are going to use for your video.

Benefits of Renderforest

  • Cloud-based video makers, therefore it can be accessed using any platform mobile, laptop, and desktop.
  • Works instantly by collecting information and algorithms to determine the best logo.
  • Renderforest whiteboard animations give you the best opportunity to form stunning stories in a simple video.
  • It gives you the opportunity to edit and re-edit the videos anytime you like.
  • The drag and drop interface makes video creation extremely easy. Moreover, it has a built-in video editor.
  • It can be used to create any type of animation video, marketing videos, social media marketing videos, corporate presentations, infographics, and a lot more.

Best Renderforest Pricing Plan

Renderforest has 4 pricing plans. Amateur, Popular, Pro, and Agency Package. Here, I have picked the best plan for you…

Pro Package

  • 20 GB storage
  • Up to 15 -minute videos
  • Create 20 HD720 videos /m
  • No watermarks on HD videos and many more features


per month billed annually

Why You Should Sign Up to Renderforest?

The amazing benefits of Renderforest can give enormous opportunities to make your online presence strong with productive videos.

So, I believe you must get the agency package of Renderforest to explore the features.

You can consider Rederforest as Viddyoze similar software because both are cloud-based and have some similar features.

If you compare Viddyoze vs Renderforest, then Renderforest will win as it is an all-in-one branding tool including video editing features.

6 Best Viddyoze alternatives animation video editing software that every marketer needs!

2. CreateStudio (#2 Viddyoze Alternative)

CreateStudio is second best Viddyoze alternative 2D & 3D animation software

CreateStudio is another alternative to Viddyoze that simplifies the complex animations. Moreover, the features and smooth interface of this software has made it for marketers, entrepreneurs, and content marketers. You should have it as this is a quick and easy to create video making software.


Video creation with this animation video editing software is as easy as drag and drop, and yes the video is done.

No matter what your skillset is creating videos with a CreateStudio can be done in minutes. Isn’t that amazing!

Benefits of CreateStudio

  • No hard backend which means you will have no difficulty in learning. With drag and drop features you can create videos.
  • Create videos of any size – Square, Vertical, 16 x 9, and others
  • The green screen editing can help you to remove the background and get your preferred video Background.
  • You can use the eyedropper tools to add stunning gradients and create incredible designs.
  • Even you can create a doodle sketch video on CreateStudio.
  • 50 templates already done for you to ease the video-making process. Along with that, you get help from 40 training videos.
  • Import any SVG Images and you can adjust the colors add motion presets to give a different look to the image and even create videos from the images.

Best CreateStudio Pricing Plan

CreateStudio has two types of licenses, one is personal ($47) and another is commercial ($67). Here CreateStudio Commercial License will give more power to create animation videos as well you can make money out of it.

Commercial License

  • Full Software Access
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • 40 Done-for-you templates
  • Vector shape library
  • 20 Animated Characters
  • Green screen editing
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime Access to CreateStudio software


limited time offer

  • Pexel’s Bonus #2: $180 OFF
  • Pexels Bonus #1: Commercial use license

As you can see the long list of features and it’s completely worth it to invest in CreateStudio professional video editing software.

Why You Should Buy CreateStudio?

What do we look at in video creation software? We always look for software that can ease our work procedures. I believe you can invest in CreateStudio to ease your video marketing journey with 50 video templates, 40 learning videos, the drag and drop motion builder element, animation presents, and a lot more features that can surely help you boost your online presence. You will hardly find any CreateStudio alternative in the market.

Or, you can read my full CreateStudio Review before buying.

3. Animaker

Animaker can be go-to video making software for you if you don’t have any proper knowledge of design. I have been using Animaker for a year now and this software has helped me to create some of the best videos for my clients with professional quality. Animaker started with a small 6 member team and today it has evolved into a 60 member company.


This 2D Animation software believes in ditching complicated animations and simplifies the video creation process. With the mission of helping the video makers create the best explainer videos using custom characters with tons of facial features, Animaker has the world’s largest asset library.

Viddyoze being a 3D animation software is undoubtedly a boon to the video makers, but if you looking for a much affordable option then you can choose Animaker which is a 2D Animation software.

Benefits of Animaker

  • Animaker can be used to craft customized classroom content that engages students as they learn.
  • For digital Marketers, Animaker is a  great tool to boost online visibility and improvise sales.
  • Interesting templates, high-quality visuals, voice-over can make your storytelling easier.
  • Animaker is your free 2d animation software online that gives up to 4k video quality. Get more eyes on your content with high-quality videos.
  • Using Animaker is easy, all you need to do is start with a template, customize your scenes, Animate your assets and texts, Add music from the library, and lastly download and share your video.

Why You Should Sign Up to Animaker?

Animaker is an easy to use video making software and is a great alternative to Viddyoze. You should sign up for Animaker as it is customizable, very accessible, and is also easy to learn.

The most interesting part of this free 2d animation software online is it gives up to 4k video quality. Therefore, as a video making platform and a Viddyoze free alternative Animaker can make you get more eyes on your content with high-quality videos. If you need an animation as well as explainer video tools then I strongly recommend Animaker.

4. Explaindio Business Edition

Explaindio is another convincing alternatives to Viddyoze you can easily make a handsome amount of money instantly through social media marketing, designing videos for email marketing, and creating landing page videos.

Explaindio Business Edition is a video content marketing and social media marketing video making software which comprises of powerful doodle animation, doodle sketch, whiteboard video, and motion video making opportunities.

This edition is considered as best-selling ones and has proven to help people grow their online businesses with videos.

Benefits of Explaindio

  • Enables you to create Animation, Doodle Sketch, and Motion Video in just minutes using the simple drag-and-drop technique.
  • This alternatives to Viddyoze comes with 600 pre-done animated scenes which are great for personal help. 
  • Explaindio Business Edition has 6 animated characters to help you quickly find any to fit your video
  • It comes with 300+ fonts and all ready to get you started
  • You can easily add your preferred audio in your video as the Explaindio Business Edition has an inbuilt background image and music tracks. 
  • Provides complete clarity to the video is with its Full HD background.

Explaindio Pricing Plan

There is 3 different pricing plan for Explaindio Business Edition as follow… Monthly, Yearly, and One-Time. I am mentioning the most popular plan here…

Annual Plan

  • 300+ Fonts
  • 6 Animated Characters
  • Explaindio Business Edition Software

$147 $67

per year

Why You Should Buy Explaindio?

Explaindio business edition is for everyone, no matter whether you are a freelancer, product creator, affiliate marketer, entrepreneur, a business owner in need of creating videos to promote your business.

Or you need to create videos like landing page video, explainer video, email marketing video, social media marketing video, youtube videos you can easily create videos with this highly functional marketing video maker software. Moreover, this software is compatible with both Windows and Mac. 

5. Toonly

Toonly is the easiest tool for making unbelievably professional animated videos, explainer videos, and more, with click-and-drag ease. If you are interested in creating easy high-quality animated videos then Toonly is can be an added Viddyoze alternative.


Toonly belongs to the creators of Doodly a popular name for the doodle video creation industry. I recommend Toonly because you can create the most attractive videos only by getting access to Toonly’s massive library containing tons of characters, props, and backgrounds.

Exploring more on video creation than just Video Animations, and GIFs is easy with Toonly.

Benefits of Toonly

  • On Toonly, all images are custom drawn by the professional graphic design team. Therefore, your video is going to be unique.
  • Toonly’s easy-to-use, intuitive interface can help to create professional videos. All you need to do is just select a background for your video, then click-and-drag characters onto it.
  • A single subscription lets you install the software program on multiple computers with zero restrictions.
  • If you wanna create your first video in minimum time then you get the opportunity to select Toonly’s premade scenes to combine a background, character(s), and props into one complete package. Isn’t it a great video content creation tool!
  • Toonly is continuously updated with better features and more functionalities. As a subscriber, you get all the updates free.
  • Easy file saving and exporting opportunities in your preferred file types. With Toonly you can easily share your videos to popular social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Why You Should Sign Up to Toonly?

As Viddyoze alternatives, I will suggest you sign up to Toonly because this online animation software has some of the best features, gives you access to high-quality animations, has thousands of characters and props which certainly makes video creation easier.

Regardless, whether you are into B2B, B2C industry, an entrepreneur, or an individual blogger you can easily sign up to Toonly and create industry-standard videos for your YouTube channel, social media channel, website, landing pages, and any place you like to.

6. VideoMaker FX

The introduction to VideoMaker FX goes thus “Introducing the Ultimate ALL-IN-ONE Video Creator”. And it says all because it allows you to create the most popular video type like Whiteboard Style, Explainer Video, Presentations, and more.

This is one of the Viddyoze alternatives and also a GO TO professional video editing software for marketers and business owners.

videomakerfx video creation software

As this software has no monthly fees and watermarks you can use this for video marketing and branding.

Benefits of VideoMaker FX

  • Incredibly easy to customize options like beautiful backgrounds, animation effects, and more.
  • No restrictions of watermarks give you full rights to explore
  • Helpful in creating product promotion videos, offline business promotion videos, and more.
  • Using VideoMaker FX as one of the alternatives to Viddyoze can boost your business values and bring profits.
  • Saves a lot of valuable time and money spent on creating promotional and marketing videos.

VideoMaker FX Pricing Plan


  • Main Software
  • Starter themes
  • Media & Music


front end price

Why You Should Buy VideoMaker FX?

The pricing and the amazing features of VideoMaker FX software give you the best reasons to invest in this animation video editing software. I feel investing money in this Viddyoze alternative & competitor will be beneficial to you.

6 Best Viddyoze alternatives animation video editing software that every marketer needs!

If you still feel the above recommendation meeting your requirements then I have two more bonus animation software suggestions which are…

7. VideoScribe

VideoScribe is another easiest and fastest video-making software that makes video making easy. All you need to do is drag and drop your way to captivating animated, explainer, informative, whiteboard videos in minutes. And you can do all these with no editing skills required.

VideoScribe by Sparkol

VideoScribe is one of the popular whiteboard video making software which is available at a very low cost, and this is why I suggest this video animation maker. VideoScribe has over 2 million subscribers now and this proves the efficiency of this software.

This is an amazing alternative to Viddyoze because it has a 7-day free trial, and can help you to create all forms of Whiteboard videos. You can use this software to create educational, informative, explainer videos seamlessly, and within minutes.

8. Offeo

Offeo is the ultimate animated online video maker. With this online video editing tool, you can create outstanding videos for your social media within a few clicks. As we all know that creating videos need patience but it’s not true anymore. Offeo’s easy to use interface and user-friendly features solve this problem.

offeo free online video maker

The motion graphic elements and templates can boost your video to new heights. Offeo comes with eCommerce templates, an intro maker, and videos on various occasions.


viddyoze 3.0 alternatives animation video editing software

General FAQ

Why you should start using Animation Video Editing Software?

An animation video editing software provides unlimited prospects to enhance your business or service goals. You see since customers get attracted through videos you can use video creation software to communicate directly with the customers and make them aware of the types of products or services you provide. The animations with surely add to the extra benefits.

Is this above animation software are beginners friendly?

Yes, all the Viddyoze alternatives along with Viddyoze are suitable for beginners. The above-mentioned video editing software is easy to access, user friendly, and has unlimited templates, moreover, it is cloud-based. So, beginners can easily learn video editing using software or Viddyoze alternatives.

What is the best animation software for Mac?

Most of the above-mentioned alternatives to Viddyoze, work best on MAC with a few exceptions. But I will mention the best rated professional video editing software for your ease. Explaindio Business Edition, Wideo, Create Studio, Animoto, and Wondershare Filmora are supported by Mac, so you can easily install them in your device for a smooth videomaking experience.

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