Unbounce Review: Is It The Best Sales Page Builder?

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Are you thinking about enhancing your conversion rates? Unbounce can help! It is acknowledged to be one of the most reliable marketing tools in the business.

To make it easier, this page will help you get a brief review of Unbounce and how it can help you with your online store or a landing page!

So, do read our full review as it can help you make correct decisions while looking for a relatable marketing weapon.

Before getting started with the Unbounce review, let’s first understand what it is and how it can be used.

unbounce review - best tool for marketers

What is Unbounce?

Unbounce is basically a sales funnel platform taken into consideration to enhance conversions. It is a perfect landing page platform where you can have optimized solutions to push up your conversion rates.

So, whenever you are searching for marketing tools, Unbounce will always be there in the mix!

Unbounce Review – Benefits of Unbounce

In this segment of the Unbounce review, we will understand the benefits you get with this amazing online sales tool. Let’s check it out:

  • More leads,
  • Loads faster your landing pages,
  • Increases conversion,
  • Easy-to-Use marketing tool,
  • Optimized solution.

What Can Be Done with Unbounce?

Create Landing Pages 

You can use this sales funnel builder to create landing pages just the way you want. You add functionality just the way you want and drive more leads and revenue.

Popups and Sticky Bars 

The reason it is one of the best sales tools is it allows you to create popups and sticky bars! Your ad stays with visitors while they scroll. Thus, it enhances the chances to convert more sales!

Smart Traffic (A/B Testing)

Convert more leads now with AI-Powered Optimization! Yes, the Smart Traffic attribute assesses your visitor’s behavior automatically and enhances the chances to convert more customers!

When do you need Unbounce most?

In this segment of the Unbounce Review, we will be discussing its need! Take a look at when this sales funnel builder can help you the most:

Email marketing

If you are planning to opt for email marketing, Unbounce can help. With this tool, you will be able to bridge the gap between inbox and responses! It will allow you to create landing pages as per your email campaigning needs.

Social Ads

With the help of this marketing tool, you will enhance the conversion chances of your social ads quite significantly. It will help create customized landing pages for campaigns to push up conversions. This will help you with higher revenue for sure!


Are looking forward to getting more benefits out of your PPC ad for your eCommerce store? Unbounce will help you build landing pages for Google Ads that will surely enhance your conversion rate and make it easy for you to generate more revenue!

Who can Benefit from Unbounce?

Unbounce is a custom funnel builder that can benefit different professionals! Take a look at who can use it and how to avail maximum out of its attributes:

Agencies – They are under pressure to get the best results out of their client campaigns! With Unbounce, they will create custom landing pages to launch campaigns quicker and get more traffic!

Developer – They will be able to create landing pages that can increase conversions. It will make the developing process quicker and allow them to manage multiple clients with ease!

Affiliate Marketer – They will be able to promote their client’s website by creating a landing page for it and using their exact replica in search engine ads to grab more eyeballs.

Digital Marketer – They will have all the options with them to market in such a way that can grab maximum attention. Creating a landing page with ease will certainly work wonders!

Online store owner – It becomes easier for the online store owner to market their website through an optimized landing page. Account management becomes a lot easier!

Product Creator – They will create a WordPress site for their campaigns and enhance the conversion rates quickly. So, a perfect tool for a product creator to generate revenues!

Unbounce Review – Features of Unbounce

Unbounce is a prominent and effective landing page builder that brings you a wide set of attributes for creating and optimizing to enhance conversions. Let’s get started with the features then:

1) Drag-and-drop page builder

With the help of this attribute, you can add, remove, or customize your high-converting landing pages in a matter of a few clicks. How good is that!

2) Landing Page Performance

You will be able to create customized landing pages with faster landing page speed,  Google’s best practices, and a lot more that makes performance seamless!

3) Responsive Landing Page

Accelerated mobile-friendly designs are created with this tool. The AMP landing pages are quick and mobile responsive and can certainly improve conversions.

4) Clone and edit features

Save your time by cloning and editing your landing pages according to your campaigning needs and up your revenue a lot quicker!

5) Access Themeforest templates

With this sales tool, you will be benefitted from a unique set of Access Themeforest customizable templates to get your landing pages designed!

6) Target and Trigger

You will be able to select who views your popups. They are triggered according to the visitor’s keywords and this can push up the conversions!

7) Security

With the help of this tool, you will have your landing pages customized with the use of advanced security attributes like SSL encryption and two-factor authentication.

8) Integrations

You will be able to connect Unbounce to your required tools with ease. So, if you need a WordPress plugin, you can do the same and save time with its integration!

Unbounce Review – Overall Cost and Pricing Plans

  • Essential: $79 per month
  • Premium: $159 per month
  • Enterprise: $399+per month

Unbounce Review – Its Pros and Cons

Unbounce Pros (advantages)

  • Develop and publish quickly
  • Develop variants quickly for testing
  • Unique and engaging templates
  • Excellent Split testing functionality
  • Fastest web hosting

Unbounce Cons (disadvantages)

  • You will not be able to split-test existing landing pages developed without the use of Unbounce
  • You will not be able to infuse custom classes in your buttons

Unbounce Review Verdict

Unbounce can be an ideal option or recommendation if you are looking for the best sales page builder.

It is certainly one of the best landing page builders to be used and there are not many who will disagree with that!

It will resolve most of your marketing headaches and help you with all you need to get above the odds!

So, a perfect marketing tool to have in the bag to get ahead in the race!

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