The Ultimate Video Content Making Toolkit and Guide for 2020

SpliceVideo Editor & Maker

Splice is another amazing video editing app that was initially developed by GoPro. This is among the high-rated video editing apps the market has in its bucket. It is available for both Android and iPhones. Making its use, people have the freedom to save the video on their device.

With this software and the tons of features it has like trimming and cropping, people can create a video just the way they want. You can add music, use transition effects, apply effects for video enhancement, and use the social media sharing button for instant sharing.

If you want an app that can cut the time yet offer an excellent platform to edit your video, Splice can be the right choice.

2) Best Screen Recording Tools

Now that I have mentioned some of the best tools for both Android and iPhones, for laptops with Mac and Windows and also web-based video editing tools, it’s time to check the screen recording tools.

This is especially needed by the people who want to create “how-to videos”. If you want to show how to do video on your genre, you will require screen recording tools. These tools that I will mention below are included with some great features that seems valuable for the creators.

So let’s take a glance.

OBS Studio

OBS Studio is a known open source solution for people. This is a powerful screen recorder along with a streaming tool available for free especially for the gamers and other creators. The results obtained are highly professional making it great for your professional background.

Not only OBS studio has the ability to record the from your website along with the microphone, you come with features that can incorporate several footages, add existing images and videos, capture a portion of the screen and so on. If you make a mistake, you have the freedom to go back and edit the mistakes easily to get a high standard professional video.

DVDVideoSoft’s Free Screen Video Recorder

If you want a professional class video by using the Screen video recorder. This app has an unmatched ability to capture along with doing several other things as well. This compact and full-screen recorder is also used to capture the screen.

This screen recorder has been developed in a way that it can capture and record the activities on screen which includes the objects, windows, menus, rectangular and full screen views. You can also save the captured file and print them if you want.


ShareX is another open source and free program that can help you to capture the screen or an area of the screen in just a single click. This software does not interrupt you with the advertisements. Moreover being very lightweight, this program ensures a seamless functionality.

Whether you want to capture the entire screen or a region or scrolling capture, this program has the efficiency to do it. It can also copy images to the clipboard, show the quick task menu, and a lot more in different shapes like freehand, ellipse and rectangle.  It can be a great choice for the people who are willing to include an efficient tool for their video creations.


Video creation is the latest marketing tool. In such a scenario, Screencast-O-Matic is a great video creation tool that comes at an affordable price. The easy interface of this screen recorder along with a video editor, this software makes everyone a professional video creator.

You can create videos within minutes as with this app screen recording becomes a lot easier. You can also import the video, mix clips and enhance the video. Besides, if you want to add images and texts, use the auto captions, import music, use transition and animation, this all-in-one tool helps you do everything.


AceThinker Video Master is built for the people who are in search of a multimedia platform for both Windows and Mac OS. This is a complete package which functions as a video editor, video converter, and also video downloader.

Being an ultrafast, lightweight, and dependable app, this becomes easy on your system while the offering of multiple features allows users to convert, edit, play videos, and also audios. You also have the freedom of adding images, texts, and shapes to the videos. Your search for an advanced multimedia tool ends with AceThinker.

3) Video Assets Source

In order to create a fantastic video on your own, you would require having knowledge on finding the resources. There are several things that are required to create an engaging video. If you are not able to find them, have a look at the following section.

Note that these are the sources that have worked like wonders for me. Hopefully, you will find it equally effective in your video creating process.

3.1 Stock Photos and Video Footage

Is it possible to create a video without including videos and photos? An easy No, but what if you are just like me. I really am not into designing a fantastic image because I simply cannot.

Should I stop creating videos? No! Why should you? Instead, start making use of stock photos and videos.

These are created with the only intention to help people like you and me. We can use these images and videos to create a fantastic storytelling video.


This is a name for the people who are looking for fresh photographs to be used in their videos. Photographers from different parts of the world upload their captured pictures that can be useful for you to create your video. With this software, you don’t have to get into the copyright conflicts and keep creating your video.

You can get huge photo content on this platform. Life becomes a lot easier with Pexels. High-quality images available in large sizes can be used by people from different genres. Being a free service, this is definitely a safe bet.


In case you have not heard of Pixabay before, you should start using it if you are looking for high quality photos. This is perhaps the known free platform of stock photos. Pixabay has over 1.7 million stock videos and photos and which makes it pretty clear to know the reason behind its unmatched reputation.

This is an easy to use platform. All you need is to make the search writing your genre and it will offer you with endless choices. Once you have found your natchm just download it in your chosen size. Consider registering to download photos with higher-resolution.


Unsplash is again another great resource for stock photos. This is a destination for the designers and marketers to create a video using the photos of their choice. The unlimited library of photos gave us several options to select and create a video.

It has a huge mix of photos from different genres namely emotions, people, abstract, architecture and much more. Besides, the great design of the software makes it easy to navigate and find your photo.

Life of Pix

Life of Pix is another amazing source of stock photos and videos. You can get access to the uncountable free videos and photos that can be useful for your project. Besides, the high resolution of the images makes it even a better choice.

With this software you have the freedom to create a portfolio of your own, personalize the photos, and follow your chosen photographer and a great chance to make a selection of stunning pictures.

3.2 Free Music and Sound Effects

Now that you have known about the stock videos and photos resources available in the market, it’s time to look for the sound effects and music. By incorporating a sound or proper music, a video will never look and sound appealing to the viewers.

When you include the right music with your video, yo7u can find visible engagement, as audio visuals are more engaging than just audio or visuals. So let us check the best platform to get the free music and sound effects for your videos.

YouTube Audio Library

YouTube is a brand in itself and when you hear it, you don’t need to check for other authentication. Perhaps, it was the same for me as well and so I chose this platform as the best one for finding the sound effects and music for free.

The YouTube Library has uncountable free music available in its stock along with some of the unique sound effects. You can use this platform to create any kind of video and include multiple sound effects to make it intriguing to the viewers.

3.3 Audio Tool

When you are creating an informational video, you need to make sure that you include your voice with a voice over software to educate the viewers. This cannot be done until you have access to a nice and advanced audio tool.

To help you make the right choice and create a fantastic video, here I have mentioned a few applications that can transform the texts to speech and create an informational video. Keep reading.


As the market is known to be more immersed in quality videos, digital marketers these days are more into creating videos for their marketing.

More than just putting some pictures and creating stunning videos, putting a voice can become a lot helpful and educational. Speechelo in such scenarios can be the apt choice to give life to the video.

With Speechelo which is a great TTS software you can easily convert texts to speech and make it sound more human. This software has the human-like voice which becomes great for your video. Moreover, being one of the best cloud based tools, it does not take much time to install.


If you want to start recording music or create video and podcasts, Audacity makes it easier for you. This voice recording tool is an open source and free audio editor that has been in the market for years. This is an apt choice for any kind of audio work.

You edit any new sound, create different formats and rates, convert together, and use the other sound effect options. Other than this, frequency analysis, equalizer, and mixer makes it a great choice for the video marketers.

Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition is a great choice for editing your audio. The user-friendliness of the interface makes it pretty easy to record. You can use the basic effects like compression and noise gates. You can use it for software, voice-overs, interviews, product demos, and much more.

The great interface makes even the complex procedure much easier. It has a huge set of tools that makes it an ideal choice.

4) Tools for Live Streaming

Live streaming is becoming increasingly popular these days. It has become helpful for businesses to reach customers who are not in their geographical locations. Live streaming has cut the limitations and helped businesses to expand their reach and get more conversions.

With the increased demand of live streaming, there are several tools that have come in the market to ease live streaming and help your business grow. However, since the live streaming market continues to grow, choosing the best one has become a tough one.

So here I will mention some of the best tools available in the market for live streaming. I find these tools to be very effective in their respective genre and so hoping the same for you.

OBS Studio

OBS Studio is known as a great program that offers some of the outstanding features. As we have known that free software does not have a depth of features that ensures smooth broadcast, but OBS Studio is certainly out of the box. Even when it is 100% free, the features offer distinct online broadcasting.

The clean interface ensures maintaining ease of use. It’s easy interface helps the user to add specific window images, capture cards and sources. The noteworthy features of this software lie in its simplicity of adding multiple sources. The high-quality video capture makes them a great choice for businesses.


If you want to transform the computer into a television studio, Wirecast can be a great choice. This software allows you to do several other things at the same time. To be real, you will be able to do everything that a news network can.

Wirecast allows having multiple people, mixing live feeds, connecting people through Skype, multiple scenes mixing and special titling. The list of the features will continue growing. Its easy interface ensures switching from media files and multiple cameras. With this you can stream live from the laptop without any hassle.


XSplit is another app for the You Tubers and businesses who want to start a live streaming video. This is also a recording studio with multiple features incorporated to make the app apt for the businesses and individuals.

The software is pretty easy to use and is known for its reliability. As per me, this is one of the best the market currently has. Being using this software for months now, I would not step back to say that it can do the best. It provides you with an opportunity to change the background into anything. You can download this today to enjoy the many benefits.

5) Webinar Software

When it comes to enhancing the B2B marketing strategy, a lot of strategies are changing. Webinar marketing is the trending one that offers great rewards.

Especially in the condition where COVID 19 has forced businesses to move into a virtual environment with the sales and events team, webinar software is a necessity for them.

This again needs to have knowledge on the Webinar Software. Even when there are a lot of choices available in the market, here I will mention some of the best names available in the market that I personally feel can be great for your professional use.

So let us take a look at some of the software:


If you are looking for a great webinar hosting platform, Webinar Jam is a great choice. It has been observed that almost 30000 users are currently using this and expected to rise in the upcoming days.

This is an online marketing tool which has tons of amazing features like direct YouTube live streaming, create webinar rooms that are password protected, make customizable templates, advanced analytics and data tracking, invite co presenters and a lot more. It is great if you are offering a training course. This can be a great webinar platform that can offer you unmatched customer engagement.


ClickMeeting is another software offering unmatched video conferencing service especially for the businesses that generally host live webinars. Starting from creating surveys to conducting polls to rebranding webinars, this software allows you to control everything that is required to engage with other people.

It also comes with other features like private chats, screen sharing, chat to text translator, video and audio recorder, multi-user account, and webinar statistics. Therefore, if you are willing to conduct a webinar but do not have great software, you must download the ClickMeeting software today.


WebinarNinja is another amazing platform offering all-in-one features. Being a platform that has an easy user interface, it can be used pretty easily by anyone. This is fully conversion-centric making marketing, teaching, and selling seamless through a webinar.

The software has been developed in a way that it can easily be optimized for results. This software helps you focus on the core, instead of tech to help you get what you want.

It includes the landing pages, slide templates, and email sequences. This is a platform that can help businesses reach more users and clients.


1) How to Select Video Editing Software?

There is no doubt that there are several video editing softwares available in the market. Undoubtedly the above mentioned are the best that I have witnessed till date, if you want to know the best way to select a video editing software, consider checking the following things to make the best choice.

  • System Requirements

While you are choosing video editing software, make sure that you check the details about its system requirements. By the term system requirements, I mean to check the RAM, SSD and space it will require for installation.

If you are looking for a smooth functioning of the system, consider checking these requirements prior to installing the software. However, if you have a PC or laptop with higher configuration, you can stay assured that most of these video editing software will run seamlessly and let your work with it.

  • System installation Plan

While buying a software, you need to check if there are restrictions with its usage. You can check their system installation plan where it might specify its maximum use in 2 or 3 computers and etc. Make sure you get the proper information before you buy.

This is especially a need for the businesses or individuals that have a team to work with and everyone requires access to the software. In order to ensure that everyone can make use of it, consider checking if there are any restrictions as such or not.

  • As per user plan

There are several video editing softwares available and I have mentioned above that offer a user based plan. When I mention, “User based plan”, I mean that there are software that offer plans for one user, commercial users and much more.

As it is pretty clear that one user means if only you are using the software, the single user plan can be a beneficial choice whereas for the businesses, a commercial plan would offer far more advantages. Therefore make sure you choose as per the number of users.

  • Support

You definitely need to check their post buying support service. Make sure that the helpline number and the customer care executive available is fully knowledgeable and capable to take care of problems that might arise during its use.

If a software company is not great at offering support service, it is recommended not to choose them. Even the high-end software faces issues which require technicians. Therefore, if some software is guaranteeing you that there are no bugs or issues and no support service, it is recommended to skip and look for other software.

  • SecurityGDPR/CCPA Compliance

With cloud being highly revolutionized, there are several cloud-based tools available in the market. This again means that all your data is getting stored in their cloud. In case someone mishandles, it can result in hampering your projects.

Therefore make sure about the security system. If the cloud-based software complies with the GDPR/CCPA compliance, you can be sure that your data is stored and secure. Do not fall for words, instead check the written documents.

  • Training

Even when these video editing tools seem easy because of the easy user interface, the chances are always there that some people might require training on its use. If certain circumstances arise, would the company be liable to offer training to the seeker?

However, if not training, would they provide their training video to their customers in the time of need? This you definitely need to know to acquire instant solution to your queries about the software.

  • Export Video format Options

This is nothing new that videos are available in several formats like MP4, MOV, WMV, and so on. However, the needs vary from one person to another. Therefore when you are downloading video editing software, consider checking if they offer the format of the video that you require.

  • Green screen

Check out whether the video editing software offers green screen features or not. This is undeniably a great addition for the people who want to add amazing pictures on the background of their shooting.

Green screen is often known to have more impact as one can add anything that they wish to because of the green screen features. This invariably has a great impact on the engagement making it a great choice for the professionals.

  • Sound quality

Sound quality is another basic requirement in terms of video. If you are making a video, you will certainly include your voice or music or sound effects. In case the sound quality is intolerable, quite commonly it will result in a huge rebounce rate. Hence it is always recommended to check the sound quality of the video editor.

You can find the videos available on their website. Play them, and listen to their sound quality. Only if the quality meets your expectation, I would recommend you to go further. Even if you have 1% uncertainty with its sound quality, consider backing off immediately.

  • Check out Reviews

Lastly, the biggest and most effective weapon for the buyers is checking the reviews. Once you have done everything, consider checking the reviews. As the reviews come directly from the horse’s mouth, you can get a pretty good idea about the video editing software.

2) What is the basic System Requirement for Video Editing Software?

If you are someone who is completely into video editing, you need to know that when you are running a video editing software, you will require a minimum system requirement. Some of the basic needs of a system includes:

  • A 64-bit multicore Intel processor
  • 1920×1080
  • 8 GB RAM is a minimum need
  • 10GB Hard Disk
  • GPU Card

3) Best ways to tell stunning stories in a simple video

Whiteboard Animations: If you want to make videos to educate the students about the potential customer, whiteboard animations are a great choice. You can create Videos In Whiteboard and explore the tons of features. These kinds of videos have the background in white along with a cartoon hand moving to sketch the illustrations. This also has a voice illustrating the entire video.

GreenBoard Animations: Greenboard animation video is a procedure that makes use of the drawings and then narrates to make the animated presentations in the greenboard background.  The entire process begins with the topic along with content creation to creating animations.

GlassBoard Animations: If you are looking for a video to endorse your product, glassboard animations can be a great choice. This generally has a transparent background to create a detailed look. This is an amazing marketing tool which can increase the brand name and increase sales.

BlackBoard Animations: Blackboard animations are another type of video that helps to create fast moving animations. You will find the same explainer videos created with a moving hand writing the texts and creating pictures. This looks the same as the blackboard we have seen in our school working for explaining the videos.

4) Why should you leverage the Video Content opportunity? 

Video contents have a huge ability to grab attention. As 83% of the marketers say that video contents have improved the ROI of the businesses. Videos can become the biggest asset for businesses and in order to ensure more ROI, consider making frequent videos.

Leveraging video content can offer great advantages to businesses in several ways like increased ROI, more engagement and more reliability.

5) Types of Engaging Video Content

With the rise in video content, there have been different types of video contents available in the market.

If you are willing to make video content of some type, then you should have an idea about the types of video contents that you can make.

No more, any of these types of video content ensures unmatched customer engagement with your brand.

 – Vlog (YouTuber)

Blogs are something that we have heard, but Vlogs are definitely a lot better. It is really very easy to make an easy and a short vlog using your smartphone or webcam and then sharing it to the world. When we hear about Vlogs, it automatically makes it pretty clear that YouTube is the best place for creating Vlogs and can be a great choice for businesses.

 – Interview

Interview is another type of video content that you can make. Just like a vlog, when you are making such interview videos, the basic guideline is not to make it feel and sound scripted. There is a need for making the other person talk and slowly gliding towards the trends, and hot topics. This can be a great medium to acquire unmatched engagement.

 – Webinar

If you want to educate the viewers, webinars can be a great choice. This is a great tool in modern marketing strategies. People who are willing to learn attend the webinars to learn about any specific thing. If you are new, you can take webinars as the live event for free. Your webinar can grab more attention if you host a FAQ section or review something or do a discussion.

 – Animation

If you want to create a fun marketing video, animated videos can be a fantastic way. Not only can it ensure more engagement to the business but also can help viewers to get a better understanding about the offering. Small businesses should start leveraging this budget friendly way of video content market.

 – Live Streaming

Live stream videos have been utilized by many channels due to its immense ability to draw attention from viewers. Whether it is about a product or a game or breaking news, live stream tends to draw attention much more than any other video contents.

 – Presentation

We all have known about presentation for a long time now and its efficacy in educating people. If you are willing to create a simple video to present in an event, presentation can be a great way to convey your thoughts to the viewers.

 – Tutorial (eLearning Market)

You can create tutorial videos which the YouTube stars have been doing. If you have knowledge about someone and you want to let the potential viewers know about it, start the tutorials. This way, you can become a YouTube star and an influencer. It is the best for today elearning market.

 – Product Review

Product reviews are another great way of creating video. Viewers find product reviews as one of the most used videos on the digital platform. While buying a product from an online platform, they would like to seek knowledge about its quality and product reviews can offer the right way to let people get knowledge about the product.

 – Video Testimonial

Testimonials are undoubtedly the best way to understand the product or service a company offers. However, when it is a video testimonial coming out directly from the clients and people can find it in a video, it tends to increase the reliability in them. They start believing them and might become a great lead.

6) Desktop application vs. Online Video Editing Software – Which is best?

One of the biggest questions most frequently asked by people is which one to choose – online video editing software or a desktop application?

I would offer an unbiased answer as I don’t feel one is better than another. Both desktop applications and online video software have their own set of advantages and importance. If your machine does not have the specifications to install the software, you can opt for the online software and get your job done. However, if you feel that you want dedicated software and your system has the capability to install and run the software, you can choose to download.

In my option, this is completely based on your choice and need.

7) Best Tool for Video Content Marketing to grab the attention

Once you have created a video and want it to reach the eyes of the viewers, you certainly have to work its marketing. Without promotion, your work hard is in vain. So in order to let your hard work thrive and do what it is intended for, you have many options for video promotional tools available.

Some of the most common tools for video content marketing include: , , and

Wrapping up

Congratulations if you have made it so far.

I know the blog has been very lengthy, but my intention was to offer you with complete knowledge of video marketing tools.

I hope I was able to cover almost everything about video content tools and provide you with relevant information.

This comprehensive information in video editing software will certainly guide you in your video editing procedure.

Don’t forget to leave your comments below. Also, feel free to mention other video editing tools that I might have missed.

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