4 Tips to Save Money on Hosting Purchasing

Owning a WordPress blog means you have to make an upfront investment in Web hosting every month or year to run your self-hosted blog or website.

Generally, a reliable and cheap shared hosting will cost you a minimum of $3 per month depending on your requirements.

This cost will keep increasing when you start moving to managed WordPress hosting or dedicated hosting.

So, today we will learn – how we can save money on hosting purchasing.

money-saving tips on hosting purchasing and renew

All hosting company offers interesting discounts on first purchases. Despite the discount that you have to pay a huge upfront payment for the web hosting, and the renewal cost will be higher than the first-time purchase price.

Therefore to help you to Save Money on Hosting Purchasing, I will show you some of the simplest ways to save money in hosting purchases.

So let’s check:

4 secret Tips to Save Money on Hosting Purchasing! #web #hosting

Choose a Plan for a Longer Period

Most web hosting service provider offers a range of plans to bloggers. This again becomes a great option for the bloggers as they can choose as per their budget and requirement.

Despite the shortest plan being offered at the least price which might seem to be a valuable choice, but eventually, it ends up becoming a huge investment in the long term.

The best way to save money on hosting is to choose a long-term plan. It might seem to be a huge investment at the initial stage but eventually, when you will calculate, you will find that you are saving on the total amount.

Take Bluehost as an example. As we all know that Bluehost is offering a special discount for the startups for $3.95/month.

bluehost the best web hosting - save money on hosting

When you choose this plan for a small amount of time it eventually ends up paying more whereas a longer-term can become a better choice. If you don’t believe it, then have a look at your own.

When you choose for 36 months, you have to pay $142.20 (per month $3.95).

bluehost hosting price basic 36 months

When you choose for 24 months, you have to pay $118.80 (per month $4.95)

bluehost hosting price basic 24 months

And when you go for 1 year, you have to pay $71.40 (per month $5.95)

bluehost hosting price basic 12 months

Hopefully, now you know why I am recommending you to choose a plan for a longer period.

Choose the Unlimited Hosting Plan

Trust me guys, this is another amazing way to earn along with reap the benefits of choosing an unlimited plan.

All the web hosting providers offer an unlimited which initially we stay away from and this is where we make the mistake. Trust me guys, I did it too unless I actually got to know the way to earn and take full benefit out of it.

You will surely know that unlimited plans have a lot of features which we all want but because of the price, we step back. However, today I will tell you how to reap the benefit of the unlimited and also pay without feeling a burden on your shoulders.

Just like Bluehost, when you sign up for a plan that offers unlimited website hosting, you might need to pay $322.40 (per month $8.95) for 3 years (This is a Choice Plus plan price recommended by Bluehosting), but on the other hand, you can avail the range of features it offers. This gives you the room to start your business and host as many websites as you want.

WordPress hosting free trial is also available by most of the hosting providers. You can use their free trial to understand whether they are great for your purpose. Moreover, this way you can postpone your purchase process and save a few dollars.

Buy Hosting in Partnership with Close Friend

This is another way of taking the advantage of choosing the best hosting plan while not taking the burden of paying the entire amount on your own. When you are paying for web hosting, why enjoy the limited features, and why not the unlimited plan?

The amount can become a reason but when you have a close friend who is in this sector, he or she can become a great help for you.

Partnering with him or her and then buying the unlimited plan means 50% of the amount will be paid by him and the other 50% by you. This way both of you can enjoy the multiple advantages of choosing an unlimited website and pay only half of the amount.

Buy Hosting on Black Friday Deals

Another simple way which I guess most of you know about Black Friday deals on hosting. This is one of those times in the year when most web hosting providers come up with exciting deals.

If you miss the deals, you will keep regretting, and therefore catch Black Friday deals coming in every year in November month.

Bonus Tips

How to Save Money of Hosting Renewal?

Now that you have known some of the basic tips to save money while purchasing first-time web hosting, now focus on some other bonus tips on renewal.

Secret Tips to Save Money on Hosting Renewal. #web #hosting

You may know how worse is the renewal bills and also the huge payment that you need to make after a certain amount of time. Therefore not to make it a burden, today I will tell you a few ways to save money on the hosting renewal.

These are different from the above three, so let us take a look at them.

Switch to Better Hosting Provider

Switch hosting provider is one of the basic ways that you can make use every time when you have to renew the hosting plan. This is one of the clever techniques that enable saving money on the renewal bill. I am telling you this from my own experience.

When the hosting plan is on the verge of getting expired, start signing up with another hosting package from another hosting provider and opt for transferring your site. Some of the biggest advantages of migration like SiteGround offer free migration can become a great choice, as you don’t have to take the hassle.

Most of the tech-savvy bloggers and others out there opt for this technique and they don’t take time in changing their hosting companies. If you are not technically oriented, you can ask for help from one of your friends too.

Well, if you don’t like this method, here is another way.

Ask for Discounts from Your Web Hosting Company

If you are with the web hosting company for a long time means you are one of their valuable customers. Besides, if your payments terms are always good, if you are into dedicated hosting and you are on their top customer list, you will certainly get more advantages.

Since the web hosting service providers are always into retaining their customers, you can go forward and ask for discounts from them. Here is the best way to make such an approach, “I am getting a minimal discount from you even after so many years of working with you whereas migrating to another hosting provider is help me to save a huge amount. So I was hoping for a better discount from your guys and would love to continue with your guys instead of migrating.”

Depending on the policy of the hosting company this may or may not work. However, chances are high that you will get some discounts.

Even when both are a lot different from one another, you can always choose any of the ways that you think are easy for you. If you are okay with migrating, you can just go for it, as it is the best way to save a huge amount rather than asking for discounts.

Wrapping Up

So these are some of the best ways to save money on hosting purchasing and renewals that I have mentioned above. Whether you have shared hosting or dedicated hosting hopefully, the tricks mentioned above will become helpful for you.

Trust me guys, I do this and have saved a lot and therefore here I have shared with you some of the hacks.

Believe me, you will save a lot.

If you know any other way to save money please do comment below.

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