You Must Have Thrive Clever Widgets Plugin in Your WordPress Blog

Do you want to earn more affiliate commissions?

Are you want to reduce the bounce rate on your money-making blog?

Do you want to focus more on offering the best user experience on your WordPress blog?

If you have all the above requirements, then I am a solution for you.

You know what, if you want to run a successful money-making website then you have to provide value, best user experience and at the same time need to think about profit.

And you are seeking for some things because in case we fail to provide the best user experience, we will lose a customer for a lifetime.

thrive clever widgets plugin

Isn’t it so scary? Indeed it is!

To solve this problem, you have to make your blog clever.

As you know every blog post has sidebar widgets, and if you showing your latest post you need to stop it.

You can make your sidebar widgets clever with a smart system or clever widget technology. There is a WordPress Plugin that solves your bounce rate issue, can help you to make more money, and your website user will be happy.

That plugin name is Thrive Clever Widgets, introduced by Thrive Themes.

This Thrive start tool can manage different widgets that are appearing on different pages and posts. By applying this tool you can show highly relevant content (it could be targeted ads) to your visitors.

It will improve user engagement and conversions.

So “How will you manage the different sidebar widgets on different pages and posts?”

Start using Thrive Themes products called Thrive Clever Widgets. With this WordPress Plugin, you can set targeting rules to show highly relevant content on a specific blog post or a specific page at the main sidebar.

In case you fail to provide the best user experience, then you will lose a customer for a lifetime. Install Thrive Clever Widgets on Your WordPress to acquire customer attention!

So let’s dive into details of Thrive Clever Widgets.

Thrive Clever Widgets Review

Clever Widgets

Sudesh Roul

thrive clever widgets
Thrive Clever Widgets can make your blog and website clever within a few clicks. This is the best handy tool for every blogger and affiliate marketer out there.
Best user experience
Reduce bounce rate
Increase revenue
Higher conversation rates

Clever Widgets Review Summary

This is the best plugin for any WordPress blog. This plugin can make your blog clever and will provide the best user experience and that increases in revenue.


Thrive Clever Widgets

The Thrive Clever Widgets is a WordPress plugin that will be owned by the Thrive Themes.

This is a fantastic WordPress plugin that aids in enhancing the conversion and user experience just by placing the widgets properly on the website or blog.

Thrive Clever Widgets has the ability to transform any website into a cleaver one in just some clicks. Also, you can use Clever Widgets on your landing page to show targeted ads and can affiliate commission.

Thrive Themes also offers a huge number of other WordPress products which comprise of thrive leads, thrive, quiz builder, thrive architect, and thrive ultimatum. You can get all of these plugins by sign up of their Thrive Membership plan.

How does the Thrive Clever Widgets Work?

This plugin is very straightforward and has simple functionality. This WordPress plugin can work with all WordPress themes.

After installation, you can find options for making any WordPress widget on the targeted area.

Therefore, let’s have a look at the ways this plugin can become helpful.

Show the Targeted Affiliate Banners

I would always recommend Clever Widget Plugin to the affiliate marketer for generating more affiliate revenue.

This is the easiest way to draw the attention of the readers towards the products and a great step to use it to grow revenue.

Making use of the plugin, you will be able to manage the widgets area much easier.

Suppose you like to place the affiliate link in the widget area, this plugin enables creating the widget area in a simple way where the banner will be shown along with the affiliate link on a particular post.

This is certainly an effective way to use the sidebars for promoting the best affiliate programs.

Promoting Relevant Banner Space

If you are into selling the banner ads on your blog then definitely trying the Clever Widgets is a great choice for you.

By displaying the targeted banner ads on a specific post can acquire huge CTR and therefore it is highly recommended.

Showcasing the Relevant Optin Forms

Being a blogger I know the need for displaying the option widgets on the sidebar which can be done simply.

However, making use of this here can easily create the targeted leads on the particular post.

Get Increased Traffic by the Squeeze Pages

Are you using ClickFunnels or LeadPages to create the landing pages on your website?

If you are doing so then the Thrive Clever Widgets is a great choice for you as it can aid in getting the relevant traffic to particular pages for improving the conversions.

Clever Widgets offer Advanced Targeting

The advanced targeting options offered by Clever Widgets has a lot of advantages for the bloggers. This offer some of the options like:

  • It will help you to display specific tags, categories, pages, and posts.
  • It provides you the complete control over how and where the widgets will be shown.

Pricing of Thrive Clever Widgets

When it is about the Site Licenses, it makes use of the purchase models where you need to choose a number of site licenses that you are willing to buy.

  • 15 License Pack
  • 5 License Pack
  • 1 License

Presently there are three pricing tiers for the plugin that is again associated with the license numbers that you need to buy for the plugin.

You can purchase 15 licenses by paying $97, five licenses by paying $47 and one license by paying $39.

Thrive Themes Products

Other than this, you also have the freedom to buy the Thrive Membership plan which has been designed in a way to get the many Thrive themes and plugins.

  • Thrive Landing Pages: This feature of the plug-in helps you to make landing pages that contain a lot of templates.
  • Thrive Themes: This feature of this plug-in helps you to use WordPress themes that are designed by the professions with the only focus on increasing the conversion rates.
  • Thrive Architect: This feature of the plug-in comes with the drag and drop features which help you to make forms, contents, pages, and then optimize for the different devices.
  • Thrive Ultimatum: This is the timer campaign, which becomes a perfect choice for scarcity marketing.
  • Thrive Headline Optimizer: This feature of the plugin helps you to optimize and also do the A/B testing for the many headlines.
  • Thrive Ovation: This can be great for managing the testimonials on the website.
  • Thrive Comments: This plug-in brings triggers of social media along with the conversion-focused comments through many amazing features like the downvoting and upvoting, an impressive number of actions after comments, and comment incentives.
  • Thrive Leads: This feature is required for creating and testing the opt-in forms to collect the emails.
  • Thrive Quiz builder: This can be used for creating quizzes.

With the Thrive Membership offered by Thrive Themes, you will be getting lifetime updates along with year support for every purchase you make.

As soon as it gets expired, you can renew it if you need the support.

Bottom Line: Thrive Clever Widgets can increase your Revenue to 200%

Just by promoting and displaying relevant offers to the visitors, you can get a better conversion rate and more leads.

Undoubtedly this is one of those plugins that can become a great choice to increase the revenue.

Showcasing the widgets at the right place results in improving the conversion rates, sales structure and reduce the bounce rates as well.

I strongly recommend the Thrive Clever Widgets to the bloggers as this is one of the best WordPress Plugin when it comes to improving the performance of your WordPress website.

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